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As a lacrosse goalie, you are responsible for preventing the other team from scoring. Making those saves though exposes your hands and thumbs to some hard and fast shots.

The more exposed your hands and thumbs are the higher the risk of some kind of devastation injury.

To prevent these injuries one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have is the best lacrosse goalie gloves.

These gloves are specifically designed to provide your fragile hands and thumbs with the best protection.

Difference Between Lacrosse Goalie Gloves vs. Player Gloves

Difference Between Lacrosse Goalie Gloves vs. Player Gloves

The biggest difference between lacrosse goalie gloves vs. player gloves is the extra protection goalie gloves have in the thumbs. Goalie gloves offer an extra layer of padding to absorb hard shots and protect the thumb from breaking or hyper-extending.

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One of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have as a lacrosse player is gloves. As a lacrosse goalie, your hands are an important part of the gameplay.

With how important your hands are, it only makes sense that you need to have the best goalie gloves to protect them.

Many new players often wonder what the difference between lacrosse goalie gloves vs. player gloves. The biggest difference between the two styles of gloves is goalie gloves provide extra protection for the thumbs.

To ensure the thumb is protected from breaks and hyper-extension goalie gloves offer an extra layer of padding. The extra padding also helps absorb the energy from hard shots that you are required to save.

When buying lacrosse goalie gloves one of the most important things to look for is a glove that properly fits.

The proper fit will improve your ability to make saves, as you won’t have to worry about the gloves falling off.

Other factors to keep in mind when buying goalie gloves are flexibility, grip, and protection.

Flexibility in goalie gloves allows for comfort, which the more comfortable your hands are the better you will be able to grip the shaft.

This is important because the goalie gloves feel bulkier than player gloves and sometimes goalies find them harder to move, all because of the bigger thumbs pads designed to give a goalie maximum protection.

Comparing Top Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Here is a quick comparison of the top lacrosse goalie gloves in the market today –

Product Colors Price

Maverik Lacrosse Rome RX3 Goalie Glove

Maverik Lacrosse Men's Rome RX3 Goalie Glove

Best Overall

White Check Price

STX Lacrosse Shield Goalie Glove

STX Lacrosse Shield Goalie Glove, Black, 10-Inch

Black Check Price

Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Goalie Glove

Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Goalie Glove, Orange, 13-Inch

Orange Check Price

Warrior Burn Goalie Glove

Warrior Burn Goalie Glove, Red, Large

Red and Royal Blue Check Price

Maverik M4 Goalie Gloves

Maverik M4 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Black and White Check Price

Maverik Max Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Maverik Lacrosse Max Glove Goalie - Black

Black Check Price

Brine King Elite Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Black Check Price

How to Buy the Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

How to Buy the Best Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

The most important things to keep in mind while shopping for the best lacrosse goalie gloves include the protection the gloves offer, how durable the gloves are, how well they fit, how comfortable they are, and how much they cost.

As a goalie, it is vital to have a pair of lacrosse goalie gloves in order to protect your hands and thumbs.

As a goalie, the “proper” way for you to grip a stick is with your wrists to the rear, which exposes your thumbs.

You want the wrists towards the rear because it allows for proper rotation and wrist movement allowing for quicker reaction times.

Regular lacrosse gloves do not provide any protection to the exposed thumb, which is where the best lacrosse goalie gloves come into play.

Lacrosse goalie gloves haven’t always been around, but now they are and are considered one of the most important pieces of equipment a goalie can have.

Goalie gloves provide better protection to the hand, especially the thumb, than ordinary lacrosse gloves.

Goalie gloves offer a reinforced thumb and some extra padding to provide more protection to the thumbs, fingers, and back of the hands.

Whether you are a new goalie or an experienced goalie looking for new gloves here are things to keep in mind when buying the best lacrosse goalie gloves.


This is the most important consideration, as you are buying goalie gloves to hopefully prevent future hand or thumb injuries.

You wear goalie gloves to provide your exposed thumbs, fingers, and hands the best protection possible.

The best lacrosse goalie gloves will offer additional protection, such as a reinforced thumb and extra padding, to help prevent broken bones from hard and fast shots.

Different brands of goalie gloves will offer different levels of protection, so make sure you choose one that works best for your level of play.


When buying the best lacrosse goalie gloves the last thing you want is a pair of gloves that are going to fall apart after minimal use.

You want to find a pair of goalie gloves that are built to last. The best lacrosse goalie gloves should be durable enough to last through several seasons before needing to be replaced, as long as you take proper care of them that is.

Better known brands often manufacture better gloves, but to see how durable goalie gloves make sure you read through several reviews online or talk to players who have used the gloves before.


Goalie gloves are going to feel and look bulky, due to the extra padding and features used to provide the best protection.

