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One of the best ways to spend time outdoors with your family is out on the water. Kayaking is not only enjoyable experience; it is also a great way for you and your family to get exercise.

If you have thought about buying a kayak for you and your family to enjoy, now is the time to go out and purchase the best recreational kayak for your family to enjoy.

If you have started looking at recreational kayaks, you are already aware of just how many different choices there are.

With all of the choices, we find ourselves wondering which one is really the best recreational kayak. Some companies make it really clear as to why their kayaks are so good and just who they are made for, but not all do.

This is where we hope to help, by teaching you what to look for in the best recreational kayak.

What are Recreational Kayaks?

What are Recreational Kayaks

A recreational kayak is used on flat water conditions, such as a slow-moving river or a lake. These kayaks are often preferred by kayakers who enjoy an occasional kayaking trip.

Recreational kayaks are designed for flat water conditions, including calm lakes or slow-moving rivers. The kayaks are used by kayakers who enjoy going out occasionally

. Recreational kayaks are ideal for exploring, site seeing, or exercise; they aren’t made for white water rafting or even fishing. A good recreational kayak will track well and is easy to get into.

The kayaks are very stable and nearly impossible to tip. Perhaps the most important thing is how easy they are to paddle.

Top Recreational Kayak Comparison Table

Check out the comparisons between the top recreational kayaks available in the market today –

Product Capacity Material Length (inch) Price

Intex Explorer K2 Inflatable Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

Best Overall

400 lbs Vinyl 123" Check Price

Intex Challenger K11 Inflatable Kayak

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

Best Lightweight

220 lbs Vinyl 108" Check Price

Intex Challenger K2 Inflatable Kayak

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air-Pump, Grey/Blue (68306NP)

400 lbs Vinyl 138" Check Price

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable

ADVANCED ELEMENTS AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak, 15', Red

Best High Capacity

550 lbs 3 Layered Puncture Resistant 180" Check Price

Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Kayak

ADVANCED ELEMENTS AE1012-G Frame Inflatable Kayak, Green

300 lbs 3 Layered Puncture Resistant 125" Check Price

Sundolphin Aruba 10

Sun Dolphin Aruba Sit-in Kayak, Paddle Included (Blue, 10-Feet)

300 lbs Polyethylene 120" Check Price

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak, Envy, 12 Feet

425 lbs Single Layer Polyethylene 144" Check Price

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak , Blue

Best 3 Person kayak

490 lbs PVC 147" Check Price

Sevylor Quikpak K5

Sevylor Quikpak K5 1-Person Kayak , Gray

250 lbs PVC 120" Check Price

Recreational Kayak Parts

Recreational Kayak Parts

The most important parts to keep in mind when picking out the best recreational kayak include spray skirt, rocker, skeg, and rudder.

In order to pick out the best recreational kayak, you need to have a basic understanding of recreational kayaks.

You need to know what features make up the kayak, so you can have a better idea of what you are looking for when choosing the best one.

Here is a closer look at the parts that make up a Recreational Kayak:

Spray Skirt

While it might not be found on every recreational kayak, it is found on some. The spray skirt stops water from entering the cockpit so your kayak won’t sink.


This is the shape of the kayak. This shape is similar to an arc or a banana. The more rocker shaped the kayak is the better as it makes it easier to maneuver.


A detachable fin that provides stability to your kayak in windy conditions or long journeys.


This is a paddling aid and steers your kayak. It is not the skeg, so will not provide your kayak with stability.

Best Recreational Kayak Materials

Best Recreational Kayak Materials

The best recreational kayaks are made from composite, polyethylene, or plastic ABS.

In order for you to choose the best recreational kayak for your needs, you need to look at what the materials the kayak is made from.

Recreational kayaks are mainly made from plastic ABS, composite, or polyethylene. To choose the best one for your needs you need to understand the differences between the materials.


This will resist sunlight better than other materials, but kayaks made from this material are more expensive. Although they are more expensive they are built to last and are easy to repair.


Popular composite options include fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar. Kayaks made from these materials are the most expensive, but they are lighter weight than kayaks built from other materials and they will also outperform those other kayaks.


