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One of the greatest things about being an attacker is this position allows you to succeed in many different ways. As an attacker, you have the ability to be an outside shooter, a creator, an inside finisher, or a feeder.

Although you have the ability to be all of these things, you cannot achieve greatness at any of these positions without a good attack lacrosse heads.

Finding the right attack lacrosse heads allows you to amp up your game using a head geared for your position.

Why Attackers Need an Attack Head

Why Attackers Need an Attack Head

It really makes sense that if you play a specialized position that you are going to need specialized equipment in order to play that position to the best of your ability.

As an attacker, you tend to doge vertically with your sticks than other positions do. Attackers generally work in up close and extremely tight situations.

These players need to be able to make shots through some pretty small gaps and they have to do all of this under extreme pressure.

Having an attack head designed for this kind of gameplay will enhance your abilities as an attacker. The head will actually work with you in playing your position rather than against you.

Top Lacrosse Attack Heads Comparisons

Here is a quick comparison of the top attack heads for you –

Product USP Price

Brine Clutch Elite Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Brine Clutch Elite Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Best Overall

Uncompromising Accuracy and Featherweight Strength Check Price

Warrior Evo 4X Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Warrior Evo 4X Unstrung Lacrosse Head, Forest Green, X

Runners Up

Maximum String holes for Customized Pocket Placement Check Price

STX Lacrosse Duel U

STX Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung Face-Off Lacrosse Head, Black

Dual sidewall Braces Provide extra Stability on Ground balls Check Price

Maverik Lacrosse Optik Universal Unstrung Head

Maverik Lacrosse Optik Universal Unstrung Head, Carolina Blue

New lightweight 2-Strut Design Check Price

STX Surgeon 700

STX HD SR70 WE XX/MEA Lacrosse Surgeon 700 Unstrung Head, with Memory Mesh, White

Speed scoop design Enhances Ground Ball Pickup in Tight Quarters Check Price

Maverik Kinetik Lacrosse Head

Maverik Kinetik Lacrosse Head-White

Precision Lock to Easily find a Shooting Channel Check Price

STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Unstrung Head

STX Lacrosse 098805547356 Stallion 700 Unstrung Head, Black

Meets NCAA and NFHS Rules Check Price

East Coast Dyes Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse Head

East Coast Dyes Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse Head - Black

The Mirage is built for the Perfect Pocket Check Price

Characteristics of Good Attack Heads

Characteristics of Good Attack Heads

As an attacker or an offensive player, you are going to be doing a lot of shooting and dodging on the field.

Your lacrosse stick needs to be narrow enough to allow you to easily weave through the players, as well as help you make tight passes and accurate shots.

As an attacker you are the one responsible for making the goals, so you want to be as accurate as possible when taking those all-important shots.

As an attacker or middie, you want to look for a lacrosse head that is lighter than other heads. You also want something with a forward cant.

The forward cant and the lighter weight design work together to help attackers quickly release the ball, but also helps create more accurate shots and feeds.

The right attack lacrosse heads will also be more pinched than other heads. This narrower design allows for attackers to wield their stick in the tightest spaces.

The weight of your lacrosse head makes a huge difference based on the position you play. As an attacker, you need a lightweight head because they are a bit more flexible.

Something else to think about in terms of flexibility is the fact that as an attacker you might find yourself on both sides of the field during the game.

You need a flexible enough head that allows for fast shots, but you also need something durable enough to handle checks and occasional battles for the ball.

The head should also have a slimmer throat and a narrower head. The reason for this design is it helps keep your ball safe in the pocket in the vent your stick gets checked during the course of the game.

As an attacker, you need a more controlled head than other players. The head should be pinched and offer a more rounded scoop than what you see in other heads.

The head should be offset, which means it offers a drop-down at the throat. The offset design provides attackers with the ability to better control the ball.

This means attackers can hold onto the ball easier and shoot it with better precision.

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind

Other Considerations to Keep in Mind

Before you go out and purchase what you feel is the right attack lacrosse head you need to understand a little bit more about the process of creating a good lacrosse stick.

You need to consider the shaft when picking out a good attack lacrosse heads, as you need the appropriate shaft to work with the head that you have chosen.

The best way to put this you can use a bent shaft with a head that is designed for a straight stick. You as a player need to determine what works better for you.

