Westinghouse WH5500 Portable Generator Review

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In Brief: Westinghouse WH5500 Portable Generator

Westinghouse WH5500 Portable Generator is a great buy for the price you pay and the set of superior features you get in exchange. It is also a great buy for budget buyers and, overall, seems a smart choice.

So far, we’ve explored Westinghouse generators so much, that if there is one company we would blindly recommend, this would be it.

The reliability, service, and exceptional product quality is something the company can be effortlessly boastful about, and in the series, the company has another great product to suit your needs – the Westinghouse WH5500 with 5500 Watt running power rating and 6750 peak watt rating.Westinghouse WH5500

The generator altogether is a great product, and we will get into the details of the product now.

Design, Dimensions & Weight

The generator design, as you might have seen in the image above, is not anything fancy – the looks are like any plain, regular generator with a control panel situated at the front, two wheels at the back, two high leverage handles, and the engine at the bottom.

The design and assembly of the components are fairly neat and understandable and will be very helpful in case of component identification during faults.

The unit is comparatively smaller and compact when compared to a number of units of the same price and power range.

It measures 28.75”×27.5”×26”, going by the traditional L×W×H rule. Not being too bulky, it weighs 168 lbs, which is quite impressive if portability is your prime concern for buying a generator.

With the inclusion of the two leverage handles, carrying the generator around is easier for any of your outdoor recreations.

Portability wise, the generator does wonders. It’s lighter than some of the most popular models in the market and is definitely a great option to consider.

Table: The Westinghouse unit is extremely lightweightWestinghouse WH5500 Weight

Power Output/Generation

The generator uses a 4 stroke 357cc OHV engine with 3600 RPM, and is capable of producing 5500 Watt of running power and 6750 Watt of surge power.

A lot of consumers are, though, unaware of the importance of the difference between normal and surge power. If you are one of them, we have got you covered.

Running power is the power your appliance will consume as per the rating specified on it. On the other hand, surge power is the power your appliance will momentarily draw when you give power to your appliance for its start-up.

A number of heavy appliances need this surging power for their operation.

When it comes to power output generation, the unit is mediocre. The continuous power is the same, however, the surge is a little worse than the rest.

Table: The power output for the unit is quite mediocreWestinghouse WH5500 Power

Fuel and Noise

The fuel requirements of your generator is one of the most important and basic things to be kept in mind.

Using stale, old and improper fuels can cause your unit to malfunction and cause serious damage both to the user and the product. The fuel you use should meet the following requirements:

  • It should be 100% pure and unleaded gasoline only.
  • Gasoline with a minimum of 10% ethanol content.
  • Gasoline with a minimum of 87 octane rating.

Never try filling the fuel tank when the engine is either running or is hot. Always shut the engine and wait long enough for it to dry and cool off before refuelling.

Westinghouse WH5500 Gas Powered Portable Generator - 5500 Running Watts and 6750 Starting Watts - Gas Powered - CARB Compliant

Coming to the noise levels, being a Westinghouse product, the company does not specify any official noise levels for the unit.

However, the noise level were roughly estimated as 71 dB, which is comparable to a number of generators out there and is quite enough.

Because of the inclusion of the Pulse-FloTM muffler, the generator has a very quiet and almost noiseless operation.

For the Californian readers of this article, we have good news. The Westinghouse WH5500 is CARB compliant, does not have any harmful exhausts, and thus meets the emission needs of the state and is safe to use in California.

The tank capacity of the unit is 6.6 gallons or 25 litres, which is a great pro to the product, since you don’t have to worry about refuelling the tank again and again. One fill and you’re good to go for the next 23 hours.

Yes! The generator operates for a good 23 hours at 25% load, and 14 hours at 50% load.

The noise levels are comparative to the rest of the units in the competition. Though the levels are almost equal, statistically, it stands in the middle in the comparison.

