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Champion 75537i 3100W Portable Inverter Generator Review

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The Champion Power Equipment brand was established in 2003 and has, in a short period of time, become a central player in the generator manufacturing industry.

It has joined other brands such as Briggs and Stratton, Yamaha, and Honda in the league of high-quality manufacturers.

The Champion 75537i, 3100W model is one of such high-end inverter generator they make. Since it is an inverter generator, it pulls out all the stops in terms of technology.

It has the option of a wireless remote start, its engine adjusts the RPM rate according to the load, and it can give both AC and DC outputs.

This model, as can be seen from just some preliminary features, utilizes the advanced technology which goes into making inverter generators to a high degree.

Apart from technology, it also has convenient manual features such as integrated wheels to enhance the convenience and ease of using it.

Design, Dimensions & Weight

Champion 75537iThe design of the Champion 75537i, the 3100W inverter generator is a highly compact, well-organized blend of technological features and more traditional manual ones.

With a length of 25.1 inches, the width of 17.3 inches, and a height of 18.3 inches, it is clear that it packs a number of functions into its small volume.

It has a weight of 96.6 lbs with an empty tank, which increases to around 107 lbs with a tank fuel filled with gasoline to its 1.6 gallon/6 liter capacity.

This is not too heavy a weight and for users who might have issues with this, it comes with integrated wheels and handles which make it easy to move around and maneuver.

In terms of weight, this model is on the lower half of the range of weights out of the models we have reviewed and analysed.

It is a few pounds under the 100 lbs mark.

However, there are definitely lighter models, and the Champion 75531i has a comparable fuel tank capacity with a considerably lower weight.

The following table provides further details on comparative weights:

Table: This model is on the lower half of the weight spectrumChampion 75537i Weight

Its display is sleek and the controls are concentrated on one neatly labelled and highly efficient panel with prominent warning and safety signs on the top to familiarize new users with proper precautions.

If you wish to get a better spatial idea of the size of this model, Champion Power Equipment has uploaded a video showcasing this generator in a variety of situations.

You can use this video to assess the convenience and suitability of this model for yourself at :

Power Output / Generation

This inverter generator is capable of producing a continuous running AC supply of 2800W and a surge power of 3100W at 120V.

This means that it is engineered specifically for its RV audience and can be used to power a number of electrical items required by such users.

This is not a very high running output and it is the second lowest running wattage of the reviewed generators, tied with a few other models.

There are a number of models with a higher output which can be viewed here:

Table: This model has a low running powerChampion 75537i Power

It can power more intensive items such as microwaves, ACs, and fridges along with smaller electronic items such as modems or laptops. It is also capable of powering one or two small power tools.

Its 171cc Champion 4-Stroke OHV engine is manufactured by Champion itself and is capable of producing 8 hours of continuous electricity supply with a full tank of gasoline at a 25% load.

Since it an inverter generator, this engine can also reduce its RPM according to the load thus increasing its efficiency.

Apart from making it more efficient, this also makes it capable of producing a more steady supply of power along with producing fewer environmentally harmful emissions.

You should remember that since this is a 4-stroke engine, only an engine oil appropriate for a 4-stroke engine can be used.

Champion, in particular, recommends a SAE 10W-30 oil. Oil specifications should not unduly worry you as most oil bottles prominently display their specification on the front label of the product under the brand name.


Fuel and Noise

The Champion 75537i is a CARB compliant generator. This means that it can be used in all 50 states, including California as it meets the more stringent requirements placed on generators in the state to control smog.

For fuel, the engine requires unleaded gasoline. Specifically, gasoline with an octane rating of above 85.

This should not be hard to find as commercially available gasoline is of a rating of 86 or higher. Furthermore, the rating is displayed prominently on the label which makes it easy to locate the grade you are looking for.

The gasoline should, however, not contain more than 10% ethanol by volume in it.

With the 1.6 gallon/ 6 liter tank filled to capacity with gasoline, this generator should run for 8 hours on a 25% load.

This is quite a low tank capacity as per a comparative analysis. In fact, this is the second lowest fuel tank capacity out of the reviewed models, tied with another Champion generator.

This means that it will run for a shorter period of time than models with power outputs in a similar range.

You can see models with higher fuel capacities here:

Table: This model has a low fuel capacityChampion 75537i Fuel

Noise can possibly become an issue with this model as it produces a noise level of 58 dB at a distance of 23 feet from it.

