Dual and Tri Fuel Generator : What it is and Why to Use it?

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Generators are machines which function on the principle of electromagnetic induction i.e. converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

They use the fuel that is in the form of diesel, natural gas or propane and convert it into electricity which is used to power the appliances.

Dual Fuel Generator and it’s functioning

In a world like today where everything runs on electricity, it is hard and almost impossible to imagine life without it. It is a good thing then that we have an alternative backup for electricity in the form of generators. Portable and RV generators provide the benefits of electricity wherever and whenever you require or desire it.

Among these, dual and tri fueled generators are becoming popular and are high on demand. So let us understand their functioning and their benefits. Single fueled generators convert energy from the various fuel sources like gasoline, liquid propane, diesel and natural gas and produce electricity.

Dual and Tri fueled provide you with two or three options in regards to fuel type. In case, you run out on your preferred fuel type you can still use your generator and run it on another fuel type.

Most generators have a single option for fuel type but being in the position to make a choice between more than one available types of fuel is considered wise for its adaptability and flexibility.

Fuel types in Dual fueled generator and Common fuels

Portable generators are usually designed to run on a single fuel :

  • Gasoline
  • Liquid Propane
  • Diesel
  • Natural Gas

Dual Generators, however, can be run on two fuels. But to understand that we must be familiar with the common fuels. The most popular fuel source is gasoline due to its affordability, the second is the diesel because of its durability, and the third is propane.

Mostly for short or emergency periods gasoline and propane are preferred whereas for heavy and extended periods of time diesel is chosen due to its high energy density.

In terms of fuel efficiency and cost diesel definitely tops the chart. In terms of fuel storage and availability you must keep in mind that gasoline has a short shelf life and in times of emergency such as a natural disaster, it might not get delivered to your homes.

Moreover, it might go stale and cause the generator to operate less reliably. Liquid Propane has the longest shelf life and can be stored just like diesel. Natural gas, however, does not need to be stored.

The dependency on multi-fueled generators such as dual and tri fueled generators springs from factors such as the frequency of usage, the duration of usage etc. the chief among these is the type of fuel used. A dual fueled generator uses gasoline and propane .

Therefore, if your preferred fuel type is gasoline and if you are using it after a long period of time where it might have deteriorated because of its short shelf life you can still run the generator on propane. And tri fueled generators use natural gas, propane and gasoline.

Now we know what a dual fueled generator is and how it functions and what fuel can be used in it. Let us then understand what the benefits of having a dual fueled generator in our lives are. After which you will be given examples of the most popular models and brands of multi-fueled generators in recent times.

Benefits of dual and Tri fueled generators

Here are the key benefits of dual / tri fuel generators –

Convenience of using multiple fuels based on availability

One of the many reasons of the sudden increase in popularity of dual / Tri fueled generators is the convenience that arises from its versatility which allows you to run the generator even when you do not possess one fuel source.

In case you find yourself in a place where you cannot find propane or natural gas you can rely on the availability of diesel and gasoline which you can find at every exit and even in small towns.

Great in case of contingencies

In case of a natural disaster, you cannot expect propane or natural gas to be delivered to your home especially if it is through the piping system. That would mean despite having a generator you can’t run it on propane or natural gas. And so, the gasoline or the diesel fuel compartment can be utilized in such situations.

Flexibility to switch fuel according to climate whether –

You can use it according to the climate (temperature). In summers you can store it with propane and in winter you can start it with gas and later make the switch to propane as in winters there isn’t enough vapor pressure in the tank.

The volume of propane is directly proportional to temperature and therefore becomes dense during winters and expands during summers.

Since you have more than one storage unit you have double the longevity of usage. It’s like you have two generators because you have another fuel you can run your generator on if the other finishes.

In the end.

If you’re travelling in an RV you might not find natural gas or propane at every store or if there is a power outage due to a storm or an earthquake there is a good chance that natural gas or propane might not get delivered or made available to you.

With a dual fueled generator you don’t have to worry about your preferred fuel’s availability. You can rely on the other fuel type till you find your preferred fuel to run all your appliances wherever you are. It uses gasoline and propane.

Its versatility helps you in times of need such as natural hazards, the climate of certain places, in case you want to double your power.

Brands such as Honda, Champion, Duromax and Sportsman provide the best kind of models for multi-fueled generators.

So now that single fueled generators are taking the backseat and multi-fueled generators are becoming popular all you need to do is keep in mind the fuel type(s) you want and proceed to buy the generator you wish for.

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