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Are you new to the sport of lacrosse? Are you thinking about joining a lacrosse team or are you just in the market for a new lacrosse stick?

No matter what your situation might be buying a new lacrosse stick is not an easy task. When purchasing a lacrosse sticks there are many different factors to keep in mind, such as quality, price, brand, size.

Having good lacrosse sticks means having the best equipment, which the best equipment goes a long way towards helping you improve at the sport.

Why you need a Good Lacrosse Sticks

Having the best equipment, which includes the lacrosse stick does so much more than just help you improve your skills.

One of the greatest things about purchasing the right lacrosse sticks is it helps you feel more in tune with the game.

Having a good lacrosse stick can help you improve both your speed and power. How can a lacrosse stick do that you ask?

The answer is easy, the lacrosse sticks become a natural extension of your body and allow you to block, launch, and set with ease.

Now that you know why you need them, the task is finding them.

Top Lacrosse Stick Comparisons

Here is a quick comparison of the top lacrosse ticks available in the market today –

Product Ideal For Colours Price

STX Men's Lacrosse Stallion 200 U

STX Men's Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft and Head,Black

Best for Boys

Boys Black Check Price

STX Lacrosse Crux 500

STX Lacrosse Women's CRUX 500 Complete Stick Graphite Gray Head with Yellow Overmold and Launch Pocket on STX Composite 1-Inch Teardrop Handle

Best for Girls

Girls Graphite, Taxi Check Price

STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Girls

STX Lacrosse Women's Crux 100 Complete Stick with Head, Handle & Strung, Pink

Girls Blush, Lizard, Orchid, Capri Check Price

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick, Platinum/White, 39'

Unisex Platinum, White Check Price

StringKing Complete Jr. Boy's Youth Lacrosse Stick

StringKing Complete Junior Boy's Youth Lacrosse Stick with Head and Shaft

Boys Black, Nickel Check Price

STX Lacrosse Fortress 300

STX Lacrosse Fortress 300 Girls Complete Stick

Girls Black, Grey Check Price

Warrior Evo Warp Next Lacrosse Stick

Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Stick (EA)

Unisex White Check Price

Buying Guide for Lacrosse Sticks

Buying the right lacrosse sticks isn’t as easy as buying other sports equipment because you often have to look at the head and stick separately, although you can find some excellent ready-made sticks.

Components of your Lacrosse Stick

Components of your Lacrosse Stick

Commonly referred to as your crosse, your lacrosse stick is an important tool to have on the field and is compromised of two separate parts.

The head of the stick is used to catch and cradle the ball but is also used to check your opponents and defend yourself against checks.

The shaft is the part of the lacrosse stick that you grasp in order to wield it on the field.


Luckily choosing the shaft is pretty straight forward. The one thing that you need to keep in mind is the material being used to construct the shaft.

Some materials are lighter and more durable, while other materials tend to be heavier and in some cases more brittle.

The most popular materials used in the best lacrosse sticks include aluminum alloy, composite, scandium, and titanium.

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The head of the lacrosse stick is much more detailed than the shaft, so you are going to see bigger differences among the various choices.

The lacrosse stick head is made up of several different parts and each part affects how well the head functions.


Contributes to the strength and stiffness of the head. The sidewalls directly impact the effectiveness of the lacrosse stick in checks.

Heads vary from flexible to stiff, with the stiffer heads being the best choice for defensive players.


This is the section that holds the ball once it has been caught by you. You can find heads that are factory strung or they can be unstrung.

Newer players should opt for a factory strung pocket to save time and trouble. The width of the pocket is also something to consider.

Wider pockets are better at blocking but are slower and less accurate. Wider pockets are also easier to catch with making them an excellent choice for beginners.


This is how players pull balls up from the ground. When looking at the scoop you need to look at the width and drop. The drop, which is the center of the scoop, plays an important role in accuracy.

The more drop the scoop has the better your accuracy, the less drop the easier it is to fire the ball from the ground.


This refers to the decrease of the sidewall with how it lines up with the center line of the handle. The bigger the offset the further the handle will sit behind the pocket.

The further the handle sits behind the pocket the better the head will be at cradling the ball.

Sticks Based on Your Position

Sticks Based on Your Position

The best lacrosse sticks for you will vary depending on the position you are playing. Girls will need a girl’s lacrosse stick, while boys will need a boys stick.

Goalies also have their own special stick, called a goalie lax stick. Aside from those minor differences, the tight lacrosse sticks will depend on the position you play.

