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Being an extremely rough game the game of lacrosse requires players to be protected at all different levels of play. One of the most important pieces of protection players need is a helmet.

The best lacrosse helmets provide complete protection for a players head, allowing them to focus on the game rather than on if they are going to get hurt.

As we all know full contact is allowed in the game of lacrosse, so having the best lacrosse helmets will keep you safe and protect you from the most serious of injuries.

Why do I need a Good Lacrosse Helmet?

Why do I need a Good Lacrosse Helmet

You need to have a good lacrosse helmet because they are required for men’s and youth boy’s games as these games are full contact.

A good lacrosse helmet is needed because they will protect your head, face, and neck from injuries during the course of the game.

One of the most basic reasons as to why you need a good lacrosse helmet is because they are required in men’s and youth boy’s leagues.

Women’s and girl’s only youth leagues do not require helmets during gameplay because of the different rules and regulations they follow.

The only players in a women’s or girl’s only league that require helmets are the goalie, all other players simply wear goggles.

Men’s lacrosse is a full-contact sport, players check each other with sticks and there are some pretty hard and fast shots made during the course of the game.

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Women’s lacrosse is not a full-contact sport, in fact, no contact among players is allowed. As men do have contact with other players the rules and regulations for required equipment are different.

Helmets are required in men’s play because a good helmet will protect the head, neck, and face from injuries during the course of the game.

Goalies need an added piece of equipment called a throat protector.

Comparison Table: Best Lacrosse Helmets

Here is a quick comparison of the top lacrosse helmets in the market today

Product Colour USP Price

Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

Best for Women

White with 5 more Varieties An Integrated Goggle System Relieves the Facial Pressure Check Price

STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet

STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet

Best for Men

White The stallion 500 includes an ABS shell with Impact Modifiers Check Price

CASCADE CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

CASCADE CS Lacrosse Helmet - (White)

Best for Junior players

White Super-light single piece shell, Chin and Visor Check Price


CASCADE 'R Lacrosse Helmet - All White, Black Facemask

White The HardTail SPRfit System and Adjustable Jaw sizes Allow for a Custom Fit Check Price

Cascade CPX-R Helmet

Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet (White Shell/Chrome Facemask)

Chrome Mask - White Seven Technology liner system Compresses to Laterally Displace Energy Check Price

Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade Silver CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet Black Mask-SM/MED

Silver The SPRfit that Pioneered a fit Revolution made it's Debut on this ride Check Price

Cascade Lacrosse CSR Youth Helmet

Cascade Lacrosse CSR Youth Helmet (EA)

Black-Yellow GEN3 EPP Liner with Poron XRD Foam for Greater Comfort Check Price

How to Buy the Best Lacrosse Helmets?

How to Buy the best Lacrosse Helmets

The most important things to keep in mind when buying the best lacrosse helmets include – safety, fit, style, level of protection it offers, and the individual components of the helmet which are padding, plastic shell, facemask, visor, chin bar, and chin straps.

As the best lacrosse helmets are going to provide you or your favorite lacrosse player with some much-needed protection.

Before you head out and purchase the most expensive helmet, thinking it is the best helmet, there are few things that you want to look out for.


As lacrosse becomes more popular the more players you will see on the field. As new players enter the game of lacrosse current players will notice that players are not only getting bigger, they are getting faster and more competitive.

The more competitive this full-contact sport becomes the higher the increase for injuries. If you want to play this full-contact sport you need to have the best lacrosse helmet, as well as the safest helmet.

As with all full contact sports, there is always the risk of a concussion. The risk for a concussion goes up the more you play, as well as the higher level of play.

Purchasing an inferior or second rate helmet will also increase the risk of head injuries. In order to play the game, you need to protect your head for the long term.

Goalies also need to protect their throat.

To make sure you have an approved helmet you want to look for one that has the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment on it.

This committee is known for assessing how well any lacrosse helmet will stand up during a rough game.

The committee puts each helmet they endorse through a large range of tests to prove that it can withstand whatever you are going to put it through.


Getting a helmet that fits properly is necessary if you want the helmet to do its job as intended.

Not all helmets are going to fit everybody the same because everybody’s heads are shaped a little bit different.

While all helmets with a seal of approval meet safety regulations that don’t mean they will all fit the same. Always try on a few different helmets to find the one with the right fit.

Helmets come in different shapes and sizes, but they should all come with padding to provide comfort.

The right tilt is important; the wrong tilt not only exposes you to risk of injuries but also shows you have no idea what you are doing.

The right fit is important because if the helmet is worn to high you expose your neck to injury, but too low and you can’t see what is going on during the game.

