10 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete for Men & Women

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Quick Answer:Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

  1. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On
  2. ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-On 
  3. RYKA Women’s Dash Walking Shoe 
  4. Birkenstock Unisex Boston Soft Footbed Leather Clog
  5. Skechers Men’s Relaxed Fit-Creston-Moseco Moccasin
  6. Dansko Women’s Linda Flat
  7. Dr. Comfort Stallion Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic 
  8. Birkenstock Men’s Jaren Oxford 
  9. Nike Men’s Tanjun Black 
  10. ECCO Men’s EXOSTRIKE High Hiking Shoe
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Skechers Flex Advantage (Men)

Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe
  • 1,700 reviews

Check Price

best overall rating ★★★★★

ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-On

Ecco Men's Helsinki Slip-On
  • 1,300+ reviews

Check Price

best overall rating ★★★★★

RYKA Women’s Walking Shoe

RYKA Women's Dash Walking Shoe
  • 1,200+ reviews

Check Price

If you have to walk on concrete for your job or if you have concrete floors at home, you should know the dangers to your body.

Concrete is a particularly unforgiving, inflexible floor material. Pain…ankles, back, heels, toes, knees all in pain from walking on concrete. Will the right shoes help?

Day after day you have to walk on concrete, and you can feel it taking its toll on your body. The real impact is on the joints but it affects everything else.

A good shoe, the right shoe can make all the difference in the world when you have to walk on concrete.

What makes a good show for walking on concrete? You will need good cushioning and right pronation. You will need shock resistance and absorbency.

You almost need orthopedic type footwear if you are going to be in concrete every day. At the very least you want some of the features that you get with an orthopedic shoe.

Where is the best place to find this? Well in addition to looking at traditional work shoes, you should also consider athletic performance running shoes.

So what are the features you are looking for? Of course, you want comfort and style but there are features even more important if you want to avoid plantar fasciitis or concerns such as neuropathy in your feet.

You will want things like durability, stability, anti-pronation, and cushioning. Let’s take a look at the full buying guide for the best shoes for walking on concrete.

Comparison Table: Top Shoes for Walking on Concrete

Quick comparison table with key parameters – 

Product Material Sole Price

Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip On

Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe

Best for Men

Synthetic Synthetic Check Price

RYKA Women's Dash Walking Shoe

RYKA Women's Dash Walking Shoe

Best for Women

Mesh Rubber Check Price

ECCO Men's Helsinki Slip-On

Ecco Men's Helsinki Slip-On

Great choice

Leather Synthetic Check Price

Birkenstock Unisex Boston Soft Footbed Leather Clog

Birkenstock Unisex Boston Soft Footbed Leather Clog

Leather Synthetic Check Price

Skechers Men's Relaxed Fit-Creston-Moseco Moccasin

Skechers Unisex-Adult Relaxed Fit-Creston-Moseco Moccasin

Textile Rubber Check Price

Dansko Women's Linda Flat

Dansko Women's Linda Flat

Leather Synthetic Check Price

Dr. Comfort Stallion Men's Therapeutic Diabetic

Dr. Comfort Stallion Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Dress Shoe

Leather Leather Check Price

Birkenstock Men's Jaren Oxford

Birkenstock Mens Jaren Oxfords

Leather Rubber Check Price

Nike Men's Tanjun Black / University Red-white Running Shoe

Nike Men's Tanjun Black / University Red-white Running Shoe 10 Men US

Rubber Rubber Check Price

ECCO Men's EXOSTRIKE High Hiking Shoe, Black/Concrete DYNEEMA Leather,

ECCO Men's Exostrike Mid DYNEEMA Hiking Shoe, Black/Concrete, 11-11.5

Leather and Textile Rubber Check Price

Reviews for the Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

We have given you ten shoes to choose from – 8 for men and 2 for women. We are confident that these ten shoes are some of the very best shoes for walking on concrete.

1.best overall rating

Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant Mcallen Slip-On

Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe

Skechers is an American company that set out to make safe and healthy shoes.

They have grown to one of the largest players in the performance footwear market with 1.28 billion dollars in sales in just the first quarter of 2019 and they shipped 170 million pairs of shoes worldwide in 2018.

Skechers shoes sell in over 170 countries in over 3000 Skechers worldwide store.

