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Generac is a company whose name you can unquestionably trust when it comes to generators.

Be there a requirement of a backup generator for homeowners, powering tools for businesses or standby power systems for large data centers and resources and tools, Generac has always been serving well its customers with the great quality of their products across the globe.

The power segment of the generators we consider today is the 7000+ Watt rating division, and our product of examination today is the superb Generac GP7500E (Model 5943).

Generac GP7500

The generator has a power rating of 9375 Watt for surge power and 7500 starting power.

Of course, generators in this power range aren’t portable but definitely come with wheels, which is why taking it places isn’t that big a problem.

The build is solid and sturdy, and the price range is also quite affordable. Before we get into the review, we suggest you watch this YouTube video first, and then come back to read further details and analysis.

Design, Dimensions & Weight

The appearance of the product is quite decent – no complaints about that.

One can easily spot the fact instantly that it is a Generac product because of the orange-black colours used in the conventional Generac products.

The cradle for the unit is made up of hardened 1 ¼” steel cube, making it even more durable and potently assembled.

The wheels used are solid 9.5” heavy duty ones without tubes so that they never go flat, no matter how harsh the surface underneath gets. Thus, portability here is of great convenience.

Coming to the dimensions; sticking to the L×B×H regulation, the measures are 27.25”×27”×25” inclusive of the frame – pretty cubical in terms of proportions.

Now, one thing to remember is that the design comes with a fold-down extended handle for easy porting the unit.

This owns bonus points to the product for the extremely enhanced convenience of movability it gets the consumer. This extended length of the generator is 44.5”. What we mean to say will be clear to you from the image below:Dimensions

With the extended handle being praised about, we now talk of the weight of the product. The Generac GP7500E weighs 191.5 pounds – heavy, yes, but with the architecture at its best, we don’t really regard this as a problem.

Weight being one of the most basic factors in determining the credibility of a product; we compared a lot of models for weights.

If you’re looking for a great lightweight model in the given power range, we definitely recommend you to check this model out.

Table: Generac GP7500E is the lightest one among the lotGenerac GP7500E Weight



Power Output/Generation

Generac’s 420cc OHV engine with 3600 RPM and splash lubrication technology ensures a longer life for your generator’s engine. The unit comes with single touch electric start for trouble-free start up with batteries.

In addition to all these features, the model includes low oil shutoff which automatically shuts the engine down and safeguards it against all kinds of damages.

For the output generation, the Generac GP7500E has a rating of 9375 surge watts and 7500 continuous watts.

Now, there is a lot of confusion among the audience as to what continuous and surge watts are, and why one should consider them as important parameters while deciding the product they want to purchase.

Well, here’s what they mean.

Continuous or running power is the power that is required to operate your power equipment continuously, without interruption.

Surge power, however, is the extra power that an appliance requires for its start up, though, instantaneous.

For example, your refrigerator might have a power rating of 1100 Watt, but when starting it up, it’ll pull, maybe, 2200 Watts to begin with its operation.

For power output, it is completely up to you to decide one according to your suited needs. Here is where this one stands among others.

Table: Power output for the Generac GP7500E is moderateGenerac GP7500E Power


Fuel and Noise

Generac 5978 GP7500E 7500 Running Watts/9375 Starting Watts Electric Start Gas Powered Portable Generator - CSA Compliant

Noise levels are of great concern to a lot of consumers of these generators.

The company itself has not published any sort of official data for measuring noise levels, but from what we saw and observed, it is approximately 70-72 decibels.

Yes, the noise levels indeed are a little high, but for a 420cc engine giving a power output of 7500 Watt, it is justified.

There are specific points and cautions to be kept in mind before and while filling the generator up with fuel. Always remember never to fill the tank indoors, and not to spill gasoline on hot engine, or when the engine is running.

This can be extremely dangerous.