To get the most out of your helmet always wear it how it is intended to be worn. Read the manufacturer’s manual and follow their recommendations for adjusting your straps.

If you have to look up or down to see straight ahead your helmet doesn’t fit properly.


How many styles your lacrosse helmet can have will depend on the level of play. The high school has the strictest regulations when it comes to style.

The high school has regulations for color uniformity and facemask colors. With this in mind, chances are your high school has already taken care of picking out your helmet for you, you just need to worry about the proper fit.

Otherwise, you want to find a helmet that fits and is comfortable to wear with a design style that you like. That can be hard, as you have to consider the design style along with all of the other basic requirements.

What Components to Look for in the Best Lacrosse Helmets

What Components to Look for in the Best Lacrosse Helmets

The best lacrosse helmets are designed to protect your face, neck, and head from injury on the field.

These helmets are designed to offer full cranial protection and in order to do so, they feature a complete shell around your head along with a full facemask.

These helmets, when worn correctly, are designed to reduce the risk of head and spinal injuries as they are meant to protect you from hard shots and high checks.

When looking for the best lacrosse helmets there are six features that you want to look for.


The best lacrosse helmets will feature thick internal padding. The padding lines the shell of the helmet and is an impact-absorbing foam that disperses impact energy to protect your head from various injuries.

Plastic Shell

You want a hard plastic shell. The best lacrosse helmets are made from a single piece of impact-resistant polycarbonate or lightweight plastic.

The shell is designed to protect your head from injury without holding you back due to any extra weight. Your higher end helmets offer ventilation holes and use technologies to provide a more comfortable feel when worn.


The visor’s main purpose is to keep the sun out of your eyes without impeding your vision. The best helmets integrate the visor with the shell for a rigid protection system.


The best lacrosse helmets feature metal facemasks that are made from lightweight metal with plenty of strength, such as steel or tungsten.

The facemask offers a grid-iron pattern to provide full facial protection without affecting vision. Your higher end helmets offer a wide facemask for a better field of vision.

Chin Straps

These help keep the chin bar and the helmet in place while you are running around the field. They also play an important role in how well the helmet fits as they are able to improve the fit.

Chin Bar

The chin bar is integrated into the shell and protects the chin without getting in the way of communication or ventilation. The chin bar is either injection molded or filled with fiberglass to offer increased durability. The chin bar handles impact energy from frontal hits.

Something else to keep in mind when it comes to picking out the best lacrosse helmet is the brand of the helmet.

Many people think that brand names don’t really matter, but in all honesty, they are very important. Cheap, no name helmets can sometimes mean inferior protection, less comfort, and durability issues.

Buying a name brand helmet can be expensive, but that extra cost just might end up saving your life one day.

Always look closely at the helmet you are considering, check it out to see what kind of reputation it has and always check the quality of the materials used.

Types of Helmets

There are four main types of lacrosse helmets for the game of lacrosse.

Players can choose from a youth helmet designed for kids between 6 to 12 years of age, box helmets that can only be worn for box lacrosse games, a women’s goalie helmet, and a men’s lacrosse helmet.

Here is a closer look at the four types of lacrosse helmets.


This type of helmet is for your younger players usually between the ages of 6 to 12 years old.

The great thing about youth lacrosse helmets is they are cheaper than men’s helmets and are designed to offer you the same protection.

Youth lacrosse helmets are great for beginners and at the cheaper price, they aren’t a waste of money if your kid decides they no longer want to play.


These helmets are designed for box lacrosse players. Box helmets are designed to meet the faster and more aggressive version of the traditional lacrosse game.

Box players simply purchase a hockey helmet and add a box lacrosse facemask to it for better vision. The better vision allows them to play better in the tighter spaces.

Types of Helmets

Women’s Goalie

Women’s helmets, also called headgear, are similar to men’s lacrosse helmets but have a few subtle differences.

Women’s helmets do not offer a full face mask and the shell is not a solid single piece. Women’s helmets do not offer a chin bar but do feature adjustable straps to help with sizing.


This is your most common type of lacrosse helmet. A men’s helmet offers a hard plastic shell with thick inner padding.

The helmet comes with a full facemask, chin straps, and a chin bar to offer excellent protection. The best lacrosse helmets fully protect the face, neck, and head from potential injuries during a game.


Here we will answer the five most common questions about lacrosse helmets.

1. Why do I need a Lacrosse Helmet?

As lacrosse is a full-contact sport and players deal with a lot of impacts pads and helmets are necessary to keep players safe. A lacrosse helmet keeps the head, neck, and face safe from injuries and abrasions. The helmet not only protects players from other players but sticks and balls too.

