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When it comes to power generators, there aren’t a lot of companies out there that have established themselves even close to a company as good as Honda.

No doubt, Honda is one of the most established companies when it comes to generators, but if there is one name that gives really tough competition to it, the name is Generac.

Generac has been in the limelight for quite a time now for its great quality products, and to be honest, the name itself is enough for you to be sure of the place you’re investing your money in.

Now, coming to the product of consideration here, the Generac iQ 2000 is, as the name suggests, a 2000 Watt powered generator, weighing 46.2 pounds, which means it is extremely portable for a generator for all your outdoor recreations.

General Feature of this Generator are: 


Now power shortages aren’t a problem anymore with this guy! The Generac iQ2000 is also pretty good when it comes to looks.

It comes with a great control panel with digital displays which at the price range is quite impressive. Here’s a video to your convenience:

Design, Dimensions & Weight

When you look at the generator, the design looks pretty sophisticated and simple. Everything is clear and understandable, both on the power dial and control panel.

The body is made up of plastic, as a huge majority of generators out there and is prone to scratches if not handled properly.

The build of the generator is handy, with the display on the front and the operational units on the side. The inbuilt handle makes the handling sturdy and comfortable.General Features

For dimensions, the generator measures 20” x 12.6” x 16.9”, going by the standard LxWxH rule. The product, as mentioned, weighs 46.2 pounds, and is comfortable to cart throughout.Dimensions

Another slightly off-putting this is that the generator does not come with wheels.

Our points could have gone a little higher for this one if it had them, but nonetheless, it’s not such a bad thing either because you can carry it around comfortably, because it’s very light weight – 46.2 pounds, to be precise.

The best thing about the Generac iQ2000 is its LED dashboard, which displays the fuel level, remaining run time and wattage use digitally.

So you don’t have to check the fuel levels and other things again and again. One glance and you’re all informed.

In terms of weight, like we mentioned above, it isn’t an issue even in the slightest way. If portability is what you’re looking for, this guy is one of the best choices to consider.

Table: The light weight of the iQ2000 makes it a great choice among a lot of modelsGenerac iQ2000 Price


Power Output/Generation

The engine used in the generator is a 79cc single cylinder 4 stroke OHV one.

Practically, it can generate up to 1600 watt power, and the surge power or starting power of the generator is 2000 watt, at rated AC voltage and load of 120 V and 13.3 Amp respectively at a rated frequency of 60 Hz.

At this power, the generator can roughly run a laptop computer, a blender, flat-screen TV, box fan, battery charger, outdoor lighting string, inflator pump, and a slow cooker altogether.

Though, the specs of the generator are quite impressive, but the engine isn’t as powerful and efficient as one would expect. The Honda EU2000i definitely has a better engine in terms of reliability and performance.

In itself, the model is a superior choice for you. But when you evaluate it parallel with some other models, you notice that perhaps this model isn’t the best. Here are some others that you can consider:

Table: The unit doesn’t stand too high in terms of power outputGenerac iQ2000 Power


Fuel and Noise

The generator boasts of being the quietest one in the market among all its competitors. The noise levels are very low and operation is fairly silent.

In fact, according to the lab test reports issued by a third party company, Intertek, it was found that the Generac iQ2000 does beat the Honda EU2000i when it comes to noise levels.

You can find the results of sound output measurements here:

The Generac iQ2000 scores a major goal in terms of being one of the quietest champs around.

Though the ranking of the model in the table is 3, to be honest, the two models above the unit are arguably as same in terms of noise as this one.

Table: Generac boasts of greatly low noise levelsGenerac iQ2000 Noise

Shifting the spotlight now to the fuel. The fuel tank capacity for the generator is 1.06 gallon and is gasoline-powered.

The fuel to be used as recommended by the company itself is clean, fresh and unleaded gasoline, with minimum rating of 87 octane/87 AKI.

Another option can be using up to 10% ethanol. The product should not be tried to run on E85, gas – oil mix, or any other alternate fuels.

The fuel capacity of the unit is well and impressive when you compare it to some of the other models. Thus, we’d say the model stands fairly high here in terms of fuel capacity.

Table: Fuel capacity of Generac iQ2000 is fairly good compared to a lot of modelsGenerac iQ2000 Fuel Capacity

Another plus point here is that the generator is CARB compliant, which means it meets the vehicle emission standard limits as stated by the Californian government.

