What are the Dimensions [Length and Depth] of a Twin Mattress?

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A twin mattress offers the least amount of space in comparison with other adult mattresses. These mattresses are meant to fit on beds for a single person. The dimensions of twin mattress are mostly 39 inches in width and 75 inches in length.

These mattresses, also known as single mattresses were sold were mostly in sets of two, thus getting the name ‘twin’. When an extra 5 inches is added to the length of a twin mattress, it turns into a twin XL. This mattress is 39 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Who can use a twin mattress?

While the dimensions of twin mattresses may be too short for adults to use, twin XL may offer extra legroom. However, twin mattresses would mostly be used in smaller spaces like dormitories and guest rooms, or on day beds and trundle beds.

Since the use of twin mattresses is not so frequent and mostly in smaller rooms by adults, they are most suited for growing children. These mattresses are commonly used on kids beds and bunk beds. These twin XL mattresses are apt for taller children or when more sitting space is required.

What are the Dimensions of a Twin Mattress

Single/twin size beds that suit twin mattress dimensions

Some common bed measurements that would fit twin mattress are as follows:

  • 39 inches x 76 inches long
  • 41 inches x 78 inches long
  • 40.75 wide x 76.5 inches long
  • 41 inches wide x 80 inches long
  • 43 inches wide x 82 inches long

These bed sizes that offer support to various twin mattresses in the form of slats or platforms, made of metal or wood. However, some require a separate twin mattress foundation.

Twin mattresses dimensions based on depth

The dimensions of a twin mattress are measured by their width and length. However, depth is an important dimension to consider when buying a twin mattress. Twin mattresses dimensions based on depth or thickness are in the following ranges.

Twin mattresses 4 to 7 inches in depth

Twin mattresses are available at prices that range from under $100 to more than $2000. The ones in the under $100 range would mostly be 6 inches or less in depth. Thinner twin mattresses are mostly also used on day beds and as sitting space.

Mattresses in this depth range contain memory foam, foam or hybrid. The sizes could be twin or twin XL for extra space. 4-inch mattresses are mostly made of a mix of foam ingredients. This variety being thin is mostly used as a floor mat and can even be foldable.

Some 5-inch versions that have the dimensions of a twin mattress are a combination of foams, long-term guarantees and used by many people. Some 6-inch twin mattresses are fitted with a comfortable quilted fabric cover, have an inner foam layer resting on innerspring for support and can be used for top bed bunks.

Many 6-inch twin mattresses offer comfort the same as 8 to 10-inch types at a lesser price and are frequently used. Most 6 inch kinds with the dimensions of twin mattresses and innerspring system fit on a number of beds including sofa beds, box spring beds, platform beds, bunk beds, daybeds and trundle beds.

Mattresses of this depth are mostly inexpensive under $100 range but also have an expensive collection. Twin mattresses with the thickness range of 5- 7 inches and above $500 are mostly made of latex.
The ones costing $ 800 would be the organic natural variety made of cotton and wool.

Twin mattresses 8 to 11 inches in depth

Most twin mattresses with 8inches depth and above are made of a combination of memory foam, gel foam, latex and coils. These mattresses are thicker and maybe result in the bed being high off the ground. Thicker twin mattresses are better for people who weigh more than average.

Thicker twin mattresses also offer more comfort and support. These mattresses are mostly priced at $ 500 and above. Twin mattresses of 8 inches depth and above also usually pack in other features that provide for added comfort and durability. These mattresses are not suitable for top bunk beds due to safety concerns.

Twin mattresses 12 inches and above in depth

Dimensions of a twin mattress with 12 inches depth and thickness are not so popular and are more expensive than thinner ones. These mattresses could be made of memory foam, latex, gel foam or a combination of coils and foam.

Take note, however, that a thicker mattress would make a higher bed and may need hopping onto. Twin mattresses 12 inches and above in thickness on a 7-inch bed frame could be too far off the ground. These twin beds may not be an option for people with health issues and other problems.

If you must have a thicker twin mattress, make sure your bed frame or box spring is 5 inches or less. Keep in mind that these mattresses may need sheets of appropriate size to cover the entire mattress.

It is true that thicker twin mattresses are preferable for people with back pains who experience much relief. However, with the many options and varieties available today, the same can be achieved with a thinner mattress that offers support.


While twin mattresses may not offer enough space to stretch across, opting for a plush mattress or adding a topper can make it cozy. Twin mattresses have standard dimensions and vary in thickness.

It is advisable, however, that you account for your space, sleep style, budget, and lifestyle when shopping for your bedroom.

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