Kayaks made from this material are the most affordable, but they are also the heaviest. Kayaks made from this material will break down over time due to sun exposure. To extend the life of the kayak it is vital to store it in the shade.

How to Choose the Best Recreational Kayak

How to choose the Best Recreational Kayak

The most important features to look for when purchasing the best recreational kayak include sit-in or sit-on-top, weight capacity, cargo, transportation, kayak dimensions, seats, cockpit size, brands, and budget.

When looking for the best recreational kayak you want to find something that is easy to get into. Along with that here are some other features that you need to look for.

Sit-in or Sit-on-Top

One of the great things about a sit-in kayak is you stay drier, plus you have plenty of storage for all your gear. Sit-on-top kayaks are ideal for beginners because they are extremely stable, plus they offer self-bailing.

Sit-on-top kayaks offer paddling flexibility and plenty of leg room, but they lack in performance.

Weight Capacity

Different recreational kayaks are rated for different weights. Look for a kayak that has the capacity to handle your weight, plus any gear you plan on taking.

If you exceed the weight capacity of the kayak you will ride too low in the water, which will make your paddling less efficient.


How much cargo space you need will depend on how much stuff you plan to bring with your trips.

An extra-large cockpit will provide plenty of room for most people and their desired gear, but if you wish to bring along things like a large cooler you need a sit-on-top kayak that allows you to strap stuff down.

Just remember the more you weigh down your kayak the slower your kayak will go.


The style of recreational kayak you choose will depend on how you plan to transport the kayak. You can purchase a rack to place on top of your car or you can invest in a sports trailer that tows behind.

If transportation remains an issue you have the option of folding kayaks or inflatable kayaks. Folding kayaks aren’t as durable as hard-shelled kayaks.

Inflatable kayaks are great near the shore but must be inflated and deflated each time.

Kayak Dimensions

The length, depth, and width all play a role in purchasing the best recreational kayak.

Longer kayaks are more expensive, but they offer plenty of storage space and a more efficient cruise along the water. Shorter kayaks are easier to turn.

The depth of the kayak will depend on how long or short your legs are. Deeper hulls are preferred by those with longer legs, but the shallower the hull the better as the shallow hulls are not impacted from the wind.

Narrow hulls move faster through the water, while a wider hull provides you with better stability.


The type of seat you choose will greatly affect the price of your kayak. The style of seat you want will really depend on how much time you spend in your kayak.

No matter what you want something comfortable. For those who plan on longer trips look for a seat that is padded, as well as adjustable. Ergonomic seats are also available for consideration.

Cockpit Size

Cockpit size is important as it affects how easily you can get in and out of the kayak, as well as how much control you have.

The smaller the cockpit size the harder it will be to get in and out of, but the more control and protection you will have in rough conditions.

The larger the size the easier it is to get out of, but the less control and protection you have.


The brand of a kayak is extremely important when picking out the best recreational kayak.

You want to stick with your well-known and reputable brands to ensure you don’t end up with some piece of junk that falls apart on the water.

The top brands for recreational kayaks include Sun Dolphin, Ocean Kayak, Lifetime, and Old Town Canoes & Kayaks.


For the best Recreational Kayak, you can pay anywhere from $200 to over $1,000. We strongly advise against going with the cheaper models, as their performance isn’t going to be the best.

The more expensive the recreational kayak is the longer it will last, as it is higher quality. A few features will affect the price of the kayak, such as length, compartments, and comforts.

The longer the kayak is, the more storage compartments it has, and the more comforts it offers the more it will cost.

Best 10-foot Recreational Kayak

Best 10-foot Recreational Kayak

The best 10-foot recreational kayak offers easy storage and transportation, but also improved maneuverability on the water.

One of the most important things to consider with recreational kayaks is the length.

When comparing recreational kayak lengths a few inches won’t really make any kind of difference, but when you start looking at kayaks that differ by two feet or even more you will definitely notice those changes.

The longer kayaks, including the best 10-foot recreational kayak, are going to be efficient when it comes to cruising on flat open water.