Attackers or midfielders require a shorter and lighter shaft as that shorter shaft allows them to remain agile and move quicker.

In terms of the head, attackers need a lightweight head with a narrow pocket, maximum offset, and scoop.

Defensive players need a longer, more durable shaft for the extended reach for blocking and the ability to throw harder checks without the worry of breaking the shaft.

The head for defensive sticks needs to be stronger and more durable with a somewhat flat scoop. Goalie sticks need the longer shaft to help make saves but also require a larger head.

Complete Sticks are the Best Choice for Beginners

If you are new to the sport the right lacrosse sticks for you will be complete sticks. With a complete stick, everything you need to start playing with the stick comes in the box.

Complete Sticks are the Best Choice for Beginners

Complete sticks offer a pre-stung head and a shaft. Complete sticks can be found in a variety of sizes and types, such as youth, girls, men’s, etc.

More advanced players prefer to buy shafts and heads separately as they prefer to tape up their own shaft and string their own heads with their preferred style of mesh and knots.

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Purchasing the best lacrosse sticks doesn’t always mean purchasing the most expensive ones.

Once you move away from the youth sticks you are going to start to notice a big difference in both the quality and price in the best lacrosse sticks.

Always know your budget ahead of time and look for the best options within your price range.

One thing to keep in mind with the best lacrosse sticks is that your complete stocks are often more cost-effective than purchasing the shaft and head separately.

Complete sticks are the best budget option for toddlers, kids, beginners and intermediate players as you can find a decent combo for a good price.

For a beginner, a decent stick should cost no more than $80. Getting the best price on your stick also depends on when you shop for a stick, often times the best sales are right before the season starts.

Beginner Level Sticks

If you are beginner there are a few important features that you need to look for when picking out the best lacrosse sticks.

Beginners are often classified as up to 12 years of age with only 1 to 4 years playing experience. With a beginner level stick, you want to find one that has a wider head and a flatter scoop.

These features are ideal for helping beginning players learn how to throw and catch the ball, as well as pick the ball up off the ground.

Youths, as long as they are not playing at the high school level, have the option of cutting their shaft to make the stick the appropriate size.

Ideally, shafts should be only as long as the distance from the back of your shoulder to your fingertips. If your child is actively growing to allow a margin of 1 to 2 inches to accommodate growth.

Beginner Level Sticks

Advanced Level Sticks

An advanced player is commonly classified as a player having over 4 years of playing experience and being over the age of 12 years old.

Advanced level sticks provide players with the option to personalize their lacrosse sticks based on preference and position.

Off-set and non-off-set heads are one option players need to consider. Off-set heads allow for better accuracy, increased speed, and more precise passes and shots.

This style of head is often preferred by attackers and mid-fielders. Non-off-set heads have a more extreme scoop angle to allow for better scooping of ground balls.

These heads are often stiffer allowing for better control. Non-off-set heads are preferred by defenders and some midfielders.

Types of Lacrosse Sticks

Types of Sticks

When it comes to the types of sticks the biggest difference is found between boys and girl’s lacrosse sticks.

For players between the ages of 4 and 8 you can generally use a youth lacrosse stick, it isn’t until they are older and more experienced than the sticks will need to be purchased based on a specific gender.

Something else to consider when it comes to the types of lacrosse sticks is a beginner, intermediate and advanced sticks. Your stick really should match your skills and ability as a player.

The position you play will also determine the type of stick that you need, as long as you are not a younger player. As a younger player, you simply need to focus on choosing a stick that fits your size rather than your position.

Older players, who are generally more experienced, will discover that specific length shafts work better for certain positions.

Attackers and most midfielders often prefer a shorter shaft ranging anywhere from 40 to 42 inches long.

Defensive players and midfielders who think more defensively find a longer shift, one ranging from 52 to 72 inches, works best for their position.

Goalies have the most flexibility when it comes to stick length, as they can work with a stick ranging from 40 inches up to 72 inches.

Here is Quick Video on Choosing a Right Lacrosse Sticks –

Benefits of using the Right Sticks

If you are interested in playing lacrosse you need to understand that there are many benefits of using the right sticks.

Using the right lacrosse sticks allows you to improve your speed and power on the field, but it also makes you a better player and helps you feel more connected to the game.

The biggest benefit to using the right lacrosse stick is the right stick becomes a natural extension of your body.

The right stick allows you to block, launch, or set with ease. The problem is buying the right sticks for lacrosse is not as easy as buying other sports equipment.

The right lacrosse stick for you is going to depend on a few different factors. Once you get out of the youth lacrosse sticks, gender plays a big role in selecting the right stick.

