Honda EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator Detailed Review & Comparisons

Editor choice Honda EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator Detailed Review & Comparisons
Honda EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator Detailed Review & Comparisons
Honda EU1000i Portable Inverter Generator Detailed Review & Comparisons
Eco-throttle mode
Well designed
Highly Portable
3 receptacles
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Honda is one of the leading companies in the portable generator market.

It is often regarded as the top manufacturer for such generators and is known for its top quality inverter generators in particular.

These are often praised not just for their smooth power supply but also their extremely low noise level.

On the lower end of the power supply scale of these generators is the Honda EU1000i, which has a maximum power supply of 1000W and a rated supply of 900W.

This makes it useful for those wishing to power a few small electric appliances.

It can power fans, lights, small microwave ovens, and even a small power tool with ease. While all these applications cannot be used simultaneously, it can run the lighting and fans for a room or two without any issue, thus ensuring the bare necessities.

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Design, Dimensions & Weight

Since this model is on the lower end of the power spectrum, it is more compact and less heavy than models with higher rated supplies. In terms of weight, it has a dry weight of 28.7 lbs.[/wpsm_highlight]

Its hard plastic exterior is responsible for this sturdy yet light design.

It has a tank with a fuel capacity of 0.6 gallons or 2.3 litres. When this is filled to capacity with gasoline, this model can weigh around 32.5 lbs. This means that even on a full tank the EU1000i is extremely light, making lifting it an easy task.

Its dimensions are also sufficiently compact as it has a length of 17.7 inches, a width of just 9.4 inches, and a height of 15 inches. None of its dimensions exceeds even one a half feet, which makes it extremely easy to transport and store in small spaces.

Since it is so compact and lightweight, it comes with a convenient handle for carrying it but does not come with a mobility kit or wheels.

While Honda itself has not uploaded an official video of the EU1000i, there is a popular user-uploaded video of the model which you can view to assess its dimensions and suitable in real-life settings –

Power Output / Generation

The engine of this generator is manufactured by Honda itself and is labelled as Honda GXH50 engine.

While not much information is given about this engine type, it is stated that this is a four-stroke engine. This is crucial as it means that only 4-stroke engine appropriate oil should be used for this generator.

Honda doesn’t specify any one oil type for the engine. Rather, the manual in this model comes with a chart which lets you assess the oil type based on the temperature range across which you use the generator as well as the starting and ending temperatures of two consecutive usages.

In general, however, Honda does state that an SAE 10W-30 is fine to use over a wide range of normal temperatures.

However, you should definitely consult the manual if you use this general in locations with extremes of climatic conditions.

The generator is capable of producing a maximum power supply of 1000W while the rated supply is 900W. This is capable of power small electronic items and gadgets within your house such as fans and lights.

Furthermore, since it is an inverter generator it is capable of producing an extremely smooth output which means it can be used to power sensitive electronics such as computers or laptops as well.

In case the power output is too low for your use, you can also connect two units of this model in parallel with each other to generate a larger power supply, thus being able to meet more minor needs.

Fuel and Noise

The fuel for this model is unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 86 or higher.

This octane rating should not be hard to find as most commercially available gasoline has an octane rating above 85. The gasoline must also contain less than 10% ethanol or 5% methanol by volume.

Stale gasoline should not be used. Neither should gasoline which has contaminants such as water, dirt, or oil mixed into it.

Its fuel tank has a capacity of 0.6 gallons or 2.3 liters, which is a relatively small tank size. However, this model is very efficient with power generation and can make a full tank of gasoline last for 7.1 hours on a quarter load.

In terms of noise, it is marketed as being extremely quiet. It has a decibel level of 59 dB at a distance of 23 feet.

While this is definitely quiet, brands such as Champion also manufacture generators with the same noise level so

Honda’s claim of being uniquely low noise is not completely accurate.

This model is CARB compliant which means that it can be used in all 50 states, including California.

Display & Control Panel

Most of the controls on the EU1000i are concentrated on one panel which is compactly laid out.

