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Living in an area which is frequented by storms, you would often find it a problem to keep your generator safe and clean.

Since you can’t keep portable generator inside your homes due to safety reasons and precautions such as emission of carbon monoxide and other poisonous gases which may prove fatal and the danger of your home catching fire you would require a cover for it.

Portable generator covers basically to protect the generators against environmental hazards. These could include rain or snow as well as other issues like dust and insect dwellings in small holes. The covers for generators should be easy to use and require no special tool for mounting and surmounting it.

It should be reliable and secure enough to let the generator continue its function without any interference or blockage from the covers.

It is possible that you might have to travel someplace with your generator like to a campground or tailgating, the cover shouldn’t be too heavy or complicated for you to carry and manage. It should also be designed in a way so as to provide you with an easy access to the generator.

It also helps in reducing the noise level of the generator. Covers for generators protect the generator against elements that might shorten its life-span.

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Materials available for Covers of Portable Generator

If you purchase a generator naturally you want it to run for as many years as it can while delivering peak performance. For that, you have to follow necessary routine maintenance procedures.

But you should also take extra measures to ensure its safety and proper functioning such as investing in generator covers, enclosures and tents.

There are various tents available in different shapes and sizes. They range from retrofit plastic sheds to pop-up canopies to storage sheds to pup-tents, umbrellas for different weather conditions.

Since it is going to be put on top or around the generator the quality of covers and enclosures should be uncompromising.

The material used for portable generator covers include polyester with PVC coating, heavy-duty fabric, waterproof fabric with elastic bands and urethane coating, durable vinyl, and durable nylon.

Since the cover act as a wall protecting and containing the generator, their material should be strong. It should be built and tested for it has to brave all weather condition sunny, rainy, windy, stormy, dusty etc. and protect generators from UV damage also.

Therefore, the material of cover should be water resistant and UV resistant should have a durable exterior made of tough and thick polyester or vinyl fabric or some other synthetic fibre.

Benefits of buying cover for a Portable Generators

Covers for portable generators come with a lot of benefits, such as:

  • It allows your generator to run safely in all weather conditions. It protects your generators from all elements that might hinder its functioning and keeps your family secure along with your generator.
  • Doesn’t let the electrical outlets and panels to get wet during the rainy season or a storm.
  • Let’s you have a worry-free recreational time off the power grid irrespective of the weather condition.
  • Helps in reducing the noise level of the generator.
  • Helps in increasing portable generator’s longevity by providing protection.
  • Prevents poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide from seeping into your home and causing severe damage to your health.

Good cover for a Portable Generator: What to look for

Here are a few things to look for in a good cover for generators:

  1. It doesn’t affect the portability of your portable generator.
  2. Fresh air intake isn’t blocked so your generator cools naturally.
  3. Gives full access for you to change oil and easily allows you to maintain the generator.
  4. Large refuelling door is incorporated in the cover so no complexity in design is there and the area remains accessible and dry.

Covers for Champion Portable Generator Models

Here are covers available for various popular models of Champion:

Model / Power Range Check Price and Specs

1600-2000-W Stackable inverter models

Check Price

2800-4750 W or

Dimension up to 25 x 23.6 x 20.3 in

Check Price

2,800 W or Higher Inverter Generators

Check Price

3000-4000 W Generators

Check Price

3,000-10,000 W Generators

Check Price

4,800 -11,500 W Generators

Check Price

Covers for Duromax Portable Generator Models

Here are covers available for various Duromax portable generator models:

Model / Power Range Check Price and Specs

For Models - XP6500E, XP8500E,

XP10000E, and XP4000WGE

Check Price

For Models - XP4400 and XP4400E

Check Price

For Models - Duromax XP8500, XP10000E, & DS1000E

Check Price

For Models - XP4000S, XP4400, XP4400E,

MX4500, MX4500E, DS4000S, DS4400 and DS4400E

Check Price

Covers for WEN Portable Generator Models

Here are covers available for various popular models of WEN:

Model / Power Range Check Price and Specs

For Models between 3,000 - 5,000 W

Check Price

For WEN 56200i inverter generator

Check Price

For WEN 56310i inverter generator

Check Price

For Models between 5,000 - 10,000 W

Check Price

Covers for Honda Portable Generator Models

Here are covers available for various Honda generator models:

Model / Power Range Check Price and Specs

For EU2000i

Check Price

For EU3000is

Check Price

For Eb5000 and Eb7000I

Check Price

For EU1000i

Check Price

For Eb3800 and EB6500

Check Price

Covers for Westinghouse Portable Generator Models

Here are covers available for various popular models of Westinghouse:

Model / Power Range Check Price and Specs

Universal Fit for Portable Generators Up to 7500 Rated Watts

Check Price

For models iGen1200, WH1000i

Check Price


A portable generator is exposed to many weathers, insects and elements in nature which hamper its functioning and reduce its life span. In order to make sure your generator is safe and working properly a cover for the same would be beneficial.

It has many advantages and can be found in various shapes and sizes along with different material such as polyester, vinyl with various coatings.

Most companies who manufacture generators also provide their covers but in case you can’t find one for yourself you can note the dimensions and specifications of your generator and find an identical generator’s cover.

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