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A perfect smile flaunting the pearly whites is an essential part of projecting a perfect personality.

A good smile works wonders for a person and many solutions have shown up in the market for giving the customers that amazing smile.

One such product is a professional grade teeth whitening kit by Shine Whitening.

The following is a brief introduction of the company.

About Shine Whitening

Shine Whitening as the name suggests is a company which is dedicated towards producing teeth whitening products.

One can visit their website here to get to know more about them.

They provide four different lines of product categorized as: Take Home, On the Go, In-Office and After Care.

They have differentiated these on the basis of the chosen lifestyle of the consumer and how they see fit to use the product.

Key Specifications of Shine Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

The following are some details meant to give the consumer some idea about the product itself.


The packaging contains two 5cc syringes and two mouth trays, one for top and another for bottom. Carbamide Peroxide is the key ingredient of the whitening gel.

Special features

The following are some unique features of Shine Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit:

  • It is effective in removing years’ worth of stains with just a few uses.
  • The trays that they provide are the special moldable kind that can be reused and refit according to the structure of one’s mouth.
  • The whitening gel is professional grade that uses the same formula which is used by European and American dentists and hence, it effective in giving effective results.

Instructions of use

The following instructions should be following for the mouth trays:

  • A small amount of water can be taken and is heated until it starts boiling.
  • The tray is then immersed in this water for only a short while (around 5 seconds) and removed when it starts becoming floppy or translucent.
  • Once the tray is flexible enough, one can remove it and set in their mouth by pressing it against their teeth.
  • This process can be repeated as many times as required to get the perfect fit.

The following instructions are meant to be followed to get the most out of the gel which is also included in the packaging in the form of two 5cc syringes.

  • A very small amount of gel is taken (approximately .5cc which is roughly a drop) and applied to the trays, both upper and lower.
  • The syringe tip is used to even out the gel and make sure that it is spread uniformly across the surface.
  • Once, the surface is evenly coated, the tray can be inserted into the mouth and worn for 15 minutes.
  • Once done, the trays can be removed and the mouth should be rinsed with cold water to make sure that any excess gel is removed.

Points to keep in mind

The following are some general tips and precautions that one should keep in mind so as to make the best out of the product and prevent any damage or accidents:

  • The moldable trays should be kept in water only for the specified period or they might get droopy and then cannot be used for the whitening treatment.
  • The application of the gel to the trays should be done perfectly so that the gel is spread evenly and excessive amounts should not be taken.
  • Any excess gel that comes in contact with the gums should be wiped off immediately.
  • The consumer should stick to the time duration that is mentioned on the product to avoid side-effects.
  • The mouth should be rinsed after use with cold water and gel shouldn’t be swallowed under any circumstances.
  • Children should not be using this product unless recommended by a dentist. Also, parental supervision is necessary in this case.
  • If the user witnesses any sort of gum irritation or teeth sensitivity issues, they should stop immediately and consult with an expert.

What Customers Are Saying About Shine Whitening Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

The customers are the best people to consult when one needs an opinion about a certain product. The following is a summary of the same.

All the good things

  • Customers found the packaging simple and the list of instructions short and clear to read. The product has been made very user-friendly and also, if the instructions on the packaging aren’t clear enough, there is a video on the website demonstrating the user of the same.
  • The product is effective and many consumers saw immediate results. Their teeth grew two shades whiter and also, all the claims made were met.
  • The product was also said to be fairly gentle on the teeth and did not cause any irritation or insensitivity.

The not so good things

Turns out majority of the customers were very happy with the product and there are no negative comments or feedback as such regarding this particular product.

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What we recommend

This product has gained major popularity with the audiences.

Most users were and did not witness any side effects at all and the product worked as mentioned.

We would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to get professional grade white teeth at the best price and in the comforts of their home.

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