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Honda is one of the most highly regarded companies which manufacture portable generators. Its generators have consistently received high ratings from customers and are even recommended by published guides.

The Honda EU3000iS is one of the generators manufactured by the company on the lower end of the power scale, supplying a maximum power of 3,000W at 120V.

It is an inverter generator and as such promises fuel efficiency, lower noise, and a more stable supply of continuous power.

Despite being on the lower side in terms of power supply, it is still capable of powering important home electrical appliances such as fridges, microwaves, and certain air conditioners.

Furthermore, it is CARB compliant, which means it can be used across the country.

Design, Dimensions & Weight

Honda EU3000iS imageAs far as design is concerned, the Honda EU3000iS is extremely simplistic. It lacks wheels which might make it cumbersome to carry since its dry weight is 131 lbs and around 152 lbs with a full tank of gasoline.

This model is definitely on the heavier side as far as generators go and this can hamper easy transportation or convenient storage, particularly since it does not come with a mobility kit.

In fact, in a range of models surveyed, this model is the heaviest.

If you wish to look for a model which is lighter then the following comparison table will be useful:

Table: The weight of the EU3000iS is highHonda EU3000iS Weight

However, despite a possible issue with weight, it is relatively compact in size. Its length is 25.9 inches, with a width of 17.6 inches and a height of 22 inches.

For power connections, it has 3 receptacles: a 20A 125V duplex socket and a 30A 125V Locking Plug which makes it suitable for most household electrical appliances.

It can also have DC charging cables of 10 feet long attached to it but these must be bought as separate accessories.

Power Output / Generation

The generator uses the Honda GX200 engine, which is a single-cylinder four-stroke type of engine.

You must keep the stroke number in mind at all times as using improper oil, such as that meant for two-stroke engines, can damage the engine and hinder proper maintenance.

This engine makes the generator capable of providing a continuous power supply of 2800W and a peak wattage of 3000W.

However, while the product profile on the Honda website states that it can run for 7.1 hours at the peak wattage on a full tank, the manual states that users are advised to keep surge power usage to a maximum of 30 minutes.

In terms of running power, this model is on the lower end of the spectrum when compared to similar models in this power range since it only provides a running power of 2800W.

A detailed comparison between the running powers of different models can be seen here:

Table: This model delivers less running power than other modelsHonda EU3000iS Power

Fuel and Noise

The advised fuel for such an engine and the Honda EU3000iS, in particular, is unleaded gasoline with a pump octane rating of 86 or higher.

Octane ratings for gasoline are displayed prominently on containers so finding the correct grade will not be difficult at all for users.

You should, however, not use stale or old gasoline or gasoline which is contaminated in any manner, especially by dirt or water.

Mixtures of oil and gasoline also cannot be used for this model as it can run only on pure gasoline. Oxygenated gasoline can be used, however, as long as it is unleaded and meets the octane rating.

At ¼ of the maximum load, the generator is capable of running for 20 hours with its tank filled to its maximum 12.8 litre/3.4 gallon capacity.

After comparing a number of models in a similar range, we can also establish that this fuel tank capacity falls somewhere in the middle of the range of fuel tank volumes available on the market.

As such, it is not too small a volume and given the efficiency of this generator, it should last for an ample amount of time.

To get a better sense of the various fuel tank sizes available you can look at this comparison table:

Table: The EU3000iS has an adequate fuel tank capacity

Honda EU3000iS Fuel

As an inverter type generator, it makes less noise than more traditional generators and Honda markets it as being “super quiet.”

At the rated load, the engine’s noise reaches 58 dB while at ¼ load it is 49 dB. For a comparison of just how quiet this is, readers can note that most conversations take place at a 50 dB level.

The minimum possible noise on this model is 47 dB and even at the highest noise level, it is as quiet as other low-noise generators.

As such, this is an extremely good model for those who are more concerned about noise-related issues with generators.

A comparison between this model’s noise level and other generators in this range is available here:

Table: This model has an extremely low noise levelHonda EU3000iS Noise

This makes it an extremely quiet generator and a few customers have commented on this feature.

This model is also CARB compliant, which means that it meets specific regulations enforced in California, and as such can be used across the country.

Display & Control Panel

Honda EU3000is Control PanelAs mentioned above, the design of the Honda EU3000iS is very simple and as such it has an easy to use display, which makes it ideal for first-time users or older users.

In particular, it has neatly printed warning signs and labels with large text, making it highly legible and accessible.

