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Mastering any sport will take a lot of practice and effort but having the correct training and knowing the appropriate drills and exercises is also a huge part of the journey to proficiency.

Diversifying your drills and routine as well as learning from the expertise of others is a crucial part of this journey.

There are now many YouTube channels dedicated to lacrosse which provide drills, exercises, routines, and even fundamentals, for those just starting out, that you can use to switch up your own routine.

Many of these channels are run by or feature some of the best professionals in the game, so you have access to the best expertise on lacrosse regardless of where you play in real life.

These channels can help you expand your horizons and give you tips to improve your performance which you may not normally have access to.

Top 10 Channels to Master Lacrosse

These channels are a mix of those which are focused on individual drills, those which emphasize the team dynamic of the game, and some which focus on gear-related issues such as stringing heads or the best gear currently available.

All these factors, not just your own training, go into mastering the sport and you can expect to learn something from each channel.

YouTube Channels to Learn Lacrosse

1. Paul Rabil

Paul Rabil is a professional lacrosse player who has won a lot of titles and awards, having been a Lacrosse World Championship MVP and 2-time Major League Lacrosse MVP.

He has also started his own lacrosse league, the Premier Lacrosse League.

On YouTube, he has a large following of over 160,000 subscribers. His channel is an interesting mix of personal vlogs, videos talking about his professional journey, and a number of tutorials.

It’s definitely a unique channel and even the personal videos are worth watching, such as those in which he explains his workout philosophy or his video on the PLL.

He’s been touted as one of the leading sportsmen entrepreneurs so there’s definitely something to learn even from the videos not explicitly about lacrosse training!

You can watch one of his tutorials on underhand shooting here:


This channel is nowhere near as popular as Paul Rabil’s in terms of subscribers, having almost 4000 subscribers.

However, many of its videos have racked up tens of thousands of views nonetheless.

This channel is a great resource for players of all levels, but especially for beginners.

You can find videos covering everything from the basic rules of lacrosse to defense and offense tactics and a number of workouts and drills to improve your overall lacrosse skills.

This channel isn’t just geared towards players but has an entire instructional series for coaches as well.

The channel is headed by coach Miller, who has been a lacrosse coach at Georgetown University and Tufts University, so you know you’re getting some seasoned expertise.

You can start with their introductory video on understanding lacrosse:

3. ECD Lacrosse

ECD Lacrosse is an apparel and gear brand which makes lacrosse staffs, heads, and meshes among other things.

The brand also has one of the most popular lacrosse channels on YouTube, with over 100,000 subscribers.

It is run by Greg Kenneally along with his management crew. However, what really gives this channel and company its unique perspective is its association with a number of professional lacrosse players, both men and women, from some of the best teams in the game such as the Chesapeake Bayhawks and Atlanta Blaze from the MLL (Major League Lacrosse).

The videos that this channel makes include gear reviews, which cover the latest gear in individual reviews as well as through Top 5 lists, game highlights, and stringing tutorials.

You should definitely consult this channel while deciding on new gear and even experienced players can learn a lot from their tutorials.

Here’s one of their most popular videos on the theory behind the appropriate pocket for attackmen:

4. ILoveLacrosseTV

This is another small yet consistent channel run by Coach Kelly.

Despite its modest subscriber base of around 4000 people, it has a number of popular videos with tens of thousands of views. Some of the most popular videos cover tips on improving your defense and footwork drills.

This channel is also great for all experience levels as it provides tips to improve your game, regardless of your position, as well as drills to strengthen skills as diverse as footwork, shooting, and dodging.

It is also one of the few channels which have videos specifically geared towards girls and Coach Kelly has an entire playlist dedicated to girls lacrosse.

You can start watching this playlist here:

5. US Lacrosse

US Lacrosse is the national governing body for men’s and women’s lacrosse and is also the official channel for the US national lacrosse team.

As such, you’ll find a lot of videos related to their matches as well as vlogs with the captain of the team and speeches by the best players in the country.

Along with this content focusing on the most elite professionals in the game, they have a lot of content geared towards players still learning the ropes.

They not only have general drills to improve your performance but have specialized videos on even the drills you should perform on the day of a game.