Women’s lacrosse sticks are lighter than men’s sticks. Age, ability, and position also play a role in picking out the right lacrosse stick.

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For example, beginner sticks are not always the best choice for high schoolers as their skills can develop faster than younger players.

The benefits of using the right sticks for your position allows you to better play your position and can also help ensure you develop the right skills for your playing position.



1. Is there a Difference Between Girls and Boys Lacrosse Sticks?

If you are purchasing a youth stuck for players under the age of 8 years old there is really no difference between a boys and girls lacrosse stick. For older and more experienced players though there is a big difference and you will want to pick out a stick based on you or your child’s gender. The biggest difference between a women’s and men’s lacrosse stick is the weight.

2. Do Different Positions require Different Lacrosse Sticks?

The best lacrosse stick for you will really depend on what position you are playing. Goalies have the most flexibility when it comes to sticks. Attacker’s sticks are different from defenders sticks because of the way the position is played. Defenders need a longer and more rigid stick than attackers. Attackers want a light stick that is as short as possible with an excellent grip.

3. What are the Best Sticks for Beginners?

The short answer to this question is that a complete stick is the best choice for a beginner. Complete sticks are lacrosse sticks that come ready to use straight out of the box. The stick includes a shaft and a pre-strung head. More advanced players prefer to string their own heads and prefer to buy the head and shaft separately.

4. How much Should you Pay for a Lacrosse Stick?

How much you pay for your stick is going to depend on whether you purchase a complete stick or the shaft and heads separately. The good news is that in either case, your stick doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Beginners are better off with complete sticks, which should cost around $80. Discounts can be found on complete sticks, heads, and shafts usually right before the season starts.

Reviews of the Best Lacrosse Sticks


STX Men’s Lacrosse Stallion 200 U

STX Men's Lacrosse Stallion 200 U Complete Attack/Midfield Stick with Shaft and Head,Black

This is probably the most popular lacrosse stick online. This is partly because it really is an all-around stick that can be used for almost all positions.

It is suitable for both attacking and defending and for players playing the mid-field and for face-offs.

It meets the NFHS and NCAA standards for all these positions and is meant as a stick for beginners so that they can try their hand at a number of positions before they decide to settle on one.

The head of this stick is modeled on the Stallion U 550 head which has a dual sidewall brace that offers strength and ruggedness that is required for midfielders.

It is also quite flexible, which makes it good for face-offs.

It comes pre-strung with soft mesh stringing with a middle pocket. This combines the benefits of high and low pockets to give you an easier time catching and handling the ball.

The shaft is from the Stallion 6000 series and has an alloy handle. The total length of this stick is 30 inches.

  • Lightweight shaft
  • Versatile stick for beginners
  • Meets NFHS and NCAA regulations
  • Soft mesh and mid-pocket for easy catching and maneuvering
  • The shaft can dent during rough play
  • Head can warp quite easily

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Crux 500

STX Lacrosse Women's CRUX 500 Complete Stick Graphite Gray Head with Yellow Overmold and Launch Pocket on STX Composite 1-Inch Teardrop Handle

This stick by lacrosse is meant for girls and meets US Lacrosse’s specifications. While the previous stick was meant for beginners, this is suited for more advanced players.

It is designed for elite level offensive players. This is due to the number of features it has for precision ball control.

The head is made with STX’s 10-degree technology which is meant to give good ball feel and have a quick release for peak responsiveness during a game.

The scoop is pointed to make passes and shots more accurate and its extreme angle allows for extremely fast shots.

It has STX’s Patented Elastomer Overmold that is designed to minimize ball rattling and a pocket that is designed for great ball control through a tapered runner system.

The head also has the lowest legally allowed sidewalls.

The shaft is a 10-degree handle that is meant especially for the head and is made of composite material to combine strength with low weight.

  • Scoop angle gives extremely fast shots
  • Elite-level precision and control over the ball
  • 10-Degree Technology for responsiveness and good ball feel

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Crux 100

STX Lacrosse Women's Crux 100 Complete Stick with Head, Handle & Strung, Pink

This is another popular stick from STX’s Crux line for girls. It is designed for beginner players and is meant for attacking positions and meets the US Lacrosse specifications for such sticks.

It comes in 4 different bright color schemes, which will definitely give it an aesthetic appeal to girls who are just starting out with lacrosse.

The head is designed with special sidewalls that are meant to reduce the weight of the head so that beginners get better control and get a more intuitive feel of the ball.

