10 Best Scroll Saws Ranked with Detailed Reviews (2020)

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Scroll saws can be intricate professional tools that give you the precision that is probably unattainable with most other tools. Or you can be an at-home enthusiast who uses them for a bit of DIYing and woodworking.

In either case, you’ll be looking for a high-quality saw that gives you precision and control for the best results. The 10 scroll saws in the list promise just that.

With a number of features designed to enhance your experience, theses highly-rated and popular scrolls will meet the needs of everyone, from the dedicated professional to the DIY enthusiast.

Comparison Table: Top Scroll Saws Today

A quick comparison table of the top Scroll Saws available in the market today. Check of the key specs of various models to shortlist the model suitable for you –

Product SPM Head Tilt Angle (Degree) Price


DEWALT Scroll Saw, Variable-Speed, 1.3 Amp, 20-Inch (DW788)

Best Overall

1,750 0 to 45 Check Price

WEN 3920

WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Flexible LED Light

Best for Beginners

1600 0 to 45 Check Price

Dremel MS20-01

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

Good for Beginners

1,500 - 2,250 NA Check Price

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

1,750 0 to 45 Check Price

Shop Fox W1713

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

1,700 0 to 45 Check Price

18" Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand

18' Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand

1,500 0 to 45 Check Price

Excalibur EX-16

EXCALIBUR 16' Scroll Saw - 1.3A Variable Speed Woodworking Saw with Tilting head & Easy Blade Change - EX-16

Wide Angle Head Tilt

1,400 - 30 to 45 Check Price

Jet 727200K

JET JWSS-22 22' Scroll Saw with Stand and Foot Switch (727200K)

Wide Angle Head Tilt

1,550 - 40 to 45 Check Price

ShopSeries RK7315

ShopSeries RK7315 16' Scroll Saw with Variable Speed Control

1,700 0 to 45 Check Price

Ryobi 16 in. Corded Scroll Saw

Ryobi 16 in. Corded Scroll Saw #SC165VS by Ryobi

1,600 0 to 45 Check Price

Reviews of the Best Scroll Saws

DEWALT DW788 Review

Best Overall

DEWALT Scroll Saw, Variable-Speed, 1.3 Amp, 20-Inch (DW788)

This 20-inch scroll saw by Dewalt has an electronically variable speed and can give you between 400 and 1750 strokes per minute.

The design incorporates a double parallel-link arm. This significantly reduces the vibration caused by the saw even at high speeds to give you better accuracy. The reduction in vibration also leads to quieter operating.

It has tool-free blade clamps which allow you to quickly change the blade while a blade-tensioning lever is located on the front upper arm of the saw to conveniently tighten the blade.

Next, to the lever, a flexible dust blower is present to help keep the saw clean while you work.

The arm is designed to keep the blade perpendicular to the work. This is meant to reduce both overcutting and undercutting.

It is meant to pivot from the back of the saw to the front which results in a shorter arm movement that results in smoother operation.

The arm also lifts so that you can thread through the material you’re working for inside cuts. It can also come with an oversized cast iron table that bevels to both the right and left for sturdy support.

You can see it in use here:

  • Cast-iron table if very sturdy and absorbs vibrations
  • Blades are easy to change
  • Little to no vibration
  • Quiet
  • Very strong and precise
  • Tensioning level and dust blower are both conveniently located on the front upper arm
  • High price and the stand costs extra
  • There are complaints about blade alignment and wobble

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WEN 3920 Review

A Good Scroll Saw for Beginners 

WEN 3920 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Flexible LED Light

The WEN 3920 is a unique scroll saw which has a blade that can run in two directions. It can accept pinned or pinless blades for the standard position which is excellent for intricate designs as well as beveled cuts.

In this position, it is capable of cutting wood up to 2 inches in thickness with a 16-inch throat depth.

To ramp up your cutting capacity for larger workpieces, you can use a pinned blade for a 90-degree position. This lets your cuts move across the width of the table rather than front to back, giving you infinite ripping capacity.

