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A sit-stand desk is a flexible desk that can be adjusted vertically to change its height and accommodate for sitting or standing positions.

For a sitting position, the sit-stand desk is set at a lower level. Then the desk can be adjusted according to the height of a person for a standing position, such that the monitor is eye level.

Comparison Table: Best Sit-Stand Desk for Desktops

Here is a quick comparison of the top sit-stand desks for desktops –

Product Width Options Height (min -max) Capacity Price

40" Dark Walnut Shelves Stand Up Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Adjustable Height Two Tier Standing Desk Computer Workstation (Silver Frame/Dark Walnut Top, 40' Wide)

24", 32", 40", 48" 28.75" - 42.75" 154 lbs Check Price

60" Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable Height Rolling Standing Desk (Charcoal Frame/Natural Walnut Top, 60' Wide)

48" , 56", 60" 32" - 48.5" 154 lbs Check Price

SDADI Mobile Stand Up Desk

SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheels Mobile Standing Desk Stand Up Desk Height Adjustable Home Office Desk with Standing and Seating 2 Modes 3.0 Edition, Dark Grain S001WFDT

21.2 " 27.5" - 45.3" 150 lbs Check Price

48" Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable Height Rolling Standing Desk (Charcoal Frame/Natural Walnut Top, 48' Wide)

48" , 56", 60" 32" - 48.5" 154 lbs Check Price

Reviews of the Best Sit-Stand Desk for Desktops

Here are the reviews of the top picks –

40″ Dark Walnut Shelves Mobile Ergonomic Stand up Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Rolling Adjustable Height Two Tier Standing Desk Computer Workstation (Silver Frame/Dark Walnut Top, 40' Wide)

This desk by the Stand Up Desk Store is a compact, mobile and fixed height standing desk with carefully planned ergonomics.

The Desk Packs in the Following Features

  • Top shelf of 39.4” in width and 14″ in depth.
  • Middle keyboard tray measuring 39.4” in width and 16″ in depth.
  • Lower shelf of 36.2″ in width and 15.8″ in depth at 5.5” height.
  • The total height of 46.1” and a sturdy weight capacity of 154 lbs.
  • The height of the lower and upper shelves can be modified at 1″ increments

This desk has around 67% positive reviews. Buyers mentioned it was easy to set up and as a thoughtful gesture the company provides extra fasteners making more convenient.

The structure is solid and well-constructed as stated by reviews. Buyers who used it with a large size monitor found room for other items.

Reviews stated that the wheels lock in place which makes it stable.

  • Sturdy and quality construction
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Plenty of available space.
  • Castor wheels are supportive.
  • Not suitable for taller people
  • Not appropriate for a shared office setting

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60″ Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable Height Rolling Standing Desk (Charcoal Frame/Natural Walnut Top, 60' Wide)

This 60” desk by the Stand Up Desk Store is manually operated premium quality standalone desk. It has a robust steel frame that is charcoal coated and a wooden desktop with walnut laminate.

This desk is also available in a variety of different colors.

The Qualities of the Desk are as follows

  • Height adjustability range from 29.5″ – 45.25″.
  • The crank can be positioned on either side of the desk.
  • Large workspace of 59″ in width x 29.5″ in depth.
  • Sturdy frame made of steel and powder coated for durability.
  • Weight capacity of 154lbs
  • Easy assembly.
  • Certified by Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA)

This desk has around 80% positive reviews. Buyers stated that the desk offers value for money at a reasonable price.

Reviews stated that it lives up to its claims of an easy assembly and the crank works smoothly. Buyers were appreciative of the quality and the robust structure.

It is also suitable and comfortable for people of varying heights as stated in the reviews.

  • A wide range of height adjustability.
  • Enough space for 2 large monitors
  • Crank works smoothly.
  • Castor wheels are good to move the desk
  • Enamel surface stains and scratches easily
  • The instruction manual is not comprehensive Assembly is complicated.

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SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheel Mobile Stand Up

SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheels Mobile Standing Desk Stand Up Desk Height Adjustable Home Office Desk with Standing and Seating 2 Modes 3.0 Edition, Dark Grain S001WFDT

This is an independent standing desk with height adjustability from 27.5-45.3 inches.

