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In Brief: Briggs & Stratton P2200 Portable Generator Review

Briggs & Stratton P2200 is a good portable generator with decent features, low noise levels, easy on the pocket with nice portability. The performance of the generator is good and so is the after-sales. A good choice for camping especially. 


Briggs & Stratton was a company founded in 1908, and is known for manufacturing gasoline engines.

The consistency and reliability the company has bagged throughout its journey so far are commendable.

The kind of quality products the company provides is really praiseworthy.

The product we have got our eyes on today is the Briggs & Stratton P2200 (Model 30651). As the name suggests, the generator produces 2200 watts of power and is a portable generator.

It weighs 54 pounds and the inverter technology allows it to be used even for your sensitive electronics like computers and laptops.

The look of the generator is also quite decent and compact, and the minimal weight makes it great to carry around. Here’s how the generator looks:

Briggs & Stratton P2200

Here’s a YouTube video link for a wider inspection for you:

Design, Dimensions & Weight

The design of the inverter is rather urbane. Unlike some of the generators out there, the colour isn’t very poppy; it looks decent and fairly nice. The skeleton is made of plastic, like every product all the same in the market.

There are no wheels attached to the equipment, perhaps bringing in disappointment for you, but then there’s the weight – 54 pounds for a generator of 2200 Watts! How convenient is that!

The ‘H’ handle makes it great for carrying around, even if, despite the lightweight, you need a second hand for help to move it about.

It might just be a minute little touch to the design, but you’d praise volumes for this design when you are tired of carting it and want someone to help bear it around.

The weight, when simultaneously compared with some other models, though, doesn’t seem to impress too much. Portability of the model, no doubt, is great; but the weight lets it a little down.

Table: The weight of the Briggs & Stratton P2200 isn’t what we’d call outstandingly wellBriggs and Stratton P220 Weight

The dimensions are, as per the standard LxWxH rule, 53mm x 32 mm x 43 mm. Almost all products under this category measure the same, so there isn’t much of a competition with the size and dimensions here.

Talking of weight, the Briggs & Stratton P2200 weighs 54 pounds, which we’re mentioning the third time now, so you can figure that the lightweight and portability is a huge perk for the product.General Features

Power Output/Generation

The engine used in this model is an OHV 110cc displacement engine by Briggs & Stratton itself, with 14.6 running amperes at 120 volts (surge amperes: 18.33).

P2200 – Evidently, the power output is 2200 Watts, adequate for running the basic appliances at your home, all at once.

The continuous power generation labels to 1700 Watts and 2200 Watts in terms of surge power, so the power potential is wonderful.

Nothing to complain about. In case you’re wondering what surge power and continuous power is, the difference is very simple.

Continuous power is required when you require an interrupted power supply for your appliances’ operation.

Now, in some cases, there are also some devices that need, though instantaneous, but a temporary surge power in order to get started.

So according to this model, the continuous power you can use is 1700 Watts, and the instantaneous energy to power up your device is provided under that extra 500 Watts load.

The power rating does win this model some points, but then again, there are units that perform better here. Despite the 2000 Watt rating, some of the models do stand above this model.

Table: Power Output of the Briggs & Stratton P2200 doesn’t outcast some of its competitionsBriggs & Stratton P2200 Power

Fuel and Noise of Briggs & Stratton P2200

Noise level of the model isn’t something to exceedingly brag about, but yes, we’d confidently say that the sound when the generator is working isn’t very annoying or disturbing.

It’s not as quiet as some of the Honda and Generac models, but we wouldn’t really say that this, in any way, brings the quality of the generator down.

Speaking on technical terms, at 59 dB of noise level, it blends into the background sounds, and is almost as loud as a normal conversation would be.

Despite the noise level being low, it doesn’t beat a lot of its competitions, thus, staggering low in the comparisons done. The unit isn’t noisy, but, of course, a little low noise is always good.

Table: The Briggs & Stratton P2200 isn’t as quiet as the other modelsBriggs & Stratton P2200 Noise

The Briggs & Stratton P2200 uses gasoline for its functioning. The only recommended fuel by the company is clean, fresh and unleaded gasoline, with a minimum of 87 octane/87 AKI rating.

Alternatively, fuel with up to 10% gasohol is also acceptable.

Do Not use unapproved or non recommended fuels such as E15 and E85, or mix the oil in fuel, or try to modify the engine to make it run on any other alternative fuel options.

This will void the manufacturer’s warranty, and you may not be eligible to claim the warranty in that case.

