WEN 56200i 2000W Inverter Portable Generator Review

Editor choice WEN 56200i 2000W Gen. Review
WEN 56200i 2000W Inverter Portable Generator Review
WEN 56200i 2000W Inverter Portable Generator Review
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WEN is a reputed company which has been in the electrical appliances market for over 6 decades.

It specializes in a variety of appliances, from power tools to portable generators. Its portable generators, in particular, are generally well-received by customers, being seen as good-quality and economical options.

One such generator is the WEN 56200i inverter generator, capable of producing a surge power of 2000W and a running power of 1600W.

As an inverter generator, it is extremely quiet and is capable of producing an extremely steady output.

This means that not only can the WEN 56200i be used to power general household appliances or power tools but it can also be used for sensitive electronic items such as laptops, tablets, or mobiles.

This makes it extremely useful for back-up during power outages as it can provide electricity for a wide variety of usages.

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Design, Dimensions & Weight

As it is an inverter generator, the components are kept hidden from view inside a hard plastic casing.

It has an extremely efficient design and comes with an attached handle as part of the design which can make it easy to carry.

It is indeed light enough to be carried with just the handle, and as such, no mobility kit is sent with the model or sold by WEN.

Its shipping weight is 54.4 lbs, which means that it is easy to move around without much strain.

In terms of dimensions, it has a length of 20.25 inches, a width of 12 inches, and a height of 19.25 inches. This means that none of its sides exceeds 2 feet in length, with its width being particularly narrow.

This compactness in size is coupled with its shape, which is fairly cuboidal, somewhat resembling a suitcase in its overall construction.

This shape means that it is easy to stow away during storage or for transport without taking up too much space.

WEN itself has not uploaded an official video of this model but a popular user-uploaded video is available which can give you a comparative idea of its dimensions:

Power Output / Generation

The WEN 56200i has a 4-stroke OHV single cylinder engine with a forced air cooling system.

For many users, this information is generally of little use except to know that while looking for engine oil, only oil which is appropriate for a 4-stroke engine should be used.

For general use, i.e. above 40˚F, the manual for the model recommends a 30W, 4-stroke synthetic oil.

For more varied temperature ranges, there is a detailed chart given in the manual which provides information on which oil is best for the engine across which temperature range.

As stated above, this generator is capable of generating a surge wattage of 2000W and a running wattage of 1600W.

It is thus capable of running a number of small electrical devices or even lights and fans for a number of rooms in case of an emergency.

If this wattage is low for you, you can also opt to connect two units of this model in parallel to double the amount of wattage available to you.

While its fuel tank only has a capacity of 1 gallon, it is an inverter generator which means that its engine can modify its speed to suit the load on the generator.

This increases its efficiency and allows it to last longer than traditional generators on the same volume of gasoline.

Fuel and Noise

The fuel for this model is unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 87. This should not have any impurities mixed into it, including dirt, water, or even oil.

Furthermore, the gasoline should not be stale – i.e., it shouldn’t have been left open for more than 30 days.

On a full tank of fuel, this model is capable of running for 6 hours on a half-load.

Furthermore, this model is CARB compliant, which means that it can be used in all 50 states.

Inverter generators, in general, tend to be quieter than traditional generators and this one is no exception, having an extremely low noise level.

The manual gives a variable decibel rating, depending on the load, with it having a noise level of 51 dB at a quarter load and 55 dB at ¾ load. These values are measured at a distance of 22 feet.

Display & Control Panel

The display on this model is fairly straightforward, with warning labels being placed on the top and on one side to familiarize new users with operating procedures.

The control panel is extremely centralized, with all the controls being present on it. At the same time, it is quite compact which means that the controls are slightly smaller and the labelling font is not very large.

The following controls can be found in the control panel :

  • 3-in-1 switch: functions as the engine switch and the choke lever
  • Eco-Mode switch: allows you to turn the eco-mode on and off
  • Circuit breaker
  • Parallel connection ports: used if you desire to connect two units of the model in parallel
  • Grounding nut: consult local regulations before grounding your generator
  • 4 outlets: a 120V AC duplex receptacle, a 12V DC receptacle, and a USB charging port

Startup and Shut down

This model has a manual starting procedure and no electrical starting option. Before starting the generator ensure that no loads are plugged into it, ensure that it is properly grounded and that the fuel and engine oil level is sufficient. After this, perform the following steps :

  • Rotate the vacuum relief valve on top of the fuel cap to the ON position
  • Turn the 3-in-1 switch to CHOKE
  • Slowly begin to pull the recoil starter cord until resistance is felt. Then pull sharply.
  • As the generator begins to turn on, slowly turn the 3-in-1 switch to its ON position
  • Before plugging in any electrical devices, let the generator run for several minutes so that its temperature and speed can stabilize.

To turn off the generator, first, unplug all electrical loads and let it run for a few minutes. This will allow it to stabilize its internal temperature and engine speed. Then follow these steps :

  • Turn the 3-in-1 switch to OFF
  • Rotate the vacuum relief valve on top of the fuel cap to the OFF position

Additional Features

While this model is generally quite efficient and a good-quality inverter generator, it doesn’t have many additional features except for its Eco-Mode.

The Eco-Mode, which can be turned on from the Eco-Mode switch on the control panel, allows the generator to accurately match its engine speed to the load, dramatically increasing its efficiency.

However, there is a definite setback as the load must be below 1000W to use this mode.

If your load is higher than 1000W then the Eco-Mode should not be used.

Warranty & Repairs

WEN offers a two-year limited warranty for the WEN 56200i.