The longer kayaks also provide more storage space allowing you to bring along some extra gear. The shorter kayaks will turn quicker than a 10-foot kayak, but on wide open water that isn’t a huge concern.

When it comes to recreational kayaks they typically measure between 9 and 12 feet. The longer ones are focused on performance, while the shorter ones offer stability and maneuverability.

Longer kayaks offer faster speeds, but they also offer higher weight capacities. With shorter kayaks, the one thing that is overlooked is how easy they are to store and transport.

The best 10-foot recreational kayak includes the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 and the Old Town Vapor 10.

Best Lightweight Recreational Kayaks

Lightweight Recreational Kayaks

Lightweight recreational kayaks can be either a sit-in or sit-on-top kayak that is designed to get even the newest kayakers out on the water.

For those of you that don’t know lightweight recreational kayaks are purchased the same way, other recreational kayaks are purchased.

Lightweight recreational kayaks are designed to get you out on the water to have fun. These kayaks are available in both sit-in or sit-on-top models and offer some of the same extra features that other kayaks have to offer.

Lightweight recreational kayaks come in all sizes, shapes and price ranges, but one of the best ones on the market is the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10.

As a lightweight recreational kayak, they are not meant for extreme kayaking.

Lightweight recreational kayaks are designed for casual kayaking, where kayakers head out for a weekend of relaxation and fun while paddling.

Recreational kayaks are made for flat and calm waters, such as lakes or slow-moving streams or rivers.

If you are looking for something a little more adventurous for your kayaking trip, you want to look into whitewater kayaks or sea kayaks as they can withstand the rougher waters.

Best Sit In Recreational Kayak

Best Sit In Recreational Kayak

The best sit in Recreational Kayak will provide new and experienced kayakers will plenty of benefits including a drier ride, lower tipping risk, and protection from the elements.

When choosing a recreational kayak you need to decide between a sit-in or sit-on-top kayak. While both sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks will work for recreational purposes, some kayakers prefer one over the other.

One of the best things about a sit-in recreational kayak is that it offers a drier ride.

The best sit in recreational kayak offers you the ability to add a spray skirt to the kayak, further protecting you from the water while paddling.

Staying dry on your kayak ride isn’t just a pleasant feeling; it can also be a safety issue especially on longer rides in cold water.

While wetsuits aren’t necessary for sit-in recreational kayaks, they will provide extra protection in colder weather.

New kayakers are often fearful of tipping over the kayak, so are some experienced kayakers as it does happen. Sit in kayaks are one of the most stable options because of how low you sit inside the kayak.

The lower your sit the lower your center of gravity is which reduces the chance of tipping over as you paddle along.

The best recreational sit-in kayak is ideal for calm and sheltered water, including the ocean, as the sit-in style protects you from the elements as the majority of your body is inside the kayak.

Which Kayak is the most Stable?

Which Kayak is the most Stable

Out of the two styles of kayaks, sit in or sit on top kayaks, the sit on top provides the most stability for all levels of kayakers.

When it comes to recreational kayaks you have two basic styles to choose from, the sit on top or the sit-in style of kayak.

Both of these recreational kayaks are available as hard shells or inflatable. These kayaks also share many of the same parts, including the deck, hull, rudders, seat, and foot support.

Foot support with both styles of kayaks will vary, you have the choice between footwells and foot pedals.

For kayakers who spend a lot of time on the water, foot pedals are the best choice, as they provide the most support. The biggest difference between these styles is one offers an enclosed inside and the other doesn’t.

One of the biggest questions kayakers have is in regards to which kayak is most stable. The quick answer is that the sit on top kayaks offer the most stability, plus they are a lot more user-friendly.

In addition to being extremely stable, sit on top kayaks are easier to get in and out of, plus you don’t feel confined in one.

Sit on top kayaks offer scupper holes, so they will not fill up with water as they are considered self-draining.

How Do I Paddle A Recreational Kayak?

How Do I Paddle A Recreational Kayak

The best way to paddle a recreational kayak is to ensure you are using a proper paddling technique.

