Why You Need a Medical Alarm System?

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The very essence of the entire medical facilities and services provided in this world can be christened as “an attempt to enhance the survival rate and standard of life” of the entire human race. It is only in this backdrop that today almost all the government and social agencies are focusing upon providing right time medical assistance to the person in need. So we develop a robust medical infrastructure and circles so as to ensure that no body is deprived of a quality medical aid.

However, incidents have been occurring which often portray the lack of instant medical assistance leading to serious fatalities. These mis-happenings can be prevented by making every one accessible to the required medical assistance. An attempt should be made so that one is always assured of getting proper care and facilities. In this regard, medical alarm is a great achievement of the human race.

What is Medical alarm and how it works?

The medical alarm is an alarm system which is devised to offer instant medical aid to an individual once the signal has been made by the alarm. The alarm was developed by William Hormann so as to generate an efficient structure for ambulatory and non-ambulatory care for the old, sick and disabled individuals. One simply needs to press the alarm button and the rest of the things are taken care of by the subsequent devices.

The alarm has basically three components: 

Wireless transmitter: It is used to send signal by pressing a button installed on the device. The transmitter is light weight and waterproof. They can be worn at various body parts like wrists, neck, belt etc. 

Base station: The base station is a device which is directly connected to the telephone and contains a very sensitive microphone and loudspeaker. The base station has the contact number of various medical agencies which provide instant help to the patient.

Central station: The central station device is present at the main medical assistance provider. Once the transmitter sends a signal to the base station, an instant call is made to the central station. The contact detail of the needy person is displayed at the central station device. The call is attended by the professionals who take action according to the severity of the situation. They can either send the neighbors or suggest some methods to handle the problems in minor situation. However, in case of major issues, an immediate response is taken and an efficient team of professionals is sent to the patient.

The medical assistance is provided by various groups or medical institutes. These groups are available in each area. Some of the medical aid providers are:

  • Hospital programs which are operated by expert volunteers.
  • Companies which provide 24 hours medical assistance and guidelines to the senior and sick person.
  • Full service companies which provide each and every service right from installation of alarms to medical facilities.  

The medical alarms are mostly used by the old people and individuals living alone. The importance of such alarms can be well understood by the right time medical assistance which it provides by signaling the concerned agency. 

The device is so well designed that calls are initiated in a few seconds without requiring the person to go near the telephone. The person can respond to the telephonic call through the transmitter mounted upon his wrist. A person seeking such kind of medical alarm has to register with the concerning service providers and is required to give his entire health and contact information.

Apart from traditional medical alarm system, the National Healthcare Unbound Conference, in 2010, recognized three medical agencies providing medical alarms under the name PERS- Personal Emergency Response System. PERS had been in existence before, however, in 2010, its recognition as PERS2.0 gained a huge popularity. The program initiated, has gained a good response due to its outstanding services. Some of the benefits which the PERS2.0 has over the traditional medical alarm are as given below:

Automatic detection: The device automatically detects the fall of the person and sends the signal to base station without requiring the person to press the switch. This comes as a great advantage as it is quite difficult to have an access to the alarm button in medical alarm systemunconscious state.

Transmitter alert: The device has another feature as per which it regularly reminds the user of wearing the transmitter in case he often forgets to do so.

Caring website: The users are allotted private websites where they can monitor their vital signs and activity level.

Types of medical alarms 

The medical alarms, generally, come in two configurations: home based alarms and mobile alarms. Home based alarms are suitable to be used only inside the home as they are connected to the basic landline system. These alarms cannot be used for outdoor sites. On the other hand, mobile alarms are the ones which are suitable for use outside the home. These kinds of alarms are more suitable for the individuals who spend most of their times outside their home. The only care which has to be taken care of while using such configurations is that the service providing company should be duly informed about the location of the individual so that medical assistance could be provided without any problem. 

