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Generac 4000XL

The Generac 4000XL is a portable electric generator capable of producing 4000 W. It is manufactured by Generac who are well known for their reliable products. It is a good generator but discontinued by the manufacturer.

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Generac has been a major player in the generators market since 1959. Their power systems range in output from 800 watts to 9 megawatts.

They manufacture products for home and for industrial use. They are also the pioneers in the residential power washers market.

The Generac 4000XL is a 4000W, 120/240V portable electric generator. It features an OHVI engine. But since it is very old, very limited information is available about this device.

A small introduction to the Generac 4000XL is given in this video :

Design, Dimensions & Weight

The Generac 4000XL is made of a metal frame. The generator unit does not include any wheels. If required, a wheel kit has to be ordered additionally.

The part number for the wheel kit is 93580.

Power Output / Generation

The Generac 4000XL features an OHVI engine. Using this engine, the generator can output a continuous power of 4000 W.

The generator contains the following feature-

  • Automatic idle control- automatically varies engine rpm based on the power drawn.

Fuel and Noise

The noise level of the Generac 4000XL is unknown.

This generator contains a gasoline-powered engine. The generator contains a 4 gallons gasoline fuel tank. This generator is CARB approved and is therefore suitable for use in the state of California.

Display & Control Panel

An image of the control panel of the Generac 4000XL is shown below.

AC circuit breakers- switch off the generator power when there is a short circuit or a significant overload at the receptacles.

  • 120/240V receptacles– used to connect loads to the generator.

Startup and Shut down

The Generac 4000XL does not have an electric start. Therefore, it has to be started manually. The following procedures will explain this process.


  • Disconnect any loads that may be connected to the generator.
  • Turn ON the fuel shutoff valve.
  • Refer to the engine manual.


  • To stop the generator, use the following steps.
  • Turn off or disconnect all loads that are connected to the generator.
  • Run the generator in idle for few minutes.
  • Turn the run/stop switch to the STOP position.
  • Close fuel shutoff valve.
  • An online manual for this generator can be found here.

Additional Features

The Generac 4000XL has an automatic idle control feature which varies the engine rpm based on the power drawn from the generator. This is useful in noise reduction and also saves fuel.


The Generac 4000Xl comes with a 2 year consumer warranty and a 1 year commercial warranty. To claim this warranty, the generator has to be transported to an authorised service centre.

Care and Maintenance

Good maintenance of the Generac 4000XL is essential for safe, economical and trouble-free operation. It will also help reduce air pollution. Before starting any type of maintenance, make sure you have all the right tools and skills required.

Please consult the engine manual for the maintenance schedules.

Consumer Comments

Due to non-availability of consumer comments on popular online stores such as and, a comment cannot be made on this product.



  • Automatic idle control
  • Varies the engine rpm based on the power drawn from the generator’s receptacles.


  • No built-in wheels
  • Built-in wheels provide greater portability
  • No electric start
  • The manual start is a much more tedious process then electric start


The Generac 4000XL has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is not sold anymore. However, you may be able to find used ones for a wide range of prices.

Our Recommendation

We have provided the following ratings for the Generac 4000XL based on all the available data.

These ratings are meant only to give the reader an approximate idea about where the product stands in the market and are not to be used as the sole reason to accept or to reject a particular model of a generator.

Please choose an appropriate product based on your needs and your budget.

  • Price- This generator has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is not sold anymore. It can be bought used but prices vary drastically from seller to seller. 
  • Ease of use- This generator has a decently labelled control panel. But it does not come with electric start. 
  • Noise- The noise output of this generator is unknown and therefore, a rating cannot be given in this category.
  • Fuel tank capacity- This generator can run only on gasoline. The gasoline tank on this product is comparable to some of its competitors. 

Recommended Accessories

A few recommended accessories for the Generac 4000XL are mentioned below.

Fuel Gauge (84995)

The fuel gauge shows the amount of fuel present in the fuel tank.

Wheel kit (93580)

Wheels make the generator easy to move around. Therefore the mentioned wheel kit from Generac can be purchased by the customer if the generator has to be moved around frequently.


The Generac 4000XL is a portable electric generator capable of producing 4000 W. It is manufactured by Generac who are well known for their reliable products.

The generator features a powerful OHVI engine. It contains 4 receptacles to operate 120 V and 240 V appliances. It also has an automatic idle control feature.

Overall, it is a powerful and old portable electric generator which suits a budget consumer’s needs.

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  1. Can u still by parts for a general 4000 generator

  2. I like the article or piece about the Generac 4000xl generator it was helpful to let me know its discontinued.I also wasnt sure about the gas capacity being 4 gals and I need a replacement for mine so I can use that info to put a search out for it ! If anybody that does research there has any knowledge of where to get one plastic or metal universal and then side screws I would greatly appreciate it .Thank You for your time .GJL

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