This channel lets you get really specific and specialized ways to better your performance from some of the best pros in the game and the advice will be invaluable for any player, regardless of skill level.

Here’s one of their more unusual drills for faster reaction time:

6. IMG Academy

This channel is unlike the others on this list as its sole focus is not on lacrosse.

The IMG Academy is a multi-sport training facility located over 500 acres in Florida with an international student community.

The academy offers training and camps for golf, basketball, football, and baseball, alongside many other sports and lacrosse.

This training is meant for children, adults, students, and professionals, which means it is designed for all age groups and levels of experience.

The channel itself has an entire playlist dedicated to lacrosse which details a number of drills and tips to improve your skills and tweak your performance.

They have separate series on both the fundamentals of goaltending, offensive skills, and defensive drills along with videos geared to experienced players.

This is definitely a channel to watch for any player, regardless of your position on the field.

You can start watching their lacrosse playlist here:

7. DICK’s Sporting Goods

This is another channel which is not just about lacrosse and instead is geared towards sports and exercise in general, as the name suggests.

It is the official YouTube channel of the company, which itself specializes in athletic apparel and gear, footwear, and fitness.

The brand’s official website has a lot of basic information relating to lacrosse, such as a guide on how to get the perfect stick, and the YouTube channel is another platform for them to spread their lacrosse expertise.

They have a large playlist dedicated to lacrosse, with over 70 videos.

These cover basic skills such as throwing a ball to more intermediate videos on how to string a lacrosse head.

A great feature of this playlist is that it features professional athletes from the MLL, the United Women’s Lacrosse League, and other leagues.

You can begin this playlist here:

8. Notre Dame Lacrosse

This is the official YouTube channel of the men’s lacrosse team from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

While a lot of the content is obviously geared towards the team’s highlights and performances, it is an ‘all access’ video library which includes a number of videos from the team’s coaches.

These videos cover topics such as comprehensive drills which target multiple skills at once, techniques for passing, and tips on clearing the ball for goalies and defenders.

A great feature of these videos is that the channel often gives suggestions of what other drills or topics you can couple with them, giving you a holistic practice session.

Because the channel is a team channel, the videos aren’t just individual-focused.

They also have a lot of content geared towards effective team dynamics and team development.

This makes the channel different from most other lacrosse channels, which focus solely on individual players.

You can watch their most popular video on agility drills here:

9. Lacrosse All Stars

This is the channel of the Lax All Stars company, a lacrosse media platform which describes its mission as “connecting the worldwide lacrosse community” through its videos which depict both the personal side of lacrosse through stories and the more technical side which includes matches, championships, and lacrosse training.

One of the highlights of this channel, which will be of great use to intermediate to experienced players, is its extensive coverage of stringing.

It includes multiple playlists on stringing rules, traditional stringing, and mesh stringing.

This will be of great use to players who are trying to customize their head to their playing style to really take their performance up a notch.

Apart from this, they have a playlist guide for box lacrosse goalies.

You can start this playlist here:


This channel is the smallest on this list, in terms of its subscriber base as well as overall views, but is one of the most consistent and uploads videos almost every week.

This channel, unlike many of the others, is geared solely towards lacrosse training and its target audience isn’t just players of the game but also coaches.

It is run by a company based in Aurora and Parker, CO which aims to create and spread lacrosse-related expertise for the growing population of lacrosse players in the country.

Their videos are quite thorough and incredibly detailed and cover both box and field lacrosse, providing hundreds of different drills for all field positions.

Apart from individual drills, they also have practice routines for groups of players and videos for coaches as well.

If you support them on Patreon, you can also gain access to the PDFs which are meant to be used as accompaniments to their videos.

This channel focuses on the game as a whole, not just on single players and their skills, and you can see this in this video on strategies for face-offs here:


Lacrosse channels aren’t restricted to just these channels but there are definitely some of the best on YouTube in terms of expertise, consistency of uploads, and usefulness of information.

You can definitely expect to benefit greatly from these channels, not just because of the technical videos they provide but also due to the holistic focus on mindset and attitude along with skills that all of them promote.

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