The pocket of the lacrosse head also plays a role in determining the right attack heads. With pockets, you not only have the depth of the pocket but also what the pocket is made from.

Pockets are available in traditional styles along with newer variations. The more traditional pockets feature 4 pieces of leather that go vertically from the scoop to the throat of the head.

These leather pieces are then laced with nylon.

The problem is the upkeep on them, they are hard to take care of as the leather gets old and worn, plus they are nearly impossible to restring.

Synthetic pockets are easier and simpler to maintain, but they do take some getting used to.

Other heads offer a synthetic fabric in place of the leather strips, which works great with all playing positions.

When and Why you need an Attack Head

When and Why you need an Attack Head

Your lacrosse stick is the most important piece of equipment you will have on the field. As an attacker with how important your stick is it is vital that you opt for a shaft and a head that is geared especially for your position.

Read: Best Lacrosse Heads

As an attacker, you are faced with tight spaces where you need to make quick and accurate shots. As an attacker, your teammates are counting on you to score.

What you might not realize yet is that a high-quality lacrosse head can make a huge difference in terms of the quality of your passes, as well as the number of turnovers you experience.

As an attacker, you need an attack head whenever you are playing your attacker position.

Attack heads are lighter and more flexible than other heads, plus they are narrower so they provide a better “grip” on the ball inside the pocket.

The slightly offset attack head also makes better passes, feeds, and shots during the game. The design of an attack head focuses on an attackers ability to thread tight places and make accurate shots.

The narrower head also offers a slimmer design than any other head, which is also helpful in keeping the ball safe in the pocket if your stick gets checked.


1. What makes an Attack Lacrosse Head?

A good lacrosse attack heads offer a slimmer throat and a narrower head than other lacrosse heads, This design makes it easier to keep the ball safe in the pocket during gameplay, even if your stick is checked by another player. Attack heads are also lighter and slightly offset than other heads to improve shot accuracy and to enable players to make faster passes.

2. Who Needs Attack Lacrosse Head?

Anybody who plays the attack position or the midfield position will need to invest in an attack head for their lacrosse shaft. These players need an attack head because they are shooters and dodgers across the field and the head enhances their ability to play their position.

3. Can I use an Attack Head with any Shaft I buy?

Not all attack heads will work with all attack shafts. When buying a lacrosse head you need to make sure it will work with the shaft you currently have or you will need to purchase a new shaft. A head designed for a straight shaft will not work for a bent shaft. As a player, you need to figure out if a bent stick or straight stick works best for you and then purchase the head accordingly.Can I use an Attack Head with any Shaft I buy

4. Why do I need an Offset Head?

An attack head needs to be offset because the design provides you with better control of the ball. The offset head offers a drop-down throat where the head connects to the handle which allows you to hold onto the ball better, as well as pass and shoot it with more accuracy.

5. Do I want a Stiff or Flexible Head as an Attacker?

As an attacker, you need to decide between a stiff or flexible head. This is usually based on personal preference, but here are a few things to keep in mind. Most attackers prefer a more flexible head because they are better for passing and shooting. Stiffer heads are preferred by defensive players because they are more durable and stand up to hard checks.

Good attack heads should let you dominate every aspect of the game, from powerful checks to quick shots and efficient groundball play.

The best lacrosse attack heads give you intuitive control over the ball, lightweight construction for agility, and are durable enough to take on the ferocity of a tough game.

Reviews of the Top Lacrosse Attack Heads

This list presents the most popular attack heads from recent years. These heads also have some of the most cutting-edge technology and design on the market right now to boost your game to the next level.

Brine Clutch Elite Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Brine Clutch Elite Unstrung Lacrosse Head

Brine has been known for consistently creating some of the best heads in the game and the Clutch Elite is no different.

It is designed with two things in mind: unparalleled accuracy and featherweight strength to give you the ultimate attack head.

It possesses Brine’s Core-Tech sidewall design that dramatically reduces the weight of the head without reducing the stiffness that a good attacker will need.

This makes it durable while also keeping it lighter than many of Brine’s other heads.

The design of the sidewall holes is such that they push down. This gives a deeper set pocket as well as a greater release channel.

It has the maximum possible offset from the shaft to give you the best accuracy and control, making it suitable for the most elite players. It is a universal head, which makes it legal for all levels of play.

