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In Brief: Best Floor Drill Presses

  1. JET 354170
  2. WEN 4227
  3. JET J-2500
  4. Shop Fox W1848
  5. Delta 18-900L
  6. Jet JDP-17 3/4 hp Drill Press
  7. SHOP FOX W1680
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If you’re looking to do heavy-duty professional drilling work, a floor-mounted drill press is an excellent option.

While smaller drill presses have better mobility, if you have a workshop with a fixed layout then these presses can’t be beaten because of the sturdiness, durability, and versatility they provide in terms of speed and size of workpieces that they’re compatible with.

This list gives you the 7 of the most popular drill presses available so that you can choose a model that comes back with good reviews and other customers’ experiences.

Comparison Table: Top Floor Drill Press

Check out our quick comparison table for a floor drill press with key specs – 

Product Drilling Speeds Full Stroke Length (in) Price

JET 354170

JET JDP-20MF 20' Drill Press, 115/230V 1Ph (354170)

150 to 4200 RPM 20" Check Price

WEN 4227

WEN 4227 13 Amp 12-Speed Floor Standing Drill Press, 17'

180 to 2940 RPM 17" Check Price

JET J-2500

JET J-2500, 15' Drill Press, 115V 1Ph (354400)

200 to 3,630 RPM 15" Check Price

Shop Fox W1848

Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press

250 to 3050 RPM 13-3/4" Check Price

Delta 18-900L

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

170 to 3,000 RPM 18" Check Price

Jet JDP-17 3/4 hp Drill Press

JET JDP-17 17' Drill Press (716300)

210 to 3500 RPM 17 3/4" Check Price


SHOP FOX W1680 1-Horsepower 17-Inch Floor Model Drill Press

140 to 3050 RPM 17" Check Price

Reviews of  Best Floor Drill Presses

JET 354170

JET JDP-20MF 20' Drill Press, 115/230V 1Ph (354170)

This 20-inch floor-mounting drill press runs on a powerful 1.5HP motor that can give you 12 spindle speeds ranging from 150 to 4200RPM with the help of the quick adjustment motor mount.

To change the speed, you can utilize the pulley and belt system which is easily accessible by opening the hinged metal cover of the press.

The spindle on the press is supported by high-quality bearings and utilizes a return spring that has adjustable tension. It also comes with a telescoping safety guard.

The spindle can be used with a ½-inch diameter external depth stop which comes with a three-nut locking system for quick adjustments in the middle of work.

The worktable can be rotated and has a 45-degree tilt capability to give you smooth angled drilling. It is operated with the help of a crank to smoothly adjust it to the most comfortable working height for you.

A built-in work light in the press helps illuminate your workpiece for better visibility and more accuracy.

  • Solid height-adjustable worktable with a 45-degree tilt
  • High-quality construction
  • Gives you a high degree of accuracy
  • 12 different speeds
  • The chart showing the pulley/belt configuration for different speeds on the press is wrong

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WEN 4227

WEN 4227 13 Amp 12-Speed Floor Standing Drill Press, 17'

This 17-inch floor-standing drill press has all the features and versatility required to make it suitable for both home and professional settings.

To start, it comes with 12 different speed stops between 180 to 2940 RPM so that it can work effectively on materials as diverse as metals and wood.

It utilizes a spindle with large travel that can easily drill through 4×4 board and has a stroke capacity of 4-3/4 inches.

The JT3 chuck is capable of accepting bits between 1/8-inch and 5/8-inch in size and the press has onboard key storage so that the chuck key is always at hand.

As far as the make and construction of the press are concerned, it features a cast iron frame and base for hefty support that is vibration-resistant to prevent any drill walking.

The table is also made of cast iron and is fairly large, measuring 14 inches on each side.

It pivots 45 degrees in both directions and can be placed up to 26 inches away from the chuck so that you can work on extremely large workpieces with no issues.

It even has a 1-inch coolant runoff channel around the outer lip so that the drilling oil doesn’t get everywhere.

An integrated laser pointer is included in the decision to boost precision during drilling operations by accurately marking your target so that guesswork is minimized.

The work light also helps improve visibility while working on your materials.

  • Sturdy cast-iron build
  • Laser point and work light for accuracy
  • 12 different spindle speeds
  • Pivoting, height-adjustable table with coolant runoff channel
  • Assembly instructions are unhelpful
  • Lasers can be hard to align

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JET J-2500

JET J-2500, 15' Drill Press, 115V 1Ph (354400)

This 15-inch drill press is built for precision and is constructed to give you a solid drilling base.

It features a cast iron head with a permanently lubricated ball bearing spindle assembly, which uses four heavy-duty ball bearings mounted in an enclosed quill for extended life.