Feature Included in this Desk are –

  • It has two front and back panels to arrange office products.
  • The front panel has a stopper to keep desktops and laptop safe.
  • Each panel measures 23.6” in length and 11.8” in width.
  • It has a locking wheel system to keep it steady.
  • The frame is made of 1.2mm rustproof steel, with a coating finishing and the panel is made 16 mm environmental Medium Density Fiberboard.
  • The front panel also has a power cord holder to keep the desk looking neat.
  • They have a 14-day return and lifetime free parts replacement policy.

This desk has around 60% positive reviews. Buyers have claimed that it is sturdy although lightweight. Since it goes up to 45.3” it is suitable for people not taller than 5’9”.

However, according to a review, the top panel may be just “enough” for users slightly taller than 6’.

Users found it easy to assemble and liked its contemporary feel. Users were content with the price at around $80.

Some buyers reported that the height change mechanism felt unstable and others felt the panel weren’t sturdy enough.

Some people felt that the material is of cheap quality. It was most suitable as a smaller workstation and some taller people felt a neck strain.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Assemble
  • 60% Positive Reviews
  • Not for much taller People
  • Complaints about unstable Height change mechanism

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48″ Crank Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Stand Up Desk Store Crank Adjustable Height Rolling Standing Desk (Charcoal Frame/Natural Walnut Top, 48' Wide)

This desk by the Stand Up Desk Store is a manually operated desk that combines affordability and quality.

This version has a sturdy steel charcoal coated frame with a walnut desktop but it’s also available in other different frames and colors.

The has the Following Specifications

  • A spacious desktop that measures 47” in width x 29.5” in depth
  • Crank operated height adjustability from 29.5” to 45.25”
  • The crank can be interchanged from right to left side of the desk
  • Strong 3″ quality casters with two locking brakes to offer mobility
  • Weight capacity of 154lbs
  • Certified for safety comfort and durability by Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association (BIFMA)

This desk has around 80% positive reviews. Customers were happy with the quality and mentioned that it looks attractive.

Reviews stated that it takes around 40 to 60 turns to change from low to high levels depending on the height desired. Some stated that the crank was smooth in operation and it takes less than a minute to change heights.

  • Castors with locks work well for mobility
  • Looks good for a modern style setting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Enough space for large 40” screen
  • Overall sturdy framework and good quality
  • Unit moves a bit while cranking.
  • Time-consuming to make height adjustments
  • Desktop lacks coating

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Buying Guide for Best Sit-Stand Desk

Buying Guide for Best Sit Stand Desk

Buying a sit-stand desk may get overwhelming with the options and countless features available. These are three broader categories of sit-stand desks within which additional feature may be present.

Adjustable-Height Desks

As the name suggests these desks can change the height of your work surface to accommodate sitting or standing positions.

This convenient feature allows for the same desk set up with a monitor, keyboard, office supplies, print outs, and other accessories staying untouched.

These desks being more practical and most sort after are manufactured by many brands. They are versatile and can be used as a desk for desktop, as writing desks or art desks.

Some also come with slip feet to accommodate tabletops and desktops. Ones designed specifically for desktops could also include a keyboard tray.

They come in many shapes, sizes and configurations such as rectangular, contour, L-shaped, ergo-shaped, etc.

Most of them height-adjust with electrically, while some use gas springs or counterbalance mechanisms.

Adjustable-Height Desktop Riser/Converter/Add-ons

These are more economical solutions to a sit-stand desk. These sit-stand desks either have a surface that sits atop your existing desktop, or dual surfaces to adjust just the height of your monitor and keyboard.

Some of them have columns that mount monitors while the keyboard remains on a tray surface.

Others desktop models have height adjustable swing arms that hold monitor and keyboard that can also change sides.

Most of these models made specifically for desktops are aesthetically attractive but some may take over valuable desktop space.

Some models may not be ideal for posture and able to achieve the ideal placement of monitor and keyboard.

