Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7480 Table Saw – Detail Comparison

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In Brief: DW 745 vsDWE7480

Both the DW 745 and DWE 7480 are superior table saws made by DeWalt. The DW 745 is lighter, has lower motor rpm and works best with lighter materials thus ideal for DIY usage. The DWE 7480 has higher motor power and can work with harder materials making it suitable for professional usage

The DW 745 and DWE 7480 are DeWalt’s premier job site compact table saws. The DWE 7480 is the more powerful of the two while the DW 745 is the sleeker and more portable of the two.

They both are essential tools for woodworkers or carpenters to have in their workshop to cut wooden boards easily and efficiently.

Let us examine deeply, the specifications of the two models and which one of them is suited to your needs

Quick Review of DW745

DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, 16-Inch Rip Capacity (DW745) The DeWalt 745 comes from the reputed, renowned DeWalt brand which is known for its innovative designs and unique concepts.

Started in America, it is known worldwide for its power tools and handheld tools and is used by the carpentry industry, the manufacturing industry, the woodworking industry and also the construction industry

The DW 745 is a 10-inch table saw with a 16-inch rip capacity. It is a very portable model as its size comes out to be 25.75 x 26.5 x 13.87 inches with a weight of only 45 pounds.

It is also cheaper, though the price should not be the deciding factor between these two saws as the difference is not much. It comes with an 1850 watt motor and a steel roll cage that protects the saw from job site drops


  • The lightweight and ergonomic design makes it easy to maneuver around and carry to job sites
  • The telescopic design makes a better alignment system, thus making for easy adjustment of rails
  • Fence system and miter for better adjustments and more accuracy in cuts, and also added ability to make angled cuts
  • Cost effective as it comes at a cheaper price and is a good table saw
  • Steel roll cages prevent from breaking at job sites from drops or crashes


  • Corded power source decreases maneuvering ability
  • Motor RPM of 3850 restricts the versatility of materials it can work with
  • A rip capacity of 20 inches means it cannot cut larger wood pieces at one go
  • Ineffective for heavy-duty tasks as a less powerful table saw

Suitable for

The DW 745 is suitable for professionals looking for an all-around, lightweight table saw that comes with great portability.

It is a good table saw but cannot indulge in a lot of heavy-duty work, hence it is best for amateur and DIY usage.

It is best for small workshops where there is space constraint or for professionals who tend to carry their table saws to the job sites


Quick Review of DWE7480

DEWALT DWE7480 10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw with Site-Pro Modular Guarding SystemThe DWE 7480 is a 10-Inch, compact and ergonomically designed Job site table saw with the additional feature of Site-Pro Modular Guarding System.

It is run by a 15 amps motor which delivers up to 4800 rpm making it a very powerful tool with the ability to cut through anything, smoothly, with ease.

It is heavier than the DW 745 and is a tad bit more expensive too but its power and stability is not to be compromised.


  • Powerful 15 Amps motor makes it able to work with hard materials too
  • Motor RPM of 4800 delivers smooth cuts along the wooden boards
  • A rip capacity of 24.5 inches means it can cut larger pieces of wood at one go, with ease
  • Affordable, as price may be more expensive, but the difference is not huge
  • Steel roll cages prevent from breaking at job sites from drops or crashes


  • Heavier table saw makes it not easy to port around
  • Difficult to adjust as complicated machinery mechanisms, intended for professionals
  • Not suitable for light work as gets difficult to operate
  • Alignment system can be improved

Suitable For

The DWE 7480 is suited for professionals who need to work with a table saw every day and will benefit from its high motor capacity and ability to cut through the hardest of materials.

It is a powerful, heavy table saw meant for the heavy-duty work and regular usage and will be a good buy for your workshop.


Key differences – Dewalt DW745 vs DWE7480

Both the table saws are of the DeWalt make and hence are guaranteed to be quality products.

From the above discussion, it is evident that they fall in the same price range, hence price shouldn’t really be a factor.

The main differing point that can be made here is that the DW 745 is meant for portable and light work while the DW 7480 id meant for the heavy-duty work and causally, is heavy too.

Here is a quick summary of all Key differences – 

Parameter DW745 DW7480
Motor speed at no load 3850 RPM 4800 RPM
Motor Amperage 15 amps 15 amps
Size and dimensions 18.75 x 23.5 x 22.8 inches 13.875 x 26.75 x 26.5 inches
Weight 45 lbs 48 lbs
Power source Corded, Electrical Corded, Electrical
Blade type Circular Circular
Blade diameter 10 inches 10 inches
Arbor length 0.625 inches 0.625 inches
Bevel cut depth 2.25 inches at 45 degrees 3.125 inches at 90 degrees 2.25 inches at 45 degrees 3.125 inches at 90 degrees
Cutting angle Bevel 0-45 degrees 2.25 inches at 45 degrees
Rip capacity 20 inches 24.5 inches


Both the DW745 and DWE7480 are superior table saws and come with the reputation of DeWalt behind them, hence you cannot go wrong in buying either of the two. Choose wisely, according to your job and what features you require

Go for the DW 745 if you have light work and irregular usage of a table saw. If you are just starting out and want an easy to operate the tool, or you are looking for a basic table saw with basic functionalities for DIY usage, this is the tool for you

If you are more into heavy-duty work and have to work with a large range of materials daily, then go for the DWE 7480. This table saw is meant for daily use and includes features to make cutting smoother, faster and more efficient.

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