If you are not familiar with decibel rating, this noise level is around that of a typical conversation. This makes it tolerable at an appropriate distance.

This noise level is on the lower side out of the models reviewed – it is actually the third lowest decibel rating.

Only two models have a lower noise level than this model and only one is significantly lower in noise, with the other one being lower by just one decibel.

The complete comparison table is available here:

Table: This model has a low noise levelChampion 75537i Noise

However, if you do not have the space required to keep it so far off, it is possible that the noise from this generator can create disturbances and annoyance.

Display & Control Panel

Champion 75537i control panelThis display is extremely compact and well-labeled. Warning, safety, and danger labels are situated in a prominent location on the top of the generator.

Thus, even first time users who haven’t read the manual are immediately familiarized with basic safety procedures.

The control panel is compact, highly organized, and well-labeled.

There is a multitude of controls which are efficiently fitted into the panel and are labelled.

However, this labelling is done in a small font which can make it hard to decipher for people with weak eyesight.
The controls on the panel are as follows:

  • Fuel Valve Knob: Used to control fuel supply to the engine
  • Choke Push-Button: Used to control the choke valve in the carburetor
  • Economy Control Switch: Used to turn the economy mode, which reduces engine operating during lower loads, on and off
  • Wireless Set Button: Part of the remote start system
  • Red Pilot Lamp
  • Ground Terminal: Used for grounding of the generator – you should review your local regulations before grounding
  • Button-type Circuit Breaker: Protects the generator from being overloaded
  • Power receptacles: There are 4 power outlets – 12V DC outlet, 120V AC 20 Amps duplex, and a 120V AC, 30
  • Amps receptacle
  • Battery switch
  • Oil Warning Light: Turns on when the oil level in the engine is low
  • Overload Indicator Light: Turns on when the engine is overloaded, cutting power to the receptacles
  • Output Light: Turns on during normal functioning of the generator
  • Engine Switch: Used to turn the engine on and off

Startup and Shut down

The Champion 75537i has both manual and electric start options. Apart from this, it also has a remote start with can work up to a distance of 80 ft.

Remote Start

The remote control system consists of four parts: the ignition switch, the battery switch, the receiver control module, and the wireless remote.

The wireless remote can only be used when the ignition and battery switch is flipped to ON position.

To use the remote start, you simply need to press the START button on the remote. It will auto-choke which makes it extremely convenient if you wish to switch the engine on after a period of use.

You should note that after auto-start there will be a delay of 15 seconds before power supply begins – this is a safety precaution to prevent damage to the generator in case electrical loads are connected to the generator during remote start.

Electric Start

For an electric start, you must first ensure that there are no loads connected to the receptacles of the generator. After loads have been unconnected, follow these steps:

  • Rotate the fuel valve to ON
  • Turn the battery switch ON
  • Push the Choke button to the CHOKE position
  • Flip the engine switch ON
  • Press and hold the ignition switch to its START position and wait until the engine begins to run and starts warming up

Manual Start

The procedure for the manual start is extremely similar to electric start on this model. After ensuring that all loads are disconnected from the generator, the following steps must be performed:

  • Rotate the fuel valve to ON
  • Turn the battery switch ON
  • Push the Choke button to the CHOKE position
  • Flip the engine switch ON
  • Pull the starter cord slowly until you feel resistance and then pull it sharply
  • As the engine begins to warm up, press to Choke button to the RUN position

Additional Features

This model has both technological and manual features which might give it an edge over other less-technologically equipped models. These are as follows:

Integrated wheels and handle: This model comes with a mobility kit integrated into it with convenient handles on top for lifting it up along with two no-flat wheels for pushing the generator around in case you cannot lift it – these features increase its mobility

Remote start system: Apart from the traditional manual and electric starts characteristic of inverter generators, this model also has a remote start system which allows you to start it from a distance up to 80ft, making it extremely convenient if you need a generator which you can switch on and off multiple times for use over small time periods

Economy saver mode: This mode minimizes fuel consumption and noise during periods of low electrical usage or power supply, thus increasing the efficiency of this model



The Champion 75537i comes with a 3 year limited warranty. This means that it can be availed for up to 3 years after purchase if it is used for private purposes but only 270 days after purchase if used commercially.

To register for this warranty you must fill the warranty card you receive with this model and submit it along with a receipt of purchase to a local Champion Power Equipment retailer within 10 days of purchase.