Paddling forward is relatively easy to learn, but the most important thing to remember when paddling a recreational kayak is to always use the proper technique.

Using the proper paddling technique is important as it allows you to paddle more efficiently, as well as faster. The proper technique will also put minimal strain on your body, so you will be able to stay out on the water longer.

Not sure if you are using the proper technique?

Here are a few Things to Keep in mind:

1. Maintain good posture. Sit up straight, do not lean against the backrest, open your chest for better breathing, and relax your shoulders.

2. Legs need to stay together with your feet resting against the foot pedals/rest. The pedals/rest should be adjusted so your knees are slightly bent.

3. Your torso and legs do most of the work when paddling. Shoulders and arms are strictly for power. To paddle, you need to keep your arms straight and rotate your torso.

4. The blade should enter the water close to your feet and by the water line. As the blade enters the water your lower arm should remain straight while your upper arm should be relaxed and slightly bent with your writs close to your eye level.

5. The foot on the side you are taking the stroke should be pressed firmly against the footrest/pedal and the blade should enter the water in a spearing motion.

6. Keep your lower arm straight and uncoil your torso while keeping your foot pressed tightly against the footrest/pedals.

7. Your upper arm should move across your body and the stroke will end when your lower hand is at your belly.

8. The blade needs to be removed from the water. Lift the blade out leading with the elbow and following with the wrist.

Prepare for the next stroke by following the same above steps.

And try to maintain a continuous flow of smooth, powerful strokes.

What is the Weight of a Recreational Kayak?

What is the Weight of a Recreational Kayak

The weight of a recreational kayak will vary depending on what material the kayak is made from.

Not all recreational kayaks will weigh the same.

What is the weight of a recreational kayak is a hard question to answer because the weight of the kayak will depend on how the size of the kayak and what materials the kayak is made from.

Lightweight recreational kayaks are preferred as they are easier to load, plus are easier to paddle at a faster rate of speed.

The lighter kayaks also allow you to carry more gear with you on your trips because the kayaks weight capacity is not being used entirely by the boat itself.

The downfall to the lighter weight is the materials used are more costly, so they kayaks tend to be more expensive.

Here is a look at Materials and How they play a Role in the Weight of your Kayak.


These are the lightest materials used in manufacturing kayaks and they include carbon-fiber and fiberglass. Kayaks made from these materials cost more but offer excellent performance.

ABS plastic

These are a lighter material than polyethylene, but not as light as composites. These kayaks are an affordable choice for those looking for a little extra durability with some UV protection.

Polyethylene plastic

This is the heaviest material used in making recreational kayaks, but they are also the most affordable option. The heavy plastic will not stand up to the UV rays of the sun, so the kayak will need to be stored in the shade and replaced after some time.

What is the Size of a Recreational Kayak?

What is the Size of a Recreational Kayak

The size, as well as the weight capacity, of a recreational kayak, will vary. It is important to look at both of those specs when choosing the size that works best for you.

When you are looking at the best recreational kayaks you can’t help but notice that many of them offer some of the same features.

With how many similarities they have, it can be hard to find the best recreational kayak for your needs.

When comparing kayaks with similar features you need to pay close attention to the size and weight capacity of the kayak, as they are the deciding factor.

The weight capacity is how much total weight your recreational kayak can hold. The weight capacity doesn’t just include you, it includes the boat and any extra gear you might bring along.

Weight capacity is important so you don’t overload your kayak. The heavier your kayak is the lower it sits on the water and the harder it is to paddle.

The length and width of your kayak will vary based on how long or short our legs are, as well as your torso size. Longer kayaks are great for people with longer torsos.

Plus the longer kayaks allow for more storage space and better cruising. Although many people enjoy shorter kayaks as they turn quicker.

A few inches in length doesn’t make much difference in kayaks, but a few feet does.

The width of the kayak plays a role because the deeper hulls allow for more leg room, while the shallower hulls are not as affected by windy conditions.

Best Recreational Kayaks

Kayaking is a great stress-buster, whether you live close to a water body or use it as a getaway from city life.