You can watch Brine’s demonstration of this head here: 

  • Lightweight yet stiff
  • Sidewall allows for deep pockets
  • Narrow face gives ball control
  • Very popular with elite-level players
  • Multiple sidewall holes allow for customizable pocket

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Warrior Evo 4X

Warrior Evo 4X Unstrung Lacrosse Head, Forest Green, X

The Warrior Evo 4X is part of Warrior’s drive to re-engineer some of its older heads for on-field dominance.

This head has been manufactured with a fine-tuned balance of a low weight coupled with an ideal amount of stiffness.

This effect is achieved through design features such as Warrior’s new Symrail design in which the inner sidewall mirrors the outer.

This gives you a reduced weight without reducing durability. The sidewalls also have the maximum number of string holes possible so that you can perfectly customize the placement of your pocket.

Another unique feature is the Tru Offset technology, which is patented by Warrior. This technology lowers the sidewalls of the head below the center line of the shaft.

This gives a physically lowered pocket that is as deep as the rules allow. Such deep pockets give you the control and increased speed that you need for fast and accurate shots.

  • 18 stringing holes
  • Symrail design for speed and stiffness
  • Very long-lasting
  • A wide variety of offensive maneuvers
  • TruOffset design for deep pockets

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STX Lacrosse Duel U

STX Lacrosse Duel U Unstrung Face-Off Lacrosse Head, Black

The STX Lacrosse Duel is a favorite of collegiate-level players and it’s not hard to see why.

Unlike some of the other heads on this list, it is made for the highly specific purpose of face-offs and some of its best features are dedicated to letting you dominate during one.

Starting at the base of the head, the STX Duel has a revolutionary new throat plug which is designed so that you get can closer to the ball for a better feel and control.

If the head is used with the STX Duel handle, the third screw hole on the throat plug gives further torsional stability.

Specialized flex zones in the mid-section of the head are meant to give a boost to durability and prevent warping during face-offs.

The strategically placed string holes give you a multitude of stringing options without compromising the stiffness of the head.

It has dual sidewall braces that impart extra stability to the head for ground balls as well as for key moments during the face-off.

Another feature designed for ground balls is the scalloped scoop, which makes the balls easier to pick up.

This head by STX is designed for use by both high school players and college-level players and meets both NFHS and NCAA regulations.

  • Multiple design features
  • Specifically made for face-offs
  • Revolutionary and unique throat plug
  • Scalloped scoop for picking up balls
  • Extra-stable sidewalls
  • Only fits STX’s Duel shaft
  • Head can warp easily

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Maverik Lacrosse Optik Universal Unstrung Head

Maverik Lacrosse Optik Universal Unstrung Head, Carolina Blue

As the name of this head suggests, it is based on Maverik’s Optik model and has been updated to be a universal head, meeting both NCAA and NFHS requirements.

This head is designed with precision, accuracy, and speed in mind without having to sacrifice on power.

For this, it features Maverik’s 2-Strut design which makes it more lightweight, giving you better speed while making shots.

It also has a level 2 bottom rail which is meant to give you a low-mid pocket. This will give you a faster and more accurate release while adding power and propulsion to your shots and passes.

It has a dual design scoop that gives it a more pinched structure, giving you more control over your ball. It also has multiple different stringing holes to let you customize the size and placement of your pocket.

Finally, you get a narrow throat that gives you maximum control by creating a tighter channel. This also boosts the accuracy and consistency of your shots.

Watch Maverik Lacrosse’s product video for this head here:

  • Engineered for speed and strength
  • Narrow throat for better control
  • Level 2 bottom rail
  • Mid-low pockets give quick releases
  • Multiple stringing holes
  • Breaks easily during faceoffs
  • Older Model

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STX Surgeon 700

STX HD SR70 WE XX/MEA Lacrosse Surgeon 700 Unstrung Head, with Memory Mesh, White

This is one of the newest attack heads by STX, designed to meet NFHS and NCAA specifications, and is one of the hottest and most popular heads currently available.

The head is made from EnduraForm, which is STX’s new, proprietary formulation that gives enhanced toughness at a wide range of temperatures.

It is meant for precision players and comes with 20 stringing holes to give you unparalleled control over your pocket so that you can carefully calibrate your shots, attacks, and passes.

To further add to this customizability, it has 2 side rails and features a unique Suspension Rail design. This creates a unique stringing system for better ball retention.

