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Dental care is a very important part of the everyday routine.

It is essential to maintain proper oral hygiene for longer lasting white teeth which are also strong and healthy.

Negligence in this scenario leads to very painful cavities in the future and not to mention the unsightly stains and increased dental bills.

Periogen has thus emerged in the market with its Oral Rinse targeting the tartar buildup in the mouth which is a frequent cause of discomfort. Following is a brief introduction to Periogen.

About Periogen

Periogen as the name suggests focuses on manufacturing and marketing products centered around Periodontal and Dental care. They are headquartered in Chula Vista and San Diego.

One can visit their website here, where they sell additional products related to dental care. They also conduct research about oral bacteria, tartar formation and dissolution.

Key Specifications of Periogen “Hygienist-clean” Tartar Removing Oral Rinse

The following are some details about the product that will give a consumer a better idea about what it is and how it should be used to get the maximum benefits.


The main constituents of the rinse are: STPP – Sodium Tripolyphosphate, TKPP -Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate, Baking Soda, Citric Acid (product delivery and pH control) Fluoride .04% (40X less than toothpaste).

They have also taken the onus of explaining the function of each and every individual component.

The fluoride is important for removing the tartar instantaneously. Also, baking soda and citric acid are required for the formation of the foam.

Instructions of use

The following are some of the general instructions that apply to the use of any sort of medicated rinse like Periogen.

  • The labels on the rinse bottle should be checked and the consumer should be well aware of the instructions and precautions mentioned on the bottle.
  • A proper amount of rinse is measured and taken. The solution should be removed only when it is to be used, i.e. it should be fresh. It should or should not be diluted (depending upon the instructions by the dentist or the bottle).
  • The lips should be sealed close and the teeth should be slightly apart the rinse should be swished around the mouth properly. The rinse should reach all parts of the mouth, front and back as well as all around the teeth.
  • The rinse can also be used to gargle as this reaches the bacteria buildup at the end of the mouth.
  • The rinsing can be continued for about 30 seconds and then the rinse can be spat out.
  • An oral irrigator can also be used for applying the rinse of there is a severe case of tartar.

Points to keep in mind

The following are certain tips and general precautions that one should keep in mind while using the product.

  • The rinse should not be swallowed under any circumstances. If this occurs, one should immediately contact an expert.
  • One should avoid rinsing with water or eating or smoking at least 30 minutes after rinsing with the mouthwash because this will reduce the effectiveness of the rinse.
  • Children should be using this product under parental supervision and as directed by the physician.
  • The product should only be diluted or used as a concentrate depending upon the instructions mentioned on the packaging.

Special features

The following are some of special feature this product.

  • The product has been designed to remove the tartar buildup that has already occurred and is usually recommended by dentists when it is the case of bleeding gums and severe deterioration of the gum and teeth health condition. A special feature of this product in this case is that most rinses only prevent tartar buildup, this eradicates it.
  • This product is available with a special applicator that can reach as deep as 6mm into the teeth pockets and the gum line to give the required deep cleanse.

What the customers think about Periogen “Hygienist-clean” Tartar Removing Oral Rinse

All the good things

A few customers found this product very useful because of the immediate results that they could see. Some were experiencing terrible pain due to tartar buildup and unhealthy gums but using this product almost immediately improved their condition and it was as effective as was claimed by the makers.

The not so good things

One particular reviewer was of the opinion that all the claims surrounding the product are a hoax and that the person they really said recommended their product, Dr. Keys hasn’t really done so. They also thought that the product is overpriced.


The product has acquired an above average rating.

Although, it worked for some of the customers who bought it, there were others who were more concerned about the validity of the facts stated by the company.

Some customers were also of the opinion that with prolonged use, this product causes sensitivity issues with the user.

We suggest, if one is suffering from intense tartar issues and gum problems, they should first consult with their dentist before going for any medicated product.

Products that are made to give strong solutions to medical issues can often contain chemicals which someone may be allergic to or chemicals whose use needs to be strongly controlled and regulated.

Therefore, a dentist’s opinion is a must before going for medicated oral rinses.

Read detail customer reviews and specs on Amazon here>>

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