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Whether you are a new player or an experienced player your lacrosse stick is one of the most important pieces of equipment.

After all, without one, you won’t be able to play the game. Choosing the right women’s lacrosse sticks is important because the right stick will help you maximize your performance.

A good women’s lacrosse sticks will vary greatly depending on the position that you play.

How Women’s Sticks vary from Men’s

How Women’s Sticks vary from Men’s

When it comes to picking out a lacrosse stick, women have an easier time than men. The reason for this is because of how women’s sticks vary from men’s.

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When it comes to a women’s stick there is one size range for all positions with the exception of the goalie.

With men’s sticks, there are different size ranges for defenders, attackers, and goalies, so you need to look at the stick length based on the position you play.

Women simply need to find a size they like that falls between 35.5” and 43.25” for defenders, attackers, and midfielders. Goalies can opt for a stick that ranges in size from 35.5” up to 52”.

The mesh is also how women’s sticks vary from men’s sticks. The mesh on a women’s lacrosse stick is molded after the traditional style of men’s lacrosse sticks.

The mesh is woven with thick shooting strings, also known as leathers. These leathers run lengthwise and are often tied tighter than they are on a men’s stick, so women have less of a pocket.

Based on the rules of lacrosse the pockets from men’s lacrosse sticks are illegal for women to use. The traditional style combined with a shallower sidewall makes ball handling harder than it is with a men’s stick.

Comparing the Top Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Here is a quick comparison of the top women’s lacrosse sticks in the market today –

Product Throat Angle Color Price

STX Lacrosse Crux 500

STX Lacrosse Women's CRUX 500 Complete Stick Graphite Gray Head with Yellow Overmold and Launch Pocket on STX Composite 1-Inch Teardrop Handle

Best Overall

10 Degree Graphite, Taxi Check Price

STX Lacrosse Fortress 300

STX Lacrosse Women's Fortress 300 Complete Stick with Head, Handle & Strung, Black/Grey

Runners Up

Straight Black, Grey, Purple, Navy Blue Check Price

STX Lacrosse Exult 300

STX Lacrosse Women's EXULT 300 Complete Stick Black Head and Runway Pocket on 7075 Handle

Straight Black, Graphite, Red, Teal, White Check Price

STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly

STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly Complete Stick with Precision Pocket

Straight Columbia, Lime, Pink, White Check Price

Maverik Lacrosse Vertigo

Maverik Lacrosse Female's Vertigo Complete Stick, Black

Straight Black Check Price

STX Lacrosse Crux 600

STX Lacrosse Crux 600 Women's Complete Stick with Launch II Pocket, Black/Black

10 Degree Black, Lizard, Graphite Check Price

STX Lacrosse Fortress 600

STX Lacrosse Fortress 600 Complete Stick

10 Degree Black, Graphite, White Check Price

What to Look for in the Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

What to Look for in the Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Finding the right stick depends on what position you play on the field, as well as your playing style. Like men’s lacrosse sticks, women have the option of purchasing a premade lacrosse stick, one that comes fully assembled, or you can build and customize your own lacrosse stick.

Beginners often find that the easiest and best option for them is to purchase a premade lacrosse stick, but more experienced players choose to build their own stick to tailor it to fit their exact needs.


One of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing the right women’s lacrosse sticks is the size. The size you want is going to depend on the position that you play.

All field players will need to have a stick that is between 35.5” and 43.25” long. Goalies can have a longer stick, so a goalie stick can be anywhere from 35.5” to 52” long.

The length of the stick is measured from the top of the head down to the rubber end on the bottom.

With youth players, the length of the stick is going to be decided based on how well they can handle the stick. No matter what position they play, youth players need to use a stick that fits them.

One thing allowed in youth play, but is not legal in high school or higher play, is the ability to cut the shaft of the stick to fit the player’s size.

With youth players, the shaft should only be as long as the length from the player’s fingertips to their shoulder.

It is also advisable to leave one or two inches for growing, so you don’t have to buy a new stick each time your child grows.


When it comes to having a good women’s lacrosse stick you already know it is going to affect how you play on the field.

Women’s lacrosse sticks are made from a variety of materials. You will want to consider the material used in making the shift to find the best fit for you.