You can store these blades on the onboard blade storage in the saw.

It has a 16 inch by an 11inch table that can bevel up to 45 degrees to the left when you want to make angled cuts.

It is stabilized by a cast iron base that prevents vibrations from the variable speed blade that can give you between 550 to 1600 strokes per minute. A hold-down clamp keeps the workpieces in place and prevents unwanted sliding.

An adjustable air pump lets you remove sawdust from the blade to keep your work clean and give you better visibility.

Another visibility-improving feature is the worm-shaped work light that you can move to illuminate sections of your workpiece.

You can watch how to set it up and use it here: 


  • Quiet functioning
  • 2 cutting positions
  • Variable speed
  • LED light for improved visibility
  • Powerful and consistent cuts
  • Competitively priced when compared to other manufacturers
  • Blades, especially pinless ones, are not easy to change
  • The air pump doesn’t have a good airflow
  • The LED light tends to vibrate
  • Intricate work is slightly difficult with this saw

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Dremel MS20-01

A Good Scroll Saw for Beginners

Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

This is a compact scroll saw by Dremel that is meant to be portable as well as easy to store and set-up. It has a fast clamp base attaches to various tables and other surfaces so that you can set it up wherever you want to.

Another great feature is that it can be removed from the base and be turned into a handheld electric coping saw in case you need to bring the saw closer to the workpiece.

Despite its lightweight build, it is still a great saw for making detailed cuts into a number of different materials such as wood, plastic, laminates, or metal.

The variable speed control lets you change the number of strokes per minute to best suit the material you’re working with.

It also features Dremel’s auto-tensioning quick change mechanism for optimal blade tensioning as well as easy changing of accessories.

Its slim ergonomic handle gives you a comfortable grip that gives you better control and lets you cut more precisely in any position. Dremel MS20-01 Moto-Saw Variable Speed Compact Scroll Saw Kit

  • Portable
  • Can double as a coping saw
  • Variable speed control
  • Good for home projects by beginners and DIYers
  • Blades are prone to damage
  • Not good for precision work
  • Not effective with harder materials such as hardwoods or metals

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Delta Power Tools 40-694 Review

Delta Power Tools 40-694 20 In. Variable Speed Scroll Saw

This scroll saw by Delta is a great option for people looking for precision. It has a large cast-iron table that gives you a sturdy support and it can bevel between 0 degrees to 45 degrees to the right or left for sharp angled cuts.

Another way it enhances precision is through its parallel-link arm design which dramatically reduces the vibration produced by the saw which gives you better control.

The decrease in vibration also leads to quieter functioning. By keeping the blade perpendicular to the saw, you also get a significant reduction in over or undercutting.

The upper arm of the saw lifts up and can even be locked in position while changing or adjusting the blade. The blade clamp has a tool-free design for quick blade changes.

A lever on the front of the arm functions as a blade tensioner to adjust the blade for maximum accuracy. The tool also has a blade storage area so that you can keep all your blades in one place when you need them.

The upper arm also has a speed dial that lets you vary the speed between 400 and 1750 strokes per minute. Next, to it, a flexible dust blower helps you keep sawdust or any other shavings and debris away from your workspace.

You can watch an assembly video for it here:

  • Blades are easy to change
  • Parallel-link arm reduces vibration and noise
  • Good for precise cuts
  • Variable speed
  • Flexible dust blower
  • The power switch is low quality
  • Quality control issues: many users have complained of getting damaged models on delivery

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Shop Fox W1713 Review

Shop Fox W1713 16-Inch Variable Speed Scroll Saw

The heavy-duty cast-iron construction saw can give you a maximum cutting width of 16 inches and a maximum depth of 2 inches.

Its cast-iron table offers you the ability to make cuts at angles ranging from 0 to 45 degrees with a mechanism that lets you tilt the table using a lock knob and tilt scale for easy horizontal angle cuts.

The saw is compatible with standard plain blades as well as pin-end saw blades. It is designed so that you can easily change between blades with the included adaptors.