No matter how bulky they look or feel you still need to buy a pair that fits properly. The best lacrosse goalie gloves will fit snugly on your hands and fingers.

They shouldn’t be so tight that they interfere with your ability to hold a stick, but your hands and fingers shouldn’t have a lot of movement inside the gloves.

Get a Perfect Fit by Watching this Video-


Many times you have to sacrifice the comfort and flexibility of the gloves to ensure protection. As a goalie, this is not something you want to give up, as comfort and flexibility are important to your playing abilities.

Many of your earlier goalie gloves are stiff and uncomfortable to wear, but they offer amazing protection.

Today most gloves offer the enhanced protection and are flexible enough to allow you to play to the best of your abilities.

Always try on goalie gloves before purchasing to ensure they offer the comfort and flexibility you are after.


As much as we might not want it to be, price plays a role in the products we purchase.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to buy the best lacrosse goalie gloves, as they offer a great selection in a variety of price ranges.

You should set a budget and then buy the best pair of goalie gloves that you can afford.

Can you Convert Regular Lacrosse Gloves into Goalie Gloves?

Many players often wonder what happens if you can’t find goalie gloves or if you can’t afford them. One question they often ask is if there is a way to convert regular lacrosse player gloves into goalie gloves.

The simple answer to that question is that yes you can convert our gloves into goalie gloves, but it is not something that we recommend.

Converting your gloves into goalie gloves can be done in one of two ways a custom tape job or purchasing a protective thumb cap to provide that extra protection.

The custom tape job requires you to tape or glue extra padding into place in the thumb and other areas, whereas the thumb cap simply slides over the outside of your gloves to protect your thumb.

Tips to Take Care of Goalie Gloves

Tips to Take Care of Goalie Gloves

Taking care of your lacrosse goalie gloves is important if you want to increase the lifespan of your goalie gloves and keep them smelling and looking nice. Tips to take care of your goalie gloves include washing, drying, and conditioning them.

If you are a lacrosse goalie you are already aware of just how bad your gear can end up smelling, including your gloves.

If you are new to lacrosse consider this your official warning, goalie gear smells gross. The best way to combat the gross, sweaty smell is to regularly clean your lacrosse goalie gear, including your gloves.

Plus, by regularly cleaning your gear you will across increases its lifespan and reduce your chances of getting a serious infection from bacteria ridden gear.

Here are some useful tips to help you take care of goalie gloves.

  • To prevent bacteria and orders never put your sweaty goalie gloves into your goalie equipment bag. Always allow your gloves to air dry after practice and games.
  • Using glove dogs, which is two bags filled with cedar chips that work as an odor absorber and deodorizer.
    Sprays can help disinfect and deodorize your gloves.
  • If washing your gloves inside a washing machine using cold water and mild detergent on the delicate cycle.
  • Never use bleach, chlorine, or other harsh chemicals on your gloves. But be warned washing machines may damage the leather of the goalie gloves.
  • Apply leather conditioner to the leather palms every couple of weeks.
  • Never put your goalie gloves in the dryer. Always allow them to air dry. You can squeeze out the excess water to help them dry faster. Absorbent newspaper can be placed inside goalie gloves to aid in the dry time.
  • Dryer sheets or another type of deodorizer can be kept in goalie bags to help reduce orders.
  • Gloves can be soaked in cold water with a mild detergent. After wiping down and rinsing in cold water allow the gloves to air dry.


To help clear up any confusion about buying lacrosse goalie gloves here are the answers to the four most common questions.

1. Why do Goalies need Special Gloves?

Due to their unique position, goalies require special gloves. Goalie gloves are designed specifically for the goalie position to provide the extra protection goalies need for their hands. Goalie gloves need to have extra protection around the thumb, as well as extended wrist guards. Other things to look for include extra padding and plates on the back of the gloves.

2. Can Regular Gloves be Converted into Goalie Gloves?

Although this is not the best idea, it can be done to save some money. Modifying a regular pair of gloves to become goalie gloves will require you to purchase a protective thumb cap, which can be hard to find. Players may also reinforce the thumbs by taping or gluing extra padding. But always make sure you are wearing the gloves when adding the extra material to ensure the gloves still fit properly.

3. Is Ventilation Important for Goalie Gloves?

Ventilation is important for goalie gloves for the same reason it is important for player gloves. Proper ventilation ensures your gloves aren’t soaking wet during games and practice. The ventilation ensures your hands stay dry during play so you have better stick handling. Ventilation also helps your gloves to last longer.


4. Is Flexibility or Protection more Important?

As a goalie, you need the extra protection goalie gloves to provide, but you still need them to be flexible. Luckily, with a good pair of goalie gloves, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other. You need to find goalie gloves that will allow your fingers and hands to move. Gloves that offer breaks at each of the joints are the best choice for the best protection and improved flexibility.