Aluminum Alloy

This shaft is going to be heavy, but very durable and the most popular choice among beginners. This material is affected by temperature so tape and/or gloves are recommended if you play in cold weather.

Scandium Alloy

If you need something that is extremely durable and long-lasting without affecting the shaft’s performance this is the choice for you.

This material is lightweight and is ideal for players who are looking for faster movement and better agility. Many elites and pro level players choose this material.

Titanium Alloy

A lightweight material that is also strong enough to use for defensive positions. The material is light enough that it won’t slow or weigh you down on the field.

This type of shaft is popular among the more advanced level players.

Carbon fiber or Composite

This shaft material is the lightest material you will find. Many experienced players enjoy this material because it doesn’t hinder their stick work.

Younger players might have a harder time learning to use their stick because of how light the material is.


This material option has been around the longest and is one of the most durable materials. Wood shafts are heavier than other shafts, which makes them an excellent choice for defensive players.

Wood shafts are harder to grip and might not be the best choice for younger or inexperienced players as they are a bit difficult to handle.


What the shaft is made from is important, but so is the grip. Your shaft, regardless of the material used, will either need to have a grip pattern or a special coating to help improve handling.

The better the grip the easier it will be to maintain a firm hold on your lacrosse shaft.

The fewer slips you have with your stick the more accurate you will be in terms of shooting or going after ground balls.

Something else to think about though in terms of grip is that no grip can make it easier to perform certain stick moves, as well as transition your stick from one position to the next.

Beginner sticks tend to be slippery, while experienced players use a taper where the top hand goes to help enhance their sticks performance.

Coatings can also be used to make the stick less slippery in colder weather. Grip tape can be used to customize your shafts grip to your liking.

Shaft Shape

The shape of your shaft will also determine how well you can handle your lacrosse stick. The most common shaft shapes are octagon and soft octagon. Other shaft shapes include concave octagon and teardrop.

The best shaft shape for you will depend on what fits best in your hand. To find out what shape works best for you, go into a sporting goods store and try out the different shapes to see what feels best.

Lacrosse Heads

The lacrosse head plays an important role in your lacrosse stick and its good to know that not all heads are created equal.

The head is what is used to scoop, pass, catch, and control the ball. Heads come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. What you need to do is find the head that works for your style of play.

One of the first things you have to decide between when picking out the best lacrosse head is if you want a wider or narrower head.

The actual width of the head will affect your performance, so make sure you choose carefully. As an attacker, you need a pinched or narrower head, as the pinched head helps hold the ball in place.

Defenders prefer the wider heads as they aid in scooping balls off the ground and are ideal for knocking the ball out of the opponents head.

Beginners do better with a wide head because it makes it easier to learn how to throw, catch, and cradle the ball.

Goalies have the largest head of all so they can effectively play their position and prevent the opposing team from scoring.

Sidewalls are the next feature to consider when choosing your lacrosse head. Sidewalls run on the sides of each head and affect the weight and stiffness of the head.

As a player, you need to decide between a flexible or stiff head, which again what you choose depends on personal preference as well as position played.

Stiff heads are heavier and are a great choice for defensive players as they hold up really well during the physical parts of the game.

Flexible heads are lightweight and ideal for agile movements making them the preferred choice among those who shoot and pass the ball.

The last thing you need to consider when choosing your lacrosse head is your scoop, which is where the ball leaves the stick.

The scoop shape plays a role in how easy or difficult it is to shoot, pass, or pick up ground balls. Scoops are measured in width and drop and come in two forms.

The first choice is a curved or rounded top, which is where the scoop forms a “U”. This scoop is better for more experienced players as the shape enhances a player’s ability to pass and shoot.

A minimal or flat scoop offers a flat top that makes it easy to scoop balls up off the ground. Defenders, as well as beginners, find this scoop to be a better choice.

Benefits of Using Women Specific Sticks

Benefits of Using Women Specific Sticks

When it comes lacrosse the game is very different for women than it is for men. One of the biggest differences in the game is that a women’s game has relatively no contact.

With the rule of no contact, the choice of sticks isn’t as important as it is for a men’s game. However, there are still benefits of using women specific sticks.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using women specific sticks is that you are following the rules of the game. It is against the rules and regulations of lacrosse to use a men’s stick during a women’s game.

