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In Brief: Best Women’s Shoes for Varicose Veins

  1. Skechers Go Walk
  2. Solomon XR Mission
  3. Skechers D’lites
  4. Dr Marten Mary Jane Flat
  5. Aukusor Ballet Flat

Varicose veins can be a painful and debilitating condition for both women and men.

Can you prevent or treat varicose veins with the right shoes? Is there a shoe or shoes made specifically to treat varicose veins? If so, what does that shoe look like?

What are varicose veins? What causes them and do shoes have anything to do with it?

Varicose veins are painful, and most people find them displeasing to look at. They are bulging veins with a bluish tint barely underneath your skin’s surface.

Usually, they are found in the feet and legs and can be very swollen.

These veins right at the surface are painful but not in the long run dangerous. These are the majority of the varicose veins even though occasionally there can be deep invisible varicose veins that can cause blood clots.

With the surface-level veins, the blood from the lungs goes to the arteries and is carried to the extremities, in this case, the feet.

Then the veins have to bring the blood back to the heart through one-way valves. These values are the problem in varicose veins. Veins also get weaker as we get older.

So how can you prevent or treat the pain and swelling that comes with varicose veins, without having to have surgery? It is true that the shoes you wear every day have an impact on this condition.

Your shoes can influence that flow of blood from the heart to the feet and back to the heart again.

Yes, shoes can have an impact on your veins and arteries. The pressure is the biggest enemy of your veins in this condition.

best overall rating ★★★★★

Skechers Go Walk

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe
  • 9,000+ Reviews
  • Lightweight Cushioning

Check Price

best overall rating ★★★★★

Solomon XR Mission

Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe
  • Extremely light weight
  • 3,000+ Reviews

Check Price

best overall rating ★★★★★

Skechers D’lites

Skechers Sport Women's D'Lites Original Non-Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker
  • Supportive cushioning
  • 3,000+ Reviews

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Comparison Table: Top Women Shoes for Varicose Veins

Here is  a quick comparison table for the the top shoes available in the market today – 

Product Features Price

Skechers Go Walk

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

9,000+ reviews

Comfort Cushion Slip on Check Price

Solomon XR Mission

Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe

3,000+ reviews

Lightweight Gender design Lateral support Check Price

Skechers D'lites

Skechers Sport Women's D'Lites Original Non-Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker

3,000+ reviews

Durable Arch support Lightweight Check Price

Dr Marten Mary Jane Flat

Dr. Martens Women's Askins Knit Mary Jane Flat

Cushioning Light weight Arch support Check Price

Aukusor Ballet Flat

Memory foam Environment + Fashionable Check Price

Reviews of the Best Shoes for Varicose Veins

There are no popular shoes actually designed for treating or preventing varicose veins. Yet there are several shoes that meet the criteria set out in the buying guide. They should be flats or low heels with a strong arch and heel support. They also need to be very comfortable most of all. overall rating

Skechers Women’s Performance Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

With their headquarters in Manhattan Beach, California, the performance footwear company, Skechers has been in existence since 1992.

Their 2018 earnings exceeded $4.64 billion. They have almost 12,000 employees.

The Women’s Go Walk Slip-on is only 12 oz and the heel is only 0.7”. They are fabric and synthetics with a synthetic sole.

With a proprietary cushioning that is very lightweight. They offer comfort and solid support.

Canvas shoe with a flex comfort outsole and the proprietary Resalyte cushioning that protects your feet without preventing them from responding

Proprietary Go Impulse Independent sensors with trademarked cushioning, circular sensors, and odor-preventing insoles.

  • Otholite insole prevents odor
  • Lightweight Cushioning
  • Independent circular sensors
  • Go Impulse sensors offer feedback and flexibility.
  • Feel like wearing slippers they are so comfortable.
  • Some users felt shoe did not hold up
  • Cushioning buttons seem smaller
  • Not as much arch support
  • Rubber feels like Plastic

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon overall rating

Salomon Women’s Running Shoe XR Mission

Salomon Women's XR Mission Running Shoe

The Salomon Group is a French sports equipment company that operates worldwide. The company started in Annecy, Rhone-Alpes in 1947 by the Salomon family – Mr. and Mrs. Salomon and George, their son.

The company was a metal workshop, to begin with then moved on to make skis and cable bindings. The group was sold in 2005 to Amer Sports of Finland.

The Salomon Women’s Running Shoe XR Mission Re entirely synthetic with a rubber sole. The upper has a protective toe cap and breathable fabric.

Sensifit and Sensiflex technologies add to stability and comfort. The Contagrip outer sole gives the shoe good traction and non-slip movement.

