Why You Should Install Driveway and Garage Monitors?

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Any unwanted intrusion is always considered to be a breach of safety measures of a home.

The chances of security breaks are often high afternoons when the residents are busy working in their offices. Thus, the home becomes vulnerable to major threats of undesired intrusion.

One way to tackle such problem is to use driveway and garage sensors which sense any movement into the residential complex.

These sensors are mounted on the driveways or near the garage to effectively notice any suspected movements. On seeing any movement in the complex, the sensor sends a signal to the residents informing them about any noticed access.

These devices are of strategic importance for ensuring home security. Garage monitors senses access to any vehicle and controls the garage door.

Many homeowners often forget to close the driveway or garage doors once they get through it. The installation of such sensors ensures that the doors are closed and hence, add to the security level of the house.

These devices are mostly based on the wave detection technology which detects the waves like infrared and electromagnetic induction.

Some of the devices detect the body heat using the passive infrared radiation technology. Such devices, thus, are least prone to false alarms.

There are devices designed which work upon the GPS technology. However, the devices based upon GPS technology are expensive and suffer from the drawbacks of accuracy problem.

Types of Driveways and Garage Monitors

The driveways and garage monitors can be categorically divided into two groups: wired monitors and wireless monitors.

Wired monitors

As the name suggests, these monitors have cables and wires attached to them and operated by the main electric supply of the home.

These monitors are relatively expensive as they incorporate the use of wires and cables for installation. Moreover, for a large residential plot, it is not possible to use hardwired monitors as it may incur unnecessary installation cost.

Wireless monitors

Unlike hardwired monitors, these monitors do not use wires and cables. They need to be simply mounted at the various driveway or garage site for an effective operation.

They draw power from a battery installed within them. The main drawback associated with such monitors is their battery life.

Thus, it becomes a primary duty of the residents to ensure that the battery is fully charged and the monitor is effectively operating. Another drawback with most of the wireless monitors is the coverage of less range. However, the most advantageous factor associated with such monitors remains the zero cost of installation.

Use of driveway and garage monitors

Some key uses of the device are:

  • Intrusion detection: These monitors detect any intrusion made by a human or any vehicle entering the complex. On detecting such access, they send an immediate signal to the receiver inside the home.
  • Door controller: These monitors ensure that the driveway and garage doors are not left open after being used.
  • Other uses: These monitors can be used by restaurants to detect the access of vehicles so that the staff workers are well aware of incoming customers and thus, services could be provided with much pace.

Benefits and Limitations of Driveway and Garage monitors

There are numerous benefits of installing a good driveway and garage monitor. Some of these have been as discussed below:

  • Security: These monitors impart higher security of the residential complex as they detect any intrusion as soon as they enter the complex. This gives an additional time to the residents to decide and verify the individual making an approach to Driveway and garage monitorthe house. Moreover, these monitors even ensure that the driveway and garage doors are closed after being used.
  • Prevention of false alarm: These monitors, unlike motion sensors, do not trigger an alarm upon sensing the intrusion of pets. Thus, there is a greater assurance of least false alarm. Most of these monitors are sensitive to only human and vehicle access.

Though the driveway and garage monitors are of immense importance, however, they are prone to some limitations too:

  • Durability: Since these monitors are mounted outdoors, thus, they are prone to frequent climatic and weather changes. Thus, if the monitor is not of good quality, then, its durability may be affected.
  • Range: Most of the wireless monitors cover shorter range as compared to their hardwired counterpart.
  • Interference: These monitors are often hindered by the various objects present outside like trees which interfere with the waves emitted by these sensors. Thus, it puts a severe limitation on the efficiency of such devices.

How to Buy a Good Driveway and Garage monitor

Buying a good driveway and garage monitor is very necessary so as to ensure greater security of the house.

Thus, a buyer while buying a product must look for some of the features which a good monitor must have. Taking this into utmost consideration, here, we provide a list of certain features which mark the property of a good monitor:

  • Installation: The monitors should be easy to install and simple to use.
  • The range of coverage: The buyer should consider the length of the driveway while selecting the appropriate monitor. The coverage range of the monitor should be in accordance with the driveway length.
  • Interference: The buyer must ensure that the efficiency of the monitor is not reduced due to interference with the trees or any inanimate object present outside.
  • Alarm sound: The sound of the alarm should quite audible so that the residents do not miss any signal.

Popular garage and driveway monitor brands

Some popular brands are:

Skylink : This Hong Kong-based company is known for manufacturing several security devices and sensors which ensure a safer residential environment. The various products manufactured under the company ranges from the wireless alarm system to swing door openers. Most of the products are wireless in nature.

Ideal Security Inc. : The Canada based company is a proven and reliable leader in manufacturing several home security products. These products are well designed and incorporate the most innovative technology. The various products range from storm door hardware to patio and garage door hardware.

Fortress security store: The 2005 based company is known for manufacturing high-quality security devices for both private and commercial spaces. The company provides an excellent customer care services and committed to rendering quality products. The products range from alarm systems and camera systems.

Mighty mule : The Florida based company is famous for manufacturing various kinds of automated gateways installable at driveways as well as inside the home. The products are simple and easy to install.

Driveway patrol : The company established in 2006 is famous for manufacturing driveway sensor products which are highly efficient and cost-effective.

Dakota alert : The company is a leading manufacturer of various security devices and alarms used for both private and commercial spaces. The wireless devices and accessories are capable enough for providing ultimate security solution to one’s residential complex.



The immense role of driveway and garage monitors in ensuring superior home security can never be undermined.

Besides, the various indoor security alarms and devices, it becomes quite important to have driveway monitor which can help the user to identify the menace before an access is made to the home.

Moreover, the garage monitors can identify any attempt made by the intruders to hamper the garage property. However, the homeowners have to make a judicious choice while buying such product.

The various factors like type of monitor, range, sound quality and likes should be given utmost priority while purchasing such products.

Summing up, it is advisable to all the residents to have an effective driveway and garage monitoring devices so as to enjoy the greater level of security and protection.

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