The Skechers for Work-Flex Advantage Mcallen Slip-On is a lightweight, nonslip shoe perfect for walking on concrete.

It is flexible enough to handle the hard surface and cushioned enough to break the shock impact.

The Main Features of this Shoe are –

  • Padded collar with reinforced seams hand stitched.
  • Flexible, breathable mesh upper.
  • Slip on or comes in a laced up version.
  • Synthetic upper and sole.
  • Elastic sides gores.
  • 1 ¼ inch soft padded lining in the heel.
  • Comfortable and cushioned
  • Easy on and easy off
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Not as durable as reputation or as expected
  • Odor can be a concern
  • Can’t get the smell out
  • Feels like there is no heel
  • Used different leg muscles when wearing these and the result was fatigue
  • Not enough cushioning

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2.best overall rating

ECCO Slip-On Men’s Helsinki

Ecco Men's Helsinki Slip-On

The small town of Bredebro, Denmark was the site of Karl Toosbuy’s founding of ECCO in 1963. They started by making shoes then branched out into the production of fine leather.

They also make small leather goods and accessories. The first retail store opened in 1982. ECCO is guided by the company’s respect for its own heritage, passion, innovation, and quest for excellence.

The goal of the company is to be the premium provider of leather goods and shoes.

The ECCO Slip-On Men’s Helsinki is a good dress shoe for walking on concrete. It is a high-quality shoe with full grain leather, padded sock lining and injected polyurethane.

The shoe has a small platform and customized leather.

The Main Features of this Shoe are –

  • Fit is solid with fiber insole and moisture resistant foam.
  • Injected Polyurethane soles.
  • Padded tongue and sock lining.
  • AGION treatment from ECCO
  • Stabilizing shanks.
  • Long heel cup.
  • Removable leather insole.

This ECCO Helsinki is a good shoe for walking on concrete : 

  • Comfortable fit with good support and dry insoles.
  • Bacteria and odor kept away
  • Airy feeling when walking
  • Stable, durable and supported on all rough Surface
  • Arch support to prevent Pronation
  • Good at absorbing shock from step downs
  • Not waterproof
  • High price
  • Limited color choices

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3.best overall rating

Ryka Women’s Dash Walking Shoe

RYKA Women's Dash Walking Shoe

Ryker makes shoes just for women. Instead of a company, Ryker personnel see themselves as a community, a tribe, a place of support for women.

Based on the belief that men and women’s feet are different and women deserve an individual approach.

So for 30 years, Ryker has been designing shoes exclusively for women and the woman’s uniquely shaped foot within their history of 130 years as Caleres.

The Ryka Dash Walking Shoe is a prime example of what the company is about – shoes designed exclusively for women, taking into consideration the shape of the foot, the build of the woman and the movement of women’s muscles.

Women’s Q-angle is greater than a man’s by 5-7 degrees. The Q-angle represents the relationship between the knee and the hip.

This causes more supination as the foot rolls to the outside. Ryka has a customized, scientifically research fit to increase the instep and provide a more secure footbed.

The Main Features of this Shoe are –

  • The complete solution for women’s feet -designed for a perfect fit.
  • Narrower heel platform. The forefoot is roomier.
  • The footbed is more secure and instep volume is increased.
  • Mesh with supportive overlays on top.
  • Ryka is an exceptional company for women.

This video will give you a sense of the Dash Walking Shoe : 

  • Best possible fit, lightweight
  • Comfort, control and cushioning design
  • Breathable with overlays for support
  • Memory foam cushioning and support
  • Could benefit from more cushioning
  • Zone step above walking barefoot

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4.best overall rating

ECCO Men’s EXOSTRIKE High Hiking Shoe, Black/Concrete DYNEEMA Leather

ECCO Men's Exostrike Mid DYNEEMA Hiking Shoe, Black/Concrete, 11-11.5

ECCO was founded by Karl Toosbuy because he had a dream. So in April of 1963, the experienced Copenhagen shoemaker opened a factory in Denmark along with Birte Toosbuy.

By December they had 74 employees. The company remains family owned and currently employs over 20,000.

The company owns and controls the production process at every step from the initial design through the retail sale.

