DeWalt 734 Vs 735 Wood Planer – Which One to Buy?

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In Brief: DeWalt 734 Vs DeWalt 735

Both the DeWalt 734 and DeWalt 735 are fine quality bench top wood planers of the DeWalt make. The DeWalt 734 is a basic planer that comes at a cheaper price and does its job efficiently with the basic functionalities making it suitable for DIY usage and small carpentry projects. The DeWalt 735 is the more advanced and expensive version as it comes with two cutting speeds, higher cutting capacity and other features making it more suitable for professionals.

The DeWalt 734 is of the esteemed DeWalt brand which is now a subsidiary of Stanley Black and Decker and is known worldwide for power tools and hand tools for the construction industry, manufacturing industry and also the woodworking industry.

The DeWalt 734 and DeWalt 735 are superior wood planers of the famed DeWalt make and they are tools that professionals in the woodworking industry or people into DIY carpentry look to buy.

Benchtop planers are quite expensive tools and that makes researching into them all the more justifiable. Let us explore the features, the similarities and the differences of the DeWalt 735 and the DeWalt 735.

Quick Review of The DeWalt 734

DEWALT DW734 15 Amp 12-1/2-Inch Single Speed Benchtop PlanerThe DeWalt 734 is a single speed, 12 1/2 inches wood planer runs on a 15 amps motor. It can achieve up to 20,000 rotations per minute and can work with all sorts of wood, even real hardwood.

It has three knives in its cutter head and makes 96 cuts per inch which delivers fine cuts with a smooth finish. The knives are known to be of unparalleled quality and last considerably longer than the regular knives of other planers.


  • Easy maintenance and easy to clean up due to the superior sawdust collection method.
  • Reduced snipe to the ergonomic and compact, 4 columns design.
  • Very durable, as knives have a longer lifetime than other knives that are commonly used
  • Cost effective makes it a good bargain for its functionalities.


  • Not a heavy-duty production tool
  • Falters when it cuts the hardest wood like oak as its highest RPM is often unachievable.
  • Single feed rate makes control less precise

Suitable for

The DeWalt 734 performs superior finish, from pine to oak. It is easy to set up and operate and does the job of a wood planer to the T.

It lacks certain extra features but is ideal for someone who has just set up his shop and does not want to spend too much. For DIY usage, small carpentry workshops, professionals working with softwood, this is the best buy.


Quick Review of DeWalt 735

DEWALT DW735 13-Inch, Two Speed Thickness Planer The DeWalt 735 is also designed by the American brand DeWalt and is backed by their unique concept of design philosophy which makes it more durable, resilient and powerful.

It stands unmatched as a bench top wood planer in the market and is every carpenter’s dream as it makes their job easier and more efficient.

The DeWalt 735 is a dual-speed, 13 inches wood planer that runs on a 15 Amps motor. It can achieve up to 20,000 motor rotations per minute and a speed of 10,000 rpm for its cutter head.

It has a two-speed gearbox which delivers feed at two speeds, 96 cuts per inch or 179 cuts per inch, thus optimizing power and smoothness and can work with a wide range of stock, from plywood to oak wood.

Here is a video that highlights how the DeWalt 735 wins with miles against a cheaper wood planer:



  • Optimized cutting speed as it has a two-speed gearbox delivering feeds of two speeds
  • Capable of planing wider stock due to a larger size and higher cutting capacity
  • The mechanism to make knife change faster
  • Powerful 20,000 RPM motor and 10,000 RPM cutter head speed makes for easy handling of larger cuts in wider boards


  • Expensive for DIY and beginner usage due to extra features
  • Heavier due to a larger weight which as it carries other elements like the gearbox
  • Difficult to operate as it is a complicated machine due to its extra features

Suitable for

The DeWalt 735 can regularly plane a large variety of stock, from soft plywood to rough hardwood to oak due to features like dual cutting speed, and quality knives.

Though it is expensive, it is a match for professionals who are involved in the large scale daily business of planing as it saves them time, energy, makes fewer errors and is very durable-DeWalt products are known to last a lifetime.


Key Differences – DeWalt 734 Vs 735

Both the DeWalt 734 and 735 are good benchtop wood planers and the 735 is a more advanced version of the 734.

The main difference arises in the extra gearbox that the 735 constitutes which enables it to deliver feed at two rates, thus optimizing the cutting speed while the 734 can work with only one speed. 

Here is a quick summary of all differences –

Parameter DeWalt 734 DeWalt 735
Width Capacity 12.5” 13”
Planer type Stationary Stationary
Motor amperage 15 Amps 15 Amps
Power Source Corded, Electrical Corded, Electrical
No load speed of motor 20,000 RPM 20,000 RPM
No load speed of cutterhead 10,000 RPM 10,000 RPM
Maximum depth of cut ⅛ inches ⅛ inches
Depth Capacity 6 inches 6 inches
Carriage Lock Manual Auto
Cutterhead Speeds 1 2
Cuts Per Inch 96 96 or 179
Feed rate 24 Ft per minute 24 Ft per minute
Chip ejector No Yes
Weight 80 lbs 92 lbs
Extras Dust hood Dust adaptor
Warranty 3-Year limited 3-Year limited


From the above discussion, it is for certain that both the DW 734 and the DW 735 is superior made benchtop wood planers.

The DW 735 is a more enhanced version of the 734, hence it can work with a larger range of materials, owing mainly to its higher cutting capacity and the two speeds of feed which allow it to cut at different rates

The DW 734 performs optimally what a wood planer is made for. It delivers a very smooth finish to all its products and is simply built, of lightweight, compact design and is easy to operate.

It is a no-fuss machine and can be learned to work very easily. Thus, it is suited for DIY usage and beginner carpentry projects

The DW 735 does all that a DW 734 can do, and more, at a higher price. It has two speeds of cutting the wood, a larger cutting width which allows it to work with the hardest of materials.

It weighs more and has more features than the DW 734, hence it has to be learned how to operate properly.

It is more catered to professionals in the daily business of large scale planing as the extra features turn out to be useful for them.

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