2. How is my Lacrosse Helmet supposed to Fit?

A properly fitting lacrosse helmet will be comfortable but snug. The helmet should not move around on your head as you move around and provides good visibility. If you are looking up or down to see straight ahead you need to find a different helmet as yours doesn’t fit.

3. How do you fit a Lacrosse Helmet?

When fitting your lacrosse helmet put your forehead in first and tuck your ears in; the helmet should fit comfortably. A knob at the back of the helmet can be used to adjust the helmet for a snug fit. Chin strap should be adjusted to where the helmet is snug, but you can still talk and open your mouth without the helmet moving.

Helmets visor should sit low over the eyes and the helmet should be tilted so you are looking through the top bars of the facemask. A properly fitting helmet sits square on the head with the front of the helmet about an inch above the eyebrows.

4. What is Tilt and does it Affect the Safety of the Helmet?

Tilt is the way the helmet looks sitting on the head. You don’t want too high or too low of tilt because the tilt does affect the safety of the helmet. The helmet needs the proper tilt to help with chin protection and aid in visibility.

5. Do I have to wear a Lacrosse Helmet when I play?

The short answer to this question is yes. All male players at all playing levels are required by rules and regulations to wear a lacrosse helmet. Women and girls have different rules and regulations and typically wear only goggles to protect their eyes. Goalies in women’s lacrosse are required to wear a helmet.

Concussions are one of the most common injuries faced by lacrosse players: an accidental shot to the head is all it takes and then the damage is done.

This is why rules about lacrosse helmets are so strict and why you should consider investing in the best one available.

The helmets mentioned in this list are all extremely popular as well as very well-recommended, giving you the sturdiest protection and minimizing your chances of injury.

Reviews of the Best Lacrosse Helmets

Here are the reviews of the Best Lacrosse Helmets available in the Market

Cascade LX Women’s Lacrosse Headgear

Cascade LX Women's Lacrosse Headgear

Kicking off this list is Cascade’s LX helmet for women.

Its design uses advanced protection technology that consists of a flexible outer shell for impact-resistance, giving a complete protection to the back, sides, and front of the head.

A heavy-duty steel mask is integrated into this design for durable facial protection.

Cascade’s exclusive Poron XRD technology is used to manufacture a helmet that disperses linear force at the point of impact.

It also has an integrated goggle system that gives a one-piece feel so as to not any additional pressure to the face.

The facemask is ergonomically designed to minimize blind spots and optimize your field of vision. It is a one-size-fits-all helmet that comes with many possible modifications to make sure it fits you perfectly.

It has a rear adjustable strap to fit your measurements, 3 interchangeable cheek pads so that it sits correctly on your face, and dual rear slots to fit different hair lengths.

There are also strategically placed vents to provide airflow and cooling to key areas of your head.

Cascade’s video on this bit of Headgear can be watched here

  • Adjustable strap
  • Interchangeable cheek pads
  • Dual rear slots ensure a good fit
  • Poron XRD technology
  • Minimizes blind spots
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Can’t wear glasses under it
  • Can cause headaches

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

CASCADE CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

CASCADE CS Lacrosse Helmet - (White)

This helmet is made for youth players who are younger than 12 years. Because of this, it is made to be as lightweight as possible for children’s heads.

It features a super-light single piece shell, chin, and visor design to make it less bulky and less fatiguing.

It has Cascade’s FitSwitch technology that consists of temple-mounded switches which control the lateral width of the liner.

This not only gives a great fit but also lets the helmet grow with your child, which makes this a long-term investment.

The full-pivot system used in this helmet lets the rear third of the liner pivot to grasp the head, giving a secure fit that remains easily adjustable with the pull-tab.

The black facemask that is part of this helmet is designed to improve vision on the field.

  • Secure fit
  • Grows with your child
  • Lightweight
  • Single-piece construction
  • Facemask designed to improve vision
  • Children over 10 years could possibly face issues with the size

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon


CASCADE 'R Lacrosse Helmet - All White, Black Facemask

The Cascade R Helmet is one of the more expensive helmets by Cascade although the price is justified by the amount of research and innovation that went into its making.

It uses Cascade’s SevenTechnology liner system which is meant to attenuate and minimize energy transfer from direct impacts.

This liner system is integrated with PoronXRD Foam which is a pliable material for comfort and energy absorption.

These two technologies successfully manage high energy and low energy impacts respectively.

This liner and padding are enclosed in the SuperMono R Shell, which has a one-piece construction with added ventilation.

This shell is meant to provide a rigid system to manage frontal impacts. It also has a visor for new sight lines for better vision and a chin that provides rigidity to the jaw and ears.