The ECCO men’s Exostrike high hiking shoe for concrete with Dyneema leather is an innovative outdoor shoe made to hold up support on concrete.

The shoe has won design awards for taking what they learned on the streets into the outdoor hiking and activity area.

The Main Features of this Shoe are –

  • Phorene midsole enhanced rebound and cushioning.
  • Rubber sole.
  • Dyneema bonded leather – strength to weight ratio.
  • Lacing structure is hidden.
  • Prosoma TPU heel cup.
  • Direct injection

Check out this ECCO’s Video to get an Idea about the Shoe –

  • Lightweight despite the strength
  • Extra protection from hidden lacing system
  • Shock absorption and comfort
  • Heel support and snug fit
  • Grip and durability
  • Sizing is true
  • Anatomical integrity of the foot
  • Adapts to your foot and the environment
  • There are no referenced cons beyond cost

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5.best overall rating

Nike Tanjun Sneaker

Nike Men's Tanjun Black / University Red-white Running Shoe 10 Men US

In January of 1964, a company called Blue Ribbon Sports was founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman.

This performance footwear company eventually Nike changed its name to the now-iconic Nike and added the “swish” as their logo.

The home of Air Jordan, Converse, Nike Pro, and many more brands is now the number one brand in the market.

The Nike Tanjun is a performance athletic shoe perfect for walking on concrete all day. It features a mesh upper, fabric lining, padded collar and tongue and thick outsole made of synthetics.

It is lightweight with one sole from the midsole to the outsole.

The Main Features of this Shoe are –

  • Secure fit with lace-up closure.
  • Upper mesh and round toe.
  • Padded tongue and collar.
  • The insole is textile and outsole is synthetic.
  • The lining is fabric.

Take a Look at this Nike Sneaker : 

  • Flexible and breathable
  • Absorbing abuse from the concrete
  • Injected lightweight cushioning
  • Additional support at the back of the ankle and Achilles
  • Durable and easy to care for
  • Padded footbed for additional comfort and support
  • Neutral step to assist with any pronation issues
  • Sizing may vary some
  • Soles wear out too quickly

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6.best overall rating

Dr. Comfort Stallion Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Dress Shoe

Dr. Comfort Stallion Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Dress Shoe

The Dr. Comfort Orthotic Lab was begun in Mequon, Wisconsin in 2001 to serve the diabetic market in footwear.

Even though the shoes are designed for diabetics they have all the characteristics of a great shoe for walking on concrete.

Using the latest technology and the best shoe designers, Dr. Comfort has created footwear for anyone suffering from a foot condition. In addition to shoes, the company makes the most custom inserts by volume.

The Dr. Comfort Stallion Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Dress Shoe, even though designed for diabetics, is an excellent shoe for walking on concrete.

The shoe provides many features that provide the best of comfort, protection, and quality for anyone. Made from the finest leather, by the finest craftsman, including the Dr. Comfort Gel insert.

The Main Features of this Shoe are –

  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Traditional lace closure.
  • Interiors are a classic smooth leather.
  • Leather uppers and lining that is padded for comfort.
  • Leather lining and padded tongue.
  • Lightweight lace up
  • Comfort and Support
  • Ankle support and snug fit
  • Including the inserts is a major plus
  • Once broken in the fit is perfect
  • Sizing can be small and shoes tight
  • Must break them in – takes a long time

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7.best overall rating

Birkenstock Men’s Jaren Oxford

Birkenstock Mens Jaren Oxfords

The Birkenstock footwear company has been around since 1774 when John Adam Birkenstock was a shoemaker in a local village.

The company was really born in 1896 when Konrad Birkenstock started to make and sell his own insoles and flexible footbeds.

By 1932 podiatrists and physicians were endorsing his system and products. Today Birkenstocks are an icon of sorts in the United States, having been sold here for over 50 years.

The shoes have cork insoles and are environmentally friendly.

The Jaren Oxford has the traditional look of the Germany Birkenstock and classic business shoe in derby style. It offers the maximum in walking comfort regardless of the surface you are walking on.

With the Birkenstock footbed, this shoe is a cut above the usual Oxford. Anatomically shaped removable footbed made of cork and latex. The footbed is made in Germany.