The tank capacity of the engine is 1 gallon and the run time of the engine with a full tank is approximately 8 hours at 25% load capacity, and we’d say this is a great deal for the 2200 Watt producing model.

There are a lot of units against the P2200 that push it low in comparison in terms of the tank capacity.

Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be filling your generator up again and again, so the low tank capacity is a little drawback in this case.

Table: The fuel capacity of the unit isn’t very high, and needs to be refilled frequentlyBriggs & Stratton P2200 Fuel Capacity

The operation hours of this model are moderate. Compared to some of the top models, this generator beats a lot of popular options in terms of operation hours, or in Honda’s case, it is comparable enough.

Table: The operation hours of the unit are intermediate, yet goodBriggs & Stratton P2200 Operation Hours

Despite all the perks of this great generator, we have bad news for the readers.

The Briggs & Stratton P2200, though great in performance and other aspects, is not CARB compliant, which it might be unpleasant news for some, but for the price you’re getting the product at, it would be unfair to expect it to meet all your needs and expectations; so we wouldn’t go harsh terming this as a really big disadvantage.

Display & Control Panel

The build of the model is very solid. It is lightweight, and the ‘H’ handle makes portability as easy as cheese. The control panel is very simplified so users won’t have issues understanding the what-hows of the operation.

Here’s an image:Control Panel

Now the control panel doesn’t have a lot of operations to be confused about; you can see how unfussy it looks.


Starting from the top, the QPT – Quiet Power Technology automatically adjusts your engine speed to reduce the noise levels by lowering the RPM, thus reducing the engine’s speed, evidently saving fuel and making operating hours longer at 25% load.

Output Indicator

This indicates the healthy operation of your generator.

A green LED glows when it is running properly and producing power at its receptacles.

Simultaneously, a red LED comes on in case the generator is overloaded and cuts the power to the receptacles.

Yellow LED light shows up when the oil levels in the generator drop below a preset level.

Generator Reset Button

If you feel the generator is overloaded, push the button to reset.

DC Receptacle

The 12 Volt DC receptacle supplies power to DC accessories with a rating of up to 60 Watts or less. With a push-to-reset circuit breaker, the receptacle is protected of any short circuits or overloads.

Parallel Operation Port

In case you feel the power production isn’t meeting your needs, you can pair the generator up with another generator (either a P2200 or P3000 only), with an optional parallel operation kit, thereby increasing the overall production of energy.

Duplex Receptacle

This is used to supply electrical power to 120V (AC), 20 Amp, single phase, 60 Hz electrical, lighting, tools, appliances, and motor loads.

Startup and Shut down

The Briggs & Stratton P2200 has recoil system to start the engine. To start the engine, here’s the procedure:

Disconnect all electrical loads from the generator and ensure that the unit is sitting on a levelled and flat surface.

  • Turn the engine switch on.
  • Push the choke lever to choke position.
  • Take the recoil handle and pull it slowly until slender resistance is sensed, and then rapidly pull away from the generator.
  • Slowly move choke lever to run position.
  • To stop the engine, here’s the procedure:
  • Turn off and unplug all electrical loads from the generator’s control panel receptacles. Please ensure never to start or stop the engine with your appliances plugged to the generator and turned on.
  • Allow the engine to run at zero load, without any devices connected to it, for several minutes, letting it to cool down. Doing so will stabilize the internal temperatures of engine and generator.
  • Turn the engine switch to off position.

Additional Features

Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series Portable 2200-Watt Inverter Generator with Parallel Capability

Parallel Operation: A feature that you don’t get in other models is parallel pairing with a different model.

In other variants in the competition, the models can be paralleled only with their twins, but in this case, the P2200 can be paired up with either another P2200 or P3000, for even higher combinational power.

Here is how much power the permutations can generate:

Quiet Power Technology: This feature is designed keeping in mind vital fuel economy attribute. Turn the switch on to increase the engine speed for connected loads and decreased speed as you gradually remove loads.

Turn the switch off to make engine run at full speed. Please bear in mind to always have the switch off when starting and stopping the engine.

Warranty/Repairs of Briggs & Stratton P2200

The warranty covered for this product is 2 years for consumer use and 1 year for commercial use, which is a little less compared to the 3 year warranty that Honda and Generac provide in all aspects.

Consumer Use refers to use of the product for personal, residential uses by a retail consumer. Commercial Use refers to all the other uses, for income or rental purposes.

Under the warranty period, the company shall repair or replace, whatever seems necessary, free of any charge, any spare part which turns to be defective in material or workmanship.