Foam footbed offers cushioned comfort and stability. It prevents moisture build-up with breathable mesh.

Precise fit with Sensifit technology with Quicklace system allows for securing, fast lacing up. Designed specifically for how women’s feet differ from men’s.

  • Lightweight
  • Sensifit provides a natural rolling motion
  • Sensiflex provides stretch and support
  • Roomy protective toe cap and durability
  • Gender-specific design
  • Run about a half size larger
  • Not quite enough arch support
  • Arch too high
  • Midsole stiff

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon overall rating

Skechers Sport D’lites Original Non-memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women's D'Lites Original Non-Memory Foam Lace-Up Sneaker

The Skechers Sport D’lites is 100% leather with a rubber sole and breathable mesh lining. The heel is about one and one-quarter inches. It has a flexible sole and is lightweight.

Good arch support and comfortable, lightweight shoe. Durable with a rubber sole and leather upper and the heel is one and one-quarter inches high.

A Perfect Shoe for preventing varicose veins.

  • Mesh lining breaths
  • Sole is supportive cushioning
  • True to size for most people
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Outsole won’t mark floors
  • Very comfortable for wide feet
  • Good cushioning and durability
  • Tongue and ankle collar well cushioned
  • Heel and toe cushioned bumpers
  • An attractive sporty looking shoe with accents on the overlay.
  • Tread on soles can come apart after use
  • Inside sole could have more cushioning
  • Some find it bulky looking with the lace up
  • The fit is not as good about one-half size smaller

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon overall rating

Dr. Martens Women’s Askins Knit Mary Jane Flat

Dr. Martens Women's Askins Knit Mary Jane Flat

Dr. Martens is a clothing and footwear company in England. Their footwear is most often known as “Doc Martens or DMs’.

The company started in Germany during World War II and expanded to England. They were not popular until 1947 when they began making the shoes with rubber for airfields.

They have been known mostly for boots ever since. Today they make a wide variety of comfortable shoes.

The Dr. Martens Women’s Askins Knit Mary Jane Flat is a comfortable low heeled shoe perfect for preventing or treating varicose veins.

It has a padded collar, and ultra-light outsole and proprietary cushioned insole. Conventional Doc Marten sole is 30% heavier than this one and Comfortable insole.

There is a Stitch Construction in the sidewalls with Outsole made of lightweight Phylon.

  • Casual but classic
  • Mary Jane looks with hook and loop fastener.
  • A multitude of attractive colors.
  • Solid cushioning with padded collar
  • DM Lite outsole
  • EVA midsole with Phylon cemented outsole.
  • Lots of toe room.
  • Arch support
  • Roomy enough for socks.
  • 30% lighter with same classic good looks.
  • Heel might rub without socks as sole does not bend that much.

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon overall rating

Aukusor Women’s Wide Width Flat Shoes – Cozy Pointy Toe Buckle Strap Ballet Flat

Aukusor brand shoes are a product of the China Kunshan Sunaus International Trade Co., Ltd., with trading partners around the world.

They are involved in many different product lines including clothing and footwear.

The Cozy Pointy Toe Buckle Strap Ballet Flat offers good support and comfort with a faux leather upper and lining, anti-slip sole and memory foam cushioning.

These shoes run about 12% wider and one-half size longer than most U.S. brands. Made with quality materials that are environmentally friendly. Heel height is only 0.1” high.

Memory Foam high-density insole for less foot fatigue and improved comfort. Flats for wide feet. You may want to come down a half size, but you won’t have to size up again.

Canvas fabric micro-sized upper with Faux leather fabric lining.

  • Classy fashionable shoes in so many colors
  • The classic Mary Jane look
  • All materials are manmade
  • Environmental friendly
  • No chemical smells
  • True width sizing
  • Great fit for wide feet
  • Memory foam padding
  • The length is longer than normal U.S. shoes
  • The pointed toe may not leave enough room in the toe box.

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Buying Guide

Buying Guide

Even though shoes can make a difference with varicose veins, there are not any specific shoes or brand of shoes that work best.

Instead, there are things to look for in a variety of shoes and brands that are best for treating varicose veins.

  • Wear flats or tennis shoes not high heels most of the time. Make sure your arch is supported.
  • The heal should be lower than one half to one and a half inches high. No high heels. The higher the heel the more damage it does to the veins as it applies more pressure.
  • Look for shoes that support your ankles with slightly tightened graduated compression. This may not be easy to find.
  • Make sure the fit is good. Not too tight and not loose. Many required work shoes do not have a good enough fit and over time can cause vascular issues.
  • You should be able to get compression stocking or socks on and still have some roominess.
  • If you can get shoes that are designed to strengthen and support your calf muscles, you will really help out your legs and veins.
  • The shoes should have solid arch support and insoles that are nicely cushioned.
  • The shoes should have a very roomy toe box. Don’t let your toes be squeezed and put pressure on your calves.
  • Flexible as opposed to hard to break insoles. Cork soles might not be as good as rubber soles.