Now, for the aforementioned 1.06 gallon of gasoline, the generator will give you power for up to 7.7 hours at 25% load and 5.7 hours at 50% load.

This seems to be impressive as 7.7 hours of run time is fantastic, but then again, the Honda EU2000i beats it here, too, the run time for the latter being up to 8.1 hours on 0.95 gallon of gas.

The operation hours of the model don’t outcast the other models and options available out there. Yes, the hours of operation are good, but not very satisfactory when compared to others.

Table: Generac iQ2000 isnt very delightful when it comes to operation hoursGenerac iQ2000 Operation Hours


Display & Control Panel

The control panel of the Generac iQ2000 is the best part about it and one of the main reasons why you should consider spending those bucks on it.

Here’s an image reference for you before we get started with elaborating the features.Contol Panel


The Powerbar on the control panel constantly shows you the power in watts you’re producing at a time. That way, you can be sure of how much capacity you have left.

Contol Panel Powerbar

Run-time Display

With this feature, you need not worry about refuelling the generator time to time. It displays how much run time you have left on the current load before you need to refuel.

This feature is extremely convenient for situations where your generator might shut down when you least expect it to.Contol Panel Runtime

3 Modes

This Generac model operates on three modes, Turbo, Standard and Economy.

  • The Economy mode for when there isn’t much of a load demand and also for minimal noise.
  • The Standard mode for an intermediate ground of operation, where the power requirement isn’t one you require either on full load or Economy mode.
  • The Turbo mode for situations when your loads need full power.Contol Panel Modes

Status Indicators

These indicators signal you for low fuel levels, low oil levels and also dangers of overheating and overloads.Contol Panel Indicators

Start up and Shut down

Starting and shutting generators is not a complicated process, but knowing the right way to do it is extremely essential, or one can cause some serious damage to both himself and the generator.

Here’s the proper process of doing so for this model:

  • As you saw in the image above, the start up is pretty easy with the power dial. To start the engine, turn fuel cap vent on and then simply switch the PowerDial to start position. Adjust the switch to the Turbo mode.
  • When you do this, the choke is fully closed and the fuel is on. Finally, take the recoil handle and pull rapidly and away.
  • Switch the dial to run position after the engine starts to gradually reduce the use of the choke when you require normal operation of your loads.
  • For stopping the engine, plug off all your electrical loads and let the engine run for a few more minutes without any loads attached.

This will stabilize the internal temperature of the generator. Finally, switch to the stop position, and by doing so, it will turn off the fuel flow, and at last, turn the fuel cap off.


Additional Features

There are a couple more things which make the product one of its kind. Let’s have a look:

Parallel Mode of Operation:  If you feel that 2000W isn’t enough power for your requirements, you can pair the generator up with its twin, and there, you now have twice the power you want.

For parallel operation, you’re going to need the parallel operation kit for Generac iQ2000. With this kit, you can connect the other generator with the inbuilt parallel ready outlets.Additional Features

PowerDial: The simplest thing about this generator is the PowerDial. You need not search for controls here. Just one dial to start, stop and run functions. Simple, right?Contol Panel Powerdial


The warranty period for the generator is 3 years. Warranty period begins as soon as the product is shipped and upon successful registration of the unit is complete.

The warranty can be claimed by any authorized Generac dealer. For this, you can visit your nearest dealer, or contact 1-800-333-1322. The warranty covers replacement against defects in materials under ordinary and residential use.

For claiming the warranty, you need to produce the original proof of purchase of the product.

Any damage to the generator caused by accidents, improper handling and storage, shipping, failures caused by operation of unsuitable or contaminated fuels will not be covered under warranty.

A customer will not be authorized for the claim if damage is caused by using non-Generac components and improper installation of the product.

To know more about the terms and conditions, visit the following link

To claim warranty, you may contact:

Generac Power Systems, Inc.

P.O. Box 8

Waukesha, WI, Usa 53187

Phone: (888)436-3722

Fax: (262)544-4851


Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance for every product one buys is, evidently, a must, and the Generac iQ2000 is no exception.

This will ensure quality and improved performance and extended life.

Note that adverse conditions will call for more frequent service, and should you not be able to do so, it might cause serious damage to the product.

So we recommend being consistent in the care and maintenance of your product for continued eminent functioning.