Fixed Height Desktop Risers

These are basically independent desks with sturdy stands that you can fit on your existing desk. They can be used to raise your laptop, desktop, and workspace when you need to stand.

These are the most affordable versions of a sit-stand arrangement on the market. These fixed height versions have a foldability feature allowing for storage when not needed.

This contributes to portability and convenience for mobile work stations.

Some of these desks offer height adjustability but the inconvenience they bring is having to move everything off the desk to set them up.

Types of Standing Desks based on Mechanism

Types of Standing Desks based on Mechanism

Manual system

These desks are mostly in the affordable range but do not lack quality. The manually operated desks are typically controlled by a crank but desks with counterbalance, spring-loaded, and gas-strut means are also available.

Cranks are located either under on top of the desk and most cranks need around 2 t 6 rotations per inch of adjustment.

This adjustment system requires effort and can be time-consuming.

These sit-stand desks offer variety and can function as a desktop or a telephone unit. The architectural kind has adjustable angles to turn into an easel. These desks mostly have a metal frame and laminate or wooden countertop.

Electric Standing Desks

These sit-stand desks are mostly in the upper price range, costing anywhere between $600 to $3000. These desks go all out in terms of aesthetics and practicality.

Spacious surfaces, higher weight capacities, programmable memory settings, and touch button systems and high-end aesthetics are features these desks offer.

Desks with programmable features store height settings to make adjustments at the touch of a button. These desks need electricity to function which may be a disadvantage.

Also remember that these desks face the possibility of system failure after completing a certain number of cycles.

They are mostly built for a minimum of 5000 – 10000 rounds.

Ideal size for a Desktop Standing Desk

Ideal size for a Desktop Standing Desk

The wrong dimensions of a desktop standing desk would defeat the purpose of a standing desk. Some crank operated desks could have a surface width of around 47″ and depth of around 29″. This size would be ideal to fit a monitor, laptop and other small knick-knacks.

Some electronic ones could have two surfaces – one for a keyboard measuring around 29” deep and 43” wide and an upper surface of 33” deep to 47” wide. Larger desks can be around 55” to 60” long to fit 2 monitors, a keyboard, a laptop, and a few other accessories. Most risers would be in the range of 32” in length and 22” in depth.

Benefits of Desktop Sit-Stand Desk vs Sitting

A large body of research over the course of many years has shown how sitting for long can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart ailments, and other problems.

Sit-stand desks have since been adopted to reduce the risk of these problems.

In one particular study, sit-stand desks were able to reduce back pain by 31.8% in addition to lowering fatigue levels.

Other research has shown that sit-stand desks can are easy on the upper back, reduce neck pain by 54% and improve mood.

It has also been proven that adults who replaced sitting time with standing had lower glucose levels in a 24-hour period that those who sat for longer.

Many people who use sit-stand desks have reported faster performance and a surge

in creativity.

Most people favor the use of a sit-stand desk with a 10% increase in productivity and some also claim that it decreased afternoon sluggishness.

Benefits of Desktop Sit Stand Desk vs Sitting

Problems and Limitations of Sit-Stand Desks

It has been advised that its best start slow with a sit-stand routine. Starting off with an hour of standing time and gradually increasing helps the body adjust.

Standing for longer intervals can fatigue the legs and cause swelling.

Standing too long can only worsen symptoms for people with varicose veins. People who stand incorrectly at their desks can develop postural problems.

This can lead to a forward bend in the neck, rounded shoulders and back problems.

An ergonomically unsuitable sit-stand desk could cause pain in the wrists and problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome or pinched nerves.

Questions to ask before Choosing the right Sit-Stand Desk

Questions to ask before Choosing the right Sit Stand Desk

Once you’ve decided you need a sit-stand desk there are a few factors you need to consider before making a decision.

You’ll need some prior planning and work before you head to the store and some add – on’s for a fully functioning sit-stand desk.

What measurements are necessary?

Measurements are an important aspect that influences making the right choice. Measure the amount of space available for your sit-stand desk as some of these units can be quite a space consuming.