The control panel has the following controls on it:

  • Engine switch: used to turn the engine on and off
  • Fuel valve: used to control the flow of fuel to the engine
  • Choke knob: controls the choke valve in the carburetor, which is essential to the fuel ignition
  • Eco-throttle switch: it is used to steady the voltage when high electrical loads are attached to the generator
  • Output indicator light: signals the proper functioning of the generator by turning green
  • Overload indicator light: it is a red light warning signal which indicates either overloading or overheating of the generator
  • Oil Alert indicator: turns on when there is not enough oil in the engine
  • Parallel operation outlets: allow users to connect two Honda EU3000iS generators in parallel
  • DC receptacle: can be used only to charge automotive-type batteries of 12V
  • DC circuit protector: automatically shuts down the DC circuit when overloaded
  • Ground terminal: used to ground the generator – it should be used carefully and in compliance with local jurisdiction on generator usage

Startup and Shut down

The Honda EU3000iS has two start-up procedures: manual and electrical.

Both the electrical and manual start-ups require users to first disconnect any connections from the AC receptacles.

Electrical Start-Up Procedure

Following this, users should follow the following steps for an electrical start-up:

  • Turn the fuel valve on the control panel to the ON position
  • For a cold engine, the choke knob should be moved to the CLOSED position while for an engine which is still warm it should be kept at the OPEN position
  • Next, move the engine switch to the START position and hold it there until the engine comes on (about 5 seconds) and then let it go to the ON position
  • If you started with a cold engine, let the engine gradually warm up and move the choke knob from the CLOSED to the OPEN position
  • Optional step: if you wish to use the eco-throttle system then wait for the engine to warm up for a couple of minutes and then switch the eco-throttle switch to the ON position

Manual Start-Up Procedure

For the manual start-up, the only difference is that instead of using solely the engine switch, the starter grip is used as well. Thus, the procedure is as follows:

  • Turn the fuel valve to ON position
  • Turn the choke valve to CLOSED if the engine was cold or turn it to OPEN if the engine was already warm
  • Turn the engine switch ON
  • Slowly pull the starter grip until you feel some resistance – after this, pull it forcefully and quickly
  • If the choke valve was on CLOSED position due to a cold engine, slowly move it to OPEN position as the engine begins to warm up
  • To use the optional eco-throttle system, turn the eco-throttle switch on after a couple of minutes of the engine heating up

Regular Stopping of the Engine

The regular method of stopping the engine varies according to whether the generator has been connected in parallel with another Honda EU3000iS or not.

If it hasn’t been connected in parallel, then first unplug all AC electrical items from the receptacles. If it is connected in parallel then users must also unplug the special cable which connects the two generators in parallel.

The following procedure must then be followed:

  • Turn the engine switch to OFF position
  • Then, move the fuel valve to the OFF position
  • If two generators were connected in parallel then an additional third step might be followed:
  • Disconnect the special cable and receptacle assembly in case you no longer wish to use the parallel connection

Emergency Stop Procedure

In case of emergencies, this generator has an emergency stop procedure. To do this, simply turn the engine switch to its OFF position.

Additional Features

While the Honda EU3000iS is a relatively straightforward inverter generator, it does have one special feature which is the Eco-Throttle System developed by Honda for its generators.

While traditional generators run at a constant rate, Eco-Throttle allows Honda EU3000iS to reduce its RPM rate when the load on the generator is lower.

This allows it to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption by up to 40%
  • Reduce exhaust emissions
  • Reduce the noise level of the engine


All Honda generators are covered by the same warranty system, which Honda instituted from 2010 onwards. Both private residential generators and commercial or rental generators are covered by a 36-month warranty.

This warranty only applies to those generators which have been purchased in the United States, Puerto Rico, or Virgin Islands either by American Honda or a distributer authorized by the company.

Warranty allows for repairs and change of parts of the generator free of cost at any Honda Power Equipment dealer within the United States, Puerto Rico, or Virgin Islands.

Users should note, however, that the warranty is not applicable if they do not carry out proper maintenance as specified in the manual, which shall be explained in the next section of this article.

Furthermore, the use of improper chemical agents, fuels, and operating methods which are not specified in the manual will also mean that the warranty cannot be availed of.

As such, users should always read the instruction manual carefully and follow the directions given in it as closely as possible.

For emission-related parts, Honda also has a specific Emission Control System Warranty for a period of two years.

However, since the warranty of the complete EU3000iS model is for three years, users can avail warranty on emission-related parts even after the Emission Control System Warranty expires.

Honda also provides warranty on any parts, accessories, and apparel for the generator distributed by American Honda.

For private residential use, parts have a warranty of 6 months, accessories have 12 months, and apparel has 6 months. For commercial or rental use, however, they all only have a 3 month warranty.

To avail of warranty, users should go to the nearest Honda Power Generator distributer. Alternatively, they can call Honda Power at the number 770-497-6400. They can also send a letter to the address: American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Power Equipment Customer Relations Dept., 4900 Marconi Drive.

