What is Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress? What are its Pros & Cons

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Various types of memory foam mattress are available, one popular variant is gel infused memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is a product of polyurethane after treating it with additives and chemicals. Memory foam is also known as viscoelastic foam due to its conforming and springy properties.

However, it cradles body contours more than its spring action that is slower than other materials like latex.

What is gel infused memory foam?

Gel infused memory foam is simply urethane gel imbued into the foam structure. Mostly this gel is a bluish colour that is part of the top layers of a mattress.

Latest inventions have allowed for different versions of memory foam to suit different preferences and needs. Adaptations of traditional memory foam are gel memory foam and air cool memory foam.

Some companies infuse the gel into the mattress to create a blend while other use a bead method that inserts tiny particles of gel into foam forms.

The blend method is known to be more comfortable than the bead method. However, many companies use patented formulas and methods to either infuse or insert gel beads to produce the most comfortable and cool mattresses.

The action of gel infused memory is foam is a thermal conductor to pull heat away from the body. In comparison, gel memory foam has better temperature regulation to other foams.

This gel-based technology also further opens out cell structure for much better airflow. While memory foam has an open cell formation anyway, most gel-based foams have 2 to 3 better open cell construction. Companies are constantly using technology to better their gel-based products and thus produce better mattresses.

Pros and Cons of Gel Infused Memory Foam

Consider the plus points of gel memory foam mattresses and whether it would suit your needs before making a decision.

Pros of a Gel Infused Memory Foam

Gel memory foam enables cool restful sleep

Gel-infused foam seems to be a solution to the heating trapping nature foam mattresses. The most obvious advantage is gel memory foam’s ability to sleep cool. This provides for restful sleep especially for those with high body temperature and who sweat a lot.

Gel memory foam also has a better open cell structure than memory foam, making it more breathable and airy. These qualities of gel-infused mattresses provide the user with a comfortable sleep experience.

Gel infused memory foam provides for support

Gel mattresses offer more support than a traditional memory foam mattress. As a material gel is more resilient is not affected by body heat. This prevents the sleeper from sinking too far into the mattress and thus maintains proper alignment.

Gel-infused mattresses are more resilient

While traditional memory foam can leave the user immobile due to its slow reaction time, gel infused foam the user to move freely. It is thus suited to a variety of sleep positions, adding to comfort and versatility.

Gel-infused foam provides more benefits

Not only does gel infused to keep the user cool, it offers the same benefits as other memory foam products. It can offer the user soft comfort while providing adequate support.

It also delivers motion isolation thus being a good choice for couples. It is also good for people with medical needs and special bed provisions. It is known to reduce backaches and improve sleep patterns and overall health in general.

Cons for Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

You should also be aware of potential limitations of gel-infused mattresses.

The cooling effect may not last very long

Depending on the brand and formula used, this cool feel of gel-infused technology may not be long-lasting. Although the gel layer may feel cool in the initial stages of sleep, it absorbent nature may cause cool properties to lessen during the night. The gel may, in fact, take on the temperature of the environment, thus unable to serve its purpose.

Gel-infused mattresses can be more expensive

These gel-based mattresses with fancy labels and marketing could be more expensive than traditional memory foam. Labels can be confusing and misleading, making the user believe they’re investing in the latest technology. Some buyers have noticed that the advantages that they provide seem minor in comparison to other cheaper mattresses.

Gel-infused mattresses can be uncomfortable for some

Gel-infused mattresses, as known provide more support than traditional memory foam. It is for this reason that they may not be an ideal choice for people with lighter body weight or side sleepers.

Does gel infused memory foam actually work to cool you down?

With some people reporting that gel mattresses heat up more than traditional memory foam, it is worth knowing if there is an actual difference.

It does all come down to the manufacturer’s method and quality of materials used. Besides, gel mattresses with a full top layer of the infused gel are better than a thin surface layer of gel.

Some companies use newer technology that works better than others. For example, one the use of graphite gel is touted to be superior thermal conductor than ordinary gel.

These mattresses that contain an entire top layer of graphite gel work to separate body heat from the lower layers of memory foam. This lessens the amount the rate of heat-trapping through the night.

Newer technologies also replace the petroleum content in gel foams with natural plant-based oils. These more natural gel foams are also advertised to regulate temperature more effectively, maximize airflow and enhance user experience.

Other manufacturers claim to use gel technologies with higher than 20% temperature regularity than other gel mattresses. These mattresses can reduce heat accumulation and reduce the temperature of the surface by a good 1 to 2 degrees thus enhancing the quality of sleep.


To conclude, gel-infused memory foam mattresses may seem like a fad, as per reviews. However, manufacturers are constantly working on technology to further lower the temperature of mattress tops and enhance their performance.

Many regular quality memory foam mattresses or hybrids are known to sleep cooler and offer other benefits at reasonable rates. It is best to read reviews and choose a reputable brand before making a choice.

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