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Portable generators are a reliable backup for electricity. They can power a number of appliances and can be easily transported or carried from one place to another.

They act as a quick fix and are used for various purposes ranging from domestic to recreational as well as from trade to industrial.

But there is one limitation to them. They usually don’t have many outlets, only a limited number of outlets. So if you want to power more than a few electrical appliances and tools you won’t be able to because of an insufficient number of outlets.

This drawback, however, can be easily overcome with the use of an accessory called outlet splitters.

They have 2 or 3 or maybe even more outlets on a single cord. With outlet splitters, you can make the most of your portable electric generator. You can extract maximum benefit and power from your portable generator with the use of outlet splitters.

You can also purchase splitter adapters that are capable of producing the same amount of power in each of its outlet as the outlet of your generator. Now that you know what an outlet splitter is let us understand what its uses are.

Benefits and Types of Outlet Splitters

Best Outlet Splitters for Portable Generators

If you wish to use lots of appliances in your home simultaneously or if there is an emergency and you need to use light along with medical equipment and need to power furnace or air conditioner at the same time you can easily do so with the help of outlet splitters.

You simply have to connect the generator with the transfer switch which takes the power from the generator and supplies it to the circuit in your home where you can use as many appliances as you wish at the same time.

If you are using a generator at a construction site or for an industrial purpose it is possible that you would need to power a couple of devices and tools.

For that purpose, the two or three outlets of a portable generator might not be enough. So you can, with the help of a cord, connect one outlet with the outlet of a generator and let the other side with multiple outlets be connected to the appliances you want to run.

There are various kinds of splitters for that function such as twist lock outlet L14 outlet splitters which are splitters to be connected to a 120V/240V twist lock outlet and can have either 2 or more receptacles that can supply 120V 20 amp powers.

Special outlet splitters are splitters that can have up to 8 outlets with electrical circuit breakers like the one from 8 outlet power station that can plug into a 5-15 amp receptacle and can supply 8 outlets with 15 amp power.

Splitters such as Camco 55025 Power Grip Maximizer 45 amp adapter can be connected to both the 120Volt receptacle as well as the 120V/240V receptacle to increase the power for utilization from your generator. With this adapter splitter, it is possible to use up to 45 amps of power.

There are lots of other splitters for example splitters for your duplex outlets and twist lock outlet L5 splitters etc.

Popular Outlet Splitters Brands

In the Table below we have listed some of the most popular Outlet Splitters Brands and products. These can be a great starting point for you to search for right outlet splitter for your portable generator.

Model Name Buy Link
Coleman Cable 01915 3-Feet Generator Power Cord Adapter Check Price
Conntek YL1430520S Generator Y Adapter Check Price
Coleman Cable 01934 3-Feet Generator Power Cord Adapter, 10/4 Splitter Y Adapter Check Price
Camco 55025 PowerGrip Maximizer 45 AMP Adapter Check Price
Coleman Cable 09023 12/3 Generator Cord Adapter Splitter Check Price


So basically what you’ve learned here is that portable generators though reliable and durable have one major drawback and that is there aren’t enough outlets in it to use more than a few appliances. So if you want to use more than 3 appliances at the same time you will be unable to do so.

But this problem can be easily solved with the use of an outlet splitter which is an accessory that has many outlets connected to a single cord so you can plug in your appliances to the outlet splitter and connect it with your portable generator and derive maximum benefit from it.

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Best Outlet Splitter Brands

Outlet Splitters can help maximize the use of your portable generator with ease.

Coleman Cable 01915
Conntek YL1430520
Coleman Cable 01934
Camco 55025
Coleman Cable 09023
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