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Reference books for lacrosse are a great way for you to expand your knowledge of the sport and are useful for all levels of players and even for coaches and parents of players looking to understand their children’s sport.

These can help you gain knowledge from the leading experts in the field, which you would not generally have access to.

It can also let you set a training routine for yourself and give you insight into drills and skill development exercises which you may never have heard of.

Best Reference Books for Lacrosse


Before going through this list of books you should remember that one of the problems with books for sports is that rules for lacrosse change every year.

That’s why when picking a book you should always look for the latest edition.

You should also keep yourself up-to-date with the latest official rulebook so that you are aware of any significant rule changes made after the publication of the book.

1. Lacrosse for Dummies

Most Popular

Lacrosse For Dummies

This is the most popular reference book for lacrosse on Amazon.

While the initial section of the book is geared towards beginners, who may know nothing about the sport, it also includes strategies and drills for experienced players.

It is meant to cover almost every aspect of the sport, although not in extreme detail, and gives you a fair overview of lacrosse.

The book includes not just the rules of the game but also information on women’s lacrosse, indoor lacrosse, and even sections on coaching.

Many customers who buy this book and find it useful are parents whose kids play lacrosse, so it appeals to a very broad audience.

The authors are also quite reputable: Joe Lombardi was named Man of the Year by the Lacrosse Coaches Association of the Hudson Valley in New York in 2000 and Jim Hinkson has played at multiple Canadian championships, even playing for Canada at the World Lacrosse Championship.

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2. The Beast in the Crease: A Lacrosse Goalie’s Guidebook

Best for Goalies

Thinking Inside the Crease: The Mental Secrets to Becoming a Dominant Lacrosse Goalie

This book is a position-specific one and is written for goalies.

It stands out among other books for goalies because it focuses on the mental aspects of being a successful goalie.

Its uniqueness among other reference books makes it stand out and it is a highly-rated book by readers.

The book is written by Chris Buck who is a coach and sports psychology consultant who has worked with multiple NCAA lacrosse programs as a consultant and has worked with hundreds of goalies in his career.

This book provides an insight into the minds of the best goalies and how they think, giving you strategies and techniques to incorporate that mindset into your own training and performance.

This book will give you the mental tools to improve your physical skills, manage them better, and prioritize your attention during actual games.

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3. Women’s Lacrosse: A Guide for Advanced Players and Coaches

Best for Women Players

Women's Lacrosse: A Guide for Advanced Players and Coaches

This is another book by John Hopkins University and is geared exclusively towards women’s lacrosse. It is written by Janine Tucker, who is the head coach of women’s lacrosse at John Hopkins, and Maryalice Yakutchik, a former lacrosse player who now works as an author and photographer.

This book assumes that you already know the fundamentals and jumps straight into specific skills such as cradling, scooping balls from the ground, throwing, and catching.

It is therefore not meant for beginners but rather for players with a bit of experience.

You do not need to be too ‘advanced’ as the title suggests and there are many helpful diagrams and images which illustrate the concepts in the book.

For more advanced players, however, there are sections on precise checking, the correct position for your body and stick, and fast footwork, among others.

This book is highly specific and provides specialized knowledge.

While intermediate players can definitely learn from this, the complete benefits of the book can only be reaped by advanced players who will benefit from cutting-edge information on strategy and skills.

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4. Men’s Lacrosse

Best for Men

Men's Lacrosse

While the previous two books on this list were all about women’s lacrosse, the book deals only with men’s version of the game.

It has a large amount of lucid, detailed instruction which is fleshed out with expert advice and personalized knowledge from the authors.

The first author listed is Don Zimmerman, who has 39 years of lacrosse coaching experience and has coached teams at Princeton University, John Hopkins University, and the University of North Caroline among many others.

Along with him, Peter England is also an author of this book and has been an advanced team scout for the John Hopkins lacrosse program since 1991.

This book covers fundamental skills such as passing, cutting, and finishing while also focusing on how to add finesse to your performance through shot power, accuracy, and placement.

It also covers position-specific techniques such as stick work and clearing for goalkeepers and also includes a bit of strategy, such as how to create offensive opportunities.

You will also find over 25 of the best drills for training and skill development.

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5. Confident Coach’s Guide to Teaching Lacrosse: From Basic Fundamentals to Advanced Player Skills and Team Strategies

Best for Coaches

Confident Coach's Guide to Teaching Lacrosse: From Basic Fundamentals To Advanced Player Skills And Team Strategies

This is a great and highly-rated reference book for lacrosse coaches. It is written by the father-son duo of Michael Morris and Daniel Morris, who was captain of the lacrosse team at Boston University in the late 90s.