For claiming the warranty service, visit your nearest authorized service dealer for Briggs & Stratton. The warranty period shall begin on the absolute date of purchase of the product.

Please remember to save your purchase receipt to claim your warranty; this will determine if you are eligible to claim the warranty looking at the date of purchase.

The warranty, though, covers only defects in materials or workmanship, and not damage caused by improper use or inappropriate abuse, irregular maintenance or repair, normal wear and tear, or unfitting use of incorrect fuels.

Here is the list of things not covered under the warranty service:

Improper Use: The operator’s manual is the best place to know what the ideal things are to do to keep your generator healthy and good going.

In case of handling the product in any way not described in the manual, thus causing damage will not be covered under the warranty.

Product modifications by the customer, water or chemical corrosion in any way will also void the warranty.

Unfit Maintenance: Maintenance and care of the product is the consumer’s responsibility, and not following the regular schedules for maintenance and negligence of servicing; or use of non original parts will not be covered under warranty.

Normal Wear & Tear: Maintenance and wear items like belts, cutting blades, filters and brake pads are not covered under warranty.

Stale & Unapproved Fuel: The product should only be made to run on fresh fuel that conforms to the criteria specified in the consumer’s manual.

Any damage caused by either stale or inappropriate fuel use will not have the consumer eligible for claiming the warranty.

To claim your warranty, visit your nearest Briggs & Stratton authorized dealer or contact:

Briggs & Stratton Power Products Group, LLC
P.O. Box 702
Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
53201-0702 U.S.A.
(800) 743-4115
Or visit:

Care and Maintenance

Care and maintenance is the most primary requirement for owning any product, not just a generator.

Proper care and maintenance ensures healthy and longer life of the product, and hence, we highly recommend you to follow regular maintenance schedules.

  • Every Use: Clean debris and check engine oil levels
  • Every 10 Hours: Change engine oil
  • Every 3 Months: Service engine air cleaner and breather filter
  • Every 6 Months: Clean fuel strainer, change engine oil, service spark plug and inspect muffler and spark arrester
  • Every Year: Check valve clearance

Another important thing to remember is the emission control system. The operation location of the generator should be far away from your residence to reduce any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is extremely poisonous that can cause serious damage to you or even death.

For more information on maintenance, check out this link:

Consumer Review Analysis

Briggs & Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series Portable 2200-Watt Inverter Generator with Parallel Capability

The consumer comments are the most transparent way of knowing the best and the most unpleasant experiences and drawbacks of the product.

We skimmed through some online shopping portals and here is an honest view of what the consumers feel of the product:

What Customers Like:

Price: The first thing that had to be mentioned was the price. Almost all the reviewers of the product are drooling over the price; the quality they’re getting at the cost, comparable to generators of almost $300 more expensive than them is what makes this one a dear among the customers.

Performance: Performance-wise, the generator wins a lot of points. Close to almost 90% of the reviewers say that the performance of the generator is outstandingly well.

The operation is amazing and the consumers seem really impressed of the product.

Easy Start: The generator is very easy to operate. It comes to life in not more than 2 pulls – max. The recoil is very responsive and the performance is commendable.

Customer Service: The customer service of the company is very responsive. Customers seem very impressed by the service as it is very fast and dependable, and very considerate to their customers’ needs.

What Customers Dislike:

Noise Levels: A few consumers have complained of the noise levels of the generator, saying that’s it isn’t quiet enough like the other ones out there in the market. It is kind of disappointing but we’d say it’s not that bad that it’d bother you a lot.

Operation: Some consumers have complained of the generator not starting or working smoothly. There are few complaints about how the generator wouldn’t start, or wouldn’t deliver the desired output.


Pros/Cons of Briggs & Stratton P2200

Despite the great features and matchless price, every product has its share of pros and cons. Here are some of those for the Briggs & Stratton P2000:


Low Price: The price for the product is amazingly low, and like we mentioned earlier, the customers also love the product because of its terrific price.

Reliability: The performance yield of the generator is pleasantly delightful. It is reliable and dependable, and the trust you put in the brand is worth it.

Drain-off Tray: The oil fill of the model has a little drain off tray below it, which proves to be very useful while filling up the oil. The excess oil that dribbles collects here; despite being a very little tad, it does prove to be very helpful.

Control Panel: The panel is easy to understand with LED indicators and clear instructions.

Parallel Ready: The parallel operation for the P2200 is very convenient. Pairing it up with another model is also a great provision.

QPT: This mode is meant for saving fuel and simultaneously decreasing the load power, hence increasing the time of operation.

