Best Natural Shampoos for Your Dog & Why Use Them

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Pets are an indispensable part of our lives. And when it comes to pet dogs, one can’t help but be attached to them for all the love and care that they offer us unconditionally.

Thus, it is necessary for us to take good care of them. They are naïve creatures that often wander off to dirty places and become very vulnerable to getting sick or unclean.

Therefore, it is up to us to make sure that they are clean again. For this purpose, the market has been flooded with many dog shampoos of various kinds. But are these really helpful or are they harsh on the poor dogs?

What is a natural dog shampoo?

Before one understands what a natural dog shampoo is, it is helpful to know that there are various commercial dog shampoos available in the market claiming to be helpful with specific problems.

But these are made of strong chemicals that may be effective but could also be harsh and brutal on a dog’s skin which is soft and sensitive.

Natural shampoos are the shampoos that do not contain any harmful chemicals and if they do, they do so in very minimal quantities. They are made almost completely of nature-based products and natural ingredients that are very mild on the skin but achieve the purpose for which they are made.

A lot of companies offer these natural solutions as opposed to others that are purely commercial and chemical based.

These commercial shampoos may get the job done but there may be certain side effects to look forward to.

Dog Shampoo Vs. Natural Dog Shampoo

Normal shampoos, in this case, refer to the common dog shampoos available in the market made up of the common chemicals that are helpful in getting the dog clean.

But these may also be a little too harsh for their skin. Although, chemically formulated to act gently but firm, there have to be certain repercussions to using strong chemicals on a dog’s skin.

Natural shampoos, on the other hand, are composed of natural products. They are biodegradable and also a majority of them do not contain any soap.

A very common feature of natural shampoos is that a lot of them are based on oatmeal. Thus, one can use the terms natural and oatmeal shampoos interchangeably as these are the same.

Benefits of Natural (Oatmeal) Shampoos

The following are some distinct advantages of using natural or oatmeal shampoos as compared to the other normal varieties of shampoos that are available in the market.

Great for itchy skin

Oatmeal is known for its ability to stabilize any erratic skin conditions thus relieving a suffering pet from itches and scratching. With its unique natural composition, it has been identified as a natural skin soother and its soothing effects are due to its ability to balance the skin pH.

pH is a very important criterion to be taken into consideration. The slightest variation in it can lead to scratchy skin and redness or inflammation in less severe cases and extremely serious skin conditions in the extreme case.

Since dogs are known to have extra sensitive skin, their shampoos should be designed such that there no imbalance in pH and natural shampoos completely eliminate this risk of imbalance by basing themselves on oatmeal formulations.

Good for allergies

Other than soothing any itches, oatmeal based natural shampoos are also known to relieve allergies, hot spots, ticks etc,

Helps to keep skin healthy

Natural shampoos contain ingredients like tea tree oil and Vitamin E which is healthy for the dog’s skin.

Popular Natural Dog Shampoos to choose from

Best Natural Shampoos for Your Dog

The following is a list of some of the leading brands that sell natural dog shampoos.

Earthbath All Natural Shampoo

This shampoo is 100% bio-degradable and soap free. This ensures that it is a no tear formulation that is useful when it comes to bathing puppies. It is scented to be a pleasant smelling experience and also proves to be safe, gentle and effective for the dogs.

Natural Chemistry

Completely chemical free, this shampoo contains cinnamon oil, cedarwood oil, vanillin and clove oil. Oatmeal moisturizes, revitalizes and nourish dry skin and this forms the main ingredient in the shampoo.

The shampoo is also designed to be effective in killing and repelling fleas and ticks.

Perfect Coat

This is another product that is mainly based on oatmeal formulation. It relieves the dogs from itchy and dry skin. It is also fragranced with vanilla to make it a pleasant smelling experience.

Oster’s Oatmeal Natural Shampoo

This comes with a built-in conditioner that helps in detangling and also adds sheen to the dog’s coat. It does not contain any alcohol or damaging chemicals and is completely biodegradable.

The use also ensures that the coat stays moisturized and is shiny after just a few applications. Oatmeal has been effectively utilized again in this product.

In the end..

Dogs are a very important part of our lives and this makes it necessary to take good care of them as they cannot do it by themselves.

The chemical products for this purpose can sometimes cause negative side effects and hence, it is essential first to understand the kind of care they need.

Natural shampoos are the best option as these are completely free of any harmful chemicals and even help in nourishing the skin.

They do not cause any side effects and a lot of varieties are available in the market for all kinds of needs.

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