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In Brief: Honda EU2000i Portable Generator Review

We strongly recommend this product since it’s a great value for money. Going by the customer reviews on the online shopping portals, the popularity of the product is exceptionally well and is in great demand. The features go very well with the price range and honestly, the performance of the product is really commendable.

Honda is a company known worldwide for its great quality of products. From generators to lawnmowers to water pumps – they have a wide range of goods which are excellent value for money.

Honda generators are quite popular in the market and the reviews for a good majority of them are positive.

Since you’ve landed on this page for a review, you must be planning on getting yourself a generator, but of course, you aren’t sure which one to go for.

The Honda EU2000i is a great choice for a portable generator when it comes to portability comfort – it’s lightweight and compact, and weighs less than 46 pounds, is suitable for equipment like a refrigerator, microwave oven, fans, blenders, hairdryers, coffee makers, computers and many more.

Design, Dimensions & Weight

When it comes to the design, the body is made up of plastic, which is a little prone to scratches, but that can be avoided if the product is handled properly and the storage cover is used when not in use.

The size of the generator is also very handy – the length is 20.2 inches, the width 11.4 inches, and the height is 16.7 inches. The built-in handle at the top is very comfortable to carry around. Have a look:


When it comes to weight, it weighs less than 46 pounds without the fuel consideration. Overall, the Honda EU2000i is very portable, lightweight, and easy to carry around.

One disadvantage which we feel is that the product does not come with any wheels, which is why, despite being light weight, it has to be lifted everywhere as you move.

But this can be handled with the wheel kit which you can buy online if you feel lifting it and carrying it around is too much of a problem for you. If not, you’re good to go.

A good idea of the components can be taken from the manual that comes with the generator. You can also view the diagram on page 9 of the following link>

The weight does play an important part in deciding a portable generator. We compared some of the popular models between 2000-2999 Watt and found that Honda EU2000i is one of the lightest in the range.

So, if you’re looking for a lightweight model, definitely check it out.

Table: Honda EU2000i is one of the lightest in the categoryHonda EU2000i Weight



Power Output/Generation

The engine used in the generator is the 98.5cc Honda GX100 which is known for its supreme performance.

At this price range, getting such a quality engine is not very likely. The AC output is 120V at 2000W at the maximum, and 1600W at minimum (16.7A max, 13.3A min).

The starting system is recoil and not automatic, but we don’t think it’s much of a drawback since the unit sets off with just one pull.

Another advantage of the product is that it comes with inverter tech..

So when you’re operating sensitive devices like computers, the power supply is uninterrupted while switching from the grid to the generator when there is a power cut.

There are a lot of generator models that, obviously, cost less, and provide more energy and power, both surge and continuous.

Here is a list of models that are comparable, or perhaps, better in terms of power output.

Table: Honda EU2000i lacks behind some models in terms of powerHonda EU2000i Power

Fuel and Noise

The Honda EU2000i definitely wins our vote when it comes to its noise levels. The noise level is as low as 59 dB, which is absolutely complaint proof.

You can operate it without any worry of your neighbors knocking the door asking you to shut it down.

It’s as quiet as listening to a conversation. So there’s no need for you to take any pain for attaching any external equipments to lower the blares or wear earplugs.

The model utilizes regular unleaded gasoline with a pump octane rating of 86 or higher. An alternate option is to use regular unleaded gasoline with no more than 10% Ethanol (E10) or 5% Methanol by volume.

Do not use any fuel other than the ones recommended by the company itself for a specified model.

You might cause some serious damage to the generator causing performance degradation, and in some cases, the warranty is not applicable for such incidents.

For CARB compliance – yes, it is CARB compliant and meets the CA emission regulations, which is good news for the Californians, too!

The tank capacity of the generator is 0.95 gallons or 3.4 litres. On an average, it can operate for 8.1 hours on 1 gallon of gas, which is quite great for long power cut situations, so you don’t really have to worry about your food getting stale in the refrigerator.

The convenience spectrum is pretty wide!

We reviewed a number of products under the same power range and compared the current model with different parameters.