‘H’ Handle: The handle build is extremely suitable and convenient to carry, and is made in a way for two people to carry if they wish to.


CARB Compliance: The generator is not CARB compliant, and so, the number of audience narrows down by a large number.

Noise: The noise levels of the generator are not very impressive. Despite the low 59 dB rating, the sound is loud, and not as quiet as Hondas and Generacs.

No Wheels: The model’s build does not have wheels which makes it a little non-portable for the 55 lb weight.



After reading the above sections, you might be having some questions regarding the product; be it performance, maintenance, or otherwise. Here are some of them answered:

Can the P2200 be paralleled with its twin and if so, what would be the output power?

Yes, the generator can be paralleled with another one of the same kind, and also with a P3000. The paralleled output for two P2200 would be 3000 Watt.

Is there a cover available for the generator? If so, where can it be purchased?

There are a number of products and accessories available for the model in the market. We recommend you find a dealer for the same.

Can my RV battery be charged by the generator?

The answer lies on the fact if you’re using an automotive battery. We recommend you contact the customer service for more information.

Is there a modified sine wave output from the generator to operate vulnerable equipment and appliances?

Yes. The generator does produce pure sine wave so you can use it fearlessly for sensitive electronics.

If the generator is being transported, how should the orientation be done?

You can lay it however you like unless there is no oil or fuel in the generator which might leak upon sideways orientation; yet, we recommend you keep it upright.

Does the generator include fuel and oil drain plugs?

The generator is well inclusive of an oil drain, but not a fuel drain.

Is there any recommended or available conversion kit for propane conversion?

The company definitely does not recommend modifying the engine in any way from its original form. However, in case you wish to do so, you can find online retailers for it.

Is there any inbuilt fuel pump?

Yes, the product is equipped with a fuel pump.

What accessories are included in buying the P2200?

The model includes a USB adapter, an operator’s manual, an engine oil bottle, an oil funnel and a screwdriver. If upon purchasing and receiving the product with missing accessories, please contact the customer service.

Does this model capable of running a heater or a blow dryer?

Yes. A lot of heaters come under the 2200 Watt range, so they can be operated easily with the generator. All you have to make sure of is not to exceed the 2200 Watt rating.

Pricing of Briggs & Stratton P2200

The price of the generator is decent. It doesn’t cost too cheap, but we’d say the quality justifies the price. Perhaps, lowering the budget wouldn’t fetch you a unit as reliable, but here are some alternatives.

Check Price on Amazon>

Our Recommendation

Based on the pros and cons, and our analysis of the product, here are our ratings for the product:

Price  – Affordability being a prime concern for a lot of customers, this unit fulfils this basic requirement to some extent. 8/10 here.

Performance- The performance is impressive enough, as we have studied the generator so far. 8/10 for us.

Ease of Use – Portability isn’t extremely great, but the rest of the factors determining the ease of use win this unit the points. 8/10.

Noise – If noise levels are strictly what you’re concerned a lot about, we’d recommend you some other models, though, this isn’t a bad option either. 8/10.

Fuel Tank capacity – The tank capacity isn’t excellent, and refueling constantly isn’t a great option, for sure. 8/10 for us.

Overall – Comparing and examining the specs, reliability and other constraints of the model, we’d give this unit 8/10.

Overall, as we have studied the product, our verdict would be positive for the generator, keeping in mind the pros and cons in mind.

To us, the cons do not seem much bothersome, and thus, if it were for us, we would highly recommend this product to our readers.


Recommended Accessories

For ease of maintenance and portability, owning some accessories can always be helpful. Here are some of them, and where you can buy them:

Parallel Cable Connection Kit: To pair the generator up with another for increased power, the parallel connection cable kit should be owned.

Briggs & Stratton 6278 120 Volt Parallel Cable Connector Kit for PowerSmart Series Inverters

Buy from Amazon>

Air Filter Cleaner: To clean the air filter and protect the generator against any dust and dirt causing damage to the generator, you can get this for yourself.

Buy yours here>

Lawn Mower Oil: What better oil to use for your generator than one from the company itself? The oil can be used in the generator and is, in every way, safe to use for the P2200.

You can find it here>


Thus, to us, the Briggs & Stratton P2200 has proved itself worth the money in our pockets, and we would definitely buy it, and also recommend it to our readers.

For comparable products and their reviews, you can visit other articles and make your choices.

From us, the recommendation for the product is strong, and if you’re looking for a solid guy who’s easy on your pocket, too, this is your place. Happy exploring!


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