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Aquafresh is a well-known name in the world of oral and dental care.

‘White trays’ is their product offering that is meant to be an effective professional-grade teeth whitening system.

One’s dental regime is detrimental in determining their oral health and a bright smile is an indicator of this.

The growing demand for these kits is a result of the growing awareness among the users regarding oral health care.

Aquafresh has responded to this by not only manufacturing toothpastes but also these whitening kits.

About Aquafresh

Aquafresh is a line of GlaxoSmithKline dealing with oral and dental care hygiene products. They are headquartered at Emberton, England.

The company officially came into being after the merger of two others in 2001. Aquafresh also manufactures a whole range of toothpastes for kids and adults.

Key Specifications of Aquafresh White Trays

The following are some details about the product that will help give a better idea about what it really is and how it works.


The main components of the packaging include 7 upper and lower whitening trays that are already loaded with the whitening gel.

Instructions of use

The following are certain steps that one should follow when using this product.

  • The trays are pre-filled with the whitening gel. One just needs to remove the packaging to use them.
  • It is advisable to wear the lower tray first for comfort.
  • Then the upper tray can be worn.
  • The trays should be worn properly so that they cover the whole area of the teeth and no gel comes in contact with the gums.
  • These need to be worn for 45 minutes as mentioned on the packaging.
  • The user can then remove these trays as they are disposable.
  • The process should be done once daily for the best results.

Weight and Dimensions

The package dimensions happen to be 5 x 5.7 x 2 inches and the shipping weight of the package is around 2.4 ounces. The packet itself is very light weighing only 0.5 ounces.

Points to keep in mind

Whitening products are meant to act fast and effectively and due to this reason, they may have been designed to work with strong chemicals. It is therefore advisable to follow certain precautionary measures for getting the best results in a safe manner.

  • The whitening gel is supposed to act on teeth and therefore, it should never come in contact with the gums.
  • Children should not be using this product without a dentist’s recommendation. If they do use this, it should be done under parental supervision.
  • The gel remaining after use can be rinsed out.
  • No part of the gel should be swallowed. In case this occurs, one should immediately consult an expert.
  • The gel should only remain on the teeth for the time recommended on the packaging. One should never exceed the mentioned time limit.

Special features

  • The following are some special features of this Whitening product by Aquafresh which makes it different from the rest.
  • The product has been designed by cosmetic dentists for ease of comfort and a perfect fit.
  • The whitening ingredients are professional grade that the dentists use and assured to work like magic when used properly.
  • The trays are designed to be super-flexible which makes it an easy wear for all the users.
  • The trays are prefilled which makes it a very easy process for the users. They just need to wear them and keep them on. While in other procedures, the gel application process is left to the users who may not be well-trained enough to ensure uniform application.
  • The trays are also sized differently for the upper and lower teeth. This is done in keeping with the different shapes and size of the upper and lower teeth.

What customers think of Aquafresh White Trays

Following is a brief summary of the general opinion regarding this whitening product as given by the many users who have tried it.

All the good things

  • The product was more effective as compared to many others. There was visible whitening after the first few uses itself. The customers were satisfied with the overall whitening process.
  • The product is very easy to use. Many users find it cumbersome to mold the trays for use themselves. Also, the strips are cumbersome to apply and this product is a refreshing change from these. One simply needs to put the trays on.
  • This particular product offers a more well-rounded whitening process as compared to strips. The trays make sure that the gel penetrated well enough to act completely on the whole surface of the teeth.
  • The gel was enamel safe. There were no sensitivity or irritation problems for most of the users.

A few limitations

  • Some users found the product gel to be a little goopy which makes this procedure a little cumbersome and uncomfortable.
  • The trays did not fit perfectly so many customers were dissatisfied with this fact. But this was a given, as these were not customer designed.
  • Some users experienced gum irritation and teeth sensitivity but this also has to happen in a few cases because whitening uses strong bleaching agents for the process to be effective.

What we recommend

With a 3.0/5.0 rating, this product weighs equally on the pros and cons side. Although, it is effective, there are also certain side effects like the ones mentioned (gum irritation and sensitivity).

If you are looking for a decent product you can go for this one.

Where to buy?

One of the best ways to buy Aquafresh White Trays is through Amazon.

The delivery is prompt, the customer service is great and payment is secure. Buy Aquafresh White Trays using this link.

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