The blades give you a variable speed that ranges from 550 strokes per minute to 1650SPM. An adjustable hold-down shoe prevents the workpiece from moving while you work on it.

A gooseneck work light over the work area keeps everything properly illuminated so that you can clear visibility. It also has a dust blower to clear away any accumulated dust from the sawing.

There’s also a dust port that you can attach a vacuum to. This clears away any debris that might accumulate beneath the table.

  • Quiet and has minimal vibration
  • Variable speed
  • Makes precise cuts and has a tilt feature for angled cuts
  • Very sturdy
  • No user manual or set up instructions are provided
  • Changing blades can be slightly tricky
  • Dust blower is awkwardly placed and can get in the way of work

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18″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand

18' Variable Speed Scroll Saw with Stand

This scroll saw has a large and stable die-cast aluminum working table that measures 20 inches by 12 5/8 inches.

The table has an innovative design with a top scale that lets you accurately measure your bevel angle without having to look below the table.

The table can tilt in two directions: up to 45 degrees to the right and up to 15 degrees to the left.

It is a variable speed scroll so you can change the speed of the blade according to the material that you’re working with. The speed can vary between 500SPM and 1500SPM.

It uses either 5-inch pinned blades or blank end blades which can be used without any special holders and can be changed without tools. It has a cam-locking blade-tensioning lever for tool-free tensioning.

It has an adjustable LED work light to illuminate your work area and a dust blower that keeps the cutting path ahead of your blade clear and enhances your visibility.

There Is also a port located under the table to fit a standard vacuum hose so that you can clear any debris that falls there.

All the controls are conveniently located at the front and top of the saw.

  • Low vibration
  • Variable speed
  • Dust blower and vacuum port are present
  • The table has dual-direction tilt
  • Top scale lets you accurately measure bevel angle
  • The light is short and doesn’t tend to stay in place
  • Changing blades is not easy
  • Blade tensioning is not too effective

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Excalibur EX-16 Review

EXCALIBUR 16' Scroll Saw - 1.3A Variable Speed Woodworking Saw with Tilting head & Easy Blade Change - EX-16

The Excalibur EX-16 by General International has a large table surface, 12 inches x 18.5 inches, to give you a spacious working area and greater throat depth for cutting.

It is capable of producing a variable speed that can range from 400 to 1400 strokes per minute using its constant-torque permanent magnet motor design.

A unique feature of this scroll saw is that it is not the table that tilts but instead the head. The head is capable of tilting 30 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right for when you need to make beveled cuts.

This type of tilting keeps the workplace level so that you have better control, which gives you more accuracy. You can get a 2-inch cutting depth with this.

It has a number of safety and convenience features that enhancing the operating experience. All the controls, such as for the blade spade and tension, are easy to access.

The blade clamps require no tools and the blade can be changed by hand. There is also an onboard dust blower that keeps dust and debris away from your workpiece and line of sight.

For safety, it has an upper and lower blade guard which minimize the chances of any accidentals occurring by preventing accidental contact between your hand and the blade.

There is also a switch protection device that ensures that the saw doesn’t start unintentionally.

You can watch it being briefly demonstrated here:

  • Quiet and vibration-free functioning
  • Unique head-tilt design gives better control and accuracy
  • Variable speed
  • Has a number of safety features
  • Tool-free blade clamps
  • Onboard dust blower

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Jet 727200K Review

JET JWSS-22 22' Scroll Saw with Stand and Foot Switch (727200K)

This scroll saw combines innovation with best-in-class technology and design features to give you a high-quality and easy-to-use product.

The table is large, 12 7/8 inches x 23 inches, and is made of cast-iron to provide you with a highly stable and vibration-resistant surface. It is also slotted so that blade changes are easier.

For the blade, the upper blade holder uses a patent-pending design that both clamps and tensions the blade in just one step.

The lower blade is holder is removable and snaps into place. The saw can give you a variable blade speed that ranges from 400SPM to 1550SPM with the help of the conveniently-located speed control.

