Microwave Motion Detector – Best Brands, Benefits & Issues

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Microwaves are the electromagnetic radiations whose frequency ranges from 0.3 GHz to 300 GHz.

These waves are mostly used for the non- broadcasting issues. Unlike other waves, these waves have a narrow beam which imparts it with the characteristic features like broad bandwidth and high data transmission rate.

These waves are used in space crafts, communication satellites and various other fields like TV, telephone communications and security systems.

Microwave motion detector- introduction

One of the unique use of these waves is in the operation of various security devices. These days, the security and surveillance concerns have risen and so has the tools to deal with such menaces.

Microwave motion detectors are one of the motion sensors which detect the intruder’s motion into a specific portion and triggers alarm as a consequence.

These detectors emit microwaves into the specific region and detect any intrusion by analyzing the frequency of the received microwaves after the reflection from the intruder.

The main guiding principle for almost all of these sensors has been the Doppler’s Effect. A microwave motion detector circuit mainly comprises of components- the transmitter, receiver and the alarm/related circuit. The transmitter sends off microwaves into the area.

These waves have a specific frequency. However, as they strike with an intruder moving with a velocity, the frequency and consequently, the phase of the wave signal gets altered.

Once these reflected waves are received by the receiver, its phase analysis is done and consequently, an alarm is triggered on if the analysis depicts some change in the phase of the wave signals.

It is worth mentioning here that the change in phase of the signal wave is directly proportional to the velocity of the intruder.

Today, with an advancement in technology, we are endowed with a variety of microwave motion detectors. Let us have a look at them:

Detector combating false alarms: Most of the microwave motion detectors work upon the principle discussed in the previous section. However, there is a kind of disadvantages which these kinds of sensors suffer from.

The problem is related to the cases of false alarms which occur even due to slight vibrations of objects like curtain and swinging signs.

To combat this problem, an improved detector has been designed which contains all the components of a normal sensor along with two receiver/mixer diodes.

These diodes emit surveying signals which mix up with the transmitted microwave signal.

These altered phase signals when received by the receiver, trigger the alarm only when the shift in phase has been upto the threshold frequency change pre-fed into the sensor.

Once, this pre-fed threshold frequency is over-crossed, the alarm is triggered on.

In another kind of detector, the sensor device consists of field transceivers which have microwave oscillator and antennae so that continuous wave energy is transmitted into the specified area.

These antennae contain certain devices which can easily recognize the human intrusion by analyzing the phase shift occurred in the received wave. Thus, in this way, it is ensured that the cases of false alarm do not arise easily.

Detector-based upon random motion: Some of the detectors contain diodes which enable the detector to sense whether the intruder is moving towards or away from the detector.

These detectors are helpful in sensing and differentiating between the ordinary movement and intruder movement. This feature of such sensors makes them highly reliable.

Uses of microwave motion detector

  • The microwave motion detectors have a wide array of application. Some of them are enlisted below:
  • These detectors, apart from addressing security problems, are also used in door openings .
  • These detectors are used to detect the heartbeat and breathing rate of a human.
  • These detectors are used in the elevator shaftway where they are used to display the information regarding the parking of a car in an elevated parking system.
  • These sensors are used in security issues and traffic law enforcement.
  • They are used in monitoring the light system of a house or a building.

Benefits and Limitations of microwave motion detector

Some key benefits are:

  • Unlike other detectors, the microwave motion detectors can be used in a harsh environment where the heat cycles are not regular.
  • Since the microwave radiations can easily penetrate through the walls and holes, so, they can be used to impart security across the boundary/closings.
  • These detectors when combines with passive infrared detectors can become much reluctant to false alarms.


  • The cases of false alarms can be highmicrowave motion detector.
  • The sensors do not operate continuously. Rather, they work in intervals. So there are large chances of any intrusion being left unnoticed.
  • As they require a continuous power supply, so the batteries used by these detectors are expensive and large batteries.

How to buy a good microwave motion detector

A buyer has to take a lot of factors into his consideration while purchasing an appropriate security device. Taking this into consideration, we present a cluster of some advice regarding the purchase of the microwave motion detector.

  • A good microwave motion detector should have ba road range and wide angle coverage so that even the slightest of the unwanted movements could be detected.
  • The sensor should be highly sensitive.
  • Battery operated detectors are easy to install than their electric counterpart. However, a good sensor should be both battery and electric operating.
  • The range of the detector should be adjustable.
  • The sensor should be based upon latest technology.

Popular Microwave Motion Detector Brands

At the conclusion of the article, we present a list of famous brands which are known for their quality microwave motion sensor products. The buyers can certainly check this list once before they go out for purchasing a sensor.

More details on these brands below –


It is a global brand under which various products related to home and business security are marketed. The products range from intrusion detectors to fire and automation products.

The products, developed with advanced technology, are highly sensitive and efficient in ensuring the security.
Its products are:

  • Honeywell intrusion 5898 wireless dual-tec motion detector
    • Low risk of false alarms
    • Temperature sensitive


It is a Hongkong based company which manufactures after marketing electronic devices. The products are cheap and of better quality.

LED indicator dual technology PIR microwave detector

  • Anti -radiation interference
  • For indoor use only
  • Adjustable range

Sunlit tech

It is a Hongkong based company which known for the quality products related to security problems. Its microwave motion detector product are:

SUNLIT TECH OTD-40T Wired 2 Pir and Microwave Motion Detector for Outdoor Protection

  • Water proof
  • Anti-function

Napco Security

The company is famous for manufacturing a wide range of security products ranging from motion sensors to door alarms for both commercial and household use.

NAPCO C-100STE Motion Detector PIR MICRO 30 X 35 SELF TEST

  • Broad range
  • Automatic temperature compensation


It is important to understand the benefits and limitations of a motion detector before buying it to ensure it is suitable for the purpose.

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