The Honda EU2000i, in terms of noise does face some competition, despite the fact that it’s super quiet. Here’s the comparison table:

Table: The noise levels of the generator are pretty decentHonda EU2000i Noise

For the fuel capacity, the Honda EU2000i lacks behind a lot of other models. Though the run time is fairly good, but in terms of tank capacity, the generator isn’t really a champion.

Table: The fuel tank capacity of the Honda EU2000i isn’t very appreciativeHonda EU2000i Fuel Capacity

The run time of this model, we’d say is above average. It’s definitely not absolutely excellent, but does outnumber a couple of its competitors and proves its toil.

Table: The Honda model has fairly good operation hoursHonda EU2000i Operation Hours


Display & Control Panel

The control panel is also pretty organized and easy to operate because of its simplicity. You can find the diagram on page 9 of the following link>

For better reference, here is an image of the control panel for the generator:

Control Panel

As can be seen, the parts are spread across in a very organized way, and the operations can be understood quite well itself.

Startup and Shut down

The first and foremost thing to remember is to always operate the engine in the open.

The exhaust contains extremely poisonous gases like carbon monoxide which can result in unconsciousness or death, so avoid any kind of exposure to it.


  • Disconnect all appliances from the AC supply.
  • To start cold engine – choke lever should be closed.
  • To start warm engine – choke lever should be open.
  • Turn engine on.
  • Use the recoil starter and pull to start.

Shut Down

  • Unplug the connections from the generator.
  • Turn engine switch off. This will also automatically close the fuel valve.
  • In case of emergency, simply turn engine switch off.

Additional Features of Honda EU2000i

Another great feature that makes this product stand of in the market is the inverter technology.
You can even operate the generator for really sensitive equipment without any worries of power interruption.

Eco-Throttle System: The engine speed is governed by the Eco-Throttle system. What’s advantageous and makes it the great product we boast of is that when you switch to this mode, the power generated by the engine is exactly the amount required by the appliances you’re using.

This ensures there is no wastage of energy and also since the generator runs on low power, it is considerably quieter than it already is.

Warranty/Repairs of Honda EU2000i

As for the warranty, the provision is 3 years. The warranty covers both replacement and repair, and the product is eligible for either, as long as it is used normally and is well within the warranty period.

To obtain the warranty, you must produce proof of the original retail purchase date. However, there are several exclusions to which the warranty does not extend. These are:

  • Parts affected or damaged by accident.
  • Fuel contamination
  • Using the generator for an application which it is not compatible with and wasn’t designed ideally for
  • Misuse or unauthorized use of the product

Claiming the warranty is also a hassle-free process. You have to take the product of purchase to any nearby Honda Power Equipment dealer authorized by Honda, the terms and conditions will be verified with you, and the rest will be done by the company to provide you with their best.

In case of any other issues faced by the user, the contact details for claiming the warranty are:

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Power Equipment Division
Customer Relations Office
4900 Marconi Drive
Alpharetta, Georgia 30005-8847
Telephone: (770) 497-6400 (8:30 am to 7:00 pm ET)
For more details on the warranty, visit:

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance of any power equipment ensures long life and a better performance for the product. Good maintenance is vital for the good operation of any application.

Here is a video link before we give you some tips on maintenance of the Honda EU2000i generator:


  • 2-3 Weeks: Oil should be changed after every 10-15 days of operation. Do not let the oil sit in the generator, else it might result in corrosion.
  • Each use: Always, always check the generator for oil levels before starting it and change it every month. The air cleaner should also be checked for any blockages.
  • 2-3 weeks: Oil should be changed after every 10-15 days of operation. Try using a funnel for pouring in the oil. It’s more convenient. Do not let the oil sit in the generator, else it might result in corrosion.
  • 3 months: The air filter system is supposed to be checked regularly and changed in intervals of 3 months.
  • 6 months: The fuel tanks and filters should be checked and properly cleaned. The spark plugs should also be monitored time to time to check in case the shavings are coming off. Cleaning the spark arresters is also very important.
  • Yearly: Check and clean the valve clearances and the plugs, and change them, if you feel the need. Replace the spark plug every year.
  • 1.5-2 Years: Clean the combustion chamber thoroughly. The fuel lines should be checked and replaced if the need is felt by the user.