This means that warranty is applicable for two years from the date of purchase for generators used privately while it is only 90 days from the date of purchase for generators used for commercial or rental purposes.

To register for the warranty you must fill out the warranty card details and mail them to the given address along with a proof of purchase.

The warranty covers parts and labour for any malfunctioning of the generator within the given warranty period. It should be noted, however, that labour is provided only for the 48 contiguous states in America.

To avail of the warranty, do not take the generator to the retailer but rather contact WEN’s customer service, which will instruct you accordingly. If you have to ship the generator to them then you will have to bear the initial shipping charges.

If and when you ship the generator to them, you must include a copy of your warranty card, proof of purchase, and a detailed description of the problem that you are facing with your generator.

The contact details of WEN are as follows :


Email: [email protected]
Phone: (800) 232-1195


Care and Maintenance

Regular care is integral to maintaining your generator, with regular maintenance enhancing the lifespan of your unit.

Procedures such as periodically changing the engine oil or replacing the spark plug make sure that the generator remains in running order and that no safety risks are posed by its usage.

Furthermore, improper maintenance can null your warranty. Thus, any issues which occur out of negligent maintenance and care cannot be fixed free of cost.

As such, maintenance is quite an important aspect of generator use.

The manual of the WEN 56200i recommends the following schedule :

  • As required: change engine oil, change the spark plug
  • Every 8 hours or daily: drain carburettor, check engine oil level, check fuel level
  • Every 25 hours: replace engine oil, check air cleaner cartridge
  • Every 50 hours or 3 months: Replace engine oil
  • Every 100 hours or 6 months: check and clean air cleaner cartridge, check and clean the spark plug
  • Every year: change spark plug, clean fuel tank

Consumer Reviews of WEN 56200i

This generator is a fairly popular model, much like any other generator manufactured by WEN. It has been extensively reviewed by customers and reviewers.

On the basis of these reviews, we have assembled a list of customers’ likes and dislikes which are given below.

What users like about WEN 56200i

Quiet: Many reviewers have noted that this generator is extremely quiet, with its noise level varying between the low to mid-50s dB – this means that it is not invasive while being used, especially in camping situations

Efficient design: Quite a few reviewers have also appreciated the design, both for its general look and for its efficiency with respect to fuel and oil filling – many reviewers have favourably compared its design to established high-quality brands such as Yamaha

Low weight: Some users have also noted that this model’s light weight makes it easy to move around and transport, which is a significant pro in its favour

Areas of improvement suggested 

Overloading issues: A handful of users have had overloading issues with the generator wherein its maximum wattage is significantly less than the advertised 1600W, thus causing the circuit breakers to stop the supply at lower wattages

Fuel tank leaks: A few users have also stated that their models had faulty fuel tanks which gasoline whenever they were filled

Pros & Cons for WEN 56200i

The points are discussed in detail below-


Noise level: It has an extremely low noise level, which can go as low as 51 dB at a quarter load, which makes it ideal for use during camping as it will not detract from the experience – even generally this is a very low volume and is a major plus point in this generator

Compactness: In terms of dimensions, this generator does not exceed two feet on any side, making it highly compact – its design also allows it to neatly and easily fit into storage spaces – its low weight further enhances its portability

Clean output: The model gives an extremely clean sine wave output with very little distortion, which makes it ideal for powering sensitive electronics and general appliances alike


Possible issues with overloading: Some users have noted that their units have had overloading issues and have needed replacement since their generators could not meet the rated wattage



Q. Is this model CARB compliant?

Yes it is.

Q. What is the fuel for this model?

Unleaded gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 87.

Q. What are the dimensions of this model?

It has a length of 20.25 inches, a width of 12 inches, and a height of 19.25 inches.

Q. What is the recommended oil for this model?

For general use above 40˚F, a 30W 4-stroke synthetic oil is recommended.

Q. What is the amp rating of this model?

13.3 Amps.

Q. What is the noise level of this generator?

It is 51 dB at a quarter load, 52 dB at half load, and 55 dB at ¾ load, all measured from 22 feet.

Q. Can two units of this model be connected in parallel?

Yes, they can.

Q. What is the weight of this model?

Its shipping weight is 54.4 lbs.

Q. Where is this model manufactured?

It is made in China.

Q. Does this generator have an idling function?

Yes, its Eco-Mode allows for idling.

Q. Is this a pure sine wave output generator?

Yes, it is.

Q. Does this model have an electric or remote start option?

No, it is pull-start only.

Q. What is its fuel tank capacity?

1 gallon.

Q. What is the run time of the generator?

It lasts for 6 hours on a half-load.

Q. Is this model safe to use with computers?

Yes, it has a clean enough output to power computers.

Recommended accessories

WEN Covers

If you wish to use only a single unit of this generator, then WEN only recommends a generator cover to protect it from dust and dirt during storage.

This can be purchased here on Amazon>

WEN Parallel Connection Kit

If you wish to connect two units of this generator in parallel, then you can purchase the parallel connection kit here from Amazon>


Overall, this is a reliable generator with a number of advantages and features to recommend it. Its lightweight, compact design is perfect for storage and transport, with the handle on top making it very easy to move around.

It is extremely quiet, with its lowest noise level been 51 dB and even the highest being a very moderate 55 dB. Its inverter technology enhances the efficiency of its engine and decreases the noise while producing an extremely clean output with minimal distortion. This makes it ideal for sensitive electronics.

The WEN warranty for the generator means that no cost apart from shipping has to be borne by buyers.

It is extremely popular with customers and has a variety of features which merit this popularity. It is efficient and reliable, and should last a long time with proper maintenance and care. If you are looking for a portable generator with around 2000W power category, do check this out for sure.


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