7 Best Inflated Fishing Kayaks Today

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Quick Answer: Best Inflated Fishing Kayak

  1. Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak
  2. Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak
  3. Elkton Outdoors 10′ Foot Inflatable Tear Resistant Fishing Kayak
  4. NRS Pike Angler IK
  5. 13′ Pro-Angler Fishing Inflatable Kayaks FK396
  6. Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Kayak
  7. Elkton Outdoors Comorant
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Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak
  • 470 lbs capacity
  • 18 gauge PVC

Check Price

best overall rating ★★★★★

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

Sevylor C001 Tahiti Hunt Fish 2 Person Kayak
  • 360 lbs capacity
  • 21 gauge PVC

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best overall rating ★★★★★

Elkton Outdoors Tear Resistant Fishing Kayak

Elkton Outdoors 10' Foot Inflatable Tear Resistant Fishing Kayak with Double Sided Oars, Rod Holders, Foot Pump
  • 6 rod holders
  • 18 gauge PVC

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Over the years fishing from kayaks has become quite popular with fisherman, which in turn means that inflatable fishing kayaks have become more popular.

Many anglers prefer to use an inflatable fishing kayak due to their portability among many other reasons.

Whether you are new to kayak fishing or an experienced angler an inflatable kayak might be your best choice, but you want to pick the best inflatable kayak for fishing.

Comparison Table: Top Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

Check out the top inflatable kayaks for fishing along with their key specs to help you decide – 

Product No. of People Material Capacity Price

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

Best Overall

2 PVC 470 lbs Check Price

Sevylor Tahiti Hunt and Fish Kayak

Sevylor C001 Tahiti Hunt Fish 2 Person Kayak

Best Lightweight

2 PVC 360 lbs Check Price

13' Pro-Angler Fishing Inflatable Kayaks FK396

13' Fishing Inflatable Kayak. Heavy-Duty Pro Angler Fishing Kayak Canoe. Blow up Fishing Boat.

Best High Capacity

2 PVC 700 lbs Check Price

Elkton Outdoors 10' Foot Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Elkton Outdoors 10' Foot Inflatable Tear Resistant Fishing Kayak with Double Sided Oars, Rod Holders, Foot Pump

2 PVC 420 lbs Check Price

NRS Pike Angler IK

Pike Angler Inflatable Kayak

2 PVC 400 lbs Check Price

Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler Kayak

Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler

2 Multi- Layered 300 lbs Check Price

Elkton Outdoors Comorant

Elkton Outdoors Cormorant 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Fishing Kayak, 10-Foot with EVA Padded Seats, Includes 2 Active Fishing Rod Holder Mounts, 2 Aluminum Paddles, Double Action Pump and More

2 PVC Tarpaulin 450 lbs Check Price

Reviews of the Best Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

This list has 7 popular inflatable fishing kayaks, with a detailed summary of their specs and a comprehensive list of pros and cons according to their features and customer reviews to make choosing a kayak easier for you.

1.best overall rating

Sevylor Coleman Colorado

Sevylor Coleman Colorado 2-Person Fishing Kayak

The Sevylor Coleman Colorado is one of the more popular inflatable kayaks out there and is on par with many recreational inflatables.

It is made for tandem paddling and is built out of 18-gauge PVC with a tarpaulin-covered bottom that is meant to be resistant to punctures.

This durable construction, which comes finished with a nylon cover, can get you to the most out-of-the-way fishing spots.

It also designed for safety and has multiple air chambers. This means that in case one gets punctured, the remaining chambers can keep you afloat long enough for you to reach the shore.

For fishing, it comes with adjustable quick set rod holders for hands-free fishing and even comes with the fittings required to install a Sevylor trolling motor.

You also get paddle holders to hold your paddles while you fish. Convenient mesh pockets near the seats let you stash away snacks while D-rings on the boat are there so that you can attach your equipment to them.

It has a weight limit of 470lbs and comes with a carry bag and pressure gauge.

  • Rod holders for hands-free fishing
  • Tandem paddling is possible
  • Easy to inflate and fast set-up
  • Very durable and puncture-resistant
  • Spacious and has good storage
  • No pump included to inflate it
  • Rod holders not positioned well
  • Tends to drift easily in the wind

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2.best overall rating

Sevylor Tahiti

Sevylor C001 Tahiti Hunt Fish 2 Person Kayak

The second inflatable fishing kayak on this list by Sevylor is the Tahiti kayak, which is also a tandem kayak like Colorado but is almost a third of its price.