The maintenance schedule to be followed is:

  • Each Use: Check engine oil level and change it on every use.
  • 30 Hours: After first 30 hours of operation, change the oil. Change the oil every month if operating under very high load or in extreme conditions.
  • 50 Hours: Clean air filter. Repair if the requirement seems. If operating under dusty or dirty conditions, replace air filter parts if they cannot be adequately cleaned.
  • 100 Hours: Change oil, Replace the spark plug and clean the spark arrestor. Adjust the valve clearance if you feel the need.
  • 200 Hours: Clean and inspect the air cleaner filter. Do not forget to replace the fuel filter as well.

Dirt and debris may cause equipment damage. Make sure you clean the generator each time before you start to operate it.

For cleaning purposes, use a damp cloth to wipe the exterior surfaces. Use of garden hose might result in the water seeping through the cooling air slots.

The water build up may cause damage to the generator and you will not be able to claim the warranty in this case.


Consumer Comments

The best feedback of any product can only be found through the consumers’ reviews of the product.

There might be different experiences for different people for the same product, and here we list the best and the not-very-impressive qualities of the generator that either make it a charm among the audience, or like any other non-recommendable gadget.

What Customers Like:

  • Quietness: The generator is greatly admired for its extremely low noise levels. Almost all of the reviews on the online portals appreciate it for its almost mute trait. It is a lot quieter than any other product one might get out there.
  • Digital Display: A really, really good number of customers are drooling over the ease of operation they now have because of the digital display this product has. They say how they don’t have to worry when they’re camping or fishing, because they can always keep an eye on the control and be assured.
  • Modes: Lots of consumers seem to be really impressed by the three modes by which they can easily decide which one to use according to their convenience, without wasting any power. Some people even said that during power outages at nights, the generator-powered up the basics like lights and fans and was able to run till next morning.

What Customers Dislike:

  • Oil Leakage: Quite a lot of consumers have claimed that the oil fuel unit isn’t installed and built properly. There were a number of cases where the oil was found to leak through the generator and some customers were even, in some cases, not provided ample support from the customer service.
  • Unresponsive Customer Service: A majority of customers complain of the inadequate service Generac provides to its customers. The email service takes too long to respond, and the calls are seldom received. Some customers do have a better experience though. But based on what customers feel, we’d say that the customer service could definitely have been better.
  • Does Not Start/Rough Engine: The generator has a lot of complaints on how it does not start properly once kept idle for a couple days, or in some cases, dies in the middle. It shuts down at odd times and sometimes, in rare cases, supplies fluctuating power, as some consumers have claimed.



Since there can practically be no product that does not come with its share of cons, we have here listed both the bright and the dull side of the product.


Digital Control Panel: The first one that had to, had to be mentioned, was the digital display.

Unlike other models available in the market, the PowerBar, Powerdial, indicators and runtime display is an absolutely great feature because you don’t have to be bothered about opening the fuel lid, again and again, to check if the oil and fuel levels running out, and how much time you have left on the operation. This is the best feature of all.

Low Price: The generator is priced very low as compared to the other products of the same kind in the market. Its low price is one more reason why customers prefer it over any other.

Parallel Operation Ready: Connecting the generator parallelly isn’t a problem because if the inbuilt parallel ready outlets. You need to buy the parallel kit available online to make the connections.

Zero Noise: The low noise levels of generators are really commendable. Generac has ensured that the biggest problem faced by generator customers was noise – and has won points in tackling it like a boss.

Three Modes: The 3 modes of operation make it even more flexible for your power needs.

Portable: The generator weighs 46.2 pounds, making it great for portable purposes outdoors.


Customer Service: The customer service isn’t very responsive, compared to other companies in the competition. The replies aren’t very frequent, and we’d say it’s somewhat deficient for a company like Generac.

A lot of complaints have been registered for the inferior service.

Somewhat Unreliable: As mentioned in the Consumer Comments section above, there have been complaints of gas and fuel leaks, start string coming off, and the generator not starting. Not one but several people have complained for the same.

No Wheels: The product comes with no wheels which is why you will have to carry it around all the time. For wheels, you can buy the wheel kit online.

Not Much Power: 2000 Watt may not be a lot of power for some people, but we think it is justifiable at the price range.



For the FAQs, we have explored some websites and found the answers to the most common ones here for you:

What is the difference between rated watts and maximum surge watts?

Rated watts describe the amount of power the portable generator can produce continuously. Maximum wattage is the power that the generator can produce for short periods of time.

