Possible Side Effects of Teeth Whitening With Carbamide Peroxide

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People across the world love to have celebrity-like smile and love to flash their pearly whites as they feel that the first impression is actually the best impression.

But the real challenge that most of them face is to get rid of yellow teeth.

Yellow teeth can actually be a turnoff.

The faster you get rid of the unsightly yellow colour of your teeth the better and healthier your teeth will look like.

Therefore, this requires an effective treatment like teeth whitening that makes use of carbamide peroxide.

This is a procedure in the cosmetic dentistry to make your teeth bright.

It is indeed one of the effective procedure of whitening your teeth. Patients have enjoyed positive results with this whitening procedure for their teeth.

It is used as a gel, which is applied to the teeth, and there are strips that are used for the teeth. Both these forms of carbamide peroxide help to perform the task whitening the teeth.

Possible Side effects of teeth whitening with carbamide peroxide

Before using this teeth whitening with carbamide peroxide procedure, you need to know more about the side effects of it. They are discussed below:

The sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold conditions:

Teeth sensitivity is the most common side effects of teeth whitening with carbamide peroxide.

The level of sensitivity tends to differ from one person to another. It can be air sensitivity which is a pain experienced when the person tries to breathe through the mouth, tooth pain or thermal sensitivity.

Sometimes sensitivity towards foods with hot and cold temperature is also experienced.

A sore Throat

When the whitener of the teeth whitening with carbamide peroxide is swallowed, especially in the night, it can cause a sore throat in the morning. This is a temporary issue and can last for a day or two.

Gum irritation

When the gel of carbamide peroxide is used, the gum can get irritated easily and the bleaching action would also contribute to the irritation.

Chemical burns on gums

There can be a possibility of gum burn and even teeth blistering when the chemicals of high oxidizing capacity can affect the unprotected tissues of the gums.

Prolonged use of highly concentrated gel on the teeth can cause this side effect.

May Affect stomach badly if swallowed

If by mistake, the carbamide peroxide is swallowed then it will definitely cause stomach pain and inflammation. There is even a possibility of getting diarrhea and vomiting

Corrosion and Irritation

The most dangerous part of this chemical carbamide peroxide is that it causes corrosion and even irritation whenever it is exposed to any delicate part of your body like the eyes and the skin.

One must be careful with these side effects and then opt for this procedure of whitening your teeth. It involves a lot of money for the completion of the procedure.

Consult your dentist about the reactions and especially get to know your body type better then it will not be a problem.

Precautions while using the carbamide peroxide for whitening teeth

You have to take precautions while using this method of whitening your teeth. The dentist with whom you have undertaken the procedure will know better about the precautions that are needed to be taken for your teeth. It is actually based on the intensity of the procedure and the health of your teeth. Try to follow some precautions stated below:

  • After consulting with your doctor, you can use an anti sensitive toothpaste before and after the teeth whitening with carbamide peroxide.
  • Opt for fabricated bleach trays that are designed to offer the perfect fit to your teeth.
  • Make sure your dentist wipes off the excess gel after placing the trays on your moth to prevent gum burning or chemical burning.
  • Take extra care to make sure that none of the bleaching product comes with close contact to your other body parts or is exposed to eyes, nose or skin.
  • Always opt for daytime whitening as nighttime whitening can cause sore throat and other effects.
  • These precautions will help you to overcome all kinds of side effects with great ease and maintain your white teeth much longer.

Effect of the procedure

It is highly popular in cosmetic dentistry to remove the yellowness from your teeth. It is highly effective.

Almost every patient who has used this has experienced positive change.

If you are severely suffering from the stains and the discoloration of teeth and want a very quick result then obviously this method is no doubt one of the best.

You can now have a dazzling smile with teeth whitening with carbamide peroxide.

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  1. Good article! It’s important to note that if you use a high quality whitening gel.
    Custom fitted or custom made trays are those that are made from a dental impression of your teeth and fit exactly over your dental anatomy. If you use these trays, and a small dot of gel on each tooth compartment, the gel will not leak out. You will not swallow the gel and it will not sit on your gums.
    Hope this helps!

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