Spending time on the water can make for a fun day out with your family or pets or can just be a calming experience. Whatever your motivation, kayaking for recreational purposes is very enjoyable.

The best recreational kayaks will just enhance this experience further.

They will be easy to transport, offer a good paddling experience, and maneuver with ease on flat water and recreational areas like lakes or gentle rivers.

This list assembles the most highly rated and popular recreational kayaks, giving you their main features as well as their pros and cons.

Since each kayak comes recommended with hundreds of user reviews, you’ll definitely find a good recreational kayak for yourself in this list.

Reviews for the Best Recreational Kayaks

Here are quick reviews of the top recreational kayaks with specs, USPs, pros & cons.

Intex Explorer K2 2-Person Kayak

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

The Explorer K2 by Intex has thousands of reviews to recommend it, which has made it both the most popular kayak available online as well as one of the most highly-rated.

Before going into the features, it’s worth pointing out the extra features that make it so popular: it comes with two aluminum oars and a high output air pump all included.

At the same time, it manages to remain one of the lowest costing kayaks on this list.

It is made of a rugged vinyl that has an inflatable I-beam floor that gives you rigid support while not compromising on comfort.

Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

It has two inflatable, adjustable seats that also have backrests along with a spacious cockpit. Inflation and deflation are quick and easy with the Boston valves on each side along with the pump that comes with it.

It also has a removable skeg that gives you directional stability along with grab lines on both ends for convenience and safety.

For emergencies, the sporty graphics on the Explorer K2 have colored a bright yellow for distant visibility.

It also comes with a repair patch. It is certified by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association). It has a weight limit of 400lbs and is suited for small lakes and rivers.

Check Out a quick video of a family enjoying this awesome Kayak here –

  • Very economically priced
  • Free Pump and aluminum oars
  • Very stable
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to inflate and use
  • Seat structure provides no support
  • Oars aren’t of very high quality
  • Complaints about the bottom seam splitting

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Intex Challenger K1 Single-Person Inflatable Kayak

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

The next most popular kayak around is also by Intex and has nearly 2000 reviews online and has the same rating as the Explorer K2.

Like the Explorer K2, it also comes with an aluminum oar, 86 inches in length, and a high-output manual air pump.

This kayak is easy to inflate with the Boston valves that are present on either side of it along with the air pump. It has a streamlined design to glide through the water and bright green coloration to make it highly visible.

It has a removable skeg that stays in place and gives you directional control and stability. Its rugged vinyl construction means you can even take your dog along with you.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak, 1-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

It has a removable and adjustable inflatable seat that has a backrest which rests on an inflatable I-Beam floor that offers rigid support.

It also has a cargo net available in front to give you extra storage space. Grab lines are present on both ends for easy transportation and it comes with a repair patch.

It is best meant for solo explorations of small lakes and mild rivers. It has a weight limit of 220lbs and is certified by the NMMA.

Explorer k2 vs Challanger k1 –

  • Easy to inflate and set up
  • Convenient to transport
  • Very economically priced
  • Comes with an air pump
  • Bag and Oar are Included
  • Quite durable
  • Good amount of storage space
  • Water splashes into the kayak easily
  • Flimsy paddle
  • Complaints regarding the stability
  • Deflating it takes a while
  • It takes time to dry before packing

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Intex Challenger K2 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air-Pump, Grey/Blue (68306NP)

This is the third and final kayak by Intex on this list, which just shows how popular Intex is as a manufacturer.

While the Challenger K2 is not as wildly popular as the other two kayaks, it still has nearly 900 reviews, which is much more than many other kayaks on this list.

The Challenger K2 has a streamlined design with bright graphics to make it easily identifiable in case of an emergency.

It is made of a durable, puncture-proof vinyl that is also UV-resistant which makes sure that it lasts a long while and doesn’t degrade.

You can even take your dogs with you in it, as many reviewers have said they have.

It has an inflatable I-Beam floor, 2 inflatable seats with backrests which can be adjusted and removed, and a cargo net in front for storage.

