Go Smile Teeth Whitening System Review

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A healthy white and bright smile goes a long way in boosting one’s confidence.

Proper oral and dental care is therefore a must.  However, sometimes our busy schedules prevent us from sticking to the regimen.

This periodic neglect may cost heavily in the future.

Recognizing this fact, many companies have come forth with whitening systems that are easy to use.

Go Smile is one of the leading companies that provide expert solutions for gaining that perfect set of pearly whites.

About Go Smile

Go Smile is dedicated towards producing teeth whitening products.

They are headquartered at California. They call themselves a ‘smile beauty company’.

All their products are different varieties of whiteners.

One can visit their website here to know more about them and to also access their online shopping portal where one can directly place orders that get delivered to their doorstep.

Key Specifications of Go Smile Teeth Whitening System

The following are some details about the product itself.

Components and Ingredients

The packaging comprises of 20 gel containing ampoules.

The gel contained inside the ampoules is mainly a hydrogen peroxide based gel. Hydrogen peroxide is a widely used and trusted bleaching agent that acts rapidly towards the removal of stains without harming the enamel.

Special features

Like all product of Go Smile, this one is also heavily based on the oxidizing features of hydrogen peroxide.

It’s a fast and effective solution and this product gives a one week damage repair system and a three days bonus. It is particularly easy to use as there are no hassles like trays or strips.

It is also very portable and designed to be easy to use on the go.

Instructions of use

The following are some steps to guide you through the correct way of using this product:

  • The ampoules that are given in the packaging need to be simply squeezed so that the inner capsule pops out.
  • The serum can then be applied onto the teeth carefully with the aid of the inbuilt applicator.
  • The procedure should be repeated twice a day for the best results.


Points to keep in mind while using

The following are some general precautions that one should keep in mind if they use this whitening product:

  • There may be irritation in the gums if the gel comes in contact with the gums and hence, one should make sure to avoid this contact at all costs.
  • If there is any sensitivity in the teeth experienced because of the use of gel, its use should be stopped immediately.
  • The product may not act if the user wears braces or has capped teeth, veneers etc.
  • The treatment should not be undertaken by pregnant or lactating women or patients with melanoma or heart condition.
  • Children should only be using this product under parental supervision and only is the dentist has recommended it.
  • Swallowing of the gel is a strict no-no. In case of any such occurrence, an expert must be contacted immediately.


What the customers think about Go Smile Teeth Whitening System

One can get to know the real feedback and evaluation of the product from the consumers themselves. They are the best people to consult as they can give the true picture.

Following is a summary of the opinions that people have on this particular product.

All the good things

  • The product was effective and worked amazingly well. The consumers were satisfied with the results. Their teeth were almost two shades whiter within the first few applications.
  • The product was very easy to use. There are no complications like in the case of gel and trays. The serum is to be applied with the help of the applicator and one is done.
  • The serum was gentle on the gums and unlike, some other whitening products which cause irritations and sensitivity issues, this was comparatively milder.
  • The product was reasonably priced as compared to the others that somehow seem overpriced as compared to the results that they are offering.

The not so good things

There weren’t any particularly bad reviews about this product. In fact most of the customers rated it as a fairly good product and it was well received amongst the consumers.

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What we Recommend

Most users seem mostly satisfied with the product. But several also said they did not notice any change in teeth color.

While the product is better than many in the market, according to customer review there seems to be scope of improvement. But as such there is no harm in giving it a try.

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