While adding the fuel, do not fill the tank up to the brim. Always leave some space in the tank for fuel expansion. If fuel tank is overfilled, the fuel can seep into the hot engine

The fuel to be used in the model should be regular unleaded gasoline. Do not use premium gasoline, or gasoline mixed with oil.

There should be no additives to the fuel you select. Use of any other fuel might damage the generator entirely, and where you will not be able to claim warranty in this case.

So, it is always recommended to use only the recommended fuel by the company.

For Californian consumers, the generator is not built to serve them. The Generac GP7500 is not CARB compliant and does not meet the specifications and regulations in terms of emissions.

So the product loses marks in this aspect.

The runtime on full tank at 50% load capacity as specified by the company is 11 hours. This, we think is pretty impressive for the unit rated 7500 watts and that too, at half the capacity.

If the load is decreased, the duration would increase even more by a couple of hours. Speaking now of the tank capacity for the model; it is 28.4 litres, or 7.5 gallons, as specified by the company, which is great because you wouldn’t have to worry about refueling the unit repeatedly.

A large tank ensures extended hours of use, and so, the capacity for the Generac GP7500E is definitely something to boast about.

More the fuel capacity, less often do you have to refuel your generator. The unit stands quite well above a lot of models in this respect.

Table: The model has a pretty good fuel tank capacityGenerac GP7500E Fuel Capacity

There are a lot of consumers to whom noise is the prime most factor in deciding which generator they want to buy. Noise-wise, the generator doesn’t win the segment, but stands mediocre.

Table: The unit is moderately noisy, going by the decibel levelsGenerac GP7500 Noise

More the operation hours, more preference the generator gets. If the operation hours are more, you don’t have to worry about the generator dying out unexpectedly. Here, again, the generator stands moderate among the lot.

Table: The model is comparatively average on operation hoursGenerac GP7500E Operation Hours



Display & Control Panel

Control PanelThe control panel of the unit is not entirely digital, unlike some of the very popular Generac models.

It is simple, very basic, and operation wouldn’t be a pain at all. The outlets are neatly placed with minimal buttons, making the operation a breeze.

  • 120/240 V, 30A Twisted Lock Outlet: Supplies 120V and 240V AC current, 30 Amp, single phase, 60 Hz electrical lighting, appliance, tool and motor loads.
  • 20 A, 1P Circuit Breakers: To protect your appliance from all sorts of electrical overloads, each outlet is equipped with a push-to-reset button circuit breaker.
  • Hour Meter: This displays the hours of operation of the unit.
  • Start/Run/Off Switch: This switch controls all the basic operations of the model like run, stop and (from the starter motor) start.
  • Battery Charger Input Jack: This receptacle can charge a 12V DC storage battery.
  • 120/240 V Duplex Outlets: Supplies 120V AC current, 20 Amp, single phase, 60 Hz electrical lighting, appliance, tool and motor loads.

Start-Up and Shut Down

Following the standard and proper procedures for both start-up and shut down are very important for the generator to run smoothly, and have a better and extended and healthier life.

Here we are inscribing the details as recommended by the company for proper use:

Starting the Engine

Unplug all electrical appliances from the receptacles. Do not start the engine with the equipments plugged in as it can be extremely dangerous.

  • The unit should be sitting on a flat surface.
  • Open the fuel shut off valve.
  • Turn the switch to ON position.
  • Slide engine choke to full choke position.
  • Grasp the recoil handle away from the generator and pull firmly until slight resistance is felt. Then, pull rapidly.
  • When the engine comes to life, slide the choke to ½ the choke position till the engine runs stably. After that, turn the switch to run.

Stopping the Engine

  • Unplug all electrical appliances from the receptacles. Do not start the engine with the equipments plugged in as it can be extremely dangerous.
  • Allow the engine to run at zero load for a couple of minutes to stabilize the internal temperatures of the unit.
  • Move the switch to off position.
  • Close the fuel valve.

