7 Benefits of Making and Using Homemade Dog Shampoos!

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Dogs need proper care and attention and this responsibility fall to the owner.

They need regular bathing which follows a particular schedule and also proper diet and exercises. The bathing schedule needs to be adhered to strictly and the product that is chosen for bathing is also important.

The choice of product can completely change the appearance of a dog. If it is suitable it can work wonders otherwise, there can be some problems.

One does not want to risk taking chances and one solution to this problem is to resort to homemade shampoos.

What are home made dog shampoos?

As opposed to the dog shampoos that are available in the market, home made dog shampoos as the name suggests are made at home.

They can be altered to suit the needs to the dogs and all the ingredients are purchased or made at home. These ingredients are later mixed according to some preset measurements to make a dog shampoo at home.

Benefits of using home made dog shampoos

The following are some benefits of using home made dog shampoos over the use of shampoos that are manufactured by companies and available as packaged products in the market.

1. Custom Created

The owners are the best people to consult when it comes to their dog’s needs and preferences.

Since, they are well aware of what their pet wants or needs and what they don’t want, they can work out the specific ingredients that the shampoo will need and then create it accordingly. This will be more beneficial as the shampoo is specially custom created for the pooch.

2. Economical

One can save a considerable amount of money by investing in home made shampoos as opposed to the market bought shampoos.

These are very expensive as they have been processed extensively and have gone through a lot of chemical procedures.

But the home made shampoos only require one to gather the required ingredients which are also easily available in the market and without the added processing charges.

3. Can be altered later too

One can also alter and modify their home prepared shampoos according to their convenience. A few ingredients can be added, others removed as the complete control of the creating lies upon the owner.

They can gauge the pros and cons of each individual constituent and then as a consequence choose whether or not to add that particular component to the concoction.

4. Can be made organic and biodegradable

All the home made shampoos possess one common advantage and that is of being completely organic and biodegradable. Since, they are not processed at all and the ingredients are also completely natural, the end product is also natural without any outside influence.

The complete mixture is as natural as it gets and it contains the complete benefits of all the ingredients. Processing at high temperatures effectively kills the nutrients if any were present in the first place.

However, since home made shampoos are not exposed to heat or any other processing methods they are enriched with the essential vitamins and minerals.

They are also environment-friendly and do not cause any harmful residues to be left over which can cause damage.

One other added benefit is that sometimes due to some human error, some shampoo residues may be left in the dog’s coat and if the dog happens to ingest it while licking itself, it will not cause any serious damage.

While on the other hand, if it were the market bought shampoos, the dog’s health will be affected severely due to this.

5. Skin Conditions

The owners are aware of any skin conditions that their pooch is suffering from.

When this happens, they can especially alter the ingredients of their home made shampoo to include those that will help in solving the problem.

The owners can easily find aloe vera which helps in hot spots, red spots and inflammation or gets apple cider vinegar which is helpful in case of fleas and ticks.

They get complete control of deciding all the ingredients and hence, can leave out all those components which do not suit the pet.

6. Allergies

The owners are also well aware of the allergies of their pets. So sometimes it may be the case that the commercial shampoos are effective but they can’t be used because some chemical or component being used is what the dog is allergic to.

In this case, one can simply formulate their own shampoo to get the benefits of the desired product without the side effects of the allergic reaction.

7. Use best ingedients to eliminate or limit side effects

The shampoos that are produced by large scale manufacturers or made commercially may be effective but they also carry a lot of undesired effects along with it.

They are processed chemically and made so that they act strongly so sometimes one may notice that the anti-dandruff shampoo is causing the dog to shed its hair or that the moisturizing shampoo could cause rashes.

In this case, the home made shampoos are much more effective as they have no side effects whatsoever.


One can easily conclude from the above points that using home made shampoos have a host of benefits and no cons at all.

Therefore, it seems wiser to go for this option but one can always consult a vet for a personal opinion.

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