Benefits and limitations of medical alarms 

The medical alarms are much beneficial for the old aged persons who often require medical assistance. Moreover, a person who lives individually can also require medical assistance at the required time. This entire role is effectively played by the medical alarms.
Another benefit associated with such alarms is their unique ability to be incorporated with the functioning of various other security alarms installed in the home. This adds to the efficiency of such alarms.


Medical alarms suffer from certain limitations. These are as discussed below:

  • Service providing agency: The effectiveness of the medical alarms is totally dependent upon the kind of medical assistance provider associated with the alarm system. In most of the underdeveloped nations, the facilities provided are not satisfactory.
  • Effectiveness: Simply, an alarm sound is not the required solution to the needy person. Rather, one has to take the quality of service provider into sincerest of considerations. The quality of medical aid provided by a control station depends entirely upon the medical expertise of associated members.  
  • False alarms: The medical alarms are prone to false alarms up to a wide extent. In most of the cases occurrence of false alarms have been recorded which mars the very essence of these devices.
  • Effective transmitter: Another limitation to the use of such devices is the effective range under which the transmitter and the base station should lie so that the alarm switch works effectively. If the two do not lie within the range, the switch might not work. 

How to buy a good medical alarm

There are numerous medical alarms available in the market. Thus, one needs to carefully choose a product so as to get maximum benefits. Hence, here we have tried to enlist certain features of a good alarm which every buyer should look for while purchasing such medical alarms.

  • Type of alarm: Medical alarms, as discussed earlier, are available for both inside and outside the home. Thus, a person needs to first decide the category of such alarms which would effectively cater to his needs.
  • Features of the alarm: A buyer while purchasing an alarm system must focus up on the various features of the product such as water resistance, battery backup, fall sensors and GPS tracking ability.
  • Services provided by the company: The various monitoring and communication services provided by the company are to be given due attention. While, the additional services like language choice may enhance the cost of the product, but, they render the user with a better security.
  • Price of the product: The price policy of such alarms differs from company to company. Some companies sell their product and then charge the customers on monthly basis. While some other allows the customer to rent the device and pay the bill monthly.
  • Company profile: The buyer should thoroughly check the company details and must get assured that the company is a certified one. Moreover, one should also look for the Better Business Bureau ratings of the concerned company as it is considered to be its quality parameter.

Popular medial alarm brands

Here we have enlisted some of the popular companies which are considered to be the best service providers in the field of medical alarms.

Family care medical alarm : The 40 year old company has been known for its quality service which is provided in the field of medical alarms. The prices of the alarms are quite low and the services rendered by the company are satisfactory.

Logicmark : The Company has been in operation since 2006 and is notable known for the most innovative and revolutionized techniques assimilated in its medical alarm products. The alarms have two way dual communication technologies.

Matrix interactive LLC : famously known as life link prodigy, the company has been known for rendering medical alarm services that requires no monthly bill, no contracts and hidden charges. The systems are equipped with a maximum 8 emergency contact details.  

One call alert : The Company is known for manufacturing simple and easily installable medical alarms with distinctive services. The response of the company towards a user is quite appreciable.

Greatcall : The Company is known for manufacturing products to ensure great connectivity, protection and control in one’s life with his beloved ones. The products are of high quality and incorporate most innovative technology.


In this modern world, everyone is busy with his own work and hence has less time to care for others. In this backdrop, a medical alarm comes as a boon which guarantees an easy and right time medical assistance for the persons in need. The alarm can be viewed as an assimilation of technology and social co-ordination which aims at improving the standard of living. Obviously, one has to be careful enough while choosing an alarm by considering the various aspects of the service provider. This is because it is ultimately the service providers which can effectively diagnose the problem.

One of the major challenges which this alarm faces is its unavailability in developing or underdeveloped nations. Obviously, such kind of services requires a supportive infrastructure along with the trained professionals. Till then, one can only expect that these sorts of devices are available across the globe so as to make this world a better place to live in.


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