Women must use a regular lacrosse stick, which is very similar to a boy’s short lacrosse stick. The pocket materials and depth also vary with a women’s lacrosse stick.

While men’s pockets have more flexible in depth and materials used, women must use leather or synthetic thongs, cross-lacing, and shooting strings.

These specific rules and regulations might seem unfair, but when physical contact is limited the lacrosse sticks are not dealing with the same level as play.

Even with women-specific sticks, it is important that you find one that works for you and your level of play.

You might not have to worry about different sticks and heads for different positions, but you still need to consider how the lacrosse stick feels in your hand and how you feel the ball.

Using the best women’s specific stick allows you to look and play your best on the field.

Variations/Types in Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Variations/Types in Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

In terms of women’s lacrosse stick,s there are two main types or variations. You have the 10 degree shaft and the straight shaft to choose from when it comes to women’s lacrosse sticks.

As the name suggests the straight shaft is just that it is a straight shaft with a lacrosse head attached to the end.

The 10 degree shaft, which is quickly gaining in popularity, features a 10 degree bend in the shaft where the lacrosse head fits onto the shaft.

One of the great things about the 10 degree shaft is that it gives college and high school girls’ better control of the ball, almost as much control as the boys have with their multiple pocket options.

One of the greatest advantages to the 10 degree shaft is that it slightly tilts the head backwards. This backward tilt

allows the ball to naturally roll up to the “sweet spot” of the head. This spot is near the top of the scoop and allows the ball to rest right against the top throw strings.

This is also the spot where the ball needs to be when a player is cradling the ball. The straight shaft holds the ball lower in the pocket, which makes cradling rather difficult.

Players need the quickest release possible when it comes to the ball and the 10-degree shaft paired with a 10-degree head delivers that.

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Reviews of the Best Women’s Lacrosse Sticks

Sometimes what you need to push your game to the next level is not more practice or better skills but a new stick.

A fresh stick, if chosen correctly, can impart new vitality into your gameplay through various design features and specs to optimize performance.

This list contains some popular lacrosse sticks for women and girls, many of which have been used by the most elite players in the game for both attack and defense.

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STX Lacrosse Crux 500

STX Lacrosse Women's CRUX 500 Complete Stick Graphite Gray Head with Yellow Overmold and Launch Pocket on STX Composite 1-Inch Teardrop Handle

This is one of the most popular sticks in women’s lacrosse and is designed for elite-level offensive players. It meets USL specifications but it isn’t approved for international competitions.

The Crux 500 offers the lowest possible sidewalls for the deepest legal pocket that will give you excellent ball control and let you cradle with ease.

It also gives you the highest ball in pocket design, with the launch pocket featuring a tapered runner system which hugs the ball to control it. This also gives it one of the fastest releases.

The scoop has an extreme pointed design that is designed to add snap to increase your accuracy while making shots and passes.

It has a pinched throat for maximum hold over the ball and 10-degree technology that gives the best ball feel. It has an elastomer overmold construction that reduces ball rattle.

The complete stick includes the composite 10-degree handle.

  • Great accuracy
  • Very fast release
  • Reduced ball rattle
  • Pinched throat for maximum hold
  • Excellent ball control through lowered side rails, high pocket, and tapered runner system
  • Not suited for people who have difficulties in catching

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Fortress 300

STX Lacrosse Women's Fortress 300 Complete Stick with Head, Handle & Strung, Black/Grey

While the Fortress 600, presented later on in the list, is the newest model in the Fortress line by STX, the Fortress 300 continues to remain a very popular choice, particularly for beginners.

It is meant for use by defenders, especially youth and middle-school players, and meets USL specifications.

The shaft is a 7075 handle made of allow that has an octagon shape and a soft, rubberized finish for an enhanced feel and control over the stick.

The face shape is modeled to give you a wide catching area for intercepting passes and it tapered into a pinch. This, along with the raised ball stop, gives you better ball retention.

The elongated face also increases power.

Its Forward Cant is a gradual cant that guides the ball to the sweet spot so that you get a quicker release and better ball feel.

The overall design is quite stiff, which is great for defensive players.