Additional Features

There are always some features in every product that make it better than a lot of generators in the market. Here are some that make this one stand out of the rest of the crowd:

Covered Outlets: The receptacles are covered with plastic wraps to protect the outlets from dusty environments and rugged operating conditions.

Fold-down Handle: The folding handle makes the carrying of the generator easier in a lot of ways. The handle enhances the portability making it sturdier and easier compact storage.

Hour Meter: Another added benefit for easier use is the inclusion of hour meter. The meter keeps track of the maintenance intervals, thus dramatically enhancing the convenience.



The warranty period for the unit is 2 years limited. For big companies like Generac, and for the product like such, the warranty is a little less from what one would usually get.

The warranty would be applicable right from the date of the original sale. For claiming the warranty of the product, you will be expected to produce the original proof of purchase to the service dealer.

Please ensure that all warranty repairs must be claimed only by an authorized and certified Generac dealer.

The parts that have been resold or will not be covered under the warranty and use of non-Generac parts used in the generator will entirely void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Along with this, there are certain cases and exceptions where the warranty will not be applicable. We are listing those below:

  • Cost of regular maintenance and repairs.
  • Failures and damages caused by contaminated or improper fuels.
  • Repairs performed anywhere other than the authorized service centers.
  • Normal wear and tear, accident, misuse or negligence in use.

For further details on warranty or any inquiries, you can contact:
Generac Power Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 8
Waukesha, WI 53187
Ph: (888) 436-3722
Fax: (262) 544-4851

Care and Maintenance

For proper care and maintenance, following the appropriate measures is very important as this can play a crucial role in determining the health of your generator.

A good and regular maintenance schedule would ensure a better and improved life as well as the performance of the product. Here are some of the care and upkeep measures to be followed:

  • Every Use: Check oil level and refill f necessary.
  • Every 20 Hours: Service the air filter of the generator.
  • Every 100 Hours: Change stale oil and check the valve clearance. Also, replace the spark plug with a new one.

Please note that the maintenance schedule frequency would increase if operating in dry and dusty conditions.

Consumer Comments

The consumer comments are the best way of having a better view of the pros and cons, performance and reliability of any product.

We explored a number of sites and found the take of the consumers on this product. Here is what we found:

What customers like:

  • Power Output: The power output of the unit being 7500 Watts is enough to power up the whole house’s basic appliances and maybe one or two more. So worrying about the power consumption isn’t a problem with this unit.
  • Price: The features in the product that the company provides at the price is commendable. The customers are all praises for the price v/s quality of the unit.
  • Reliable: A lot of customers have claimed how the generator is a great backup for adverse weather conditions like storms or hurricanes. A lot of reviewers have claimed how the unit has been helpful to them in such weather conditions.
  • Easy Assembling: Putting the unit together is very easy. The customers write how assembling the unit together wasn’t quite a task for them.
  • Solid-Body: The build of the generator is solid and sturdy. It isn’t prone to damages until handles absolutely carelessly, as reviewed by some of the buyers.

What customers dislike:

  • Bulkiness: The unit is very heavy and bulky to be transported. If at all, you need to carry it to the service centre, or any other place, it’s pretty likely that you will require a truck for transportation, as suggested by some of the buyers of the unit.
  • Battery Charging: Going by the customer reviews, the generator takes a separate plugin charger and does not charge the battery when running.
  • Fuel Leak: There have been some cases of customers who claim that the unit leaks fuel. This might be a manufacturing defect, but of course, can be a huge hazard if not handled and repaired on time.
  • Customer Service: Customer service of the company is what fetches it the name and trust over the years. Though very few, consumers have claimed of the non-responsive customer service of the company.