It also features a Channel Lock, which is a recessed stringing hole at the center of the scoop. It allows you to string tighter channels than ever before.

The scoop itself is a cored-out speed scoop that enhances your ground ball pickup skills. The head, overall, has a high pinch structure which allows for tighter channels and facilitates more accurate release.

The head also has a shortened throat which lets you get closer to the ball for a better feel while also axing throat rattle.

  • EnduraFoam gives toughness and stiffness
  • 20 stringing holes
  • Suspension Rail for pocket customizability
  • Channel Lock for tight channels
  • Cored-out speed scoop
  • Shortened throat gives better control and eliminates throat rattle

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Maverik Kinetik Lacrosse Head

Maverik Kinetik Lacrosse Head-White

The Kinetik head by Maverik is designed for those shooters who want to maximize their velocity and accuracy during a game.

It is meant for high-school as well as collegiate players and satisfies requirements for both levels of the game.

To give you the accuracy you need it includes features such as its Precision Lock that lets you easily locate a defined shooting channel.

While stringing, this is coupled with a Level 4 bottom rail that gives you a mid-high pocket. This adds power to your shots, in addition to precision, and also gives you a more consistent hold.

Like the other heads on this list, you get multiple holes for stringing so that you can customize your pocket.

The head also has an optimal release point that increases your control and hold of the ball and guarantees extreme energy transfer when shooting.

The material used to make the head is Maverik’s DuraTough, which provides you with consistent stiffness for all-weather use.

The X-Rail technology enhances the stiffness by distributing stress to opposite rails, which also helps keep the head lightweight.

You can watch Maverik’s video on the Kinetik head here:

  • Precision Lock
  • Level 4 bottom rail adds power to shots
  • Multiple stringing holes
  • DuraTough construction
  • X-Rail technology give all-weather stiffness
  • Optimal release point for powerful and precise shots

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Stallion 700 Unstrung Head

STX Lacrosse 098805547356 Stallion 700 Unstrung Head, Black

This is probably the most popular attack head available online, with over a hundred positive reviews.

It is meant to combine the latest advancements in technology with the best style and aesthetics and comes in a variety of marbled color schemes.

It has a cored-out face design that reduces its weight, making it 5% lighter than previous Stallion models. You get enhanced groundball play with the unique Speed Scoop that this head sports.

The scoop allows for quick and effortless scooping by minimizing drag on turf and grass.

Apart from these new designs, the Stallion 700 retains the Stallion line’s characteristic two-sidewall brace design which imparts stability for shooting, checks, and ground balls.

The C-Channel distributes stress to these sidewalls so that the overall head has more stability and strength.

It is both NFHS and NCAA legal.

Watch STX’s video on the Stallion 700 here:

  • Multiple color schemes
  • Cored-out face for reduced weight
  • Unique Speed Scoop
  • Two-sidewall brace design
  • C-Channels make it extra stable and sturdy

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

East Coast Dyes Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse Head

East Coast Dyes Mirage Unstrung Lacrosse Head - Black

The ECD mirage is one of the most popular attack heads out there.

It was specially designed for the most elite players, meeting both NFHS and NCAA requirements, and gives you accuracy combined with versatility.

The Mirage is constructed using cutting edge 3D printing technology to give you a fine-tuned design in which every angle, string hole, and the curve was specifically designed to build a perfect pocket.

The placement of the stringing holes and the gradual bottom rail design make it ideal for a mid-high pocket.

The face shape has a pronounced flare to let you control the tension of your pocket, giving a consistent channel. The design also eliminates any excess material to make the head lightweight for fast shots that pack a punch.

It is made with high-quality, impact grade, UV-resistant material which has been specially selected for its ability to take on the harshest games.

You can watch ECD’s in-depth video on the Mirage head here:

  • Excellent control over pocket tension and channel
  • Lightweight construction
  • Stringing holes and gradual bottom rail give the perfect mid-high pocket
  • Can be prone to cracking or warping

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon


Choosing from the heads on this list will guarantee that you play with some of the most revolutionary lacrosse technologies on your side.

Depending on your needs, these heads can instantly boost your accuracy, make you quicker, or even add more power to your shots.

So if you want to take your game to the next level, have a look at one of these tried and tested options. Here is the list again for you. Click on the links to check out reviews, specs, price, and offers –

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