Table: The noise levels of the unit are mediocreWestinghouse WH5500 Noise

Moving to the fuel capacity, the unit, yet again is average in this aspect. Though the other generators have almost similar capacities, it stands second in the comparison.

Table: The tank capacity of the unit aren’t the bestWestinghouse WH5500 Fuel

Talking of the operation hours that are corresponded by the tank capacity, the unit does excellent for the output hours. It stands way ahead of the other units and does very well in this aspect.

Table: Operational hours of the generator are absolutely excellentWestinghouse WH5500 Hours



Display & Control Panel

The control panel of the generator is very organized and uncomplicated. Using it is fairly easy, and once you get the hang of it, it’s as easy as anything.

Here is the image of the control panel for the Westinghouse WH5500 with all of its functionalities:Westinghouse WH5500 Control Panel

  • Hour Meter: Shows the number of hours for which the generator has been operated under load.
    120/240V 30 Amp Twist Lock Outlet: Can supply the output as per the user’s needs (either 240V or 120V).
  • Circuit Breaker: The circuit breakers minimize the amount of current being supplied through the 120V duplex outlets.
  • 120V AC Power Outlets: The outlets are capable of carrying maximum 20 Amp of current on a single receptacle or a combination of these.
  • Main Breaker: This circuit breaker is responsible for keeping track of all the outlets of the generator and cutting off the supply of the generator at times of overload.
  • Engine Shut Off: This is used for running and stopping the engine for manual operations. In run position, the switch starts the generator whereas in stop position, it stops the engine.

Start Up and Shut down

Starting and shutting the generator properly is a very important requirement for a long and healthy operation of a product. Here are the proper instructions for the following, and we strictly recommend you to follow them:

Start Up

  • Ensure that the circuit breakers are properly set.
  • Turn the fuel shutoff valve to on position.
  • Turn the choke lever to on position.
  • Move the engine control switch to run position.
  • Take the recoil handle and pull it away from the generator until a slight resistance is felt. Then pull rapidly and away.
  • The engine will start after you do this. Once the engine has stabilized, move the choke lever back to the off position.

Shut Down (Normal)

  • Remove any connected loads from the control panel and outlets.
  • Let the generator run at zero load to stabilize the engine and reduce the internal temperatures.
  • Push the engine control button to off position.
  • Turn the fuel shut off valve to off position.

Shut Down (Emergency)

  • Immediately push the engine control switch to off position.

Additional Features

The features that make the Westinghouse WH5500 different from the conventional products out there in the market, and one of your considerations for buying the product are listed here:

  • Pulse-FloTM Muffler: With the inclusion of a muffler for minimizing the noise levels, the noise levels of the unit are significantly reduced, leading to a quieter operation.
  • High Leverage Handles: A lot of these heavy generators do not come inclusive of a handle to move them about. This model comes with handles included, and thus, portability is enhanced to a great level.
  • VR System: The generator comes equipped with VR System for consistent voltage regulated power.


The warranty the company provides for the Westinghouse WH5500 is 3 years, which we think is a long enough period for the company to assist you with any issues you face with the generator.

Later on, you can always visit the service centres and get any of your problems with the product solved, even after the voiding of your warranty.

Claiming the warranty is a fairly easy task under normal circumstances. There are certain exceptions to your claiming of the warranty which will be listed in the following article.

The warranty will be applicable right from the original date of purchase solely to the original purchaser of the unit. The model and its details are to be registered with www.westpropower.com for redemption of our warranty services.

Having mentioned the exceptions, here are some cases in which you will not be authorized to claim warranty on your generator:

  • Use of any kinds of non-Westinghouse or unoriginal components in the generator.
  • Use of contaminated or improper fuels leading to damage or failure of the spares or the generator on the whole.
  • Repairs done at service centres unauthorized by WESTPRO.
  • Regular and normal wear and tear, misuse or accidents.
  • Damages caused by natural disasters.