Despite being compact, each control is given adequate space and is labelled in a large, white font which is highly visible against the black panel, making it very easy to read.

The starter grip and the engine switch are located on the side next to the panel, rather than on the panel itself. The choke lever is also located on the opposite corner of the same side as the engine switch.

The following controls are present on the panel :

Eco-Throttle Switch: this is used to turn the Eco-Throttle mode on, which adjusts the speed of the engine to the power load on the generator to increase efficiency and hence conserve fuel and decrease noise

Parallel operation outlets: used to connect two units of this model in parallel with each other to increase available power supply

DC circuit protector: automatically shuts off the DC circuit if the battery being charged gets overloaded

Output indicator: is a green light which turns on during normal functioning of the generator – it is also a simplified hour meter as when you put the generator on, this light blinks depending on the number of hours it has been used for – for every hundred hours of use it blinks one time

Overload indicator: turns on when the generator is overloaded and shuts off the power supply to the loads while the engine continues to run

Low oil indicator: turns on when the generator engine is low on oil and shuts the engine off

Grounding terminal: it is used to ground the generator – consult local regulations before attempting to ground it

3 receptacles: it has a 12V DC outlet and a 125V, 15A duplex for AC

Startup and Shut down Process

This generator only has a manual start option. Electric or remote start options are not available for it.

Before starting the generator, ensure that no loads are plugged into it and that it is in an open space with ample ventilation. Also, ensure that the Eco-Throttle switch is OFF. After this, follow these steps :

  • Turn the vent lever on top of the fuel cap to ON
  • If the engine is cold, move the choke lever to CLOSED position and if it is still warm, leave the choke lever at OPEN position
  • Turn the engine switch ON
  • Pull the starter cord slowly until resistance is felt and then pull sharply
  • If the choke lever was on CLOSED position, slowly rotate it to OPEN

Before stopping the engine, turn off and disconnect all loads attached to it. Then follow these steps :

  • Turn the engine switch to OFF position
  • Let the engine cool slightly and then rotate the vent lever on the fuel filler cap to OFF
  • Optional step: In case you have connected two units in parallel, disconnect the parallel connection cables.

Additional Features

Honda is known for creating its own technologies for its generators and as such, each of its generators has special features which mark them off from other models available on the market.

The EU1000i has the following features:

Basic hour meter: the overload indicator light on this model functions as an hour meter – every time the generator is put on, the light blinks – the number of blinks start at no blinks and for every 100 hours of use it blinks one more time, thus functioning as a rudimentary hour meter

Eco-Throttle mode: this is a special technology developed by Honda which allows the engine speed of its generator to slow down when the load is less than maximum – this conserves a lot of fuel and dramatically reduces the noise level of the generator

Warranty  and Repairs

The EU1000i has a warranty of 2 years if it is used for personal usage. However, its warranty period for commercial use is also extremely good as it lasts for 1 year after the date of purchase.

The Warranty can be availed only by those who have bought this generator from an authorized dealer by American Honda in the US, Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico. It allows you to seek replacement of malfunctioning parts as well as repairs free of charge.

However, this warranty is voided if non-genuine Honda parts are used as replacements, unauthorized adjustments are made to the generator, proper maintenance is not carried out in a timely fashion, or it is used improperly.

For emission-related parts, Honda also has a specific Emission Control System Warranty which lasts for a period of two years, which is the same period of time as the warranty of the generator itself so users will most likely not have to avail of this warranty.

Honda also provides warranty on any parts, accessories, and apparel for the generator.

For private residential use, parts have a warranty of 6 months, accessories have 12 months, and apparel has 6 months. For commercial or rental use, however, they all only have a 3-month warranty.

To avail of warranty, users should go to the nearest Honda Power Generator distributor. Alternatively, they can contact them via the following contact details:


Phone number: 770-497-6400.



Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance covers a whole set of procedures which are meant to ensure the continued steady functioning of your generator.

