What are Storm Doors (and Why Have Them)

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Apart from providing security and access, doors add to the attraction of the home. Doors are generally made up of woods or aluminium/steel and the likes.

However, the biggest drawback associated with such doors is their inability to provide ventilation in harsh weather conditions.

Besides, these doors are affected by the changing atmospheric condition which, often, limits their durability. Thus, there seems to be a need of such doors which can efficiently compensate for the mentioned problem.

This is exactly what a storm door does.

A storm door is a type of door which is installed in front of the main access door to protect it from harsh weather conditions and to provide proper ventilation. These doors consist of interchangeable glass frame and window screen panels.

Glass frames ensure that the heat does not recede away from the home in winters.

While the screen panels ensure proper ventilation and restrict the entry of insects into the house. Thus, a typical storm door can act as energy insulating devices for the home.

One can never deny that with the advancement in technology, today, we have numerous devices such as air conditioners, heaters etc., which ensure proper energy insulation for the home.

However, for a typical conventional home, storm doors, still, have an edge over the electronic devices. According to the US Department of Energy, “use of storm doors for an old and proper door is a good choice rather than using it for a newer insulated door.”

Type of storm doors

The storm doors, generally, are of three types. These are explained below:

Full view storm doors: A full view storm door has a full-length glass panel with a slight window design. These doors accentuate the view of the main door. They provide an extra security to the doors.

Ventilating storm doors: A ventilating storm door has a pair of glass panels and window screen. The glass panels can be slid up or down so as to allow cross ventilation to the home.

Roll screen storm doors: A roll screen storm door assimilates both features of the above mentioned doors. It has a screen which can be rolled up to the tensioned dowel present at the top of the door. The screen, when not in use, provides the full view door and when in use, provides proper ventilation.

What is a Storm Door Made of?

A storm door can be made up of a large variety of materials ranging from woods and aluminum to PVC and fiberglass.

The storm doors made up of woods are expensive and require proper maintenance like coloring etc. The aluminum based storm doors are corrosion resistant and durable.

Moreover, they need not to be polished repeatedly. In recent days, the storm doors made up of PVC or fiber glass materials have gained a huge popularity among the residents.

These storm doors are totally corrosion free and come into a varied style and texture. However, there are certain limitations imposed upon such doors because of the drawbacks of these constituting materials.

PVC is prone to toxic emission while fiber glass, on UV radiation exposure, becomes brittle. The strength of a typical storm door depends up on the frame and thickness of the panels constituting the door.

Benefits of Storm Doors

Storm doors can be used in almost all residences so as to protect the main door from harsh weather conditions.

Besides, providing insulation and proper ventilation, it also makes the outdoor picturesque landscape view accessible to the residents. There are enormous benefits of using storm doors. Some of these are as discussed below:

Energy insulation: The storm doors can be used to insulate the energy inside the home. In summers, it allows proper ventilation through screen panel.

In winters, it can obstruct the cold breeze and snow with the help of glass panels. Thus, storm doors are cheap and simple source for energy insulation.

Home security: The storm doors have a safe and strong lock system which together with the main door ensures enhanced security for home.

Saves money: Unlike electric energy insulators such as air conditioners, heaters etc., storm doors are much cheaper and convenient source for ensuring proper energy insulation.

Although, the extent of insulation provided by storm match are relatively less as compared to electric counterpart.

Appeal: The storm door can add to the accentuation of the home by furnishing a stylish look. Their installation makes the home look more appealing.

Limitation of Storm Doors

The storm doors suffer from certain drawbacks as well. Some of these are as discussed below:

  • Installation: The installation of such doors may become expensive if the main door is a specialized nonstandard size door. Moreover, the local contractor may charge heavy cost for the installation of such doors.
  • Home traffic: The doors add to the traffic at the main exit point making it vulnerable to severe scratches and spots.
  • Nature of material used: The efficiency of storm doors heavily depends up on the nature of the material used for making such doors. For instance, the wood door requires a vigorous maintenance; the PVC doors are prone to toxic radiations; the fiberglass doors are vulnerable to UV rays which makes them brittle in nature.

How to Buy a Good Storm Door

There are various kinds of storm doors available in the market. Thus, a resident has to be careful enough while choosing an appropriate product.

One must look for some of the features which every good storm door product must have. Here an attempt has been made to outline such features which mark the property of a good product.

  • Frame quality: The efficiency of a storm door vastly depends up on the quality of frame used for such doors. One simple rule is thicker the frame, stronger the door is. One should consider the product with iron or steel frame while purchasing a storm door.
  • Screen panel: The material used for screen panel is also a determining factor for catering to the efficiency of storm doors. Usually, the screen panels are made of vinyl. However, the use of stainless steel or aluminum is more preferred.
  • Key lock: The consumer must ensure that the door is installed with heavy duty key lock catering to higher security and safety.
  • Pin hinges: The pin hinges installed in the door should be non-removable so that any case of circumvention may be immediately checked.

Popular Storm Door Brands

Here we provide a list of popular brands which are considered to the best for their storm door products.

Larson manufacturing : The 60 year old company is considered to be the largest manufacturer of storm doors and windows across the United States. The products are of high quality and highly efficient.

Wolf and moon products : The products manufactured by the company are magnet installed and are efficient to use. The products are of high quality.

Jobar : The company formed in 1972 is considered one of the best company for various consumer products. The products are unique, highly innovative, and are of high quality.

Hampton products inc. : The brand is known for its high quality services rendered in terms of accountability, care, and product excellence. The products range from automotive, security to lighting and door hardware.

CR Laurence : It is the leading supplier of products associated with glazing, architectural, railing, constructional, industrial and automotive industries. The products are highly innovative and of superior quality.

Andersen : The US based company is one of the most recognized company involved in the production of high quality doors and windows across the country. The products are of high quality and certain of its feature like easy to install and cost efficiency makes it quite popular.



Storm doors are one of the most used doors for ensuring the protection of main access doors.

Not only this, the storm doors have other utilities too as discussed in this article.

These various benefits include its unique feature of energy insulation, security and of course accentuating the look of the home.

The storm doors are made up of various materials like wood, aluminum, PVC and fiberglass. A buyer has to carefully analyze the various kinds of storm doors based upon their constituting material.

Besides, one also has to consider the type of storm doors which serves the best facilities to the home owner. While purchasing a product, a buyer must look for the various factors such as standard size, installation mechanism and cost effectiveness.

One must get in contact with an expert contractor who not only will suggest appropriate choice, but, will also save the customer from incurring useless expenses.

Summing up, it can be fairly advised to the buyers to look for the various features as mentioned in this piece of article while purchasing an appropriate storm door product.

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