There is blade storage integrated into the saw with slots for pre-loaded blades as well as a built-in wrench. Its unique design lets you position the storage on either the right or left of the machine, according to your preference.

The arm of this scroll saw is of the top lift variety so that you can raise it by 10 degrees. It is also spring loaded so it’ll stay in place until you pull it back.

The arm, rather than the table, tilts 45 degrees to the right and 40 degrees to the left so that you cutting surface remains flat for more accuracy.

Other convenient features include the onboard dust blower as well as removable dust port on the underside of the table that lets you siphon the dust away from your workspace.

It also comes with a stand which can be adjusted to 4 different heights to suit your own height.

You can watch it being set up and put to use for woodworking here: 


  • Spacious cast-iron table
  • Dust blower and dust port are present
  • Variable speed
  • Unique blade holder design for faster blade changes
  • Integrated blade storage
  • Variable height stand
  • Spring-loaded arm tilts to give you a flat working surface for better accuracy

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ShopSeries RK7315 Review

ShopSeries RK7315 16' Scroll Saw with Variable Speed Control

This 16-inch scroll saw is part of Rockwell‘s Shop Series of power tools that are meant for homeowners and DIYers. It is a lightweight yet powerful option that is great for woodworking.

The table is made of die-cast aluminum that bevels from 0 to 45 degrees for when you need to make beveled cuts.

It has variable speed control with a ¾ inch stroke that gives you clean and accurate cuts that are good for making intricate curves, precise cuts, and joints.

It is powered by a 1.2-amp motor that gives you consistent power for your cuts.

This scroll saw comes with two durable blades made of tungsten carbide that are meant to last you a while. There is onboard storage present in the saw that lets you keep them with your saw and prevents them from getting lost.

With a throat depth of 16 inches, these saws provide you with a cutting capacity of 2 inches at 90 degrees and a 1.1875 inch capacity at 45 degrees.

  • Costs less than most other scroll saws
  • Durable blades
  • The table is capable of tilting
  • Vibrates a lot
  • Table insert is shallow and can make the surface uneven
  • Noisy

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Ryobi 16 in. Corded Scroll Saw Review

Ryobi 16 in. Corded Scroll Saw #SC165VS by Ryobi

This scroll saw by Ryobi has a table with a throat depth of 16 inches which gives you a high cutting capacity. It uses a tilting cast aluminum table which can tilt up to 45 degrees when you need to make beveled or angled cuts.

The electronic variable speed lets the blade speed vary from 550 strokes per minute to 1650SPM so that you can use it for a variety of applications. The ¾ inch stroke length also makes it function efficiently and smoothly.

This efficiency and power are delivered to you by saw’s induction motor that is designed to give you consistency while working and long tool life.

It accepts plain as well as pin-end blades which can be easily inserted into the tool-free blade clamps. A conveniently located blade tension knob lets you quickly adjust the tensioning.

The saw rests on a cast iron base that absorbs vibrations so that you get a more accurate cut.

There’s also an integrated dust blower that keeps the cut-line clear along with a dust port at the bottom which can be combined with a wet or dry vacuum to keep your work area clean.

You can watch a brief product video for this model here:


  • Table tilts up to 45 degrees
  • Variable speed
  • Cast iron base gives stability and absorbs vibrations
  • Integrated dust blower and dust port clear away debris while working
  • The blade retention screws can be prone to breaking
  • The tensioning knob is made of low-quality plastic
  • There are multiple complains about the lower blade clamp being ineffective

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Buying the best scroll saw doesn’t have to be hard, but it isn’t as simple as walking in and buying the first one you see.

When it comes to purchasing the best scroll saw there are specific things to consider to ensure you purchase the one that best suits your needs.

With the best scroll, you will soon be on your way to making all your dream projects come true.

Many mistakenly assume that if they have a band saw they really don’t need a scroll saw. A band saw is nice and can make some decent cuts, but unlike a scroll saw it does not offer a continuous blade.

You really can’t compare a band saw to a scroll saw because they serve two unique purposes. The best scroll saw makes the most detailed of cuts, including curves and the finest cuts.

