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In Brief: Honda EB5000 Portable Generator Review

Overall, its an excellent model but with a few areas of improvement. The features you get for the price are somewhat limited, and so, you might want to consider buying some other models too, despite its great set of pros as well.

Honda stands among one of the most expensive brands when it comes to generators; but there are no second thoughts in claiming that you get more than what you pay for.

The quality you get is exceptionally well, and this is the reason why despite being so expensive, Honda still gives tough competition to a lot of generator companies out there.Honda EB5000

The model we review today is the Honda EB5000 with 5000 Watt running and 7000 Watt surge power.

The generator is a tough one with a solid body and amazing specs, but before we get deeper into the review, we recommend you to go through this video and then get started.

Design, Dimensions & Weight

Like a lot of other conventional generators, this one does not look any different. With a solid frame outline surrounding the body, control panel, and the components, the build is decent and concrete.

Being a Honda product, the generator is red in colour and one can spot the fact from far away. The control panel is towards the front and the unit has two wheels attached to the back for better portability.

For a more realistic illustration, if we go by the dimensions, we have, following the standard L×W×H convention, 41.9”×27.2”×29.2”.

As evident from the measurements, the unit is quite big, though not extremely bulky. The dimensions justify the 214-pound weight, too.

Not being too heavy, the unit is great for use in lawns and gardens, though, you may need a truck or something similar if you want to transport it elsewhere.

The Honda EB5000 is definitely a bulky unit when compared to some other units in the same range. If you’re planning to buy a generator for portability, this might not be the best option.

Table: The unit isn’t the lightest among some othersHonda EB5000 Weight

Power Output/Generation

The Honda EB5000 uses a powerful 389cc Honda iGX390 engine which is capable of generating 5000 Watt of continuous and 7000 Watt of surge power.

These two terms, being confused and misunderstood a lot, are made clear here. Continuous power is the power that an appliance will require to operate on its rated watt or rated power.

Surge power is the power that an appliance will draw instantaneously or momentarily for starting up. Thus, the 5000 Watt you can use for using the regular appliances and the rest 2000 Watt for revving up the devices upon startup.

In terms of power, too, though, the unit isn’t the best option to consider. Though the surge power of the generator is higher than the lot, most of the audience focus more on continuous power than the surge power.

Table: The continuous power output of the generator is not the bestHonda EB5000 Power

Fuel and Noise

The Honda EB5000 utilizes gasoline for its operation. Not just any gasoline would work for the model, but there are certain basic requirements that should be fulfilled by the fuel as recommended by the company.

The engine of the model is designed to run on any gasoline that has a pump octane number of 86 or more, or a research octane number of 91 or higher.

Use unleaded fuel. Doing so ensures lesser spark plug deposits and extends the life of your generator exhaust components. Using stale or contaminated fuels can also greatly damage the engine.

Now, noise is a very concerning issue for a great number of audiences. Honda has you covered in this case.

The decibel rating as specified by the company is 72 dB at the rated load. The unit, thus, isn’t so noisy as to pester your ears all the time or give you headache, but isn’t as quiet not to draw attention, either.

Thus, if you’re looking for a unit that operates as if it’s on existent, this isn’t your choice.

Talking for the Californian residents, the unit disappoints you here. The generator is not CARB compliant, and hence, the people in California cannot use it.

The Honda EB5000 has a fuel capacity of 23.5 litres or 6.2 gallons, which means that refueling the unit, again and again, is history for this unit.

One fill, and you’re good to go for the next 11.2 hours. That makes it almost half a day, which is pretty amazing for what you’ll get elsewhere.

Talking of the noise levels to compare it with other models, there isn’t much difference in the decibel ratings of the units.

Though the unit stands last among the comparison, the figures here can be considered almost insignificant.

Table: The noise levels of the generator are almost similar to othersGenerac GP5500 Noise

Talking of the fuel capacity, the unit, again, does not do very well among others.

Table: The fuel capacity is not very impressive for the EB5000Honda EB5000 Fuel

Next up, for the operation hours, corresponding to the fuel capacity, the unit does comparatively better. Though, it still is average when compared to others.

Table: The average operation hours of the Honda EB5000Honda EB5000 Hours

Display & Control Panel

The control panel for the Honda EB5000 is situated at the front side of the generator. The keys, buttons, and displays are all organized neatly and the components are very easy to understand and operate.