The scoop is meant to be flexible so that picking up the ball from the ground is a smooth and easy action. Finally, a raised ball-stop ensures that the ball stays in place and is protected.

It comes with STX’s 6000 handles.

  • Flexible scoop for ball pickups
  • Reduced weight of the head
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Lightweight handle for quick responses
  • Strings tend to loosen or break quite fast

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50

STX Lacrosse Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Complete Stick, Platinum/White, 39'

This stick by lacrosse is meant for male youth lacrosse players and is not suited for high school or college lacrosse.

As such, it is meant for beginner level players: its design lends itself to versatile use so that kids are new to the game can experiment a bit with their style. It is meant for attacks, for midfield use, and for face-offs.

The handle of this stick is designed to be height-appropriate for youth players and is short as well as thin. This means that it is quite lightweight and makes for easy handling of the ball and allows for improved response time.

The head is inspired by the elite Stallion 550 head and has dual brace sidewalls that are strong and rugged enough to take a midfield battering.

This strength is combined with the soft molding of the head that is meant to make it more responsive.

The stringing is quite soft and when combined with the mid-to-high pocket, you get a head that makes catching, cradling, and controlling the ball easy for beginners.

  • Sturdy stick for young players
  • Versatile
  • Short and light handle
  • Better control and response
  • Pocket and stringing make ball control and catching easy
  • Pocket and stringing needs adjustments

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

StringKing Complete Jr. Boy’s Youth Lacrosse Stick

StringKing Complete Junior Boy's Youth Lacrosse Stick with Head and Shaft

The Complete Jr. stick by StringKing is designed for boys aged 9 and under and all its features are geared toward making the game easier to learn for young entry-level players.

The overall design of the stick is extremely balanced, with evenly-distributed weight, so that the balance and proportions of a regular sized stick are maintained.

This teaches young players to handle lacrosse sticks before they are developed enough to actually use regular lacrosse sticks.

The head itself is made wider than the regular StringKing heads so that it’s easier for children to catch the ball and get involved in the game.

The pocket comes pre-strung and ready-to-play – you won’t need to spend time breaking it in. The deep pocket makes cradling easier and ensures that the ball doesn’t fall out.

StringKing’s video on this stick is on YouTube – 

  • Well-balanced shaft
  • Pocket is ready-to-play
  • Shaft is lightweight
  • Width of the head makes balls easier to pick up and catch

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Fortress 300

STX Lacrosse Fortress 300 Girls Complete Stick

This stick is meant for use by women and meets the USL requirements for such a stick. It is designed to be a sturdy defense stick for players with an intermediate level of proficiency with the sport.

The head of this stick is the Fortress 300 head that is built with the added strength that is needed by defenders.

It is shaped in such a way as to maximize catching area and tapers into a tight pinch for better control over the ball. The higher, raised ball stop prevents the ball from rattling in the pocket.

The pocket has STX’s Runaway Pocket design which has a unique string system with an overlapping center. This allows two center runners to flex and hug the ball, giving you better control.

The pocket itself is secured tightly in place by the String Lock technology.

The stick also has 7705 alloy handle which is lightweight and easy to defend with.

  • Head is sturdy
  • Head is ideal for defending
  • Maximized catching area
  • Tight pinch and center runners for ball control
  • Strings tend to fray soon

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Warrior Evo Warp Next

Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Stick (EA)

The Evo Warp Next is designed with beginners in mind and is intended for use by players who are 14 years or younger.

The design is meant to define a player’s stick skills and take them to the next level.

To this end, the Warp Next features a lightweight handle for better control and a broad scoop that makes picking up the ball much easier.

The tighter face design also ensures that the ball is retained in the pocket and doesn’t fall out.

The stick uses a unique Kevlar pocket that is designed for use in all types of weather and won’t become useless in the rain.

It is designed to be soft so that catching and cradling remain easy and intuitive without losing its shape over time.

The standardized pocket lets players hone and correct their skills and develop consistency.

  • Great stick for correcting errors
  • Broad scoop
  • Tight face for ball retention
  • Pocket can stand up to rugged in all sorts of weather

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

In the end..

A good lacrosse stick is probably the most important bit of gear that you need when you play lacrosse.

A stick can make or break a match and for people who are just starting out with lacrosse, a good stick can help them pick up the game and start playing much more easily.

They range from versatile sticks for beginners to specialized defending sticks for intermediate and elite players, so look out for the correct fit for you.

Here is the list of our top recommendations again for you, check out the links for specs, reviews, price and offers on Amazon –

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