The construction is of 21-gauge PVC that will last you many seasons of use. It is also designed for safety: its multiple air chambers will keep you afloat in case one of them gets punctured.

It has adjustable seats which move to fit you. These seats come with backrests so that you can lean back for a relaxing day of fishing.

You also get spray covers to keep you dry and comfortable. It also comes with carrying handles to make moving it around on land easy.

The kayak comes with a carry bag for when it’s deflated and folded down. The weight limit of the Tahiti kayak is 360lbs.

  • Low price
  • Stable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • No rod holders
  • Low weight limit for 2 people (360lbs)
  • Doesn’t come with pump or paddles
  • Doesn’t track well, needs a skeg

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3.best overall rating

Elkton Outdoors 10′ Foot Inflatable Tear Resistant Fishing

Elkton Outdoors 10' Foot Inflatable Tear Resistant Fishing Kayak with Double Sided Oars, Rod Holders, Foot Pump

This tandem kayak by Elkton Outdoors comes fitted with all the accessories you’ll need for fishing. It has 6-rod holders, 2 verticals and 4 trolling, for you to drop multiple lines to optimize your fishing experience.

It is made out of 18-gauge rip-resistant PVC that is designed for years of rugged use. The PVC is tear resistant as well as hook resistant so you won’t be in danger of getting easy punctures.

The kayak is made of 3 removable air chambers so in case it gets a puncture it can easily be repaired. This is also an important safety feature since the 2 remaining air chambers can keep you afloat in case one deflates.

The construction is meant to be lightweight and easy to carry and this kayak comes with its own carry bag as well as double-sided aluminum oars.

It’s extremely easy to inflate and comes with a foot pump. Unlike other inflatables that can be inflated more efficiently by electric pumps, this one is specifically designed for use with a foot pump.

  • Stable
  • Comes with 6-rod holders
  • Comes with carrying bag and foot pump
  • Good entry-level boat for beginners
  • Can’t be fitted with a trolling motor
  • Rod holder incorrectly placed
  • Paddles are of low quality and not easy to use

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4.best overall rating

NRS Pike Fishing Kayak

Pike Angler Inflatable Kayak

The NRS Pike is the most expensive kayak on this list and for good reason: it comes completely outfitted for all your fishing needs while delivering high-quality construction, stability, and safety.

It does this through its rugged PVC construction designed for harsh conditions so that you can get to those hard-to-reach fishing spots.

It has 3 air chambers for safety and has 4-inch thick high-pressure insert in the floor of the kayak to add rigidity and prevent any sagging.

This also contributes to the high stability of the NRS Pike. You also get 2 removable skeg fins (5 inches and 9 inches in length) to improve tracking and directional control.

Perhaps the best feature of this model is how spacious it is, with plenty of room for storage. It has a stern compartment large enough for a milk crate or perhaps an ice bucket for your catch.

It also has multiple D-rings and bungee cords placed all over to attach equipment or for securing gear.

You also get 3 accessory mounts that can be used to place rod-holders, fish-finders, or camera booms. It weighs 46lbs and comes with a carry bag.

NRS has put up a Video on this Kayak here –

  • Extremely stable
  • Easy to maneuver and direct
  • Easy to lift and transport
  • Very spacious with large storage
  • Can take on whitewater up to Class 2 and 3
  • High price
  • Slow
  • Doesn’t come with paddles
  • No rod-holders included

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5.best overall rating

13’ Saturn Fishing Kayak

13' Fishing Inflatable Kayak. Heavy-Duty Pro Angler Fishing Kayak Canoe. Blow up Fishing Boat.

This fishing kayak by Saturn Rafts is made of thick, heavy-duty PVC for a durable yet lightweight kayak.

This kayak has a weight of 43lbs while being able to carry weights of up to 700lbs, giving it the highest weight limit of any kayak on this list. It even exceeds the capacity of most hard-shell kayaks. It is a tandem kayak.

It is given stability by the floor, which is made of a high-pressure air deck that also gives it rigidity to prevent sagging.