As for the pocket, it has STX’s Runway Pocket that has a unique overlapping center string system. This lets the 2 center runners of the pocket flex and hug the ball for premium ball control.

The String Lock technology that comes with the pocket helps keep it in place and prevents bagging.

  • Runway pocket for ball control
  • Good ball retention
  • Increased catching area and power
  • Forward can’t gives better release and feel
  • Strings tend to fray quickly

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STX Lacrosse Exult 300

STX Lacrosse Women's EXULT 300 Complete Stick Black Head and Runway Pocket on 7075 Handle

This stick is made for elite and intermediate level midfield players and meets USL specifications. The stick consists of the Exult 300 head and a 7075 handle.

The shaft has a soft, rubberized finish and an octagon handle profile for a more precise grip and greater ease while ball handling.

The head is designed for stability and control with stiff sidewalls to assist with this. The scoop is flexible to help you scoop ground balls and the scoop angle imparts both whips as well as accuracy to your shots.

The head has multiple stringing holes to let you customize your pocket according to your style and preferences.

However, the complete itself comes with STX’s Runway Pocket which has an overlapping center string system that hugs the ball for greater control.

  • Precision grip for easy handling
  • Runway Pocket for greater ball control
  • Multiple stringing holes
  • Designed for stability
  • Very lightweight
  • Flexible scoop which gives both accuracy and whip
  • Pocket frays and becomes illegal very quickly

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly

STX Lacrosse Youth Girls Lilly Complete Stick with Precision Pocket

This is a popular entry-level stick for girls who are just starting out with lacrosse and has a wide range of features to make the first few months of practice easier for the budding player.

It has an overall length of 36 inches which is great for younger players, although it doesn’t meet college and high school requirements. However, it is USL-legal.

It has a widened face to significantly improve catching rates and make the game easier to play. The flat-style scoop is meant to make picking up balls off the ground more convenient.

Finally, the lower sidewall lets you deepen the pocket for maximized ball security and control.

It works for attack, midfield, and defense positions and this versatility lets new players try out a variety of playing styles and positions.

It also comes in a number of bright colors to make it attractive for young girls.

  • Versatile
  • Non-standard length for easier handling
  • Wide face to improve catching rates
  • Flat-style scoop for ground ball pickups

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

Maverik Lacrosse Vertigo

Maverik Lacrosse Female's Vertigo Complete Stick, Black

This is a seriously versatile stick that is great for beginner players who are still switching up their style or positions and trying to figure things out. The shaft is a 6000 series aluminum shaft with a matte finish.

It is designed with strategic grip points to guide and hold the ball in the sweet spot. The pocket is made to remain stiff and not lose its shape with wear.

For this, it uses reinforced nylon with high durability fibers that do not let the top strings succumb to wear and tear.

The flat nylon splice lace also makes this a very forgiving pocket for beginners while also retaining shape and boosting consistency in shots and passes.

  • Very durable strings
  • Pocket retains shape
  • Boosts consistency for Beginners
  • Very Versatile
  • On the heavier side

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Crux 600

STX Lacrosse Crux 600 Women's Complete Stick with Launch II Pocket, Black/Black

The STX Crux 600 is the most recent stick that is part of STX’s Crux line for women. It is designed for the most elite offensive players and meets all USL specifications.

The handle features a redesigned 10-degree flare to give you a seamless head to handle the connection with a built-in end cap with a soft edge for control.

It has STX’s Precision Flex technology that is designed to give more whip and accuracy during passes

It retains the signature Crux 500 face shape which was engineered for high-level precision and accuracy while the innovative drop rail technology gives you superior ball retention to the Crux 500.

It also allows for a wider range of motion. This also lowers the depth of the pocket at the sweet spot.

Like many other STX heads, the head of this stick features the STX-exclusive speed scoop technology that enhances your ground play while also protecting the strings from wear.

It also gives you less drag when picking up balls. Finally, it features the new Launch 2 pocket that has targeted flex points for ball control and easier adjustability.