The end results of a scroll saw simply can’t be compared to that of a band saw.

Buying Guide to Purchase the Best Scroll Saw

Things to Consider when Purchasing the Best Scroll Saw

Despite what you may think a scroll saw is not just a woodworker saw and is a welcome addition for anybody who needs to make the most intricate of cuts in their wood.

Here are the specific things to look for when purchasing the best scroll saw.


You need to consider the work table or platform that the scroll saw is mounted on. You need to make sure you have enough space to work on the largest project. In addition to space, you want to consider how sturdy the platform is.

When using the scroll saw vibrations are going to happen, the sturdier the platform is the less likely your cut will be off due to the vibrations. The sturdier the platform the less the vibrations will be felt.

Scroll Saw Arm

There are many different kinds of arms on the scroll saw that hold down the product you are working on. The scroll saw arm also helps to reduce the amount of vibration.

Many people prefer the double-parallel arm as it works the best at securely holding the object you are cutting in place.

You also want to find a scroll saw that offers an adjustable arm, as that allows you to fit the arm to the thickness of the wood.

An adjustable arm allows for better holding as you can accommodate the arm to fit the project you are working on for the best hold.

Throat Size

The throat size will affect the size of the project you are working on. For those new, to scroll saws the throat size is the distance from the back of the blade to the front.

You can usually determine the throat size from the description on the box or in the product specifications. You will often see 22-inch scroll saw.

Rule of thumb with scroll saw throat sizes is you can cut twice the size of your throat. For example, if your scroll has a 22-inch throat size you can cut a piece of wood up to 44inches.


Always look to see what kind of blades the scroll saw will use either pinned or unpinned. Pinned blades are for larger pieces of wood and less intricate cuts. Unpinned blades allow you to make the finer cuts.

Not all scroll saws will accommodate both blades styles, so look to see what blades you can use to ensure the scroll saw will meet your needs.

Blades changes are something else to consider. Some scroll saws require the use of tools for changing blades, while others do not.

For many people the easier the blade change process the better as it allows you to get back to work in a timely manner.

Scroll saws due to the nature of the work you use them to require more blade changes than other types of saws, so it is helpful not to have tool requirements for these changes.

Also, look for a blade storage option as it allows you to keep all the scroll saw blades in a central location where they have less chance of getting lost.

Variable Control Speed

If you want to be able to adjust the cuts, whether its size or depth, you need a scroll saw that offers a variable control speed.

Having the ability to slow down how fast the saw is cutting allows you to make the perfect cut without rushing. Some cuts can be made fast, while others require a slow cut because of the precision needed in the cut.

Variable control speed may be adjusted through a knob or electronic controls both work in the same manner.


You need to consider how powerful your scroll is. The more powerful you saw the more options you have with it, which is helpful for those looking to get the most use out of their scroll saw.

The more power the saw has the thicker the wood you can cut with it.

Optional Features

Some other features that are nice to look for in a scroll saw, but do not affect how the saw works. A working light attached to the scroll saw can help provide a more precise light for precision cuts.

A light with the saw eliminates the difficulty of trying to use a flashlight while cutting in poor lighting conditions.

An adjustable dust blower or dust port is also a nice feature to look for as cutting generates a lot of dust.

Having an adjustable blower allows you to blow the dust away from the wood and away from your lap while you are working so neither ends up covered in dust.

A dust port is recommended as it collects some of the dust your cutting generates, so there is less clean up afterward.

A Quick Video on Why You Need a Scroll Saw : 

What Materials Can You Cut With a Scroll Saw?

Scroll saws can cut a variety of materials including wood, various types of metals, and plastic. One of the greatest things about scroll saws is they can be used to cut a variety of materials in a quick time.

Scroll saws will work to cut through both hard and soft wood, leather, fabric, bone, plastic, Corian, aluminum, coins, copper, brass, and steel.

The key to cutting through various types of materials with a scroll saw is to ensure you have the right size blade on your saw.