The Main Features of this Shoe are –

  • The footbed is lined with suede
  • The sole is natural rubber.
  • Micro-fiber lining.
  • High-quality soft leather upper.
  • Lowered heel through the sole.

This Birkenstock Jaren Oxford video should give you a sense of the shoe :

  • Maximum comfort
  • Keeps feet dry
  • Durable and stylish
  • Tight fit
  • Shoes will stretch and mold
  • Extra padding for concrete
  • Balance from heel through cork sole
  • Take several weeks to break in the cork footbed
  • Expensive shoes

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8.best overall rating

Skechers Men’s Relaxed Fit-Creston-Moseco Moccasin

Skechers Unisex-Adult Relaxed Fit-Creston-Moseco Moccasin

Skechers, as we know, is an American company started in 1992. They make performance and lifestyle footwear and are now the third largest footwear maker in the US.

They now also make apparel, scrubs, eyewear, and accessories.

While Nike has their Lebron James and Michael Jordon while Skechers is endorsed and represented by David Ortiz, Howie Long, Tony Romo, and Sugar Ray Leonard among others.

The Skechers relaxed fit Creston Moseco Moccasin dress shoe is good walking on concrete shoe. It is air cooled with memory foam, has a rubber sole and is 100% textile with no synthetics and no leather.

The Main Features of this Shoe are –

  • Canvas upper no synthetics no leather.
  • The rubber sole is flexible but solid and sturdy.
  • Air cooled memory foam.
  • Side overlays and dual panels.
  • Soft fabric padded collar and edging.
  • Textured side panels and overlays.

Take a Look at this Skechers Shoe : 

  • Overlays for extra support
  • Air cooled for comfort and breathability
  • Attractive shoe
  • Dual side panels for easy on/easy off
  • Flexible comfort and heel support
  • Side panels for extra support
  • Heels slip and could cause blisters
  • Sizes are a little off especially since they are wide

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9.best overall rating

Birkenstock Boston

Birkenstock Unisex Boston Soft Footbed Leather Clog

The Birkenstock Orthopadle GmbH & Co.KG is located in Neustadt, Germany that manufactures and sells the iconic Birkenstock brand of shoes and sandals.

These shoes are known for their rubber and cork soles (footbeds). The shoes conform to the shape of your foot.

The Birkenstock Boston is a sophisticated version of the clog, another classic Birkenstock line, It is 100% leather with a synthetic sole.

It has a heel of about 0.75 and the platform is 0.5. Slip-resistant with contoured footbed support. Two compounds combine to make SuperGrip for slip-resistant traction.

Greatly improved over the previous grip compound performance.

The Main Features of this Shoe are –

  • Custom fit with adjustable buckle.
  • Distributes weight across the entire shoe for better support.
  • Cork/Synthetic footbed conforms to shape of your foot.
  • SuperGrip sole nonslip traction.
  • EVA midsole.

This video will give you a sense of Boston : 

  • Prevent pronation
  • Adjustable sizing instep buckle
  • Optimal support as weight is distributed
  • Great arch support
  • Resoleable
  • Durable, flexible, well cushioned
  • Nonslip grip/traction
  • Cork footbed absorbs shock and wicks moisture.
  • Improved circulation
  • Sizing is not true
  • For some, the soles came apart
  • Long break-in period

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10.best overall rating

Dansko Women’s Linda Flat

Dansko Women's Linda Flat

Dansko was founded with the mission that their products improve their customer’s quality of life.

In 1990 they committed to a better tomorrow through better products and began by making a barn shoe designed after the clogs of Europe. Dansko means “Danish Shoe” and was formed by Peter Kiellerup and Mandy Cabot.

The Dansko Women Linda Flat is an open oxford made of aged leathers, hidden goring with fixed laces, and low heels.

Leather linings increase comfort and the triple-density EVA footbed and Tuckboard shank. Breathable and moisture free in heat.

The Main Features of this Shoe are –

  • Heel at 1.5” and platform at 0.5” for stability.
  • Removable footbed made of triple density EVA foam cushion.
  • Scotchguard protection for fabric
  • Rubber outsole stacked leather heel.