As for its fit, it uses 3 customizable jaw pads for a 360-degree contour fit that adjusts itself to your face shape perfectly.

The shell design is also meant to move the balance point of the helmet closer to the center of your head. This makes it easier to balance and gives it a lighter feeling.

  • Integrated liner and padding
  • Shapes itself to your head
  • Rigid yet comfortable head
  • Impeccably balanced for a lighter feel
  • Chin and ear protection
  • High cost

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet

STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet

This helmet is from STX’s popular Stallion 500 line of protective lacrosse gear for men and reflects the research-intensive design of the rest of the gear.

It is made of revolutionary new material, D3O, that is soft and flexible in its natural state but locks into a rigid structure under pressure from impacts. This offers protection and impact dissipation simultaneously.

The outer construction of the helmet is an ABS shell that has impact modifiers to give it further durability and strength to resist any hits.

It is lined with a Surfeit Air Liner that also has an air pump. This lets you inflate and adjust the liner so that the helmet better conforms to the shape of your head.

Finally, this helmet uses adjustable EVA jaw pads for fit along with TPU cushioning to protect the area from impacts.

You can check out STX’s video Explaining the Technology that went in the making of this Helmet here:

  • Revolutionary D3O material
  • Inflatable liner for better fit
  • Jaw pads for protection and fit

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Cascade CPX-R Helmet

Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet (White Shell/Chrome Facemask)

The Cascade CPX-R Helmet is designed for dependable and durable impact management and protection game after game.

It uses Cascade’s trademarked SevenTechnology which is a liner system designed to attenuate impact.

On impact, it compresses and laterally displaces energy to effectively ward off high energy impacts. This technology is housed in the HDPE shell that is characteristic of Cascade’s R series of helmets.

It has venting to keep you cool, counterbalance for a better feel, and chine lines. It also uses the visor, mask, and chin components of the X Series for a tight, lightweight fit.

The design also features the SPRfit Hardtail that makes the entire helmet extremely adjustable, with special components in the back letting it fit your head as closely as possible.

  • SPRfit system guarantees the perfect fit
  • SevenTechnology for impact dissipation
  • Very comfortable
  • Hardwearing and durable
  • Highly complimented for its aesthetics and look

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade Silver CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet Black Mask-SM/MED

The CPV-R helmet by Cascade is designed for protection provided with supreme comfort.

The comfort comes through the SPRfit adjustable ratchet system that lets you make micro-adjustments for the most precise and easy-to-achieve fit.

It features an EPP liner system, the first of its kind in the R Series helmets, for better protection that is housed inside a sturdy R Series Shell.

The shell features FreeFlow vents to keep you cool and ventilated.

The Chevron Mask in front gives you heightened downward vision through a slight V shape in the latitude bars, letting you see ground balls with clarity.

These components of the R Series are combined with the V Series visor and chin which can accommodate a wide range of head sizes.

  • An improved vision for ground balls
  • SPRfit system for adjustability and fit
  • One-of-a-kind EPP liner for protection
  • Needs some assembly, doesn’t come completely customized

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Cascade Lacrosse CSR Youth Helmet

Cascade Lacrosse CSR Youth Helmet (EA)

This helmet is a variation on the Youth CS Helmet mentioned above and is designed for elite level players at the under 12 level.

It has a highly pliable PoronXRD Foam liner to provide protection along with a memory foam side-fit that gives a supremely comfortable lateral fit.

It is also engineered with a Gen 3 EPP liner that is meant to specifically address the most common collisions that take place at the under 12 levels.

This is only the second helmet in the R Series to have this liner (the CPV-R detailed above was the first).

All these safety features are housed in a Futurestar Mono R body that is a one-piece shell and visor size appropriately for youth players.

Its rigidity makes it particularly good for taking on frontal impacts. The mask has a 3-bar design to give improved vision to smaller faces.

The entire helmet comes with an upgraded pivot system designed for the anatomy of young players. The rear third of the EPP liner is designed to grasp your head for a secure fit.

  • EPP liner for protection and fit
  • Memory foam sides for comfort
  • Poron XRD Foam Liner
  • Futurestar Mono R body to take on impacts
  • Specially designed for youth players’ anatomy
  • Has to be assembled and customized on its own

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon


Head injuries need to be taken seriously by all players and minimizing the chances of accidental impacts is a central element of lacrosse safety, regardless of gender.

Keeping this in mind, this list has something for everyone: youth players, men, and women are all likely to find a good fit for themselves here.

Here is the list of best lacrosse helmets again for you. Check out the specs, reviews, price and offers at Amazon –

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