Many people don’t realize how important a good goalie glove is, especially among youth players who are new to the game.

Because a proper goalie grip exposes your thumb, good protection around that thumb is extremely important otherwise you risk getting a particularly horrible fracture.

Modern goalie gloves come with an amazing array of technologies which provide concentrated protection to your thumb and the back of your hand.

At the same time, many gloves are now being designed so that the protection and padding don’t get in the way of your mobility and adversely affect your game.

Reviews of  the Best Lacrosse Gloves

Here are reviews of some of the best goalie glove options available right now, with advanced technologies and design, to ensure that you are the top of your game while also remaining safe.

Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Rome RX3 Goalie Glove

Maverik Lacrosse Men's Rome RX3 Goalie Glove

This is a special glove that is part of Maverik Lacrosse’s Rome line of protective gear, which has its most technologically advanced goalie gloves yet.

The Rome RX3, in particular, is designed to have the best thumb protection of any glove Maverik has ever made. It combines rock-hard protection in the thumb with a low-profile and lightweight design.

Like the regular Rome Goalie Glove, it has a TorqueLoc 2 thumb which is meant to give you mobility while minimizing hyper-extension and interior thumb impacts.

For overall padding, it uses Maverik’s Poron XRD foam that is manufactured to be soft to the touch yet harden under pressure from impacts.

The inside of the glove is lined with the 37.5 liner that keeps your hands cool and dry by letting sweat evaporate quickly.

The glove’s palm is a Quattro Palm with Ax Suede which is both durable and soft for a natural feel of the shaft, giving you heightened handling skills and consistency.

Here’s Maverik’s video on the Rome RX3-

What works for this glove – 

  • Excellent Thumb Protection
  • Lets you retain thumb mobility
  • Quattro Palm for a natural feel
  • The liner helps sweat evaporate

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Shield Goalie Glove

STX Lacrosse Shield Goalie Glove, Black, 10-Inch

These gloves are from STX’s famous Shield line of lacrosse protective gear and feature an intelligent design that is tailored specifically to the needs of lacrosse goalies.

It offers STX’s well-known ball-stopping ability along with multiple forms of protection.

The protection is mostly concentrated around the thumb, with extra protection around the tip of the thumb. It also has a thumb guard that locks the thumb in for better protection.

Its most unique feature is a thumb piece that hinges forward at the base of the thumb.

Apart from these protection measures, the back of the hand also features a reinforced design for key areas of the hand.

As for the palm, it is covered in a single piece of nash that offers you a good grip as well as providing you with a decent stick feel.

It also has a reduced cuff length to give you added mobility.

What works for this glove – 

  • High amounts of thumb protection
  • Good stick feel
  • Reduced cuff for better mobility
  • Unique back-of-hand design

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Brine King Superlight 2 Lacrosse Goalie Glove

Brine King Superlight Lacrosse Goalie Glove, Orange, 13-Inch

These goalie gloves by Brine are a great choice for youth-level players, particularly because of their extremely low weight.

This ensures that it doesn’t hinder your speed too much and feels more natural, which is great for players who are just starting out but even for more advanced youth players as well.

It has a floating cuff design to give you wrist protection, which is especially useful during faceoffs and while picking up ground balls.

The standard amount of thumb protection for goalies is also provided in this glove.

The palm is a textured nash palm that is meant to give you an improved stick feel so that you have optimal control during the game.

It also features Brine’s TruVents design which is meant to increase ventilation around the back of your hand to keep your hands cool and sweat free.

What works for this glove – 

  • Floating cuff for wrist protection
  • TruVents keep your hands cool and ventilated
  • Lightweight design allows for mobility
  • Nash palm for good stick feel

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Warrior Burn Goalie Glove

Warrior Burn Goalie Glove, Red, Large

This goalie glove by Warrior is meant to blend Warrior’s signature speed-enhancing gear with the ideal amount of protection.

For thumb protection, it features a lock thumb construction that has ABS plastic backing. This provides stability to the thumb and prevents backbend during impact.

It even provides extra protection to the tip of the thumb with two types of foam. The memory foam is meant for comfort while the HD foam does the heavy-duty work of impact protection.

Another protective feature is Warrior’s patent-pending interchangeable cuff system. This system lets you customize the fit perfectly.

The cuffs are even interchangeable between the Riot and Burn glove models by Warrior.

The palm of the glove is made of textured nash which is used to give you good stick feel while remaining durable.

Finally, the TruVents design is incorporated into this glove as well and it provides venting to the back of your hand and the palm, keeping them cool and dry.

What works for this glove – 

  • Switch cuff for customization
  • Lock thumb protection
  • Thumb tip protection
  • TruVents design for ventilation

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Maverik M4 Goalie Gloves

Maverik M4 Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

These goalie gloves by Maverik are designed to have a much more roomy fit than most other gloves by Maverik.