The ground steel column supporting the head and table has a large diameter to maximize stability.

The press utilizes a 3/4HP motor that offers 16 different speeds that range from 200RPM to 3630RPM for extreme versatility.

It has a 3-1/8-inch stroke that makes the press good for deep hole applications and has an accurate depth stop to precisely calibrate your drilling depth.

The drilling table has an adjustable height with a table travel of up to 24 inches to accommodate bigger workpieces. It is also capable of tilting 45 degrees so that you can make angled holes with ease.

You can watch a fairly in-depth video of how to use it here:


  • 16 different speeds from 200 to 3630RPM
  • Easy to set up
  • Tilting table with adjustable travel
  • Works particularly well with metal
  • Solid and sturdy build
  • It is top-heavy and the column isn’t rigid enough, which can sometimes lead to wobble

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Shop Fox W1848

Shop Fox W1848 Oscillating Floor Drill Press

This 13-3/4-inch oscillating floor drill press has been designed for rugged use to give you years of trouble-free service.

Its unique design means that it can be converted easily from drill to sanding operations in a matter of seconds. The oscillation feature reduces heat build-up while sanding to give you a smoother finish.

As far as the drilling capabilities are concerned, it has a spindle travel of 3-1/4 inches for drilling deep holes. The drill chuck is fairly versatile and can accept bits as small as 1/64-inch up to 5/8-inch bits.

You also get a broad range of speeds with 12-speed settings that go from 250RPM, which is suitable for metals, to 3050RPM for use in materials such as wood.

The work table is quite unique since it is circular rather than a square and has a diameter of 12-3/8 inches. The table height is adjustable and it can tilt 90 degrees to both the right and left for special drilling and sanding angles.

The table can even be moved out of the way to use the base of the press as a table instead.

  • Sturdy and weighted build
  • Can be used for sanding operations
  • 12 different speed settings
  • Height adjustable table can tilt 90 degrees
  • Easy to set up
  • There are multiple reports of users having various issues with the motor
  • Changing speeds isn’t easy

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Delta 18-900L 

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

This is a large, heavy-duty 18-inch laser drill press powered by a 3/4HP motor that gives you 16 different drilling speeds which range from 170RPM to 3000RPM.

It has a full 6-inch quill stroke which gives you the ability to make deep holes, making it perfect even for professional use.

Perhaps the best feature of the press is the oversized table which uses rack-and-pinion height adjustment to easily increase or decrease its height.

The table features a patented design that lets it bevel 0 to 90 degrees to the left and right as well as tilt forward by up to 48 degrees. The adjustable locking levers let you make fast angle adjustments with minimal effort.

The press also features micro-adjustable depth stops for very precise drilling and an independent depth scale that lets you zero it for repetitive drilling.

It also utilizes a time-saving Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive System which makes speed changes much easier while increasing the efficiency of the motor.

Other features include an LED light to illuminate your work surface, a bright laser to give you drilling accuracy, and a removable center insert for when you need to drill through the table.

  • A height-adjustable table that tilts to the left, right, and forward
  • 16 drilling speeds
  • Can make very deep holes
  • LED light and laser for accuracy
  • Motor runs quietly and efficiently
  • Multiple buyers have reported quality control issues with their models
  • Expensive

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Jet JDP-17 3/4 hp Drill Press

JET JDP-17 17' Drill Press (716300)

This 17-inch press by Jet Tools is powered by an efficient ¾-HP motor and a poly-v belt drive system that gives you 16 speeds between 210 and 3500RPM.

You can easily change speeds using the one-handed belt tensioning.

The build of the press features a large cast iron base to provide stability and a spacious 14-inch by 19-inch precision ground work table.

This table has twin T-slot grooves and 4 table slots that let you clamp and accommodate the largest of workpieces. The table edge lip is also designed in such a way to make clamping easy.

The spindle has a full 5 inches of travel with one revolution of the handle for depth drilling. The integrated depth stop helps make repetitive drilling quicker and the replaceable MDF table insert allows for through-the-table drilling.

The design also incorporates a Xacta-X laser system which easily identifies the drill center to boost your accuracy and a long-lasting LED for better visibility.

You can watch a quick assembly video for this model here:


  • Easy to follow instructions make it easy to assemble
  • 16 speeds
  • Large worktable
  • Long quill travel
  • Laser and LED lights for accuracy
  • Sturdy and stable design due to cast-iron construction
  • A few users had issues with quill and spindle wobble

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SHOP FOX W1680 1-Horsepower 17-Inch Floor Model Drill Press

This 17-inch floor model drill press has been designed for use in small to average size shops. It has a 1HP motor that delivers 12 speeds which range from 140RPM to 3050RPM so that you can tackle a variety of materials.