A double-layer PVC covering covers the floor so that any fishing hooks don’t accidentally puncture it. The kayak has 3 air chambers, including the floor, which also improves the overall safety.

A unique feature of this kayak is that it comes with 2 removable aluminum benches that are designed for mounting hardware such as fish-finders, kayak GPS, rod holders, or even anchor mounts.

You can even use these benches as seating if you don’t want to use the high-backed seats that are usually used with this kayak.

The bow and stern also have a good amount of storage space protected by splash guards and there are D-rings all around the kayak for attaching equipment.

  • Very stable
  • Easy to set up
  • Dries quickly
  • Aluminum benches for mounting
  • Very high weight limit
  • High storage capacity
  • Comes with oars, pump, and a carry bag
  • Seats must be purchased separately
  • Rod-holders don’t come with the kayak

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6.best overall rating

Advanced Elements StraightEdge Angler

Advanced Elements Straitedge Angler

The StraightEdge Angler combines a number of features to give you a great fishing experience.

The design features a wide beam that ensures stability while the hull has aluminum ribs to give it definition and improve tracking.

It has a multi-layer construction with abrasion pads to weather all sorts of adverse conditions. The multiple-chamber design also ensures safety in case of a puncture.

For comfort, you get a high-back seat which also has two rod-holders at the back along with inflatable lumbar support for extended periods on the water.

For storage, you get multiple D-rings to attach equipment along with bungee deck lacing in the front and back to store gear in.

There are also paddle holders which can hold your paddles while you are fishing. You also get an accessory mounting bar to mount fish-finders and rod-holders to.

It weighs 41lbs and has a weight limit of 300lbs.

Advanced Elements’ Video on Setting it up – 

  • Very rugged and durable construction
  • Easy to inflate and set up
  • Quite stable
  • Comfortable seating
  • Spacious legroom
  • Can be used up to Class 3 rapids
  • Doesn’t come with rod holders for all
  • Doesn’t come with paddles
  • Water gets in easily
  • It takes a while to dry

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7.best overall rating

Elkton Outdoors Comorant

Elkton Outdoors Cormorant 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Fishing Kayak, 10-Foot with EVA Padded Seats, Includes 2 Active Fishing Rod Holder Mounts, 2 Aluminum Paddles, Double Action Pump and More

The second kayak on this list by Elkton Outdoors is the Comorant which, like the Elkton 10’ inflatable, is also a tandem kayak.

It comes fitted for fishing with 6 rod-holders of 3 different kinds: 2 full-action ones, 2 vertical ones, and 2 trolling rod-holders. These allow for storing your rods as well as let you drop multiple lines at once.

The kayak is made of 18-gauge PVC that is manufactured to be rip-resistant so that it doesn’t snag and tear while kayaking.

It is also hook-resistant so that your fishing hooks don’t puncture it.

It doesn’t have bungee cord lacing or D-rings but it is still quite a spacious model and you can expect to be able to fit crates, ice chests, or boxes in it.

You also get a storage bag for keeping any extra gear in while on the water.

The Comorant comes with 2 paddles, a carry pack, a mesh storage bag, a double action hand pump, and a repair kit which makes it a really value-for-money buy.

  • Comes with many accessories
  • Inflates very quickly
  • High quality and durable construction
  • No specialized storage areas
  • Cheap valves are used for inflation

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Buying Guide – Inflatable Kayak for Fishing

What to Look for when Choosing the Best Inflatable Kayak for Fishing

The most important factors to look for when purchasing the best inflatable kayak for fishing include air chambers, weight capacity, material, how you plan to use it, budget, where you are going, how experienced you are, fishing accessories included, and how many are going with you.

One thing you need to realize with the best inflatable kayak for fishing is they have come a long way over the years.

The best ones are going to provide you with the widest range of uses from just paddling and floating along the river to actually fishing from the kayak.

Air Chambers

One of the biggest concerns paddlers, new and old, have with an inflatable kayak of any kind is punctures resulting in the kayak sinking.

When looking for the best inflatable kayak for fishing you need to consider the number of air chambers the kayak includes.