  • In dusty areas, service the generator more frequently.
  • Avoid extremely long hours of operation. Give the machine some rest. It’ll ensure a longer life.

Consumer Review Analysis

To provide you with a better and more transparent review, we have selected some of the most popular websites like Amazon, HomeDepot, and eBay and have reviewed what the customers feel about the product.

What Customers Like:

Noise: Various customers have said that the generator is pretty quiet compared to other generators, but one should not expect it to be as quiet as your toaster. There, of course, is some noise, but yes, the noise isn’t bothersome.

Customers have claimed to have taken it to camp and had almost no complaints with it.

Easy Start: The best part about the generator which makes it so popular among people is its breezy start. A lot of reviewers say that starting the generator is extremely easy. Just one pull and it comes to life.

There are no issues of keeping on pulling the cord repeatedly to fire it up.

Portability: Next, as pointed by a lot of customers, not having wheels is not a very big disadvantage. The generator is very portable and isn’t much of a hassle to carrying around.

Eco-Throttle: Among the majority of the customers, the generator wins the points for the Eco-Throttle mode. Customers are very satisfied with how the dramatic noise reduction and the great power supply make this one the best available in the market.

Reliability: There is no doubt, no other generator out there can beat the reliability of this product. Some of them have been using the product for a very long time, too, and are great fans of the reliability.

The customer support is very responsive and helpful.

What Customers Dislike:

High Cost: Many consumers comment on the high cost of the generator, but also fairly justify it that spending your money is worth the quality you get. But, of course, being pocket-friendly is very important for any product to be the best available.

Oil Exhaust: On the other hand, a couple of customers have claimed how some oil came out of the exhaust, and one may need to get it fixed under the warranty. But this has been in very rare cases, so one can be sure that this won’t pose to be a huge problem.

Doesn’t Start: A few reviewers have stated how the generator doesn’t start that easy if you let it sit for a couple of weeks. In that case, you need 10-15 pulls to get it started, which might be annoying.

Instruction Manual: Another problem faced by some of the audience was the instruction manual. A couple of people have claimed for the instruction manual to be not elaborate enough for them.

Proper instructions are needed for setting up the generator, which isn’t adequate.


Pros/Cons of Honda EU2000i

No product can be perfect, of course, and the Honda EU2000i is no exception. Here are some pros and cons which we found out during our review:


  • Portable, convenient operation: The generator is very light, portable, and easy to carry around for outdoor visits and camping sites.
  • Long warranty period: Very limited products out there would provide you with such a long warranty period. This ensures that the product is not prone to damage.
  • Long-life if properly operated: A universal rule for all products, if used properly, the product has an unbeatable life.
  • Fuel efficient: The generator is very, very fuel-efficient. It is capable of supplying power for 8+ hours on ¼ load, so the gas consumption is quite less.
  • Easy to operate control panel: As can be seen from the picture of the panel above, the control panel is very organized and understandable. One doesn’t need to get into the technicalities to operate it.
  • Quiet: The bonus point. The generator is very quiet and even quieter when operating in the Eco-Throttle mode.


  • Expensive: Well, yes, the product is expensive, but every penny is worth the unbeatable and high quality you get. In fact, it’s even cheaper than the low-quality generators in the long run.
  • Runs only the basic appliances: For the operation to go past 8+ hours, the appliances run should be of basic or less power rating, else, the generator dies quickly.
  • 2000W isn’t enough for a majority of people: This isn’t really a con, because if you wish, you can add another generator in parallel, but it would involve buying another one, which means spending money.
  • No wheels attached: For some people who aren’t used to lifting some weights, it would be great if the generator came with wheels attached, which is not the scenario here.



We’ve listed here some of the most common questions faced by the people handling or considering buying the product. They might provide you with some help:

How many amps can the generator realistically handle?

It will run at 1,600 watts. 1,600 watts divided by 120 volts is 13.3 amps

When using the built-in 12v battery charger, does it have circuitry to prevent overcharging a battery?

No, you must manage the charging process.

What type of oil does this unit use and is it easy to change?