These procedures are as diverse as ensuring there is adequate oil in the generator engine for replacing certain components of the generator.

This continued, scheduled maintenance ensures that your generator has a long life and continues to deliver in terms of quality. Improper maintenance can impede these and also void your warranty.

The maintenance schedule of the EU1000i suggests the following timeline for maintenance :

  • Within the first 10 hours: change the engine oil
  • With every use: check the oil level and air cleaner
  • Every month: change the oil
  • Every 3 months or 50 hours: clean air cleaner (do this more often if you live in a dusty area)
  • Every 6 months or 100 hours: change oil, check or adjust spark plug, clean spark arrester
  • Every year: clean fuel tank and filter (to be performed by an authorized servicing dealer)
  • Every 2 years or 300 hours: replace the spark plug, check or adjust the valve clearance (to be performed by an authorized servicing dealer), clean the combustion chamber (to be performed by an authorized servicing dealer), replace fuel tube (to be performed by an authorized servicing dealer)

Pros and Cons of EU1000i

As with any model, the EU1000i also has a number of pros and cons which are listed below.


Eco-throttle mode: This mode is unique to Honda generators and allows for an increase in efficiency by changing the speed of the engine to match the output wattage. This reduces noise and decreases the amount of fuel used.

Well designed: This model is very well designed, with the control panel being carefully planned and clearly labelled in a contrast colour. It is also compact which makes it easy to store.

Highly portable: This model has an extremely low weight, both in absolute and comparative terms, which makes it very easy to transport.


There is no particular issue with the model, a rare thing!



Q. How many strokes does this model’s engine have?

It is a 4-stroke engine.

Q. What are the dimensions of this model?

It has a length of 17.7 inches, a width of just 9.4 inches, and a height of 15 inches.

Q. How many receptacles does this model have?

This model has three outlets: a 12V DC outlet and a 125V, 15A duplex for AC.

Q. Can this model be used to charge a 12V car battery?

Yes, it can.

Q. How long does this model run on a tank full of gas?

It can run for 7.1 hours on a quarter load when it has a full fuel tank.

Q. What is the noise level of this model?

It has a decibel level of 59 dB at a distance of 23 feet.

Q. What fuel does this model use?

This model uses unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 86 or higher and an ethanol content of less than 10% by volume or a methanol content of less than 5% by volume.

Q. Can this model run on propane?

No, it cannot.

Q. How much does this model weigh?

It has a dry weight of 28.7 lbs.

Q. Does this model have a true sine wave output?

Yes, it does.

Q. Can this model be used to run power tools?

Yes, it can run one or two small power tools with no problem.

Q. Where is this model manufactured?

It is made in Japan.

Q. Can this model power an A/C unit?

Yes, this model is capable of powering a small air conditioning unit. However, be careful to check the rating of your A/C before plugging it into the generator.

Recommended accessories

Honda recommends a number of accessories for this model, however, not all of them are essential.


If you intend to store this model for an extended period of time or live in an especially dusty area then it is definitely suggested to buy a cover for your generator unit. This can be purchased from Amazon here>

Parallel Connections

Furthermore, if you intend to use two units of this model in parallel with each other then you will need the requisite parallel connector cables. These can be purchased from Amazon here>


Overall, this model is a decent option for this power range as it is capable of providing a steady supply of clean power. Furthermore, it can last for slightly more than 7 hours on a quarter load. This time period is further increased by using the eco-throttle mode.

It’s high portability, the increased efficiency of the eco-throttle mode, and its sensible design, which ensures that it is compact and easy to use, are all attractive features of the Honda EU1000i. The only downside is the primitive technology used in the hour meter which can be confusing to follow.

In terms of pricing, it is not the most economical model but even though Honda models generally cost more, they are guaranteed to deliver on quality. Their 2-year warranty will ensure that any teething issues with your model are dealt with promptly.

Overall, this is a trustworthy and reliable model which has a number of features which can make it highly desirable and useful, giving it an edge in the below 1000W range.


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