This warranty qualifies you for any repairs or replacements which have to be made to the model provided that the proper maintenance schedule is followed along with standard usage procedures as prescribed in the manual of this model.

To avail of this warranty, you must first contact Champion Power Equipment who will give you instructions in accordance with the problem that you are facing.

They will also give you a transaction number which you must reference in all future repairs or warranty-related correspondence with them.

The contact details of Champion are as follows:

Champion Power Equipment, Inc .
Customer Service, 10006 Santa Fe Springs Rd.
Santa Fe Springs

Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-877-338-0999 (available Monday to Friday between 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM PST)

Email: [email protected]

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance covers a wide range of procedures, from regularly changing the oil in the engine to cleaning its component parts, and is integral to the proper functioning of your generator.

Furthermore, proper maintenance care is required for you to avail of the warranty.

As such, Champion provides the following maintenance schedule for this model in this manual:

  • Within the first 5 Hours: Change the oil
  • Every 8 hours or Daily: Check oil level, clean area around air intake and muffler
  • Every 50 hours or every Season: Clean air filter, change oil if operating under heavy load or in a hot climate
  • Every 100 Hours or every Season: Change oil, clean or adjust the spark plug and spark arrester, check or adjust the valve clearance (should be done by experienced users or Champion certified retailers only), clean fuel tank and filter (should be done by experienced users or Champion certified retailers only)
  • Every 250 Hours: Clean combustion chamber (should be done by experienced users or Champion certified retailers only)
  • Every 3 Years: Replace the fuel line

Consumer Comments

The Champion 75537i, 3100 inverter generator is an extremely popular model manufactured by Champion and has received extensive ratings and reviews from customers and users.

As such, their critical appraisals have been analyzed and divided into the likes and dislikes of consumers in general.

First, what consumers liked:

Easy starting Procedures

Many reviews stated that both the electric and manual start options on this model are extremely convenient and are easy to perform – furthermore, the remote start option allows for further convenience when starting this generator

Meets Expectations

This generator is marketed to primarily an RV-using audience and such consumers have repeatedly mentioned that this generator satisfies all their power supply needs, being able to run multiple electrical appliances with ease


Many reviewers have noted that this is a very durable and sturdy generator with the potential to last for a long period of time, easily surpassing the 3-year warranty limit


Some users have also commended the design of this model, saying that it is easy to use, and has many functions and controls which are neatly and efficiently packed into the control panel

Value for money:

Some consumers have also commented that this model not only satisfies their expectations but also does so at a reasonable price point, with many specifically comparing the costing of this product favorably in comparison to Honda

However, there were also the following criticisms:


Even in positive reviews, many customers noted that the weight of this model at 96.6 lbs when empty was an issue for them with some saying that they were unable to carry it due to their older age


Many users have criticized this model for its noise level which they consider to be annoying unless it is placed at a sufficiently far away distance – some users also compared it to Honda, saying that Honda generators in the same power range were much quieter than this model

Problems with running ACs

Many of the critical reviews noted that they had issues running 13,500 BTU AC units, even though the Champion guaranteed that this generator could run such units – some users, however, stated that they could run these ACs but only on the economy saver mode


From analyzing customer reviews, as well as the manual, the following pros and cons of the model can be ascertained.


Efficient Design

This is an extremely well-designed model which has a variety of controls packed efficiently into the control panel which gives users a large amount of control over their generator experience and allows them to easy utilize features such as the economy saver mode or remote start

Value For Money

Customers have consistently stated that this model gives them every satisfaction and meets all their expectations for an RV inverter generator in this range while also being reasonably priced and economical

Easy To Start

Not only are the manual and electric start procedures of this model extremely easy to follow but it also has a remote start function which works up to a distance of 80 ft which makes turning this generator on extremely convenient even when it has electrical loads attached

Inverter-Type Generator

As an inverter-type generator, it can adjust the RPM of the engine according to the power load which makes it more efficient than traditional generators and allows it to use less fuel – this also enables users to use the Economy mode which reduces fuel consumption and noise further during periods of low usage



Noise has been a major issue with this model for customers, with a noise level of 58 dB at a distance of 23 ft – if users do not have the adequate space required to keep the generator at a sufficient distance then the noise can be jarring and annoying


Customers have mentioned that weight is also an issue with this model especially when the gasoline tank is full – however, the integrated mobility kit consisting of wheels and a handle help to ameliorate this

Issues with overloading

Both critical and positive reviews have mentioned that the overload protection system on this generator can turn on despite the fact that the load connected is lower than the maximum – this can cause issues for users wanting to run appliances at its maximum wattage

No Hour Meter

There is no hour meter on this model which can allow users to accurately track the number of usage hours of the generator and hence let them time and schedule their maintenance



What type of oil is recommended for the engine?

