What are Home Security Systems?

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A home security system is a device or a series of gadgets, which detects unwanted intrusion and triggers an alarm.

They are usually made up of three parts to detect, determine and deter criminals. They are programmed to detect an invasion through a sensor, determine the threat; and can even send a notification about the emergency to the concerned department.

It can be in a form of a single mechanism or a series of mechanism which work together to trigger an alert system. They can be your first defence system in saving you and your valuables from theft or robbery.

They can even record video footage and save it on your computer so that you can view it later on.

These systems can protect you against theft, robbery, break-ins, assault or even death if situations go worse.

They even consist of keypads, which can be located centrally in your home or at any other convenient location through which you can turn the alarm on and off.

You can create them as a DIY project or buy the best technology gadgets available in the market.

Why are home security systems important?

Everybody knows about the alarming increase in crime rates today which increases the importance of your security tenfold.

Simply, living in a “safe” neighbourhood, having additional locks and window grills is not enough in today’s time. In such a case, home security systems are a great way to protect you, your family and your valuables.

Many people see it as an additional expenditure, but even a simple home invasion can go wrong and it can end up in people getting hurt or even killed.

Though these systems don’t guarantee you hundred percent security they put the odds in your favour. Installing security systems with CCTVs and alarms deter the criminals from your home, making it a less potential target.

The next possible advantage of home security systems, though not favourable; yet important is that it provides evidence. A security system, which consists of cameras and other monitoring devices, can provide evidence if a mishap has already taken place.

Also, it can totally save you from such incidents altogether, as many criminals first lurk around your property, to devise plans how to break-in and then intrude. You can be alerted to such incidents by the video footage from your security system beforehand and take necessary steps and notify your local police about them.

Apart from these obvious reasons, it also gives you a sense of security that you and your loved ones are safe, so that you don’t have to fret about it all the time. In today’s time, when you already have so many things to worry about, it makes you tension free regarding the safety of your family and valuables.

While having a security guard can also help, but by using the home security systems you can be ensured of your safety 24/7. Also, these virtual security guards do not sleep or take a holiday. In extreme conditions, they can even prove to be a lifesaver.

Ways of Securing your Home

Here we discuss some of the most common types of home security systems available today.

1. Security alarms

 A Home security alarm can be of various types, but its basic motto is to detect intrusion and notify you about it. If tampered with, they can trigger a very loud alarm and can alert your neighbours and other people around.

They can also be programmed to notify about the intrusion to the monitoring company, police or any other relevant authority. They can be of several types such as:

  • Circuit alarms– Circuit alarms are designed to raise an alarm if and when the circuit is broken. They are very useful to guard the perimeter of your house or any other premises. These are the most basic type of alarm and can be even created at home. They can detect if someone tries to open a door or a window and raise an alarm immediately.
  • Motion detectors– These alarms are specially programmed to monitor movements in and around your house. They can be used outside conveniently, especially at night and you be notified of the unwanted trespassing of anyone in your premises. You can also use them inside your home, while you are away.
  • Panic assistance– Duress assistance or panic assistance alarms are in the forms of a button or switch or a pin alert, through which you can raise an alarm manually. They can be fixed or portable and connected to the main device.
  • Wireless security alarms– These are the most high-tech and obviously, the expensive ones. They work in every condition, they are safe from the setbacks of a regular alarm like a wire being cut or electricity being out, which otherwise may render your alarm system useless.  They can be easily installed even by you and are easy to use. Their biggest advantage is that you can even carry them with you if you are shifting your home.

2. CCTVs

Closed Circuit Television or the CCTV is a closed circuit in which all the elements are connected in a direct manner. They are easy to install and cost-effective as well. They provide you the video footage of area where it is installed, so detecting harmful intrusions what are home security systemsbecomes easier.

Even while you are away from your house, you can keep a check from anywhere, as they can be programmed to send footage to your computer’s router.

They should be especially installed at places like, your backyard, garage or any other place which can be the easy target for an intruder to break-in.

Even if you don’t want to put up a CCTV or can’t afford one, you can simply put up a dummy camera which is visible from outside, it can help deter criminals from your house, as it appears to be protected.

3. Electronic watchdogs

If you are allergic to dogs or don’t want to put up with a real one’s maintenance, you can go for an electronic watchdog. These watchdogs are programmed to use microwave technology to see through walls and determine someone’s presence.

Once they detect an unwanted intrusion, they start barking, which gets more intense as the person approaches nearer. The sound produced by them is very much realistic and it is seen that intruders tend to avoid homes with a dog, for the fear of being detected.

4. Glass break detectors

The most common target of intruders is the windows, as they are easy to break and conveniently located. So, protecting your windows become even more important.

These devices have a sensor installed in them and raise an alarm if someone tries to break through your window. They even sense vibrations or glass breaks and notify you about it.

They are very easy to install and an economical option too. Also, they occupy little space, which makes it a very popular choice among people who want to protect their homes.

5. Install a safe

The next concern is about what to do when someone has already entered your house. Most break-ins happen for money and precious jewellery. The best possible way to safeguard your valuables is to install a safe.

These can be easily concealed by building them into the walls and floors or under furniture or rugs.  Try to get ones which are fireproof and anti-saw so that the burglar can’t break through it easily.

They also come with alarms, so that when somebody puts in an incorrect code or tried to saw through it raises an alarm and informs you about the possible threat.

6. Motion sensing lights

The biggest threat to an intruder is getting detected. Motion sensing lights are programmed to automatically light up an area when someone moves through it.

They detect motion and throw light on the person who tries to intrude your premises. They can be especially helpful for areas which are otherwise less illuminated like your driveway, garage or backyard and the common source for break-ins.

7. Pressure doormat

This is the most innovative and creative idea. You can buy one of these online or even create one yourself. It is a type of an alarm only, which chimes every time someone steps on it.

With the help of these pressure doormats you can be notified of a person’s presence at your doorstep.


Due to the alarming increase in crime rates, you and your family’s safety is an issue of concern.

In this age of technology, there is no better solution other than, technology itself for the safety of your loved ones and valuables.

A home security system is a device or series of mechanism which work together in detecting an invasion, helping in deterring it by raising an alarm. There are many types of gadgets like alarms, cameras, sensor lights and other detectors available today in the market.

These devices and gadgets can be used individually or together as a series of a system to increase the protection of your house even more.

Based on your budget and need you can use any one of them, after all, you and your family’s safety is much more valuable and you should surely take some steps for their protection, in one way or the other.

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