  • Launch 2 pocket for ball control
  • Speed Scoop for Enhanced ground play
  • Drop Rail Technology
  • Precision Flex handle gives more whip and accuracy
  • High price

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

STX Lacrosse Fortress 600

STX Lacrosse Fortress 600 Complete Stick

The Lacrosse Fortress 600 is the latest stick in STX’s Fortress series featuring a new design for unparalleled strength for elite defenders.

It meets USL specifications and has been used by All-American award-winning defenders as their stick of choice.

It has a number of features which let it withstand the intensity needed for defensive playing. Its C-Channel technology provides support and extra strength while delivering checks.

It uses the Fortress 600 shaft that has a unique grip at the bottom of the handle which gives you better positioning and stability.

The scoop angle is designed for a more comprehensive range of motion on ground ball pickups and the improved pinch gives you better ball retention.

The STX 10 degree technology is meant to naturally drive the ball into the sweet spot and the String Lock technology ensures that the pocket stays in place for ball control.

  • Pinched Head Shape
  • 10-Degree Technology
  • Unique shaft grip for Better Positioning
  • String lock Technology
  • C-Channel provides Stability for checks
  • High cost

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon


Should I choose mesh or string Lacrosse?

Mesh is currently the most popular kind of stringing that Lacrosse players go for. It is a piece of woven fibers made in a way that mimics conventional stringing. While in traditional stringing you have to manually weave the strings to suit your needs, mesh comes pre-woven. Traditional stringing is complex and requires skilled labor, which is why it is recommended for amateurs to start with mesh strings. Seasoned players invest in traditional stringing for more tailored strings for their Lacrosse sticks.

What kind of Lacrosse stick should I choose if I am a girl defender?

For Lacrosse girl defenders, you need to look for a stick that has a dropped or flattened scoop, which makes it easier to pick up ground balls. The heads of the sticks must be more flexible than those of midfielders or attackers and they must have lower sidewall and flex points to optimize carrying the ball in the pocket depths. Wider Lacrosse heads increase the chances of knocking the balls off in the 8 meter.

What kind of Lacrosse stick should I choose if I am a girl attacker?

The Lacrosse sticks for girl attackers are made keeping the optimization of the goal scores in mind. Their heads are pinched to give a smaller surface area just enough to carry the ball securely and release on cue. Recessed sidewall holes are a popular design being implemented on attackers’ sticks so that the ball is able to move with you. “V” point scoops are another excellent choice for attackers that allows the ball to fly off the same release point even during the rains.

What kind of Lacrosse stick should I choose if I am a girl midfielder?

Women Lacrosse midfielders need to focus on sticks that maximize quick release, deft passes and speedy shots. Thus, you need sticks with a slight flex at the head as well as a “V” scoop head pocket to continue off the same release. Low sidewalls and wider heads are preferred when coupled with channeled stringing, as it helps with quick transitions from catch and release.

What are the different types of Lacrosse stick pockets for women?

Lacrosse stick pockets for women come in variegated traditional and new styles. The most common ones come with four types of leather that are attached from the throat to the scoop vertically. Such pockets are stringed with nylon and are difficult to adjust after purchasing. Moreover, the leather material wears easily and tears with prolonged use. You can also find synthetic pockets that are easier to adjust and mend; however, players complain that they do not feel the balls well through these.

Why should I consider the sidewall of my Lacrosse stick?

Sidewalls determine the stiffness and the flexibility of the Lacrosse sticks for women. Attackers prefer a stiff or a non-adjustable head compared to midfielders and defenders who engage in more groundwork of scooping up balls. The height of the sidewalls also varies depending on what position you are playing. Moreover, new designs come with sidewall holes for better ball mobility.

How should I maintain my Lacrosse stick?

To lengthen your Lacrosse stick’s life you need to maintain it by inspecting for any damages or wear after each game session. Exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time may cause the stick to expand, which may lead to poor performance during use. Do not lean the head on the ground when storing it. The screw that attaches the head to the stick may become loose from time to time; hence, keep it on the check to avoid gaming accidents.

Final Words

While there is generally less variety in women’s sticks than in men’s, you can still get a stick for just about any position and any skill level on this list.

So whether you’re an unsure beginner or an experienced defender wanting to take it to the next level, the sticks listed here can help you out.

Here is the list of best lacrosse sticks for women again for you. Check out the reviews, specs, price and offers on Amazon –

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