Scroll saws are used more for cutting thinner pieces of material rather than thicker pieces of material, so be sure to read the owner’s manual for the maximum thickness of materials.

How Scroll Saw Works

How Scroll Saw Works

A scroll works by moving a blade up and down at various speeds to cut through wood, metal, plastic, and other materials.

If you are looking for speed and power to precisely cut your material for a project you need a scroll saw. A scroll saw features a flat table with an arm extending over the table.

A saw blade comes up through a hole in the table and the blade is connected to the motor. The motor powers the saw anywhere from 400 to 1,800 strokes per minute.

The arm extends across the table and is used to secure the material in place to allow for a steadier cut.

The material must be laid flat on the saw table, once the saw is turned on you bring the material towards the blade to begin cutting.

A Video Guide on How to Handle a Scroll Saw : 

What Wood is Best For Scroll Saw?

The best wood for your scroll saw will depend on the specifics of your project.

In most cases, you want to avoid using softwood for your scroll saw projects. Softwood, such as pine and basswood are too brittle to work with and are often difficult to stain. Softwood is good for practicing with your scroll saw.

Harder woods will work better for most scroll saw projects as they are strong enough to hold up to the intricate cuts made by the saw, including tight or curved designs.

What is the Difference Between a Fret Saw and Scroll Saw?

The difference between a fret saw and a scroll saw comes down to power.

A fret saw is a type of bow saw that is used for very intricate cutting. Fret saws are capable of achieving delicate work and tighter radii.

The fret saw uses an extra-fine blade that offers 32 teeth per inch, which allows for tighter curves and sharp corners. The blade of the fret saw is fixed inside a handle.

A scroll saw is very similar to a fret saw. A scroll saw is simply a powered fret saw with a table, even the blades between the two saws can be used interchangeably.

What’s the Difference Between Scroll Saw and Jigsaw?

What’s the Difference Between Scroll Saw and Jigsaw

The biggest difference between a scroll saw and a jigsaw is how they are held and how they cut.

Like the scroll saw, a jigsaw can make round and detailed cuts, but that is where the similarities end. A scroll saw is a table saw, while a jigsaw is often a cordless handheld saw that can be used in a variety of places.

Jigsaws use different blades than scroll saws allowing them to cut through thicker materials. The last difference is a jigsaw leaf behind rough edges that require sanding, while a scroll saw leaves behind a smooth, finished edge.

How Thick Wood Can a Scroll Saw Cut?

Most scroll saws have a maximum thickness of two inches for cutting.

Most brands of scroll saws have a maximum thickness capacity of two inches when cutting any kind of materials.

If cutting a two-inch thick piece of wood you might notice that scrolling with that thick of wood is hard going, it is also slower than using a thinner piece of wood.

Are All Scroll Saw Blades the Same?

No, not all scroll saw blades are the same, there are several different kinds of blades and sizes.

There are several different kinds of sizes of scroll saw blades, what one you use will depend on the project you are working on. In general, there are two kinds of blades used plain end and pin end blades.

Plain end blades are the recommended choice and measure five inches long. Plain end blades fit most scroll saws and offer seven major types of blades.

Is A Scroll Saw the Same as a Band Saw?

No a band saw is not the same thing as a scroll although they look very similar.

Both scroll saws and band saws look similar as they both offer a work table with a perpendicular blade running through its center.

Scroll saws use a thin, short blade that moves up and down to make very intricate cuts. Band saws offer a flexible, continuous blade that moves in a downward motion continuously and can cut through thick material and is quite powerful.

Final Words

When shopping for the best scroll saw it there is more to shopping than just reading reviews. The best scroll saw for your needs will greatly vary based on the size and scoop of your project.

Knowing what to look and what you need in a scroll is the first step to purchasing the best scroll saw.

Reading reviews and talking to others about their scroll saws is the other. We hope you found our purchasing guide and reviews useful in your quest to find the best scroll saw for your needs.

Here is the list of our top picks again for you. Check out the specs, reviews, price and offers on Amazon –

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