Since then he coached the university team for 6 seasons and now coaches defense at Boston College.

This book provides the more essential knowledge for all levels of the game for beginner and intermediate coaches.

It provides the most basic information such as the rules and equipment needed along with skills and beginner drills.

You will find chapters on the latest strategies in offense and defense, advancements in equipment technology, skill-building drills, as well as coverage of both individual and team play along with a resource list of suppliers and training camps.

This is definitely a handy book to have for coaches, and may even be worth a read for players too.

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6. Lacrosse: Technique and Tradition

Lacrosse: Technique and Tradition, The Second Edition of the Bob Scott Classic

This is another highly-rated book and has been described as the ultimate guide for lacrosse by the Baltimore Sun. It is written by David Pietramala, the head coach of the men’s lacrosse team at John Hopkins University, who has won the William C. Schmeisser Award for being the nation’s top defenseman twice, among many other awards, and Neil A. Grauer, who is an award-winning caricaturist and author who has written six books.

This book is a rewriting of the book by Bob Scott with the same name, which was long regarded as the best reference book for lacrosse.

It has modernized sections which cover the basics of the game such as the rules, equipment, and preparation.

Apart from the fundamentals, it gives information on tactics and also covers drills and skills for each position and strategies for the gaming.

There are also instructional photographs and diagrams to help clarify details. While these sections cover the ‘technique’ promised in the title, readers are also familiarized with the tradition and history of lacrosse.

This makes this book good for both regular readers such as parents as well as those involved in the sport at all levels.

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7. Lacrosse Essentials

Lacrosse Essentials

This book is written by Jack B. Kaley, who is the all-time leader in winning percentage for Division I and II universities as well as the head coach from the national German lacrosse team and has been a National Coach of the

Year a record-breaking 4 times, along with his assistant coach for the team, Rich Donovan.

This book provides sequential instruction, beginning with the fundamentals of essential skills such as shooting, passing, catching, and clearing.

There are a number of drills which are meant to expand your capabilities and hone your technique. There are also instructional photos to help guide you.

Building on these fundamentals, the book provides information on the latest offensive and defensive strategies and has chapters on team defense and deuces and motion offense, among others. It also covers situational play and offensive and defensive systems.

This book is thus a great guide for every level of player and has handy information not just for individuals wanting to improve their skills but also for team strategists.

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8. Winning Women’s Lacrosse

Winning Women's Lacrosse

This is another book on women’s lacrosse from Kelly Amonte Hiller, who is head women’s lacrosse coach at Northwestern University.

She has led her team to 7 wins in 8 seasons at the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championships along with many others wins at the American Lacrosse Conference.

This is not an introductory book – it is geared toward honing skills and prepare teams and individuals for success and championship-level play.

It contains Coach Hiller’s expertise gained by developing some of the game’s best players.

It covers individual offensive and defensive skills, specialty skills for field players and goalkeepers, as well as team execution through situational drills.

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9. Sports Illustrated Lacrosse: Fundamentals for Winning

Sports Illustrated Lacrosse: Fundamentals for Winning

This is an updated edition of the bestseller Lacrosse: Fundamentals for Winning by David Urick, who is a ten-time national championship coach.

This book has updated information on the rules of the game, covering positions, play, and penalties.

It also seeks to coach players through the methods for lacrosse success and for this reason it doesn’t just focus on individual skills but also includes information on offensive team formations and quality defense strategies for teams.

This is coupled with a focus on individual skills such as dodging, shooting, and feeding along with defensive skills such as checking and holding. It also includes position-specific information, having 18 different skills and drills for goalies.

This book puts you through your paces, starting from the fundamentals of the game and building up to complex team strategies.

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10. Complete Conditioning for Lacrosse

Complete Conditioning for Lacrosse (Complete Conditioning for Sports)

This book is not meant to improve your lacrosse skills but instead focuses on the training and workouts needed to get the proper strength, speed, and conditioning to maximize the use of your skills and improve your performance.

This book has a comprehensive approach as it focuses both on a general regime to get you in shape while also training you lacrosse-specific skills that you’ll need for your position.

This book has a detailed section for you to analyze your own physical abilities and identify your strengths and weaknesses and has over 190 exercises to help you train.

The book is written by Tom Howley, who has been a strength and conditioning coach at Cornell University since 1992 so you’ll be getting the same expertise that has gone into making Cornell’s sports program as great as it is today.

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All the books on this list are highly rated and are written by some of the best players and coaches in the game.

Unless you’re a coach or just supremely dedicated to the game owning only a couple should be enough to boost your knowledge, skills, and training regimen significantly and will definitely help you reach peak performance.

Here is the list of best books again for you –

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