The more air chambers an inflatable fishing kayak has the less likely it is to sink before you can get back to shore with a puncture.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity is always something to think about because you need to find a kayak that will not only support your weight but the weight of all your fishing gear as well.

Every inflatable fishing kayak offers a different weight capacity. A tandem kayak has a higher weight capacity than a solo one.

Something to think about is the heavier the load the harder the kayak can be to paddle.

When picking the best inflatable kayak for a fishing total up the weight of the people on the kayak, as well as the weight of the gear and find one that can carry that much weight at a minimum.


Fishing from a kayak can present a few different problems, one of them being hooks. Anglers often worry that stray hooks or even hooks while casting will get caught in the inflatable kayak and create punctures.

While this can happen, it can also be prevented by choosing a kayak made from a tough material.

How you Plan to Use it

What kind of kayak you opt for will depend on how you to plan to use it. If you plan to use it just to paddle to your fishing location, you don’t need to worry as much about functionality as you do about stability.

If you plan to fish from it, like many anglers are now doing, you need to find an inflatable kayak that is suited for fishing.


You need to think about how much you can spend on an inflatable fishing kayak. With inflatable fishing kayaks, like other kayaks, you often get what you pay for.

The cheaper your kayak the less chance it is going to last for years to come. A higher quality kayak is going to cost more upfront but will be worth your investment as it lasts for years to come.

Where you are Fishing

You need to consider the waters you will be fishing in when choosing the best inflatable kayak for fishing.

Knowing if you are going to be fishing on calm waters, creeks, or the open ocean play a role in choosing the fishing kayak best suited for your needs, as the design will vary based on the waters you visit.

Experience Level

How experienced you are at kayaking, as well as fishing, will determine the best-suited kayak for you. Beginners in both areas will do better with a wide design, as this offers the best stability on the water.

More experienced kayakers and fisherman might not want the stability of the wide design, so they opt for a narrow choice as it provides excellent maneuverability.

Fishing Accessories

The best inflatable fishing kayak is going to offer more than just stability, it will also offer features geared towards the angler.

If you are going to e fishing from your kayak, you need to look for one that has at minimum rod holders. Pay close attention to placement, as the rod holders can get in the way of paddling.

Tackle box storage and extra gear storage are other musts that fishing kayaks need to have. What specific features you want depends on what kind of angler you are.

Solo or Tandem

You need to decide ahead of time if you are going on your trips solo or if you plan to bring others with you.

If there is even the smallest chance of you bringing along a kid, dog, or your friend you will want to look into tandem inflatable fishing kayaks. Tandem kayaks often have a greater weight capacity and can be used solo or tandem.

Benefits of Fishing in Inflatable Kayaks

Benefits of Fishing in Inflatable Kayaks

The main benefits of fishing in inflatable kayaks are accessibility, convenience, price, and fun.

People have spent years fishing from kayaks and canoes, but usually using a traditional hard-shell design.

As technology has improved, so has the durability of inflatable kayaks making them one of the most popular choices for fishing. There are many benefits of fishing in inflatable kayaks including:


Kayaks, including inflatable kayaks, can take you places that boats cannot.

Using an inflatable kayak allows you to reach remote spots that are less fishes, giving you a more enjoyable experience with less traffic and possibly more biting fish.

Inflatable kayaks can go in shallower waters than hard-shell kayaks as they sit on top of the water rather than in the water.


An inflatable fishing kayak is easier to transport than a boat and a hard-shell kayak. Inflatable kayaks are designed for maximum portability, so they often fit inside a backpack or carrying bag and can be tossed in the trunk of your car.


Inflatable fishing kayaks are more inexpensive than hard-shell kayaks. Inflatable kayak prices will vary based on the quality of the kayak, as well as the additional features it offers.

Just remember you do get what you pay for in terms of quality when it comes to fishing kayaks.


Inflatable kayaks are not only fun to paddle; they also provide you with plenty of exercises.

An inflatable fishing kayak not only allows you to relax and have fun while paddling to your destination, but you can have fun fishing once you get there.

The fun experience masks the fact that you are getting plenty of exercise along your trip.

Limitations of Inflatable Kayaks for Fishing

Limitations of Inflatable Kayaks for Fishing

There are two main limitations of inflatable kayaks for fishing which are air loss and maneuverability.