For an easier reference, here is an image of the control panel for you:Control Panel

  • Engine Switch: The engine switch is used to turn the engine on and off, for starting and stopping the generator, respectively.
  • Circuit Breaker: The circuit breakers on the control panel ensure that the generator power supply is cut off at times of overload.
  • Voltage Selector: The voltage selector in the middle allows you to choose between two voltage options. If you only want a 120V supply, you can switch it to the left, or for both 240 and 120V supply, you can turn it to the right.
  • 120V AC Outlets: These outlets provide you with 120V AC supply.
    120V/240V AC Twist Lock Receptacles: These receptacles supply either 120V or 240VAC current.


Start Up and Shut Down

Following the proper starting and stopping procedures is a very important part in the maintenance of a generator. If one just abruptly starts or shuts the generator, it can significantly impact the life of a generator.

Start Up

  • Ensure that the AC circuit breaker is in off position. Starting the generator up can be a tough if loads are connected.
  • Turn the fuel valve to on position.
  • Pull the choke rod to close position. Do not use the choke if the engine or surroundings are hot.
  • Move the engine switch to on position.
  • Pull the start cord until slight resistance is felt, the pull rapidly. Do not allow it to snap back.
  • Push the choke rod to open position to let the engine warm-up.

Shut Down

  • Move the circuit breaker to off position.
  • Turn the engine switch off.
  • Turn the fuel valve off.
  • Shut Down (Emergency):
  • Turn the engine switch off immediately.

Additional Features

Being a Honda product, the unit has bound to have some exceptional features that make it one of the best generators out there. So here are those features listed:

  • iAVR Technology: This technology keeps track of the consistent flow of voltage without depending on the load. Thus, power fluctuations are no longer a problem.
  • Folding Handles: This feature makes storage and portability a lot easier, making it even more compact for storage.
  • GFCI Protected: The circuits in the unit are GFCI protected (Ground Fault Circuit protection).


First things first, to claim your warranty you are expected to retain all receipts of the equipment.

In case of improper or irregular and neglected maintenance schedules or unapproved modifications, the company reserves the rights to deny the customer of the warranty provision.

Honda will replace or repair any of the other faults or damages free of cost that pose a problem to the owner.

However, there are some exceptions specified by the company where you wouldn’t be entitled to claim your warranty.

Failures caused by defects in material or workmanship will not be covered under the warranty.

If the owner has failed to perform maintenance, has misused, misfueled, used unsuitable spares, or has altered any part which isn’t authorized by Honda, the warranty will be voided in such cases.

Moreover, the owner will have to bear the expenses of the regular maintenance and replacement of parts like air filters and spark plugs.

To obtain the warranty, you can contact:

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Power Equipment Customer Relations
4900 Marconi Drive
Alpharetta, Georgia
Telephone: (888) 888-3139
Email: [email protected]

Care and Maintenance

Regular and periodic maintenance is a very important practice to keep the product in healthy operating condition.

Certain things to be kept in consideration are that the engine should be shut off while performing any maintenance tasks. If at all, the engine needs to be run, ensure that you have the unit situated in a well-ventilated area.

Apart from this, we strongly recommend you to use only genuine Honda spares in your generator. Any other replacement parts can cause damage to your generator.

Here is the ideal maintenance schedule that should be followed:

  • Every Use: Check engine oil level and the air cleaner.
  • Every Month: Change the engine oil without fail. Stale oil might cause malfunctioning of the generator.
  • Every 3 Months: Clean the air cleaner thoroughly.
  • Every 6 Months: Change the engine oil. Clean and readjust the sediment cup, spark plug and spark arrestor.
  • Every Year: Check and readjust the valve clearance, fuel tank, and the strainer.
  • Every 3 Years: Check the fuel line. Replace it if the need arises.
    Another thing to be taken care of is that all these tasks are to be performed more frequently if operating the generator in dry and dusty conditions.

Consumer Review Analysis

The consumer comments section is the most transparent section of any review. It gives you the most honest feedback on the pros and cons as well as the reliability of the product.

We sifted through a couple of online portals selling the unit and have listed the customers’ experiences here:

What customers like:

  • Start Up: The customers show their love to the generator for the breezy start up. The generator comes to life in 1-2 pulls. It never exceeds the given pull numbers and is a charm to operate.
  • Reliable: To quote one of the customers, “You can’t go wrong with a Honda generator!”. The consumers are fans of the reliability and also the solid and fine quality of the product.
  • Low Oil Shut Off: The shut off enables the user to operate the generator without worrying about the low oil levels in the unit.