They are modeled on a traditional fit with the additional volume being provided in the fingers as well as the back of the hand.

This makes it great for people who find goalie gloves too tight or restrictive to their mobility.

For protection, it features Maverik’s TorqueLoc 2 goalie thumb which protects from both high-velocity impacts and hyperextension.

It also features an adjustable cuff that lets you toggle between a closed fit, which offers more fitted protection, and a flared fit for a better range of motion.

Apart from these protective features, it has a range of features that add to your comfort. The interior of the glove features a 3.75 Technology liner that allows sweat to evaporate quickly from within.

This ability is boosted by the Flowcool venting on the back of the hand which provides ventilation so that your hands don’t get too hot.

The exterior also features an inhaler mesh on the palm that lets air flow through into the glove. This is put in place specifically to prevent any slippage caused by sweat.

The palm is also covered with durable Ax Suede that provides a natural feel.

What works for this glove – 

  • Roomy fit
  • Adjustable cuff
  • Thumb protection against hyper-extension
  • Special linings and venting

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Maverik Max Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

Maverik Lacrosse Max Glove Goalie - Black

This is another pair of goalie gloves by Maverik and is designed for the most experienced players. It shares a number of features with the previous glove but upgrades them with a number of new technological features.

It has a traditional profile but with a bit more space around the fingers and back of the hand to give you a fit that is neither too tight nor too loose.

Durastretch panels across the knuckles also improve the articulation of the glove so that you get a broken-in fit.

Like the Maverik M4, it features the TorqueLoc 2 thumb design that protects against high-velocity impacts as well as hyperextension.

For wrist protection, you can an adjustable cuff that can even be turned into a flared fit to give you a better range of motion instead.

The glove also has Anaform ridges which are meant to provide better impact protection without reducing your mobility or flexibility.

These ridges utilize triple density foam as well as rigid panels to reduce the effects of impacts on key areas of your hands.

The inside of the glove has a 37.5 liner that lets sweat evaporate quickly, keeping your hands dry and cool, while Flowcool venting on the back of the hand gives ventilation and heat dispersion.

The palms of the glove feature synthetic suede that has a great, soft feel for the highest levels of control.

What works for this glove – 

  • Liner and Flowcool venting
  • TorqueLoc thumb protection
  • Adjustable cuff for wrist protection
  • Improved range of motion
  • Mix of traditional and spacious fits
  • Anaform ridges protect the rest of the hand

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Brine King Elite Lacrosse Goalie Gloves

The final set of gloves on this list are the Brine King Elite gloves. They have a wide and spacious fit that is best suited for goalies who desire mobility along with a good amount of protection.

For protection, these gloves feature an updated lock thumb.

This lock thumb design is built with high-impact absorption foam that is meant to both withstand the hardest of shots as well as prevent backbend.

It also features an extension back-hand padding system which features Aeroshield foam for superior impact absorption.

It also has Brine’s patented Arch-Tech which improves the flexibility of the glove.

It also provides extra venting by distributing the vents between the padding and foam to keep your hands cool at all times.

To finish it off, they feature an Ax Suede palm, like many of the other gloves on this list, for a natural and comfortable feel.

What works for this glove – 

  • Aeroshield foam for impact absorption
  • Updated lock thumb design
  • Spacious fit for mobility
  • Arch-Tech technology gives flexibility and superior venting

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon


Is it necessary for a goalie grip to expose thumbs?

The proper Lacrosse goalie grip will expose the thumb when the player adjusts their wrist to the end of the shaft. This position allows for better rotation and wrist movement. Traditionally, such gloves were made which used to expose the thumbs preparing the hands for some serious damage. Nowadays, Lacrosse goalie gloves are made with particular protection in the thumb area as well as the overall hands.

How should a goalie glove feel around the stick?

The grip of the goalie glove should have padding that feels firm around the stick so that when you are driving a shot you have strong control over it. Certain gloves have a tendency to be too stiff, not allowing enough control over the driving shot. This hinders the goalie from owning the ball’s and the stick’s fluidity. Ordering your usual size should make the right fit to hold the stick properly.

What is the ideal Lacrosse glove material?

When you are shopping for a pair of Lacrosse gloves, it is important you observe the materials it is made of. Most Lacrosse gloves use different materials for the palm, fingers and liner to optimize efficiency. A typical Lacrosse glove will have the liners made of Nylon, the palm made of mesh or Nash and the fingers will have carbon composites or plastic material. Whatever the materials you are looking for in your gloves, make sure they are durable and help you control your stick.

Final Words

Goalie gloves aren’t as ubiquitous or easy to find on the market as regular lacrosse gloves, which is why it’s important to know what brands and options that are available.

Here is the list again for you, check out the specs, reviews, prices and offers on Amazon –

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