Aloe Vera for Teeth Whitening

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Aloe Vera is generally termed as “Immortal plant”.

To describe in detail for the question of ‘What is Aloe Vera?’ it is nothing but a short-trunked shrub that crop up only in cultivation and not seen in the wild region. Its leaves are tender, rigid and form an opaque adornment.

The gel acquired from the Aloe Vera leaves are of great benefit.

Since last few years, Aloe Vera has been subjected to scientific study, concerning its various professed therapeutic properties.

It is accepted by U.S. Food and Drug Administration as natural flavoring cosmetics, in several food supplements and herbal supplements.

The menthol extract, which has both the antioxidant and anti- mycoplasmic activities, from the Aloe Vera skins and flowers, is very beneficial for us.

Aloe Vera has been widely used for a therapeutic purpose in several countries like India, Japan, China, Greece, Mexico, and Egypt.

Since ancient days, it is usually used to soften the skin and to heel the soldiers’ wounds.  The bitter and yellow liquid derivative from the peal- off skin of the Aloe Vera leaf is treated as a potent laxative.

The scientists declared that the stabilized Aloe Vera gel present in the core of the plant is very appropriate for the medicinal purpose.

Most of its uses are related to burns and skin disorders namely herpes.

Scientific studies have revealed that Aloe Vera is one of the common natural bleaching or Whitening agent for teeth.

Aloe Vera for Teeth Whitening

In case of a smoker or colored-drinks habitual, teeth will get easily discolored over a period of time.

Hence, people will seek teeth whitening procedures that typically involve bleaching the external enamel layers of the teeth.

According to the ADA (American Dental Association), most of the chemical bleaching agents used in teeth whitening include carbamide peroxide.

As an alternative for these aggressive chemicals, the Aloe Gel is an attractive natural option in solving the purpose. Several organic teeth whitening toothpastes include aloe vera in them.

The medicinal uses claims of Aloe Vera for teeth are many. A research study in General Dentistry stated that Aloe Vera in fang gels is efficient in combating cavities against cavity-triggering oral bacteria.

Because of having the anthrax-quinine compounds, Aloe Vera acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

People even with sensitive gums and teeth may get benefit with Aloe Vera; because it is less coarse on teeth.

It is very effective in healing lichen-planus, an inflammatory condition in the mouth.

Additionally, gingivitis is one among many of the lists of syndromes that aloe has been used against with great effect.

Precautions with Aloe Vera

Though it is treated as one of the natural whitening agents, prolonged use of Aloe Vera, some believe it may cause a negative effect on teeth outer shell namely gum syndrome and oral cavities infection.

Another cause of concern may be the fact that excessive heat that involved in the mechanized process of the Aloe Vera gel may sometimes result in the reduction of essential compounds like polysaccharides and enzymes.

People who are allergic to tulips, onions, garlic, and plants of Liliaceae lineage, should avoid the Aloe Vera products.

Though the Aloe Vera is not harmful and helps in teeth whitening when applied to the teeth, frequent intake in large quantities (while using it over teeth) may cause intestinal contraction or diarrhea.

But this is highly unlikely if you do not swallow it, as we do it with other tooth pastes.

An additive to intestinal cramping and diarrhea, it may elevate or lower blood sugar states and cause electrolyte discrepancies.  But again if it is swallowed frequently in large quantities.

Pregnant women are advised to avoid oral intake of the Aloe products.

Hence, precautions need to be taken, to shun from the negative aspects of the Aloe products which may arise when it is swallowed.

If you just use it over teeth and then rinse no harm is likely to happen as aloe vera is safe.

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