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This is a teeth whitening product offered by Opalescence, which is a very famous name in the dental industry.

The product aims to give its user a dazzling smile and that too at a very comfortable price. The following is a glimpse into Opalescence as a company.

About Opalescence

They are a US based company who have been the producers of teeth whitening products for two decades and are recommended by dentists as being the most effective in completing the job.

Their products are available by dentist’s prescriptions or even over the counter. They have backed the products that they create by years of scientific research.

Some of these are: Opalescence Take Home , Opalescence Ready to Go , Opalescence In Office and Opalescence After Care . One can visit each one of these pages individually to get a better idea and more details about the product.

Key Specifications of Opalescence PF 35% Teeth Whitening

This product is only available via the dentist’s recommendation and it is so because the company believes that teaming up with professionals will yield a better result.

The major plus point is that one can select their own choice of treatment as the gel is available in four varied concentrations and three different flavors. This gives the customer treatment flexibility.


The key ingredients that make the Opalescence gel as effective as it is are PF. Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity.

Fluoride has been shown to help reduce caries and strengthen enamel. Together they help to improve the overall health of the teeth.

Instructions of use

These are always provided behind the packaging. One can refer to this page for viewing a step by step guide on the usage.

One has to simply take a syringe and apply a uniform coat of the gel to the insides of a tray provided by them. The tray is then placed to cover the teeth and tapped lightly.

The duration of the application of the tray depends on the concentration of the product chosen.

Since the concentration of this particular gel is 35%, 30 minutes are enough for the effects to start emerging.

The tray is then removed and one can brush their teeth and rinse their mouth to remove the excess gel.

The tray is then cleaned. One can also watch the video below to get a clearer idea about the same.

Points to keep in mind

  • The tray should not be overloaded with gel as this can cause a burning sensation in the gums.
  • The gel should only be applied for the prescribed amount of time as per the concentration of the gel mentioned.
  • These times are approximate: Opalescence 10%: 8–10 hours or overnight, Opalescence 15%: 4–6 hours, Opalescence 20%: 2–4 hours and Opalescence 35%: 30 minutes.

Special features

Effective Ingredients: The makers have kept in mind that the ingredients should be such that they are effective and strike a perfect match to nullify the bad effects if any of any individual component and hence, potassium nitrate and Fluoride have been used collectively so that the teeth remain healthy.

Prevents dehydration and shade relapse: The product has been formulated to prevent dehydration or shade relapse. It is often noticed for certain products that discontinuation leads to the deterioration of the situation, however, this product claims to have long-lasting benefits.

Flavors and treatment flexibility: It just so happens that not all the people have the same tastes.

The teeth whitening process requires a person to apply a gel to their teeth and if the taste is not appeasing, it can be a very unpleasant experience.

Keeping this in mind, Opalescence has provided their gel in three flavors.

Also, while some people are willing to invest a lot of time in this process, others may want a quick-fix. Therefore, the gel is also available in different concentrations.

Depending upon the concentration, the gel application time also varies.

Gel Consistency: The gel is designed to be sticky and viscous so that it does not reach the soft tissues (i.e. the gums). This is a very considerate application of technology as most of the users always complain about gum irritation and this occurs when the gel comes into contact with the gums.

Lifestyle Choices: There is a hardly any company out there that can boast of designing its products keeping in mind the lifestyle choices of their customers, but Opalescence has gone ahead and done just that.

They have provided three different teeth whitening solutions and then gone ahead and also offered post treatment toothpaste to follow through with their products.

What the customers think about Opalescence PF 35

The consumers are the best critics and hence, the following sums up the different opinions regarding this product.

All the good things

The consumers are particularly delighted by the versatility in the nature of the product.

All the different flavors and concentrations, allow them to make their own choice, whether to use it during the day or leave it overnight.

And any combination yields the same result – White Teeth!

The effectiveness of the product is just as reliable as has been claimed.

There are no exaggerated claims and the reviews by all the satisfied customers are a testimony to this fact.

Some customers had complained about the foaminess of the other whitening products that they used. However, there is no foaminess when rinsing out Opalescence gel.

The not so good things

The customers complained of gum irritability but that is a common occurrence with any product if the gel comes in contact with the gums.

The consumers experienced teeth sensitivity on the use of this product.

It has been advised to immediately stop using the product when this happens. Also, for this very reason differing concentrations were made available.

Another uncommon complaint was about the lack of an expiration date. This is a false complaint because the date was in fact present albeit in a different code.

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What we Recommend

The product is very well received by buyers. I would surely recommend Opalescence to anyone in search of that white and bright smile.

This is a product that not only meets the expectations but exceeds it as can be understood from some of the glowing reviews by the consumers.

At an affordable price, this product lasts longer as compared to its counterparts when used judiciously. One should definitely give Opalescence a chance if they are looking for that one product to beautify their smiles.

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