Going by the whole examination, analysis and reviews that we studied, here are the pros and cons for the Generac GP7500E:


  • Power Output: the power output is definitely something to boast about for the unit. With 7500 starting power, the unit is a solid competitor for a lot of products in the market.
  • Wheels: With the wheels, carrying the unit around for short distances is very convenient.
  • Fold Down Handle: For enhanced compactness, the fold down handle can be pulled out or put back according to the user’s convenience.
  • Price: The price, as mentioned in the section above is justified for the amount of features you get for the product.
  • Tank capacity: The tank capacity of the unit is pretty good and can hold a lot of fuel in, so you don’t have to worry about the frequent refilling of the tank.


  • CARB Compliance: The Generac GP7500E is not CARB compliant, and so, the Californian users cannot use the product.
  • Noise Levels: If you’re a fan of quiet generators, this model would, most probably, let you down in terms of noise levels. It’s not extremely noisy, but isn’t too silent either.
  • Oil Tank Location: The location of the oil fill tank is not very convenient for oil filling and is prone to spillage.



As would be quite obvious, you must be having some questions regarding more details of the generator if you’re at all planning to invest money on it. Here are some of them answered for you:

What is the ampere rating?

The ampere rating is 200 for front panel and 100 for the sub panel.

What is the fuel used for the unit?

The unit runs on gasoline. The fuel requirements are specified in the above sections and also in the user manual of the product.

The unit sometimes starts but does not run. What could the problem be?

There is a possibility that the circuit breaker might have tripped. Another possibility is that the switch might be in off position.

What is the engine used in this unit?

The engine used for this unit is manufactured in China. It is a 420cc OHV engine with 3600 RPM and frequency 60 Hz.

Is it important to connect the generator to a transfer box?

Connecting the unit to one ensures that there is no back feeding to the power supply lines. Additionally, it is also convenient in a lot of ways.

What is the power output for the receptacles?

The generator has 9 individual outlets:
One 12V DC 10 Amp
Two 120V AC 20 Amp
Two 120V AC 20 Amp
Two 120V AC 30 Amp
One 120/240V AC 30 Amp
One 120/240V AC 50 Amp

Can the generator be shipped or used in California?

No. The Generac GP7500E is not CARB compliant, as published by the company.

Does the generator have a muffler to reduce the noise levels?

The company has not published any official data for the noise levels, but it is approximately 70-72 dBs and is loud enough.

Does the power cord come included?

No, the power cord is not included with the product.

What is the warranty period for this unit?

The warranty is 2 years limited for residential use and 1 year limited for commercial use. For details, you can re-read the section above or the manual of he product.

Our Recommendation

Based on the pros and cons, and what we’ve found from the studies, here is our rating for the product:

  • Price – Since the price isn’t pocket burning and is moderate
  • Performance – Going by the customer reviews and the performance of the unit.
  • Ease of Use – Operating the unit isn’t a huge task from what we’ve seen. 
  • Noise – Since the unit isn’t extremely noisy and the levels are to an extent silent enough, we rate this
  • Fuel Tank capacity – The tank capacity is fairly good for the model. 
  • Overall – To us, thus, the product has appealed quite well

Thus the product seems to have impressed us and thus, we feel that it’s a unit worth your money. On the whole, if it were to us, we would definitely recommend this product to our readers.


Recommended Accessories

A few accessories that can be used by the consumer to enhance the operation of any product is always a good idea. Though this product doesn’t come with a lot of accessories, here is what we found:

Power Cord: The power cord, indubitably, will be required by you to connect your transfer switch to the generator. Connecting both of them is extremely vital for safer operation. Here is where you can buy yours:

Generac 6328 25-Foot 30-Amp Generator Cord with NEMA L14-30 Ends for Maximum 7,500 Watt Generators

Buy on Amazon>


Overall, as our scrutinizing proceeded, we found this product to be a good and quality unit on the whole.

It is reliable, powerful enough and has a lot of features and perks to it. It, of course, comes with its own set of pros and cons, but, then again, which product doesn’t?

To us, we believe the pros outshine the cons and this product emerges as a great one among a lot of generators in the market.


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