This video will give you a sense of Dansko and the Flat : 

  • Great support and cushioning
  • Stability and flexibility
  • Comfort fit and leather linings
  • Designed for concrete surfaces for women
  • Elegant as well as functional professional
  • Comfortable even for long 12 -14-hour shifts
  • Cool, breathability even in summer heat
  • Won’t tighten correctly for narrow feet
  • Sizing is a little off
  • Not enough arch support for serious pronation issues

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Buying Guide Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

Buying Guide Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

A good buying guide will tell you the features to look for in your shoes, which ones are most important and why they are important. We don’t factor in cost because that is not a must-have. You probably won’t find shoes with every feature; you have a place to start.

In order to protect yourself from serious life long injury, or even just daily foot fatigue when walking on concrete, you need a serious shoe.

You might not think a running shoe or an athletic performance shoe is a serious shoe, but for this purpose it is.

The types of shoes you should look at the find most of the features we will discuss include:

  • Athletic, running and/or performance shoes
  • Orthopedic/Diabetic shoes
  • Shoes or boots made specifically for walking on concrete.
  • Clogs or slip-on.

Selective working boots and/or shoes.

All of these types of shoes have several things in common and these must be in your buying guide.

You will need:

  • Supportive Arch Systems
  • Shock absorbency
  • Pronation support
  • Even distribution of support and absorbency

The most important features in your buying guide are the first four and they feed off each other. If you get nothing else in your shoes for walking on concrete, get these four features.

You need strong and supportive arch systems for it is the support given to your arches that allows for the good shock absorbency, pronation support and the even distribution of support and absorbency.

To understand these four features, you need to understand pronation. Pronation is the way your foot will roll to the inside of your sole when the shoe hits the ground when running or walking on a hard surface like concrete.

When your foot rolls to the inside it flattens, and the arches are flattened until they eventually break and fall. You need some pronation but too much can cause intense injury and pain.

The ligaments, tendons, and muscles are stretched to the breaking point.

The opposite of pronation is supination where the foot rolls to the outside instead of the inside, still resulting in many potential injuries.

You must have good arch support and good overall support in order to avoid pronation or treat it.

The shoe doesn’t just have to support your foot, it must support your ankle as well. This means the upper soles must also to this support with cushioning.

This support and absorbency need to be distributed across the entire surface of the shoes in order to ensure the support you need.

This support allows the feature of shock absorbency to create a snug environment where the feet receive good cushioning, and uppers that are well constructed. These four features should be present in any shoe you buy.

Once you know that you have these four critical elements, you can pick and choose the remaining features that matter most to you.

However, these features also have an order of importance to consider. These features are:


This feature will help you to maintain a stable footing at all times on any type of surface. Stability includes an anti-slip feature, good traction.

Well Cushioned Midsole

The more cushioning the better, but the importance of midsole cushioning is that it supports the arches.

cushioned insoles and well-constructed uppers – all the cushioning makes your shoe more comfortable, with more shock resistance and support.

Soft and Flexible

Flexibility is important to the fit and wear of the shoe and its softness adds to comfort.


Being lightweight is very important to walking on concrete every day. You don’t want heavy, cumbersome shoes that you are dragging around on your feet if you want your feet to feel good every day.

Removable Insoles

This is an important feature as well. The insoles that come with your shoes might be the best possible, but they might not. If you can replace them with orthotic insoles, your feet will be much better off walking on concrete.

Conform to Your Foot

Good snug fit helps to prevent pronation also. Whether it’s a cork sole on Birkenstock or a rubber sole on a Skechers, the better the fit, the better the comfort.


This is the name of the game, the bottom line, This is what we are really after and it might be a combination of many of the features on this list.


Once you find the shoe you want it to last. So look for good

Craftmanship and quality in the shoe you choose.

Why You Need a Good Shoe if you Walk on Concrete

Why You Need a Good Shoe if you Walk on Concrete

If you walk around on concrete all day long with the wrong shoes, you risk a wide variety of potential injuries to your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. These could be lifelong injuries. When your foot hits the concrete floor it has an immediate impact for better or worse on your joints, cartilage, and tendinitis.

Inflexible, unforgiving flooring like concrete can cause irreparable damage to your body. Wearing the wrong shoe while walking on concrete can cause even more problems for your back in particular.

A lot of chronic back pain is caused by wearing the wrong shoes. So when walking on concrete, you need solid arch support and shoes that relieve pressure on your ankles.