To claim your warranty, you can visit any of the authorized WESTPRO service centres for any damages.

For locating your nearest service centre, simply visit the company’s website, provide them with your zip code and you’re good to go.

Alternatively, you can call 1-855-944-3571 for the same.

For other kinds of support or assistance, visit:

Or contact:
Or write to:
WESTPRO Power Systems,
LLC, W237 N2889 Woodgate Rd.
Unit B, Pewaukee,
WI 53072

Care and Maintenance

Regular and frequent maintenance is not only a good practice but will ensure the generator to serve you for many more years to come.

For lesser trips to the service centres, here is the maintenance schedule to be followed by the owner in order to maintain a healthy and long-lasting generator.

Please note that not following proper procedures might also cause voiding of your warranty.

  • Every Use: Check the air filter and engine oil levels. Check and clean the cooling features if you feel the need.
  • Every Month: Change the engine oil. Stale oil can cause the generator to malfunction.
  • Every 3 Months: Check the air filter and clean it properly.
  • Every 6 Months: Check both the spark plug and spark arrestor. Clean them if you feel they should be.
  • Every Year: Replace the air filter and spark plug.

The above schedule should be made more frequent if the generator is being operated in dry and dusty conditions.

Consumer Review Analysis

For the best take on any product, there is no place better than the Consumer Comments section of any website to know about the major as well as minor pros and cons of it.

Here is what we found sifting through the shopping portals for the product.

What customers like:

  • Not Much Assembly: Going by the customers’ reviews, the unit comes almost fully assembled and there’s very little to assemble in the unit upon its receiving. Putting it together is a breeze.
  • Easy Start Up: Even though the unit lacks electric start, the customers are all praises for how the generator starts in just one pull. There’s no wrestling with your unit – one recoil and it revs up to life.
  • Quiet: The generator, having the noise levels as low as 71 dB is extremely quiet, and quoting one of the customers here, “It’s as quiet as a kitten’s purr”. If noise is what bothers you, this generator is the perfect fit for your needs.
  • Warranty: The warranty for the Westinghouse WH5500 is 3 years which is quite a long warranty if seen with respect to some of the generators out there in the market. Long warranty assures the customers of the company’s best services and replacement of any and all kinds of damages.
  • Price: The generator is extremely affordable. When compared to big brands like Honda and Yamaha, this stands very low on the pricing, and fits your budget-friendly pockets perfectly.

What customers dislike:

  • Unknown Oil Requirement: A number of customers have issues with the oil level to be filled in the generator. There is no mark or indication on the oil tank that mentions the quantity of the oil to be filled in the generator, which is why, perhaps, in some cases, one might even end up over filling the tank.
  • Long Storage Problems: Quite a lot of customers mention how the generator is a pain to start when stored for an extremely long period of time. Though, it totally justifiable that using any product regularly keeps it running smoothly for a long time. Thus, we recommend you to keep using it at least once in 3 months.
  • No Inverter: The generator does not come with inverter technology, which is why some customers who wanted to operate it for their sensitive electronics like computers had a few complaints for the lack of this feature.



Having talked of the customer reviews, here is a list of the pros and cons to the product that we have found while reviewing the generator so far:


  • Light Weight: The generator is not too bulky and has fairly small dimensions compared to a lot of units out there.
  • Portable: Being lightweight, the generator is extremely portable, and is a charm if you want to take it to places for outdoor power.
  • Handles: The inclusion of handles in the unit is a great perk and one of the added reasons why one would buy this generator. This feature helps move the unit around effortlessly.
  • Durable: The customer reviews overflow with the praises for the great durability of the product. The generator is very reliable, and won’t let you down in times of need.
  • CARB Compliant: One of the best features of the generator is that it is CARB compliant, thus, broadening the spectrum of its customers who can buy the unit.