Also, consider the amount of floor space you can spare and make a note of it.

Sit-stand desks can be altered to fit your height but ascertain the maximum or minimum height you need.

Take into account different heights that you might need if your work combines multiple tasks that involve a desktop, writing work or telephone calls.

You may choose different height levels to suit these tasks and your sit-stand desk should be adaptable.

The recommended height range for your sit-stand desk should be ideally between 22.2” to 48”.

Measure for the size of the desk surface accounting for your monitor and keyboard. You can also decide on whether you need a tray to carry your keyboard.

Also measure for additional items like stationery, tools and other necessities. Ideally, your desk depth should be between 23” to 30”.

How high does the Desktop Surface need to be?

Sitting Position

Test the desk by sitting in a chair at a comfortable height with your feet flat on the floor and your knees aligned with your hips.

The desk should allow for the keyboard to be positioned low such that your wrists always rest gently on the surface without any strain.

Your forearms should be parallel to the floor and elbows at a 90-degree angle.

The keyboard should not be placed at a higher level that won’t enable these positions. Ensure the desk has enough space for your knees to move freely.

Standing Position

Again, it all depends on keyboard placement maintaining the right-angle position of the elbows. Your monitor should enable head and neck aligned with the top section of the screen at eye level.

Best Sit Stad Desk

What Weight Capacity should I Consider?

The majority of sit-stand desks are built to handle the weight of most office electronics and other items.

However, if your workstation includes other heavier items that need a studier workstation, you must account for it.

The weight restrictions of every sit-stand desk vary and must be assessed. Ensure you choose the right weight capacity as overloaded desks tend to wear out faster in terms of stability.

Especially so in the case of electric desks whose control systems make also work slower their normal capacity.

The typical weight ratings are between 150-250 pounds, although there might other options slightly above or below this range.

While desks may be described as being sturdy, you must learn of the weight it can hold in term of metrics.

What is the Price of a Sit-Stand Desk?

Sit-stand desks have been around for some time, giving you a varied price range to suit your budget and other needs.

An important point to consider when narrowing down on price is the fact that a sit-stand desk should be a long-term investment for your health.

Cheaper sit-stand desks may offer lesser height ranges, which limits the purpose of these desks.

Focus on the price while quality takes a back seat might leave you with a sit-stand desk that won’t last too long. You’ll end up having to buy one again that would and incur more expense.

Also, look for brands that offer long term warranties that cover repairs and replacements in case of any problems.

What else should I look for in a Sit-Stand Desk?

Stand-alone or independent unit: Sit-stand desks come as a piece of stand-alone furniture or as a unit that you can fix atop your existing desk.

The choice you make depends on the amount of available space and whether you would like to keep your desk. If you have space to spare then investing in a separate sit-stand desk seem viable.

The unit that perches on desks can be considered in case of space constraints.

Low Decibel Ratings

When choosing a sit-stand desk, check for noise levels while transitioning from sit to stand positions and the noise ratings.

Usually, most desks clock in between 40 to 60 D and some could get noisy in quieter environments.

The speed of the Operating System

Along with other functionalities and quality check the speed of the system to change from sitting to standing positions.

Desks that take too long to adjust may get slower with long term usage.

Alternatively, you can choose to get an electric desk with pre-programmable settings. These desks can be set to desirable height levels, that enables faster transitions at the touch of a button.

Easy Installation

Some desks come with a certain amount of prior attachments while others need to be assembled from scratch.

The amount of time and effort that you will need to put into assembling the desk depends on the number of parts, weight of desk and available instructions.

Some brands may offer representatives who assist you with the setup and provide demonstrations of functions.

Alternatively, you may need an extra pair of hands to help you set up depending on the size of the desk.


Depending on the nature of work, you may need certain frills that require custom made desks. Many brands offer options based on specific needs and wants.

Final Word

You would need a slightly bigger and sturdier sit-standing desk for a desktop as compared for a laptop. So, it’s important to select with caution.

Here is the link for our top picks again for you, use the links to check specs, reviews, prices and offers on Amazon –

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