Wearing the wrong shoes, in this case, means wearing a hard and inflexible shoe. You need a cushioned, soft, flexible shoe to avoid injuring the tissue band that runs from the bone of the heel to the ball of your foot.

This is the plantar fascia and if it is tightened, torn or stiffen it causes a very painful condition named Plantar Fascitis. Plantar Fascitis is usually treated by switching to the right pair of shoes.

This Video shows why it is important to have the Right Shoe –

We know the wrong shoes cause an already hurting back to be injured even more. The reason is that the ligaments and muscles of the back to be overworked and spastic. Running shoes will work but don’t forget about walking shoes.

Walking shoes are designed to spread the shock of your foot hitting the ground across all the entire shoe surface while running shoes tend to compile the shock absorption into the heel.

Is Walking on Concrete Bad for Your Feet?

We know that chronic back pain, knee joint issues and ankle injuries can be caused by walking on concrete. Is it just as bad for your feet as it is for these other aspects of your physical wellness? We know it can cause Plantar Fascitis, and several other foot anomalies can also occur.

Walking on concrete can be very bad for your feet. Studies have shown that it can be responsible for bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, ingrown toenails, and Morton’s Neuroma in the ball of your foot.

Perhaps the worst of all, it can cause stress fractures in the bones of your foot. This occurs when the bones cannot take the stress of your foot dropping down onto concrete day after day with no give in the surface.

Shoes or Boots: Which is Better for Walking on Concrete

Shoes or Boots Which is Better for Walking on Concrete

Finding the right footwear for walking on concrete is sometimes a difficult challenge. Not because the footwear is not available, but at times you might have conflicting needs for your footwear. Shoes are the best footwear on concrete, but if you need to wear work boots, you have more of a challenge.

Do I wear shoes when walking on concrete all day or do I wear work boots? Clogs, dress shoes, sliders?

There are many options to choose from, but the consensus is that shoes – one of the many types available – are better for walking on concrete than boots.

Why would this be? Why would it matter if the boots had the same type of construction and features as the shoes?

Support, comfort, and cushioning are major factors in selecting footwear for walking on concrete. Preventing foot pronation is also a major factor.

Both boots and shoes can be successful at support, comfort and cushioning. But unless the boot is specifically made for concrete, it probably won’t help with one of the biggest pain-causing factors, namely pronation.

Pronation occurs when your foot rolls to the inside and your shoes wear on the inside of the sole. This condition can cause a myriad of injuries or painful feet after walking on a concrete day after day.

Running shoes, athletic performance shoes can give you protection and even treatment for pronation. Most working boots do not. However, the choice is yours.


There are many questions regarding the best shoes for walking on concrete. We have answered some and in reviewing our suggested products, we will probably answer more. However, we cannot answer them all in this article.

Here we will attempt to answer a few more of the common ones.

Are our Feet Equipped to Walk on Concrete?

No, we are not equipped to walk on concrete. Our feet evolved to walk on soft surfaces, natural surfaces, like grass or sand. Walking on hard, unforgiving surfaces like concrete are not natural to our physiology.

I Understand Pronation, but what is Supination?

If your foot rolls to the outside of the foot it called supinator while the inside roll is pronator. This causes excessive pressure with your small toes and foot in midstance.

Does the Shape of your Foot have Anything to do with Walking on Concrete?

No, but it does have a lot to do with the type of shoe you wear when walking on concrete. You want a shoe that fits the shape of your foot snuggly.

Final Words

We know how dangerous it can be to our long term health to spend our days or nights walking on concrete. This can cause long term injuries or chronic pain in our feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.

How can we prevent these injuries whether walking on concrete for the entire workday or at home in the kitchen?

What is necessary is the right shoes for walking on concrete, in order to prevent these types of injuries. In this article, we have looked at what makes a good shoe for walking on concrete and are boots better or worse than shoes?

We looked specifically at the effects on your feet in terms of pronation or supination, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures.

All of these conditions or injuries can be prevented with the right shoes.  Take your time. Read over them again. Watch the videos, then go buy yourself a great pair of shoes.

Check out our best picks again below. Click to check specs, reviews, price and offers on Amazon – 

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