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Both twin and twin XL mattresses are good options in smaller rooms or those with space constraints. While twin mattresses are 39 inches wide and around 75 inches long, the twin XL offers 5 inches more lengthwise.
A twin XL is thus 39 inches in width and 80 inches in length.

Twin mattress uses

Twin mattresses being smaller, are mostly used on children’s beds. They can be used on bunk beds and trundle beds meant for kids. Twin mattresses can also be used on beds in a guest room or dorm room.

Twin mattresses are also great as sitting space on a couch, sofa bed or daybed. They are also used in hotel rooms for single guests. They can be used outdoors while camping and for a trailer.

A twin mattress has enough space for a single medium-build adult. Some people are comfortable on a twin mattress without extra space to stretch. While others may wish to save money or not have enough room for a bigger bed.

Twin XL mattress uses

Twin XL mattresses offer extra legroom but are the same width as a twin mattress. It can thus accommodate taller individuals but is still narrow like the twin.

Twin XL’s are appropriate for taller adults and children. Parents may wish to buy a twin XL mattress for long-term use anticipating a child’s growth.

Twin XL is just like a twin mattress, and is used on similar surfaces such as bunk beds, single beds trundles and day beds but has an extra 5 inches in length.

They can also be used as sitting space offering more space than a twin mattress.

Types of twin and twin XL mattresses

Many brands offer a variety of mattresses based on the type of material and thickness. Twin mattresses are more common while twin XL versions of the same design are sometimes not available.

Twin XL Innerspring

A 6-inch innerspring mattress made of steel coils is most popular in the twin and twin XL sizes. With no big price difference, the twin costs around $80 the XL is around $85.

The twin mattress was bought for kids but seemed comfortable for adults who used it. The XL was mostly bought by parents who thought their kids needed more space, parents of teenagers and single adults.

Twin XL Memory foam

A 4-inch foldable twin and twin XL mattress with a top layer of gel foam and base support foam are generally used for sofas. The price of the twin is around $110 while the twin XL is around $130.

This twin 4 inch was used as a floor couch, foldaway and camping bed. It has been also used for kids and some taller people also found it comfortable. The twin XL 4 inch was used for guests and by taller individuals who found it comfortable.

Twin and twin XL mattresses 5-inches in depth made of a combination of gel and memory foam are also available.

These mattresses are popular and have good ratings. The cost of a twin mattress and its XL version would mostly be the same.

8-inch thick Twin and Twin XL mattresses infused with natural ingredients such as aloe vera have a small difference in cost. If the twin costs around $150 the twin XL costs around $170.

Most 12-inch mattress made of a combination of foams had a twin version available. Although these mattresses had other sizes such as full, queen and king, a twin XL was not available. These mattresses had a top comfort layer of green tea, gel foam, and latex.

Latex Mattress

Under-6 inch latex varieties are mostly toppers. These toppers are mostly available in twin sizes while twin XL is not so popular.

Mattresses of 7 inches are made of Dunlop latex. These mattresses have a twin and twin XL sizes with a difference of a few dollars between the two. Twin mattresses of this depth are mostly above $500.

Some single adults and parents of toddlers who needed a natural mattress bought this 7-inch twin. The twin XL didn’t have many buyers.

A 10-inch mattress made of Talalay latex with a special natural fabric cover was around $400 for twin and $450 for the twin XL. The twin was used for kids and adults with allergies and in guest rooms. The twin XL didn’t have any buyers although the twin mattress had many.

Twin and twin XL bedding: What’s the Difference

Bedding categories are many in the twin range. Bedspread sets, duvets,  daybed sets are mostly available. Among the most purchased are quilted and cotton spreads, comforters, and duvets. These accessories are also available in a variety of colors.

Twin XL had most of the bedding options of a twin except for day bed sets. The quilt sets, duvet covers, and comforters are mostly bought in twin XL size.


Twin mattresses are mostly used by children, for sofa sets, and during camp trips. Twin XL is mostly used by those who need more legroom.

Twin sizes of different types seem to be common with both adults and kids.

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