There have been a few studies done to look at how high heels impacted varicose veins.

These studies do show that the pump function of the muscles in the calf can be impeded by high heels and how they form the shape of the foot.

This raises the pressure in the lower leg veins. This process can be a major factor in developing varicose veins.

These same studies have shown that flats or low heels can support the legs enough to actually tone up the calves thus promoting that efficient blood circulation from the arteries to the veins and back again.

Ill-fitting shoes can also cause too much calf strain pressure and result in varicose veins. Low or flats are much better for the flow of blood back up into the heart for efficient circulation.

A precise fitting shoe is an important aspect of the buying guide.

If your well-fitting shoes don’t have enough support, you can always add an orthotic. So, if the support feels a little off, look for shoes with removable insoles that you can replace with an orthotic insole.

Finally, you might look for shoes that are specifically designed to strengthen and tone the muscles of the calves.

These shoes might be found in strength building specialties. There are not a lot of these, and they are expensive. They are also not necessary as a low heeled, supportive shoe might do the same thing.

Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that any show will prevent varicose veins. This is particularly true if they have already started to develop.

The key is comfortable shoes that are not tight and don’t pinch. If your shoes are comfortable and fit well you will be able to move comfortably, be active and keep blood circulating through the extremities.

Benefits of the Right Kind of Shoes for Varicose Veins

Benefits of the Right Kind of Shoes for Varicose Veins

Choosing the right shoe for preventing or treating varicose veins is not the easiest of tasks. However, there are many benefits if you do so, including strengthened calves, supported ankles, and arches.

All of this results in less pressure on the calves and better blood flow through the veins.

Low heeled shoes with good arch and heel support offer the benefits of improved circulation from the feet back up through the veins to the heart.

Good circulation will prevent varicose veins. The right shoes will also give you comfort, support and a lot less pain in your legs.

The major benefit of the right shoes is alleviating at least some of the pain experienced every day from varicose veins.

The right shoes can also improve your varicose veins over the long haul. There are athletic shoes that will provide solid arch support, ankle support, blood flow, and muscle support.

An additional benefit is the increased circulation to the thighs and calves as well as the feet. This will give you added strength in the thigh muscles to support the calves better.

These benefits will come from flats or they can also come from a combination of heels of 4cm and compression stockings.

This will prevent some of the back issues some people have when wearing flats all day.

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has stated that toning your muscles will help blood flow easily through the circulation system.

One of the most effective treatments for varicose veins is compression socks and stockings. Standing for long periods of time calls for a good compression sock.

The best of these are the graduated compression versions. These types of socks have more compression at the ankle and foot, therefore giving more support to the calves.

Medical professionals have recommended compression stockings for circulation improvement.

Leather strap wrappings like them were even used by soldiers in the Roman Empire when they went on long marches.

Today’s compression stockings are designed to support your legs with consistent pressure in order to improve circulation.

Most of the compression is around the feet and ankles. There are different kinds of compression stockings and they can exert different kinds of pressure in order to improve circulation.

Can Bad Shoes Cause Varicose Veins?

The right shoes can help varicose veins, but can the wrong shoes actually cause varicose veins? Yes, there is at least one type of shoe that will cause a variety of leg and foot problems.

This shoe is the ever popular high heel and it can cause a variety of issues.

The high heel shoe for women is a long time classic upscale footwear for women. Women have always known that this shoe causes pain.

Can Bad Shoes Cause Varicose Veins

However, the high heel shoe might be one major cause of varicose veins in women.

Why is this shoe so bad?

It changes the way you walk and interferes with the blood flow back up the leg to the heart. This interference with circulation can cause blood to pool in the leg.


How do High Heels impact Varicose Veins?

The pressure that high heels cause on the calves impacts the series of valves in the veins and the blood pools in the leg instead of returning to the heart.

What shoes can help Varicose Veins?

The right shoe for prevention and treatment are low heels with strong support and arch support. What happens to varicose veins? They get worse with time. It is better to prevent them from upfront.

Final Words

Varicose veins is also a common issue in women. wearing the right kind of shoes can sure help and provide relief in the condition. We believe our choices of shoes above will for sure help you get the right kind of shoe for you.

Here is the list again for you – 

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