Track Saw vs. Cordless Circular Saw – Which One is Right for You?

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Quick Answer: Track Saw vs. Cordless Circular Saw

Both a track saw and a cordless circular saws are saws that use a circular blade and can make any kind of straight cuts, hence both of them are circular saws. A track saw comes with a circular saw mounted on a track where it moves, hence, it makes super accurate cuts and is ideal in the construction business. A cordless circular saw is a safer, lighter version of a circular saw and is ideal for DIYers and small businesses as it has increased portability and is easy to use.

After finally researching on the various types of saws around you, you decided on the ubiquitous circular saw and now you’re bogged down by its various variants.

A circular saw comes in so many types, sizes, and features, that it is a whole new task to select a suitable circular saw for your needs.

In this article, we aim to ward off your doubts regarding two types- the cordless circular saw and the track saw

The track saw is itself just a circular saw, but it is confined to work in a track rather than anywhere.

Just like a circular saw, it has a circular blade for cutting and is capable of making all sorts of straight cuts but is restricted to move along a path.

A corded circular saw is a basic circular saw that runs on batteries with enhanced portability.

The Track Saw

Makita SP6000J 6-1/2-Inch Plunge Circular Saw

A track saw, also known as a plunge saw, is a super precise power tool that can make accurate cuts along a straight line on all sizes of wood.

Usually, to make fine cuts, carpenters cut their boards roughly with a circular saw, then make it accurate using a table saw.

Instead of this, you can just use the track saw to make accurate straight cuts as it comes with an attached precision metal track.

The track saw is essentially a circular saw that moves in the attached metal track along a straight line.

You typically place the metal rail over your board and then plunge the circular saw and move it along the rail. The track adds extra stability to the saw’s movement, hence giving super fine cuts.

A track saw can be used for any sort of straight cuts- rip cuts, crosscuts, angle cuts. It can be used on any size of boards and can work even with quite large wood boards.

It provides portability and ease in cutting and does not compromise on the accuracy.

Watch this expert as he breaks down for you is a track saw worth it:

The Cordless Circular Saw

A cordless circular saw is essentially a circular saw that runs on lithium-ion batteries. It requires regular charging and can run for several hours when fully charged.

As it runs on battery and not electricity, it is hard to cut all sorts of material with it, due to the less power it typically delivers compared to a regular circular saw.

A cordless circular saw is light-weighted, easy to carry around and safer to handle than a regular circular saw.

It is ideal for working on soft materials and with its ease of operation and portability, a DIYer would consider it a great investment for his small projects to make straight cuts of all kinds.

A cordless circular saw is limited in its power but not in its variety of cuts. It cannot cut all materials though it can cut anywhere on them and is not restricted by the rail like a track saw.

Though this does mean its accuracy is compromised. Also, the battery might need replacing since they tend to get drained, adding to operating cost.

Track Saw vs. Cordless Circular Saw

The Track Saw vs the Cordless Circular Saw

Here are the key differences between the two –


A track saw is best for straight cutting on large wood boards where accuracy is demanded. It is highly precise and can make straight cuts of any kind- cross cut, rip cut, angles.

It is thus in high demand by the construction industry, for home renovation products and also at construction sites.

A cordless circular saw is best for the little ventures.

It is a safe circular saw that has the versatility of a regular circular saw but the power usage and deliverance ideal for small businesses and individual DIYers. Its portability also adds to the ease of operation.


A track saw is highly precise, easy to use and can work with any size of the wood board thus providing you with the freedom to take up multiple jobs.

It has the versatility of a regular circular saw and can work with various materials with ease.

A cordless circular saw is well, cordless. It has enhanced portability making it easier to carry around and allowing to work with large wood pieces too.

It is safe to use, less prone to kickback and can itself work with different kinds of material.


A circular saw can make only straight, linear cuts. A track saw can make these straight cuts only along the track it is mounted on.

This restricts its types of cut. Also, the workpiece for a track saw should be flat and not too irregular.

Also, as it requires a large setup, you need to work in open or large areas where the track might not be a hindrance and confine your working area.

A cordless saw does not possess as much power as your regular circular saw and cannot work with the same kinds of materials. It fails against heavy wood boards or metal.

You have to charge it every day and even then, it has a limit to the number of hours it can run. The battery may need to be changed from time to time causing hindrance.


A track saw is more expensive than a cordless circular saw but is a great investment as it essentially has the capability to substitute for the combined efficiency of a circular saw and a table saw.

A cordless saw is reasonably priced and ideal for DIYers and small businesses.

Final Words

A track saw is a heavily specialized power tool that has restricted functionalities but does a superior job.

Thus, buy it if you face that type of job daily and have the area in your workshop for the setup.

It will increase your efficiency highly if you are into cutting wood boards daily or you have to make straight cuts on large pieces of metal.

A cordless circular saw will be best for you if you are just starting out in the business or for amateurs going for home decoration projects as it will be versatile and easy to use. Happy buying!

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