  • Electric Start: Despite the fact that the unit revs up on one or two pulls, having electric start to start the unit up could have been a great feature if included.
  • No Oil Mark: As mentioned in the previous section, the oil requirement is unknown for the unit and thus, one might end up overfilling the tank.
  • No Digital Meters: Apart from the hour meter, the generator does not come equipped with any other digital meters or display to keep track of the other features that would let one know when it is about to die.



Having decided to buy the generator, you must have some or the other questions regarding the generator’s performance, specs, or perhaps other issues as well. Here are some of them, briefly answered for your convenience:

Would it be harmful if the generator is overloaded?

The generator comes equipped with circuit breakers and is capable of protecting itself from any and all kinds of overloads.If overloaded, the main breaker trips off breaking the supply of current.

Does it take long to resent the breakers?

No. It takes about 10-20 seconds for the breakers to cool off and once this is done, you can easily reset them by pressing the reset breaker.

Can it run my sensitive electronics?

No. The unit does not have inverter technology. In general, we do not recommend using the surge power to use for operating these electronics.

Why does my unit shut down abruptly in between?

One f the reasons this might happen is because the unit has run out of oil. Recheck the oil levels and contact the customer support in case the problem persists.

How long will my unit run on a full tank?

The unit has a tank capacity of 6.6 gallons and will operate for 23 hours at 25% load and 14 hours at 50% load.

What is the shutdown procedure for the Westinghouse WH5500?

The shut down procedure is mentioned both in the manual and in the Start Up and Shut Down section of the article.

Here is the procedure mentioned:

  • Remove any connected loads from the control panel and outlets.
  • Let the generator run at zero load to stabilize the engine and reduce the internal temperatures.
  • Push the engine control button to off position.
  • Turn the fuel shut off valve to off position.

Can I start the generator when it is connected to loads?

No. You must always remove all attached loads from the generator before attempting to start it. Allow the engine to gear up its speed and then connect all the loads.

Can I shut the generator when the load is still on?

No. Like mentioned for start-up, you must remove all the loads before shutting the generator off.

Can this unit be run indoors?

No. The unit should always be mounted in an open space as the exhausts are extremely harmful and can result in significant health issues or even death if proper airflow is not available.

Are there any additional accessories to make the unit quieter?

The company does not provide any additional accessories to make your generator quieter than it already is as doing so could affect the engine’s performance and damages.


Despite the great features, the unit is priced very reasonably. It is the cheapest among a number of generators and would be a great choice for your budget-friendly pocket.

Check Price on Amazon>

Our Recommendation

Based on the pros and cons, we review the product numerically. Here are our scores for every feature of the unit individually:

  • Price – The unit wins extra points for its amazingly low prices. 9/10.
  • Performance – The audience does not seem to be facing any issues with the unit yet. 8.5/10.
  • Ease of Use – Based on the audiences’ reviews, the easy assemble, operation and storage is one of the good things about the unit. 8/10.
  • Noise – Like mentioned above, the noise levels are comparable to others, and so, it gets a 8.5/10.
  • Fuel Tank capacity – For the excellent tank capacity, the unit gets 9/10.
  • Overall – On the whole, the unit seems a pretty decent option for the buyers, and we give it an 8.5/10.

Talking more in terms of generality, the unit is a great buy for the price you pay and the set of superior features you get in exchange. It is also a great buy for budget buyers and, overall, seems a smart choice.


Recommended Accessories

Westinghouse WH5500 Gas Powered Portable Generator - 5500 Running Watts and 6750 Starting Watts - Gas Powered - CARB Compliant

Westinghouse has not recommended any special accessories for this particular model, but in case you are looking for transfer switches and power cords to connect to your unit, here is where you can find them here>


Having studied and reviewed the generator, we would say that the generator is a great buy for the price, and being so affordable makes it even more desirable.

As a Westinghouse product, this model once again proves what owning a good product feels like. So go ahead, explore and find the best fit for yourself and be smart with all those times of the unprepared storms.


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