For further contact details, including contacting Honda by mail, you can visit their official Contact Us page on:

Users should mention their name, address and telephone number in the letter.

Along with a detailed description of their problem they should also provide the date of purchase of generator, name and address of dealer who they bought the generator from and the dealer who services their generator, and the serial number of their product.

Care and Maintenance

Maintenance and proper care of the generator are integral to its smooth, economical, and fuel-efficient functioning as well as to avail of warranty.

However, users should be extremely careful during maintenance if the tank of the generator is not empty as gasoline can be explosive. They should also ensure that the engine is switched off.

The Honda manual for the EU3000iS gives the following time schedule for maintenance:

  • Before each use: Check the engine oil and air cleaner
  • The first month or first 20 hours of commercial use: change the engine oil
  • Every 3 months or 50 hours of commercial use: clean air cleaner
  • Every 6 months or 100 hours of commercial use: change engine oil, clean sediment cup, clean or adjust spark-plug, and clean the spark arrester
  • Every year or 300 hours of commercial use: replace the paper filter of the air cleaner, replace the spark plug, have the fuel tank, filter and valve clearance serviced by an authorized Honda Power Generator dealer
  • Every two years: check the fuel line and replace if necessary

Consumer Comments

The customer reception of this generator has been overwhelmingly positive. Various different reviewers have repeatedly given it high ratings with the following qualities being particularly praised:

Low Noise Level

With a maximum noise level of 58 dB, most consumers have commended this model for being extremely quiet. One reviewer noted that when placed outside the window of their room, they couldn’t hear it at all, making it an ideal choice.

Sturdy build

Many reviewers have also noted how durable the generator is, with some reviewers noting that it easily lasts past the three-year warranty without being damaged or malfunctioning.

Good for household use

Many customer reviews also stress the fact that despite its relatively lower power supply it can run all necessary household appliances such as fridges, ACs, or vacuum cleaners.

Value for money

Several users have appreciated this model for being worth the money spent on it. In its price range it is an extremely reliable, efficient, and noiseless generator which is more than capable of meeting partial household needs.

Easy to start

Some users of this generator have also mentioned that this generator is very easy to start.

The smooth starting procedure makes it ideal for those who do not have much experience with using generators before, especially in the case of mechanical starting which can often cause problems for some.

However, a few reviewers have noted a few dissatisfactions they have with the product, namely:

Slightly on the heavier side

As stated earlier on, this is a slightly heavier generator. Many people have written that it takes two adults to carry the generator around and as such is mainly ideal for home usage or in areas where it can be transported via car.

Some reviewers, however, jokingly noted that its heavy weight meant that they could leave it outside without worrying about it being stolen!

Hidden Battery

Some users have also pointed out that the battery is not easy to find and does not come attached in this model.

Furthermore, adequate instructions are not provided for the attachment procedure making it difficult to install if one is not already familiar with this model.


After analyzing the various reviews of this product along with its general features, a few pros and cons of the Honda EU3000iS can be discerned.


Very Quiet

As reviewers have repeatedly noted, and as Honda itself has advertised, this is an extremely quiet generator.

Its low noise will make sure that it doesn’t interfere with your daily life even if you have to carry out tasks extremely close to the generator.

Easily Readable Control Panel

The control panel of this model is labeled clearly and in a large font, with instructions on how to use each feature provided in detail in the manual.

As such, it is ideal for novice users of generators or for elderly users who might have trouble with their eyesight as the large font is clearly legible.

Equipped for Parallel Connection

Two of these generators can be connected in parallel with the necessary accessory chord. This increases the amount of power available for use.

Eco-Throttle Mode

As explained above, the Eco-Throttle Mode reduces the engine’s RPM rate when the load is reduced thus making this generator quieter and more fuel efficient which also allows it to last for a longer time period.

Highly Durable

A considerable number of customers have stated that this generator is extremely durable. This durability means that it can easily last past the 3 year warranty period without any damage.

Easy to Use

As has been stated in this article, the design and build of this model is extremely simple which makes it extremely easy to use.

The straightforward design along with the clear labelling of the control panel and the informative manual means that even new or first time users will be able to operate this model with ease.

Inverter-Type Generator

The fact that this is an inverter type generator means that it is much more fuel efficient than other types of generators such as brushed or brushless generators.

Coupled with the Eco-Throttle System on this model, this model saves a lot of fuel as well as having reduced emissions.



It has a heavy build which makes it cumbersome to maneuver and move about. It requires two adults to lift it comfortably. As such, its use as a portable generator is hampered as it has reduced portability.

No Wheels

Despite its heavy weight, it does not come with wheels and they have to be bough as an accessory. This reduces its mobility.

No Hour Meter

It does not have an hour meter which lets users keep track of the number of hours it has been used for. As such, it is not easy for users to remember when to perform proper maintenance.



