How to Make False Teeth Whiter?

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Dentures, also known as false teeth that are usually made with acrylic and metal.

They can fit into the teeth and gums very perfectly when you wish to replace the missing teeth or fill up the gaps in the teeth line.

The gaps in the teeth line can interrupt with the eating and speech pattern and hence needs to be closed.

Types of false teeth

False teeth may be classified as:

  • Detachable partial false teeth: Detachable partial false teeth are meant for those who are missing a few of their teeth on a meticulous arc. These detachable partial false teeth are also called crown and bridge false teeth and are constructed crowns that are fixed on the lingering teeth. They perform as Pontiacs and abutments and are prepared from materials similar to the missing teeth. Permanent bridges are more costly than detachable appliances, but are steadier.
  • Complete false teeth: Complete false teeth are worn by people who are missing all of their teeth in a single curve. That is, their maxillary curve or mandibular curve is empty without teeth.

Need of whitening false teeth

Keeping your dentures clean is a part of maintaining oral cleanliness.

Even though you brush it and floss it regularly every day, you have to soak in fizzy liquid to remove all the stains and prevent bacterial accumulation.

Though false teeth can be removed when not required, still there is an acute need of whitening it.

When you tend to wear false teeth for a longer period of time, it can cause it to lose its white color or brightness which can hinder your smile. Whitening of false teeth can assist in decreasing their dullness.

Since false teeth are prepared from acrylic substance, there is a chance for them losing color in due course.

How to whiten false teeth?

You can clean your dentures using the following methods and shine more with confidence.

Whitening of false teeth with white vinegar:

White vinegar can do wonders for your dentures. Put the false teeth in a glass of vinegar before you retire to bed.

When the dentures soak in white vinegar overnight, the stains can go off. Next day, remove it and brush using warm water with a soft toothbrush.

This can also remove any kind of tartar buildup in the false teeth while making it shine brightly.

Precautions while using white vinegar :

It is not advisable for partial dentures as it can corrode the metal bits in the dentures.

If using for partial dentures, make sure that you soak it only for 20 minutes occasionally.

Whitening of false teeth with bleach:

Take a glass of water, add a tablespoon full of bleach.

Now put your false teeth in this solution for 30 minutes.

Take the dentures out of the bleach mixture and with the toothbrush and warm water, scrub off the surface gently for a few minutes to remove any kind of discoloration, spots, and stains.

Then rinse off well in warm water to remove all the traces of bleach.

Precautions while using bleach:

The denture must be rinsed well with lots of water as any residue of bleach can cause irritation or damage to the gum tissue.

Bleach-based solutions can make the pink shade in the false teeth to fade.

Though it is a slight change and not noticeable, you need to be careful about the amount of bleach you are using.

If there are metal pieces in your dentures, it can corrode and turn darker if you tend to soak it more than 10 minutes at a stretch. You can also seek the advice of your dentist in this respect.

Also, make sure that the bleach does not get on your clothes or your eyes as it is not advisable.

Whitening of false teeth with baking soda:

Soak your toothbrush in water for some time.

Now dip the bristles of a toothbrush in some baking soda and brush gently.

Apply a bit of pressure on areas that are discolored or have many stains. Now rinse the fake teeth well using cold water.

Precautions while using baking soda:

Make sure you scrub gently and handle the dentures carefully as it can affect the shape of the false teeth or it might slip out of your hand.

With denture products:

With the help of denture whitening products such as a tablet or special toothpaste, you can make your denture to shimmer in white.

This would help you to maintain your false teeth free from all kinds of stains, unpleasant odors, and other such spots.

Precautions while using denture products:

Follow the instructions to clean the dentures and ask your dentist before you proceed to clean your dentures using any whitening kinds of toothpaste.

Always test it before you use it on your dentures to make sure it does not affect your false teeth.

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