It also comes with a detachable skeg that is to be attached to the bottom for stability and directional control.

Like the previous 2 kayaks, it is also NMMA certified. It has a weight limit of 400lbs.

Intex Challenger K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak Set with Aluminum Oars and High Output Air Pump

  • Skeg makes it easy to maneuver
  • Value for money
  • Very good for beginners
  • Highly durable vinyl construction
  • Comes with paddles, manual pump, and a spacious storage bag
  • The seats are can be uncomfortable
  • Backrests provide no back support
  • Hard to drain water from it and dry it
  • The dark grey portions can heat up very fast

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Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Convertible Kayak

ADVANCED ELEMENTS AE1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak, 15', Red

This inflatable kayak by Advanced Elements is significantly more expensive than the previous 3 but also offers a number of advantages over them.

It is a 15-foot long convertible: it can be changed from a regular recreational open deck design, from which you can enter and exit with ease, to a closed deck version.

This kayak also lets you go kayaking solo or in tandem.

When in the single seating position for the closed deck, you have a rear cargo hatch to stow away your things. In tandem seating, you get a mesh pocket for storage space.

There is also deck lacing for quick access to any of your gear. The seating is well-padded so that it can be supportive and comfortable.

In terms of its construction, it is made of 3 layers of material for an extremely high puncture-resistance. The hull and stern are also defined by aluminum ribs which significantly improve the tracking.

It is fitted with paddle holders, D-ring tie downs, a spring valve, and a relief valve in the floor. It also comes with a skeg tracking fin and a repair kit.

It is also compatible with the Advanced Elements’ Backbone and Drops Stitch technologies for further stability and better tracking. It has a maximum weight limit of 550lbs.

ADVANCED ELEMENTS AE-1007-R AdvancedFrame Convertible Inflatable Kayak, 15', Red

  • Tracks well
  • High quality and durable materials
  • Convertible from open to closed deck
  • Has solo and tandem seating positions
  • Very sturdy and stable
  • Quite heavy
  • Drying it can be difficult
  • High cost for an inflatable
  • Doesn’t come with any accessories

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Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak

ADVANCED ELEMENTS AE1012-G Frame Inflatable Kayak, Green

This is another Advanced Elements kayak from the Advanced Frame line, which combines a folding frame and an inflatable kayak.

It has a 3-layer construction that consists of PVC tarpaulin, polyester fabric, and vinyl that is extremely resistant to puncturing.

The bow and stern are highly defined through built-in aluminum ribs which also help improve tracking.

Other parts on the body include a spring valve, a pressure release valve on the bottom, bungee deck lacing to easily store equipment, and a storage compartment to stow away items.

It also has a number of small features that enhance the user experience such as paddle guards, D-ring tie downs, neoprene paddle guards, and an inflatable coaming to attach a spray skirt so that you stay dry.

The padded seat is also comfortable and supportive and comes with back support made of a breathable foam mesh.

It has a weight limit of 300lbs and is compatible with Advanced Elements’ Backbone and Drop Stitch technologies which impart stability and improve tracking.

  • High-quality materials
  • Durable construction (Puncture-Resistant)
  • Cuts through water easily
  • Easy to transport
  • Extremely stable
  • Long-lasting
  • Fast and easy set-up
  • Storage behind the seat is small
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t come with any accessories

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Sundolphin Aruba 10

Sun Dolphin Aruba Sit-in Kayak, Paddle Included (Blue, 10-Feet)

The first hard-shell kayak on this list is Sundolphin’s Aruba 10, which is a sit-in recreational kayak that features a large open cockpit and is made of a rugged UV-stabilized high-density polyethylene.

Its weight capacity, at 250lbs, is definitely on the lower end but it is also quite lightweight for a hardshell kayak as it weighs only 40lbs.

The Aruba 10 comes with a storage compartment in front to stow away anchors, carts, or a backpack. Other space-maximizing features include a separate water bottle holder and a paddle holder.

It even has a spray deflector collar.

It also has an adjustable padded seat, protective thigh pads to prevent chafing or injuries, and adjustable foot braces to keep your legs in place without cramping or bending them.

SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba Sit-in Kayak (Blue, 10-Feet)

  • Lightweight
  • Spacious
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Ample storage
  • Low weight capacity
  • Doesn’t come with a paddle
  • Complaints about the Comfort of Seat

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Ocean Kayak Malibu Two

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak, Envy, 12 Feet

Ocean Kayak’s Malibu Two is a hard-shell recreational kayak that is 12 feet long and has seating for both solo and tandem paddlers.

In addition, you can even bring along a small child or a pet with you as it has a weight capacity of 425lbs. It has a triple-layer polyethylene construction that is meant to be extra stable.

It has a sit-on-top design with an open deck for a spacious feel and easy boarding. It has molded-in seat wells and comes with two of Ocean Kayak’s Comfort Plus seat backs.

These have extra foam padding for your comfort and are also adjustable. It also has Ocean Kayak’s patented overlapping footwells for comfortable seat bracing while paddling.

Along with comfort, other features include a screw-in drain plug to easily get water out of the kayak while drying, side carries handles for easy transportation, bow/stern toggle handles, and a skid plate.

It also comes in 4 different, vibrant colors for you to choose from.

Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak, Envy, 12 Feet

  • Tracks well
  • Very stable
  • Offers both solo and tandem paddling
  • Seat cushions and overlapping footwells make it very comfortable
  • Paddles not included
  • Limited to no storage space

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Sevylor Big-Basin 3-Person Kayak

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak , Blue

This is one of the more unique kayaks on this list since it goes further than even tandem kayaks by allowing three people to paddle together.

It has a heavy-duty PVC construction and a tarpaulin bottom that is puncture-resistant. In case a puncture does occur, it has multiple air chambers to ensure that if one loses air, the others remain inflated.

It has a double threaded Boston valve to inflate and deflate it and has the Sevylor Airtight System that makes it leak-proof.

The seats are adjustable and move to offer a better fit for you. Another convenient feature is the spray covers that block splashes of water while paddling.

It also has D-rings to attach any other equipment that you may want to.

The kayak comes with a carry bag and a pressure gauge with the purchase. It is NMMA certified and can hold up to 490lbs, which can be on the lower side for 3 people.

Sevylor Big Basin 3-Person Kayak

  • Easy and quick to inflate
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Good quality construction
  • Bottle holders and straps and pockets to store small items
  • Not spacious enough for 3 adults
  • Dries slowly
  • No significant storage space
  • Paddle or pump not included

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Sevylor Quikpak K5

Sevylor Quikpak K5 1-Person Kayak , Gray

The final kayak on this list is another inflatable model by Sevylor. It has a 24-gauge PVC construction, a tarpaulin bottom, and polyester cover which give a durable and puncture-resistant make.

It takes 5 minutes to set up, is easy to carry, and comes with a hand pump and paddle which is a further plus.

Along with its rugged construction, it has multiple air chambers for safety so that in case one gets punctured, the others stay intact.

It is also designed to be leak-resistant and spray covers protect you from splashes of water and keep you dry.

You also get a decent amount of storage space that lets you safely store items with bungees. It also has D-rings for you to attach equipment so that it doesn’t have to be stowed away.

It is designed to fit one person and has a weight capacity of 250lbs. It is NMMA certified.

Sevylor Quikpak K5 1-Person Kayak

  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Inflate within 5 minutes
  • Responsive maneuvering
  • Bungees make for good storage
  • Comes with a paddle and a useful hand pump
  • Multiple complaints about the paddle
  • There are a few complaints regarding its tracking

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If you’ve reached the end of this article, then you’ll probably also have found at least one kayak that fits your needs since this list includes all types of kayaks: sit-in, sit-on-top, solo, tandem, inflatable, and hard-shell.

Even if you are looking for something different, this list would’ve given you a good idea of what options are out there and what features to look for.

In either case, it’ll make the task of finding the best recreational kayak for you a lot easier.

Here is the list of top recreational kayaks available in the market again for you. Check out the specs, reviews, price and offers on Amazon –

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