What customers dislike:

  • No Electric Start: A few customers might have expected this one to have an electric start for the price they pay, but this one disappoints us here.
  • GFI Pops Up: A common complain of the users is that upon connecting the unit to the transfer switch, the GFI pops up, even when no loads are connected to the generator. This problem, however, can be solved by contacting customer service.



Having studied the generator quite thoroughly by now, we feel it’s now the perfect time for you to analyze the pros and cons and decide for yourself on buying the generator.


  • Wheels: With the inclusion of wheels, the portability of the generator enhances to a great extent. You don’t have to worry about buying a wheel kit for this generator.
  • Engine Quality: Honda is known for its excellent engine quality, which is exactly what makes its generators extremely superior to others.
  • Noise Levels: The noise levels are quite low for the generator as compared to some competitive models out there.
  • iAVR Technology: This technology keeps track of consistent flow of voltage without depending on the load.


  • Expensive: The most major con to this product is that it is expensive. There are a lot of generators in the same power range which cost way less than this model.
  • CARB Compliance: The unit, as mentioned earlier, is not CARB compliant, which is also quite a major con.
  • Electric Start: Some models do come with an electric start in the given price range. The Honda EB5000, however, does not, which is a feature it lacks in.
  • No Digital Display: This model does not come with a digital display, which means that you will have to keep track of the fuel capacity and the rest of the little things, too.



Being a buyer, you are bound to have questions about the unit that you need to be answered. For your assistance, here are some of the most common queries answered:

How many 120V/240V outlets does the generator have?

Looking at the control panel, the generator has 4 receptacles.

Does the unit have an electric start?

No. The generator has recoil method for starting.

What is the decibel rating of the product?

The Honda EB5000 has a decibel rating of 72.

Does the unit come with an hour meter on the panel?

No. Alternatively, you can install an add-on hour meter or tachometer to the unit.

Is the carburetor for the model made up of metal?

No. Only the external body is all metal. The spares like valves and sealing parts are rubber, plastic or synthetic.

Does the unit have total harmonic distortion for sensitive electronics?

The company does not publish any official figures for the THD for any of its products, so the answer can’t be provided.

What is the difference between the EB and EM Honda models?

The EB models consist of a lifting eye and are neutral bonded, and are generally used at construction sites. On the other side, EM models are for residential use and have electric start and remote start options, but are not neutral bounded.

Can this generator be used for an RV?

This can be an option, but if only RV operation is what you’re looking for, we recommend you to go for better options by Honda itself.

Does the generator consist of a 20 Amp breaker?

Yes. All of the circuits are completely protected by breakers of matching capacity.

If I need six dedicated 20 Amp outlets, will this be the right generator?

No. For 6 dedicated outlets, you’re going to need a generator with more wattage power.
(20 Amp × 120 V × 6 ≈ 14000 Watt)


By now, if you’re convinced enough with the generator, here is where you can buy the Honda EB5000 for yourself at Amazon>

Our Recommendation

Talking of the overall performance of the generator, here are all our final scores for the Honda EB5000:

  • Price – The cost is too much for a unit that is available in the market at almost half the price for other renowned brands. 7/10.
  • Performance – No questions on the performance. Honda is known for its most superior products, and so, this unit gets a 10/10 for it.
  • Ease of Use – Like mentioned in the above point, being a Honda product, there can be no questions raised here, too. 9/10.
  • Noise – Compared to others, the noise levels are almost similar to the rest of them. 8/10.
  • Fuel Tank capacity – The tank capacity is expected to be better for every generator in general which this unit lacks. 8.5/10.
  • Overall – Keeping in mind all aspects of it, we rate it on a whole as an 8.5/10.

Overall, its an excellent model but with a few areas of improvement. The features you get for the price are somewhat limited, and so, you might want to consider buying some other models too, despite its great set of pros as well.


Recommended Accessories

Some added accessories for your product are a great idea to ensure a healthier and longer life of your generator, and in some cases, enhanced ease of use.

The company, however, does not recommend any specific ones, but storage covers and transfer switches are accessories you should definitely consider buying.


Being a Honda product, the generator does not need any justification for its reliability and supreme quality.

Honda has always been one of the best manufactures of generators in the market and still stands intact at its position, winning the hearts of the customers with its class products.

So go ahead, give it a try, and we’re sure you wouldn’t regret spending your money on this champ!


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