Where do I go to claim warranty repairs?

Any Authorized Generac dealer can perform warranty service. You will be provided parts, service and information on Generac equipment, regardless of where it was purchased.

Where can I purchase spare parts of the generator?

Parts can be purchased through any Authorized Generac Dealer. Part numbers are located in the owner’s manual.

Can the generator be used during bad weather conditions?

Generators can be used during a wide variety of weather temperatures but should be protected from the elements when not in use to prevent shorting and rusting. NEVER run a generator indoors.

Can I vent the exhaust out of an enclosed area?

Never run the generator in an enclosed area. You may run the generator outside at a place with plenty of ventilation.

Should the fuel be drained if the generator is to be stored for a long time, as long as, say, 30 days?

Draining out the fuel from the tank is highly recommended for prolonged storage and kindly do not forget to run the carburetor dry. The tolerance for stale fuel is very low for the OHVI engines meeting EPA and CARB regulations.

Does the portable generator have to be grounded?

For safety purposes, the generator should be properly grounded. If it’s not grounded, there’s a risk of electrocution. It is recommended that you check and adhere to all applicable federal, state and local regulations relating to grounding.

How often should the routine maintenance be carried out?

The maintenance schedule for your generator is in the owner’s manual. Please read all the instructions carefully.

What type of Gasoline is Recommended?

Use clean, fresh unleaded gasoline with a minimum 85 octane rating.

Which is the recommended oil for the generator and what is the ideal frequency for changing it?

The answer to which oil to use depends on the temperature of operation. We would want to use an oil that flows irrespective of the temperature outside. Therefore lower viscosity oils are used for lower temperature operations.

For example, if the temperature is above 40F it is best to use SAE 30. The oil preference is between 10-40 F is 10W-30 and for even lower temperatures, 5w-30.

Is it safe to use with sensitive electronics?

Yes. The inverter technology takes the raw power produced by the generator and passes it through a special electronic microprocessor to provide clean and stable power. It’s safe to use with computers and other sensitive electronic devices.

Can the device be put together so as to run on an alternative fuel source?

For any generator out there in the market, no company provides or retails any sort of conversion kit for the generators. In case the unit is made to operate on any incompatible fuel type, the manufacturer’s warranty will be declared void.

Can the Generac iQ2000 unit be paralleled with any other Generac generator, or any other brand’s unit, for that matter?

No. The generator is compatible to run in parallel only with its twin unit, so do not pair it up with any other model.

How much do the iQ2000 weigh?

The model weighs about 46.2 pounds. Please note that the mentioned weight is without the fuel and oil-filled.

How long can it run at 25% or 50% load?

The product has a runtime of 5.7 hours at 50% load whereas at 25% load it has a runtime of 7.7 hours.

Our Recommendation

Based on all pros and cons, and our examination and analysis of the specifications, here are our scores for the Generac iQ2000:

  • Price – The price for the unit isn’t very affordable compared to a lot of others. 
  • Performance – The reliability of the unit isn’t as high as expected by a company like Generac. They can definitely improve on this. 
  • Ease of Use – The display, portability, and convenience altogether is fairly satisfactory. 
  • Noise – No doubt, low noise levels are the reason this one is a champ. Amazing work here. 
  • Fuel Tank capacity – The tank capacity compared to others isn’t something to boast about in this case. 

Thus, overall, the generator is definitely a great product in terms of price, noise, and extra points for the control panel.


Recommended Accessories

Here are some accessories recommended from our side for the product for easier use and better storage:

Storage Cover: The storage cover protects your generator while in transportation, from the weather, UV rays, dirt, and dust.

It also has an opening adjustable for the handle. You can buy yours here>

Cord & Reel Kit: The cord reel is designed to safely run the generator outside while the outlets are pulled inside. With a 50 ft. 14 gauge cord. You can buy yours here>


Overall, we’d say that the product is good, but if you want one, we’d recommend you to spend $279 extra for the Honda EU2000i, for its almost similar features, but with better run time and most importantly, the remarkable reliability and amazing customer service.

Also, the engine used in Honda is 98.5cc whereas Generac’s is 79cc, which makes Honda the stronger one here. It’s better to spend some extra money for better quality, and technically, it will be cheaper in the long run.

The only thing the Honda lacks in is the digital control panel, in terms of which Generac gets the spot. On the whole, we would say that the Honda EU2000i wins the race for us. 


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