Some prospective buyers have some frequently asked questions whose answers are provided here.

What voltage power outlets does it have?

The AC receptacles in this model are of 120V only. No other power outlets are available.

Can I run high power requiring appliances on this as long as they are of 120 V?

Yes, but only as long as they have a rating of less than 20 Amps or else the generator will be overloaded.

Can this model be run in parallel with another Honda generator?

Yes, it can be run in parallel with another Honda EU3000iS generator with the proper cable to give increased power supply.

Does it come with an installed battery and air filter?

Yes, both the battery and air filter come installed in this model.

Can I use propane or any fuel other than gasoline in this?

No, only unleaded gasoline, either oxygenated or not, can be used in this generator.

Does this model have an hour meter?

No, this generator does not have an hour meter to keep track of the hours operated.

Does this model have an electric start?

Yes, it has an electric start-up option as well as a manual start-up option.

Can this generator run in low temperatures or sub-zero weather?

Yes, users have noted that this generator works fine in lower temperatures as well.

Can this generator be placed outside, especially when it’s raining or snowing?

Yes, this generator can be placed outside. However, if it is either raining or snowing it must be placed underneath a canopy covering with at least three feet of space for fresh air around it.

Does this model come with wheels attached?

No, wheels must be purchased as a separate accessory.

What is the target demographic for this generator (house, RV etc.)?

This model can be used for RVs and camping. It can also be used for partial house purposes during a power blackout to run select appliances as long as it is not overloaded beyond the 2800W limit or the maximum 3000W load for more than 30 minutes.

Where is the battery located?

The battery is located behind the front panel and will require a screwdriver to remove the four 10mm nuts. It is held in place by a rubber strap.

How much does this model weight?

It weighs 131 lbs when empty and depending on how full the tank is, it generally weighs between 140 and 152 lbs.

Where is this model manufactured?

This model in particular is manufactured and assembled in Japan.

What is the difference between the Honda EU3000i and the Honda EU3000iS?

The Honda EU3000iS has a larger fuel tank and is quieter than the EU3000i. However, the EU3000i has wheels attached while this model (EU3000iS) does not.


In terms of cost, since this model is manufactured by Honda, which is an extremely established and well-reputed brand, it comes at high price-point.

In fact, a comparison between various models in a similar power range reveals that this is probably the most expensive model.


Our Recommendation

Overall, a number of ratings can be assigned to this model keeping in mind the various other portable generators available in the market. These ratings are as follows:


This model definitely loses points as far as its cost is concerned.

Noise level

The EU3000iS scores point for its extremely low noise level, which can reach a minimum of 47 dB, making it one of the quietest generators on the market.

Fuel tank capacity

This fuel tank capacity for this model is 12.8 liters which is somewhere in the middle of the range of tank capacities available. The high efficiency of this model, however, maximizes the amount of power that can be obtained from this much fuel.


This generator is extremely reliable and has received extremely positive reviews for its efficiency.

Ease of use

Most customers have found this model extremely easy to operate, particularly because of its easy electric start, informative manual, and well-labeled and designed control panel.

However, the battery design, since it is hidden, is not very user-friendly.

Overall, this model delivers in terms of quality, as expected from a reputable brand like Honda, and promises to be a trustworthy and long-lasting generator if you are willing to make the nearly $2000 investment to buy it.

Recommended Accessories

Accessories are essential for this model. Since it is relatively sturdy, a cover should be unnecessary but can still be purchased in dusty areas.

Here is the recommended cover –

Honda 08P57-ZS9-00S EU3000is Generator Silver Cover

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Wheels are a highly recommended accessory to increase the mobility of this model as it is too heavy otherwise.

All Terrain Wheel Kit -- fits Honda EU3000is Generator

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The Honda Generator Charging Cables are also a must for this model for those who want to use it to charge DC batteries.

For users who wish to connect two of these models in parallel for increased power supply, the parallel connection cables by Honda are also necessary.

Honda 32660-894-BCX12H Generator D.C. Charging CablesBuy from Amazon>


In conclusion, the Honda EU3000iS isan extremely reliable and sturdy portable generator in the lower range of power supply of generators.

It is quiet, efficient, has a good warranty, and lasts for a long time and has a high level of customer satisfaction. It’s Eco-Throttle System is a particularly noteworthy feature.

Despite its heavy weight, it can be made portable with a wheel kit and its lower power supply can be remedied by connecting it in parallel with another such generator.

Its easy-to-read control panel also makes it very accessible for users as does its easy start up, shut down, and maintenance procedures.

All things considered, it is a reliable generator made by one of the top brands in the business and should meet the expectations of any owner.

It should run smoothly and satisfy users for a considerable period of time as long as its maintenance is regular and proper.


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