As an inflatable kayak, one of the biggest limitations these fishing kayaks face is loss of air.

Although inflatable fishing kayak has come a long way from years past due to the improvements in technology, there is still the puncture risk factor.

High-quality inflatable fishing kayak may not fall victim to fish hooks like they used to, but you still have to deal with random objects in the water including branches and rocks.

The more air chambers the inflatable fishing kayak has the easier it is to get back to shore in the event a puncture happens.

The other limitation of inflatable kayaks for fishing is they can be difficult to maneuver in certain conditions.

Clear, calm waters present no problems for inflatable fishing kayaks, but rough conditions can drastically change things.

Inflatable kayaks sit on top of the water, so they can get thrown around by wind and rough waters. As they are easily thrown around in rough conditions, sometimes paddling is more work than you had anticipated.

Are Inflatable Kayaks Slower?

The quick answer is yes inflatable kayaks are slower than traditional kayaks.

Inflatable kayaks are generally slower than traditional kayaks, but how much slower will depend on the model that you choose.

Inflatable kayaks are slower because of their body design, as they are wider they cannot reach the faster speeds of a streamlined plastic kayak.

What are Inflatable Kayaks Made of?

Inflatable kayaks can be made from vinyl material, PVC, or layers of synthetic materials.

The price of a kayak is often directly related to what material it is made from. The cheapest inflatable kayaks are made from a tough vinyl material.

The most common and affordable material used to make inflatable kayaks is a PVC coated fabric. PVC, which stands for polyvinyl chloride, is used along with plasticizers to improve durability.

Synthetic materials, including brands Nitrilon and Hypalon, are layered together and used with other materials like neoprene.

Must-Have Gear for Inflatable Kayak for Fishing

Must-Have Gear for Inflatable Kayak for Fishing

The must-have gear for inflatable kayak fishing includes drift chute, anchor trolley, paddle leash, stake out pole, rod leash, and a game clip.

As with all types of fishing, there is must-have gear for inflatable kayak fishing. Two of the most important things to bring along are a drift chute and an anchor.

The drift chute can help in slowing down your kayak on windy days, while an anchor is needed to hold your kayaks fishing position.

A paddle leash is also needed to hold your [paddle in place while you are reeling in fish or otherwise busy. A stakeout pole is preferred for shallow waters and will help you keep your kayak in place, much like an anchor does.

A rod leash aids in keeping your gear in place, while a game clip is needed for securing fish to the side of your boat.


Here are the answers to five of the most commonly asked questions about inflatable fishing kayaks.

1. What is an Inflatable Fishing Kayak?

Inflatable fishing kayaks come in various sizes, but what makes them stand out is the rounded front and back of the kayak. The rounded front and back add stability to the kayak. Inflatable fishing kayaks offer a lot of storage places and d-rings for attaching excess storage.

2. Does a Fishing Kayak need to be Self-Bailing?

As you will be mainly fishing on calm waters you do not need to have a self-bailing inflatable kayak. Although an inflatable fishing kayak doesn’t need scupper holes, they are a bonus to have as you won’t have to worry about pouring out any excess water.

3. What are the Best Brands for Inflatable Fishing Kayaks?

There are several good brands of inflatable fishing kayaks, but the top three brands to look for are Aire, Hobie, and Sevylor. These three brands make quality products that you can rely on.

4. Are Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Durable?

Are Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Durable

Many people worry that hooks will snag inflatable kayaks and cause punctures. While that can happen, it is very unlikely as inflatable fishing kayaks are made from rubber-coated fabric to improve durability and [protect against those accidental snags. Punctures can happen though, so always have a repair kit on hand.

5. Sit on Top or Sit Inside Inflatable Fishing Kayak?

The most popular choice for an inflatable fishing kayak is a sit on top style because they allow you to fish from a variety of positions with ease. Sit on tops are also less likely to fill with water, plus they are easier to right and climb back into if you do tip over.

Final Words

There are lot of inflatable fishing kayaks available in the market. Thus, its important that you select yours wisely.

We believe that this article would have for sure helped you in terms of understanding the key aspects to consider while buying and also other useful info.

Here is a quick recap of our top picks of inflatable fishing kayak again for you. You may click the links to check for reviews, specs, pricing and offers on Amazon –

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