SAE 10W 30 is recommended for general use. After removing the cover, it’s a seven-step process that is explained pretty straightforward within the owner’s manual.

Will this generator be good for 1500 watt engine heater in my truck and how long it can be run at 1500 watt ?

From Honda’s website: 120V 2000W max. (16.7A) 1600W rated (13.3A). With a rated capacity of 1600W and your usage of 1500W continuous (assuming 120V) your application will work fine. Using up to the 2000W max is fine but not on a continuous draw (all night most likely in your case).

We have a few customers who are using this generator for your application and it is working well. There are some extended run time external fuel tanks out there if you need more run time per tank (You’ll probably get around 5-6 hours of run time on eco throttle).

Can this unit run on propane?

Honda does not recommend converting any engine to propane using an aftermarket kit; propane burns hotter than gasoline, and can cause premature exhaust valve or exhaust valve guide failure.

Also, unless you have the converted generator re-certified by an emission lab, you’d be in violation of both federal EPA and California ARB emission regulations.

Finally, any modifications made to your Honda equipment where those modifications are the source of a failure or problem will be denied coverage under the factory warranty.

Your warranty isn’t totally ‘void’, but Honda will only pay for factory defects, NOT problems caused by the conversion kit.

Can I put it directly on the ground or do I need a surface underneath?

You can place it on plywood so it doesn’t draw dirt, sand or moisture on the ground where it’s placed. Otherwise, there’s no problem as such. Just make sure the ground is leveled.

Will this generator start-up and run a 5200 BTU air conditioner that is 530 watts?

To convert BTU into watts, divide by 3.4. Thus, a 5200 BTU a/c unit should use about 1530 watts. That can be supplied easily by the Honda 2000i. I used my Honda to run a refrigerator and some house lights that together drew about 1200 watts. One gallon of gas lasted about 6 hours. It’s an excellent unit that’s well-build and particularly quiet.

Will it run the roof air on my travel trailer?

No, you’d need at least a 3,000 watt or larger generator to run a typical 135,000 BTU rooftop camper A/C system. You can get a nice 4,000 watts set-up if you buy two of these, and connect them in parallel with a special cable.


Price-wise, there indeed are some models in the market that give tough competition to this model in terms of performance and reliability at much cheaper prices.

Check offers on Amazon>

Our Recommendation

So after a thorough analysis, based on several website reviews, and our study, here are our scores:

  • Price – This generator loses a point on price since the same specs can be found in other models, too, for a better price. 8/10.
  • Performance – No doubt, the performance is absolutely amazing. Reliability is great and the customer service very responsive, in case of any issues at all. 10/10.
  • Ease of Use – The control panel, portability, operational ease, all are great and 100% hassle-free. 9/10.
  • Noise – This unit outshines a lot of models in the market in terms of noise levels. The sound is almost non-existent. Great job by the company. 10/10
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – The capacity of the tank could have been better. Like some models, the tank capacity isn’t something very great. 8/10.
  • Overall – Great buy, great performance, but a little pricey. 9.5/10.

Thus, we strongly recommend this product since it’s a great value for money. Going by the customer reviews on the online shopping portals, the popularity of the product is exceptionally well and is in great demand.

The features go very well with the price range and honestly, the performance of the product is really commendable.

So overall, the product is the king among all its competitors and if you’re looking for something really good for yourself – which, you of course are, this is your go-to place.

Recommended Accessories

Surely, there are quite a few accessories which we recommend you to have in order for better maintenance of the product. We’re listing some here:

  • Parallel cables: These can be used to connect multiple generators for more power wattage if you desire.
  • Storage cover: When not being used for long, the storage cover will protect it from dust and scratches.
  • Wheel kit: If you don’t wish to carry around the product in your hands, you can buy a wheel kit to carry the generator.


Thus, based on our experience, if we were to suggest this product, from our side, it’s highly recommended because of the unmatched performance at the price range, and all the pros and cons considered altogether.

The generator is definitely a value for money, and trust us on this, you will not regret spending those bucks on this guy.

So go ahead, be creative, go camping and have fun with your friends, because this buddy has got your back in all worse situations!


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