An oil with SAE 10W-30 specification is recommended by Champion for this model.

Can this model be connected in parallel with other generators to increase the power supply?

No, this model cannot be connected in parallel with other generators.

What is the usable distance for the remote start?

The remote start can be used up to a distance of 80 ft from the generator.

What is the noise level of this generator?

It is 58 dB at a distance of 23 feet.

Is this model CARB compliant?

Yes, this model is CARB compliant and can be used in all 50 states.

Can the wireless remote be used to switch the generator off?

Yes, the remote can be used to turn the generator both on and off.

How long will this model run?

It runs for 8 hours on a 25% load with a tank filled to capacity with 1.6 gallons of gasoline.

What are the dimensions of this model?

It has a length of 25.1 inches, width of 17.3 inches, and height of 18.3 inches.

Does this also have a manual start?

Yes, this has manual start along with an electrical start and a remote start option.

Can this model be used at high altitudes?

Yes, this model can be used at high altitudes without issues.

Can a 13,500 BTU AC be run on this generator?

Yes, it can. However, some users have issues running it without the Economy mode on.

Can it be used to power a 220V device?

No, this model only has 120V AC receptacles and a 12V DC outlet.

What is the warranty on this generator?

This has a three year limited warranty which can be availed for a period up to three years for personal use or 270 days of commercial use.

How much does this model weight?

The dry weight of this model is 96.6 lbs. With a full tank of gasoline it weighs around 107 lbs.

What fuel does this generator use?

It uses unleaded gasoline or gasoline with less than 10% ethanol content with an octane rating of higher than 85.


In terms of pricing, this model has one of the three highest prices of the models reviewed, which means that there are plenty of cheaper models available on the market.

The premium is because of inverter technology and wireless remote start.

The Champion 75531i, in particular, has comparable stats and features and is around $100 cheaper. This high price is odd for Champion since it specializes in more economical generator options.


Our Recommendation

Our ratings for this model, keeping in mind a comparative framework, are as follows:


This model has a high price, especially for a model by Champion and ranks only below Honda and Briggs and Stratton out of the generators we have reviewed.

There are even models by Champion with almost identical stats and features which are more economically priced.

Noise level

This model has one of the lowest noise levels out of models reviewed on the market which can make this a good buy for those concerned with noise levels.

Fuel Tank Capacity

This model has the second lowest fuel capacity out of the models reviewed. There are many available models with higher fuel capacities in a similar output range.


There have not been significant complaints regarding this model’s performance, which has generally been reliable. However, a few users have complained about a malfunction in its overload protection feature.

Ease of use

This model has an accessible and well-planned design and an easy starting procedure, which makes using this model an uncomplicated experience.

Overall, this model is reliable and easy-to-use, providing a number of features at its cost level. While this cost might be a deterrent for some, quite a few reviews have emphasized that this model is actually value for money and fulfills the needs of its target demographic.

Recommended accessories

This model comes with a number of accessories, including cords and USB cables and as such has no recommended accessories on the Champion page.

Furthermore, since it has attached wheels and a handle there is no need for a mobility kit either.

The only recommendation which is possible is to buy a generator cover, especially if you are in a dusty climate, to protect the generator from dirt and ensure proper storage.


This model blends together the sophisticated technology characteristic of inverter generators and a good set of manual features, such as its hard plastic build and integrated mobility kit.

The various start procedures, manual, electric, and remote are an example of how this increases the ease for users.

The sturdy build, the high number of controls packed into it, along with its efficiency and reliability make it an extremely popular generator.

In particular, it satisfies all the needs of customers who fall under the target audience of RV users.

However, weight and noise have proven to be significant issues while using this generator and should be kept in mind while deciding on a purchase.

Furthermore, issues with overloading have been highlighted by some consumers.

Despite this, however, the reviews of this model have been extremely positive with its multiple features providing an enjoyable and convenient experience to RV users who rely on this generator to meet their electrical power needs.


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