What is Glass Break Detector, its Benefits and Popular Brands

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If you look around more and more glass is used in construction. Houses have large glass windows. Offices buildings are also using more and more glass.

While glass has its benefits, it is also prone to security risks.

A glass break detector is a sensor which detects the breakage or shattering of a glass or pane of glass.

It plays an important role in ensuring the security of home as most of the intruders or burglars enter into the home through windows.

Thus, it becomes quite an obvious for residents to use glass break detectors so as to ensure the safety of their home.

How does a glass break detector work?

A glass pan when shatters produce a sound “thud”. This is accompanied by various other sounds which are created due to shattering of glass into further pieces.

These shattering sounds have a kind of distinct frequency. Almost all the glass break detectors process these frequency to determine whether the glass has broken or not. Once ensured that there has been a glass break, the sensor triggers an alarm.

With the advancement in technology, there has always been upgradation in the techniques incorporated by the glass break detectors. However, broadly, these detectors can be grouped in the following main categories:

Active Detectors

These detectors send a set of frequency energy towards the window glass panes and receive the reflected frequency energy. Any change observed in the reflected frequency energy triggers an alarm or activates another circuit.

Physical vibration detectors

The detector is placed upon the top of the window pan. The detector is made up of piezoelectric element. Whenever, the glass is broken, there is some vibration caused in the molecules.

These vibrations are noted by the detectors and converted in to electric signal. The electric signal is used to measure the frequency generated by the shattering sound.

If the detected frequency is same or greater than the frequency pre -fed into the sensor, the alarm is triggered on.

Acoustic detector

These detectors constitute of an acoustic transducer which generate electric signal in response to high amplitude and frequency sound created due to shattering of the glass pan.

The device generally responds to the high amplitude sound “thud” at initial level. After some time, it analyses the frequency of further sound created. These frequencies are then matched with the pre-fed frequencies of the glass. If matched, the sensor blows an alarm.

The recent acoustic detectors use a set up for filtering the frequency generated due to glass break. The recent development in glass break detectortechnology has improved these acoustic alarms.

These alarms, now, use dual technology analyzing the main “thud” sound component. Besides, the frequencies of the sound created further (as the glass further breaks into pieces) are also analyzed. This is done through multi frequency detector devices installed in the alarm circuit. 

How are glass break detectors used?

Most of the detectors are fixed upon the window panes. Mostly, the physical vibration detectors are placed upon the window pans.

However, it has got a disadvantage in the sense that the alarm may become ineffective if an intruder cuts the glass pan or cuts the wire attached to the detector circuit. 

However, there are other detectors present which use microphone to receive the shattering sound. It can also become in efficient if the microphone is unable to receive the shattering sound effectively.

Benefits and Limitations of Glass break detectors

Glass break detectors are of immense importance in imparting security protection to the home.

This is because most of the unauthorized entry or burglar enter into the home through the windows.  

The glass detectors are cheaper, small in size and simple to use. This adds to its credibility for being chosen by the residents.


Chances of false alarms are high because most of the alarm works by analyzing the frequency in comparison to the pre-fed frequency of the sensor itself.

It is quite natural to think that most of the natural sounds can have frequency higher than that of the threshold frequency detected by the sensor.

So if an appropriate alarm is not chosen, then, it should not come as a surprise if the alarm is triggered even at the sound of the key ring. 

Most of the active detectors (which emit frequency signal) depend upon the nature of glass used in the window.

This is so because different surfaces respond to frequency energy signals in different manner. It is also quite obvious that most of the pans are made up of various kind of glasses.

These varying materials lead to generation of varying sound frequency on shattering. Thus, even for the acoustic detector, it becomes a tedious task to interpret the frequency of varying range.  

How to buy a good glass break detector

There are large number and variety of glass break detectors available in the market. However, a buyer must look for a certain quality product which can solve the security problems.

Here, we provide some basic features of a good detector which can help the buyers in purchasing a good product.  

  • The product should have a reasonable warranty declaration.
  • The product should be lashed with latest technology and should be easy to upgrade.
  • The product should be easy and simple to use.
  • It should have sufficient audible range and should be adjustable.
  • Any malfunction in the system should be easily detected. 
  • In case of choosing an active glass break detector, the buyer must also look at the quality of the glass (mainly, thickness) as the efficiency of these detectors depend upon the thickness of the glass.   

Some popular glass break detector brands

At conclusion, we provide a range of various brands which the buyers can certainly rely upon while looking for a good product.

Simplisafe : It is one of the most famous brand under which various home security products are marketed. The brand has gained recommendations by ABC,  Fox News and NBC.

The products under the brand are easily installable and possess long term contract. The products can be installed in any home with much ease. The products are manufactured with latest technology.

Honeywell : It is a global brand under which various products related to home and business security are marketed.  The products range from intrusion detectors to fire and automation products.

The products ,developed with advance technology, are highly sensitive and efficient in ensuring the security.

Doberman security : It is a Los Angeles based company under which various high technology based security products are marketed. The products include various security devices for home, sports and office. The products have lucrative technology and are easy to use. 

Interlogix : It is a part of the company UTC Building and Industrial System (UTCBIS).  The brand is famous for its various security products both foe residential and commercial spaces.

The various products marketed under this brand are air conditioner, refrigerators, building control and security system. The security products have a wide range and are resistant to false alarms upto large extent. 

Sensor operation can be detected by just a clap of hands.

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Glass break detector is a must if you use glass prominently in your house or office. Fortunately they do not cost a bomb and can be easily installed. Just make sure you chose the right one based on your specs.

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