The build of the press is made of solid cast iron and features a precision-ground table, sealed ball bearings, and rubber-coated quick-adjust handles that give you both durability and convenience.

The built-in light helps to further improve your user experience and increases your accuracy through improved visibility.

The table of the press comes in a unique circular, rather than square or rectangular, shape with a 14-inch diameter.

It is capable of tilting from 0 to 90 degrees and can have its height adjusted with a maximum drill depth of 31-1/2 inches from the chuck to the table.

Several safety features have also been incorporated into the design such as a chuck guard to help protect you from accidental contact with moving parts or flying debris. The on/off switch is also much safer due to its paddle switch design and lock-out key.

  • The table can tilt up to 90 degrees and is height adjustable
  • Solid cast iron build for stability
  • 12 speeds
  • Chuck guard and paddle switch for safety
  • Some parts, such as knobs and handles, are made of cheap plastic which is prone to breaking

Check Reviews & Price on Amazon

A floor drill press can be a welcomed addition to any handyman’s workspace. This drill press stands on the floor instead of being on a workbench, so it takes up less workspace, and is powerful.

A good floor drill press will make your jobs run smoothly with its cutting ability and power to cut through any wood materials like butter.

This article will take a look at the best floor drill presses on the market and help you to determine which model will work the best for the kind of jobs, or projects, that you do.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Floor Drill Presses

Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press

In this section, we will define what a floor drill press is, why you should be using one, and help you to determine what kind of buyer you are.

Knowing what type of customer you are is an essential part of the process of finding a drill press that works for the jobs you do.

What is a Floor Drill Press?

A floor drill press is a machine that is made for boring holes in wood that stands on the ground instead of sitting on a workbench. It is typically used for drilling cylindrical holes in wood, but can have attachments that allow it to make square holes as well.

Why a Floor Drill Press?

A floor drill press can be much more powerful than the tabletop drill presses and are able to withstand more work with thicker materials. This allows for more construction jobs, and other types of intensive work, to be done with this machine. It is also one that can allow for different shapes of holes, other than cylindrical. Like square shaped holes.

What kind of Buyer are you?

Knowing what kind of buyer you are is important in finding which floor drill press will work for you. If you are a customer that does heavy-duty work on a jobsite, then you will need something rugged and sturdy that will last through constant use.

But if you will use this tool for small household projects, then you will want something more compact, and a model that is more budget-friendly.

I am a Professional or Independent Contractor…

A professional who needs something that is guaranteed not to fail on the job will benefit from getting a floor drill press that is built for extensive, and intensive, use.

You will want something that is more expensive that is made for professional use and will last through many jobs. You won’t want something that isn’t powerful enough to get your jobs done.

I am a Hobbyist or DIYer…

If you are a customer that doesn’t use a floor drill press for work, then you will be able to get something that is budget-friendly and not as heavy-duty. The more powerful tools will be more expensive and sturdier, which you don’t really need.

You can get a compact model that has a lower price point that will still work for all the projects and jobs that you do.


What is the Difference Between a Floor Drill Press and a Workbench Drill Press?

The major difference between these two types of drill presses is the amount of workspace that they use up and the power of the motors. The workbench drill press is more compact and is able to be put on an existing tabletop. A free-standing drill press stands alone on the ground which can take up more floor space, but it is more powerful and can handle larger and thicker materials when cutting.

Are there any Accessories or Attachments that I can Add to the floor Drill Press?

Yes, there are a number of attachments that can be added so that you can drill different shaped holes. There is an attachment for a square hole that is typically one of the most used. There are also double-layered tabletops that allow the top layer to be replaced with specialty tops that help it last longer with less damage.

Which is Better for Construction Work, the Floor or the Tabletop Drill?

Typically, the more powerful tools are the ones that are used for more intensive work. Therefore, the floor drill press will work the best for that type of work because it handles a larger load with larger and thicker materials. It is also built to be sturdier than the tabletop drill press, so it is likely to last much longer than its counterpart even with consistent use.

Final Words

With all this new information, I hope that this article has helped you begin your journey of finding the right floor drill press. In order to find which one is best for you, you have to know what you need.

This guide gives you the best options to start with so you can be sure that whichever one you choose will give you the best value, and the best floor drill press for your needs.

With different heights, features, and capabilities, these drill presses suit a variety of needs, from woodworking to drilling in metals.

So if you’re looking for a trustworthy tool to add to your workshop, this list is a great, versatile starting point.

Here is the list of our top picks again for you. Check out the specs, customer reviews, price and offers on Amazon –


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